Also blameless to be fucked hardcore and blowjob

Also blameless to be fucked hardcore and blowjob
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Adele (16) came home from school one day, and went through her usual routine.set the table, do her homework, feed the dogs, and of course--massturbate. On this particular day, while she was masturbating, her brother, Riley (18) came home early.

He usually wasn't home until around 6pm, but he didn't have football practice, so he decided to call a few friends, and have a party.

His parents were out of town, so why not? He knew Adele was home because the table was set, so he went upstairs to find her. He heard her radio on, and knocked. After a few seconds, he knocked again, and got no response. He opened the door, and peeked around it.

When he saw Adele on her bed, her finger up her pussy, he about died.

His sister was SO hot, and he had dreamed about her sometimes at night, but now was the real thing. She didn't see him, so he decided to see how far he could get without her noticing. He shut the door and crept into her room, watching her the whole time, frigging her wet, pink pussy. He finally couldn't take it anymore, and he walked over and shut her radio off.

She jumped up, grabbing a pillow to cover herself, but Riley just laughed. "Gettin' off, huh sis? Well, we all do it.sometimes we even get help." He saw her face turn bright red and smiled, walking to her.

She started to back away, but he fell on top of her, trapping her with his big, muscular body. "Riley, get off me!" "Oh, Best chums fuck first time cam girls get off.but ON you!" He smiled, as he tore the pillow from her and pinned her arms above her head with one hand.

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"Nice tits, sis." Riley bent down and sucked one into his mouth. Adele squirmed beneath him, and he held her tighter. "Stop movin', or I'll make this painful," he said as he bit her nipple. "Behave." He let go of her hands and undid his pants. Kicking them aside, he grabbed his hard cock and ran it over her stomach. He saw her face turn red as she looked away from him. "Come on and suck me." When she didn't turn her head, he thrust his cock into her mouth hard, forcing her to suck it or choke.

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He thrust in and out of her mouth, fast and hard. He reached down and forced three of his fingers into her wet slit, squishing them around in her juices.

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"Come on, sis. Suck me better. I gotta cum, ya' know. If not in your mouth, then in your cunt!" He pulled his cock out of her mouth and shoved it deep into her pussy. He heard her cry out (whether or not in pleasure, he didn't know or care) and thurst harder. He shoved his 10-inch cock into her tight pussy, stretching it farther and farther. "Come on sis, make this easy. Fuck me!" He looked down at her and saw her eyes glazed over, as if in shock. He laughed and kept thrusting into her once delicate pussy.

When he felt his balls tighten, he thrust faster, grabbing her hips and pulling her teacher and student zabardasti xxx onto him. He rode her like a ragdoll until he came. When he had cum, Riley pulled out of her pussy, flipped her over and shoved his wet cock into her virgin asshole.

"Riley, please.stop." "Don't you like it?" he laughed. Adele shook her head, and he laughed again, shoving his hard cock into her faster and harder. He forced her to sit up on her knees as he grabbed her hips and moved her along him.

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He reached under her legs and fingered her still-wet pussy, loving every second of it! He felt his balls tighten again and pulled out of her loose ass, flipped her over, and sprayed his jism all of her face. Riley pulled his pants back on when he was done, kissed Adele's forehead, and walked out of her room laughing. He didn't call any of his friends because nothing they did would ever be as much of a party as what he had just done!