Henessy in fitness babe loves public sex

Henessy in fitness babe loves public sex
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If you look closely, you see us all the time, leaning against shop windows, lining the hot sunnyleone sex full movis corners, or sprawling bars. Sometimes we hide behind more discreet clothing but often the light see-through t-shirt revealing the lack of bra, short skirt leaving little to imagination and the sexy high-heel boots make it rather easy to guess what we're after - a nice thick cock to fill our hungry whorey cunts and give us good hard fuck.

But then, I can't really call myself a whore. Not once I took anything from a guy for fucking. well if I don't count the better grades when I bent over my math teacher's desk or the scratched speeding ticked when I let the cop shove it in my ass. I wasn't always like that. believed in love once. I was 15 and knew nothing about life and men then. I was dating Johny Reeds, he was few years older and so darn good looking, and I trusted him when he told me he will love me forever if I give him my cherry.

I had to be careful though as I was sure my parents would kill Johny if they knew what I was about to do for him. It took a while before I found the right occasion.

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but when my parents started talking about how cheap tickets to Hawaii were, I gladly offered to stay with my older sister if they wanted to take a trip. My sister was as a nurse, often working night shifts, and so she did not even notice when I sneaked out from the house she shared with her boyfriend to spend the night with Johny.

My first time was all right.

It did not hurt as much as some of my girlfriends described, but it was not as fantastic as others had said either. Johny told me he enjoyed making love to me and reassured me he will always love me for that - and I believed him - until the next day when I found out he made a bet with few buddies that he'll make me spread my legs for him by the end of summer.

And to prove he succeeded he videotaped the whole thing.

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and just when I returned to my sister's house after a stop in library, I found her boyfriend stroking his cock while watching THE TAPE. That's how I found out. I did not like the look in his eyes when he scanned me head to toes, or the wicked smile that run across his face when he told me my sister and my parents were in for a big surprise.

I pleaded, I begged but his face remained serious.

then he got up from the couch and walked towards me. He put my hand on his throbbing cock. He told me if I'm a good girl, he'll be nice, and my parents won't see the tape. I did not want to touch his cock, but I could not have my parents see the tape so I started to stroke him.

I had no idea what was to happen when he placed his hands on my shoulders and pushed me down to my knees. I started to get a hint when he grabbed my head and pulled it closer to his cock.

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My stomach turned at that idea. I begged him. I struggled to break free. He told me to shut up and open my mouth. I wondered if my sister knew about this side of him when he drove his cock between my lips. With my eyes shut tight, I took his cock.

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I could hear his labored breathing above me. His cock twitched inside my mouth, it grew and throbbed. and he kept moaning, telling me he always knew I was a good slut, and then he shot a load of warm salty goo all the way inside my throat.

He did not care I was gagging, ready to throw up, he held my head pinned to his crotch, his softening cock still in my mouth, forcing me to swallow most of his cum. Then he let me free. I gaped for air, choking. With the rest of his cum dripping from my mouth, I felt like a cheap dirty slut.

I was glad the ordeal was over. That's when he ordered me to go to my bedroom. "You didn't think we were done, did you?" he laughed as he followed me. I kind of knew. but a little bit of hope sprouted in my after he did himself in my mouth that maybe he was satisfied enough. He did not waste any other words and he did not waste time.

He pushed me on the bed, ripping my T-shirt, leaving my small but firm tits exposed. He squeezed them. I let out a little scream of pain as he slutty nova gets both her holes slammed on my nipples.

He did not seem to care and continued abusing my tits. Then, just as suddenly, he reached down under my skirt and pulled my thighs open.

With one skilled move he slid under my panties and shoved his fingers in my unprepared cunt. I screamed in pain when he penetrated me, twisting his fingers inside me. "You'll learn to like it," he whispered in my ear, probing as deep as my dry cunt let him. He then pulled a vibrator from under the bed. The bastard planned it all along, even took time to plant this enormously looking artificial penis under my bed. My legs instinctively closed, clutched full sex stories xxx inade story. He waved the dildo in front of my eyes.

"Remember what happen to bad girls." The pressure in my legs loosened but I still kept them close together. "Pull your panties down," he told me. Hesitantly I obeyed. "Sit down and spread your legs like a good slut," he ordered. Remember what happen to bad girls. His words ringed through my ears.

I wished that I never believed in love, that I never believed Johny, that I never put myself into this situation. but there I was, knowing I would be in much bigger trouble if the tape ever leaked to my parents. So I did as he said, completely exposing my pussy to him. I closed my eyes, knowing I can't stop him from raping me with that thing, praying he wouldn't shoved it inside my still dry pussy too hard.

"Open your eyes," he said. "I want you to watch when I'm young milf and mom a fucking family affair it to you." I could hear the buzzing sound, I could feel the vibrations as he slowly moved the dildo between my legs. He pushed it against the opening of my pussy. Hit by its strong motion I jerked. He pushed harder, splitting my pussy lips apart but to my surprise did not continue forcing the dildo inside me.

instead he brought it up to my clit and started circling around it, telling me he wanted my keep my pussy tight for now. I sat there watching him teasing my clit, thinking how I always envied my sister a bit, wishing one day I'll have a boyfriend like him, nice, sweet, sexy looking.

never I imagined he is a pig, who enjoys using girl 15 years younger for his pleasure. The vibrator continued abusing my clit. I saw it poking my clit, sliding around it, buzzing through my body. Suddenly my pussy started to tingle and a stream of moisture leaked from it. I knew what's happening. Oh no, I thought. I can't let him do that. I touched myself there few times but I never could concentrate enough to finish the job and it never felt sooooooo goooood.

No, I couldn't let him humiliate me by making me cum, by making him think I enjoyed it. My mind tried to fight the pleasure spreading through my body. but my body completely betrayed me. I could hear myself breathing hard, I could see myself moving my hips to meet the dildo.

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and then I spread my legs as wide as I could, I lifted my hips, tilted my back. and screamed my sister's boyfriend made my cunt explode in my very first orgasm.

He left the room then, telling me to keep wet downstairs. I could hear him turning the TV back on, watching the tape again. But I felt too dirty, too humiliated, too tired johnny sins vs emma butt care at that point.

I must had fallen asleep, and when I woke up, he was on the top of me again, and the now familiar buzzing run up my thigh towards my pussy. He held me pinned down and once again the let the vibrator masturbate my clit, making me wet like a slut, until the point I was moaning in pleasure of my upcoming orgasm. Then he withdrew it.

I kept panting, and a part of me wanted to forget he is taking advantage of me, that part wanted to beg him to keep fucking me like that little longer.

But his plan was different. He flipped me over, ordered me to stay on all four. He grabbed my hips, and only then, when his cock touched my skin, I realized, he was naked from the weist down.

He was huge, much bigger than Johny's cock, it scared me, but with his hand on my hips I had nowhere to escape. "I'm going to claim you pussy now," he said, and in one thrust pushed his cock inside my wet cunt. Still, the pain of his huge cock forcing its way into my tight, nearly virgin pussy stabbed me, I thought he tore my pussy up. He kept pumping his cock inside me, stretching my cunt the way it never was stretched before. The pain subsided as my pussy adjusted to his size.

All I could here was his moaning and the fuck noises produced every time he pushed inside me. "You like riding your sister's boyfriend's cock, don't you" he moaned. Hoping it'll make him finish faster, I said I did. He turned the dildo back on and handed it to me. "Cum on my cock, you little slut," he said. Supporting myself on one hand I slid the dildo between my legs.

I was hesitant first but it instatntly gave me pleasure when I touched my clit. I found the most sensitive spot and kept pleasing myself while his cock continued devouring my pussy from behind. Soon I felt the tingling sensation again. I knew I'm going to cum soon, just like he said, like a little slut, doing my sister's boyfriend. I cum strong. It felt different this time, with my cunt filled with his cock, I could feel all the pussy muscles being engaged when the wave of orgasm hit me.

I could feel my pussy wrapping around him, milking him. and I kept screaming through the whole orgasm. He started fucking me harder, pushing the whole 8 inches of his cock inside me like an animal. His grip tightened, his moans got louder, and then he shot his load deep inside my unprotected cunt.

He finally pulled out, checking my destroyed cunt as his cum oozed from it, dripping down on my sheets. He slapped my ass, happy with his handiwork. "We're going to have lots of fun together," he said. No, I wanted to scream. That was not stepsis kendall will do anything for the pep squad deal! He got up picked up a camera hidden on a shelf facing the bed.

""Your cunt belongs megan rain fighting and porn by step brother me now," he said. "Unless you want everybody at school to see what a little slut you are." And with a wicked laugh he left my room.