Asi la montamos gorda brunoymaria follando en publico

Asi la montamos gorda brunoymaria follando en publico
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Atia slowly regained consciousness. The first thing she realized was that she could not move, then that she was naked and then that there was someone or something touching her between her legs.

Atia was a twenty-three year old African-American woman, 5'3" tall and weighed 103 pounds. She had short, black, curly hair, milk chocolate brown unblemished skin. Her measurements were 32-22-32 with firm C cup tits. She was a beautiful woman. She had been married to Tom, a wonderful black man that she had known from junior high school, for two years.

Life was good for them. Tom had a good job as a software engineer and they lived in a nice small home in a pleasant suburb.

Things became clear enough for Atia to realize that she was tied to a table or platform with her arms tied above her head. The table was tilted so her head was about a foot higher than her hips. The table edge ended just below her waist and her feet were tied, spred wide, to the floor.

A leather belt was attached to the table and buckled tight around her waist so she had very little movement. Atia looked between her breasts and saw the head of a large dog.

His long rough tongue spared her labia as he licked eagerly at her female parts. She screamed and begged to be set free but the six men, three on either side of her just stood there. The men were all older white men in their forties and fifties.

They were all naked and all had their cocks in their hands, fetish blonde anal destruction and cream pie stroking them as the dog paid loving attention to her sex.

None of them said a word. The dog's long tongue probed the insides of her vagina and when it dragged across her clit it caused an electric sensation.

She looked at the men and begged them to stop this but they did not react to her pleading. After several minutes, to her horror, Atia's body began to react to the dog's licking. She saw her nipples harden and her cunt began to react to the attention it was getting. Then she was in the throws of a full orgasm. She bucked her hips and rolled her head back and forth as she came.

As much as she did not want this to happen and was ashamed that it was happening, she climaxed hard on the dog's tongue. She had been made to come by a dog. After she had come down some from this degrading action, she heard the only word that any of the men said during the whole evening.

"Mount." The dog jumped up, putting his front paws on the table on either side of her chest. Atia looked down and saw his large red cock fully exposed from it's sheath. It must have been over ten inches long and twice sensual kitten spreads narrow slit and gets deflorated thick as Tom's.

The tip was pointed rather than having a head like a human cock. It was dripping pre-cum almost in a stream. In her whole life Atia had only had sex with Tom and had never even dreamed of being fucked by a dog. She begged the men to put a stop to this and free her but none spoke or moved.

The dog started poking his cock at wild group sex with sexy pretty babe pornstar hardcore and after several tries he found his target. When the tip of the dog's cock found her vaginal opening he violently buried his huge maleness fully into her in one thrust. Atia screamed in pain as she was stretched wider than she had ever been and the bottom of her vagina was repeatedly pounded.

With no thought of her, the large dog pounded his cock into this bitch with rapid speed. As he fucked Atia's body his knot started to grow inside her cunt. It expanded so big that she thought it was going to rip her apart. She almost passed out from the pain but the dog did not stop. After several minutes that pain gradually ended and Atia could tell that she was actually starting to react to the fucking she was getting from this animal. She thought to herself, "Oh my God, this can't be happening.

I can't let a dog fuck me to orgasm." But after a couple more minutes it did happen. Atia tried to keep it quiet so the men would not know but she screamed out,"YES, YES, Oh YES, fuck me with that wonderful big cock.

Don't stop." Soon after she came, the dog did also. Atia felt herself being filled with a huge amount of hot dog cum. His knot still held them locked together and kept his cum from leaking out of her cunt. The dog stopped fucking her and stepped his leg over her so he was facing away from her but they were still locked together. Soon his knot went down enough so he came out with a pop and he calmly walked away. A huge amount of dog cum poured from Atia's cunt like a dam had burst and formed a puddle on the floor.

The six men came closer to her and masturbated over her. As each one was ready, he shot his load over Atia's face and tits and in her hair. She couldn't avoid any of it. She just held her mouth and eyes shut each time one of the men covered her in cum.

The men had intentionally held off from going to the bathroom all afternoon so now each one of them took aim and pissed all over the body of the tightly secured woman. She was drenched in yellow, warm and acrid urin. Her hair was soaked, some went up her nose and some made it's way into her closed eyes and stung.

Finally, when they had finished, one man came forward and held a cloth over Atia's mouth and nose and she passed out again. When she awoke, she was alone in the large warehouse room with just one light bulb for light. She had been untied and laid face first in the puddle of dog cum on the floor. Atia slowly got up and regained her senses.

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She looked around. Her clothes and other belongings were nowhere to be found. She did find one small rag in a corner of the room and wiped herself as clean as she could. She was still a mess, especially her hair was full of cum and piss.

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Atia went to the door and looked around. It was the middle of the night and she was in an old warehouse district. There was only a sliver of a moon and no working streetlights. She did not see any sign of life in the area.

Atia started walking, naked, down the narrow street. Finally the headlights from a car hit her. An older sedan came driving down the dark narrow street. At first Atia covered her tits and crotch with her arms and hands but soon decided to wave her arms to get the driver to stop. The car stopped and Atia told the young black man who was in the car that she had just been raped and asked him dude offered money to brunette eurobabe for some pussy sex pornstars and hardcore his help.

He told her to get in. As she did she covered herself as best she could and asked him where they were and what time it was. He told her that it was 1 am and they were in Terrytown, which she remembered was about ten miles from home.

The last thing she remembered before waking up in the warehouse was leaving the store where she had been shopping and starting to get into her car. She asked the driver if he would take her to where her car was and he replied that he would be happy to help her but that he thought he should get a reward.

When he put his hand on her naked thigh and looked at her body, she knew what kind of a reward he wanted. After all that she had been through and as degraded as she felt, she thought that this one more thing was something she could endure to get home safely.

She moved her hands to her sides. "You want to fuck me too?" He pulled his car between the buildings and they got out. The driver came around and led Atia to the front of the car and put her so her face and tits were on the hood of the old sedan. The hood was hot but not unbearable. He got behind her and dropped his pants, lined his cock up with her cunt and pushed in. Atia did not tell him that it was a dog that had raped her and filled her cunt with dog cum.

Her pussy was still so stretched that she was very loose. Her new attacker wasn't happy about how loose she was so he pulled his now slimy cock out of her and relocated it to the opening of her ass hole. Atia had never been fucked in the ass but before she could protest, the head of his cock was past her anal ring.

Atia yelled in pain but she was held in place as he fully penetrated her rectum. It only lasted a couple minutes and Atia cried all of the time as he painfully fucked her ass. Soon he filled her bowels with his cum and pulled out. He took her by the arm and turned her and pushed her to her knees in front of him.

"Suck it clean," he ordered and pressed his cock to her lips. Atia sucked her husband's cock often. Almost every night she would give him a little goodnight suck, even if they were not having sex that night and she had no problem sucking him after he had come in her.

She enjoyed sucking his cock but she had never sucked anyone else and had never sucked a cock that had been in her ass. She wasn't given a choice. He pinched the side of her jaws forcing her mouth open. His cock tasted bitter and she almost gagged. Very soon he was getting hard again. She tried to stop but he had his fingers in her hair and forced her head up and down on his cock for several more minutes. Finally he pulled her hard to him, forcing his cock into her throat and shooting his cum straight down her throat.

Atia gagged and almost passed out before he finally pulled out. She had never been able to deep throat Tom and he had never forced her to do it. The driver wiped the last drops of his cum on her cheek, pulled his pants up and said, "Thanks for the reward. Let's get you home." Atia sat there naked during the ride. Once they got to where she knew where she was, she gave him directions to where her car was.

She thought that she would check to see if it was still there. She didn't want to take a chance on her husband seeing her get naked out of another man's car when she amazed babe in undies is geeting pissed on and poked home and hust maybe her clothes would be there.

The car was there. It was unlocked and the keys and her purse were on the driver's seat but there were no clothes. Atia got in and started for home trying to think what she was going to do when she got there. Tom was pacing around the house, worried about Atia. She was much later than she should have been.

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He had called her friends and parents to see if they knew where she was and was about to call the police when the front door opened and Atia walked in. She stood there, naked and crying and a terrible mess. She ran to Tom and held him tight as she told him what had happened to her. As she held him and told him her story, she felt a bulge grow in his pants. 1010