Horny babes have fun with delicious dicks

Horny babes have fun with delicious dicks
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This is a true story that happened a few years after our first threesome. My wife Tina and I would go away a lot for weekends to watch our favorite baseball team that was from another city.

We would drive the 150 miles or so and rent a room for the weekend. Most of the time but not all of the time we would end up having sex for multiple hours reliving our dating days. We were still only married a few years and young but as with most married couples the sex usually was routine except when we went away for these weekends. Tina is 5'0'' 105# but with full 34c tits. She also kept her pussy totally shaved which was rare at this time.

It was summer and she still had a dynamite body and loved lots of attention. After the game we had dinner at the hotel restaurant/bar. She made sure she had on a one piece black mini dress that was low cut in the front. We went without any intentions of having anything happen just a little steamy role play to maybe heat things up for us for later that evening.

About 11 o'clock we went up to our room got ready for bed and started having foreplay. We were mostly touching and tickling so there was laughing and obscene and crude talking. I wanted to get started because I was really horny from hanging out in the bar. I went down on her and started to eat out that bald pussy. I didn't think we loud but the walls must have been really thin to hear enough of what was going on.

All of a sudden we hear a knock at our door. We must have only been going at it for about fifteen minutes at most when we heard this knock. I went to go see who it was but there was a note left under our teacher and stident xxxx blue film com. It was from the person in the room next to us.

It stated that he hated to bother us but we were a little loud and he needed to get up in the morning. Normally he wouldn't care but he was alone and couldn't have the same type of fun we were having so he didn't want to listen to it going on.

We were actually surprised that anyone was able to hear us but I liked the idea someone was. Tina asked me what we should do and I said the exact same thing we were already doing that I liked the idea of being listened to.

I son rape sleeping fat mom back to eating her pussy but this time the guy tricky agent stylish cutie who loves cock on the wall between us.

We assumed this was to tell us to quiet down. This is when Tina said I wonder who he is and what he looks like. I said lets go find out. She looked a little puzzled but I came right out and said what I wanted to do. Lets go over to his room. It's been a while since we had a threesome and we both liked it back when we did do it. The best part is we are away and nobody will ever know unless we told them. Tina agreed because she still was hot from showing off in the bar earlier on but she was scared about what the guy looked like.

I said again that no one will ever know so it doesn't matter. She finally agreed and we went over with just bathrobes on. We knocked on his door and when he opened it I had Tina let the bathrobe open up. When he saw this his eyes immediately opened up wide and he invited us in. He was about 6'0'' 185# but he was much older than us at the time. He had to be at least 55. We had never thought of doing it with an older man before but we were away and just went with it. I joked that it didn't seem to bother him that he had to wake up in the morning now that he was included.

He loved Tina's shaved pussy. He said he had never seen one in person before and went down to taste it. As he was eating her pussy out, I started to suck her big tits. She was getting into things fast. She wanted some cock to suck and Bob jumped right up removed his pants and gave her his cock. Being still young and always horny I always had a hard on before anything would start to happen but his cock was still soft. She had to suck him hard but it was nice watching him grow in her mouth.

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He was only 6 inches but she went to town sucking on him. I went over and had her suck both cocks side by side. You could tell he was getting into when his phone rang. He had to pick it up because his wife always calls before she goes to bed.

I had Tina continue sucking his cock. I could tell it turned her on knowing he was on the phone with his wife. As soon as he hung up, he grabbed Tina. He had to fuck her. He laid her down on her back and stuck his cock in her pussy. He pumped in and out of her pussy. I watched as his balls hung low and slapped against her ass hole. This turned me on big time watching. My balls re always pulled tight. He lasted maybe 2 minutes before he came in her pussy.

His cum leaked out right away. I immediately jumped on her and fucked her myself with his hot cum still in there. I always loved the feel of her pussy being so slick from the mixture of her pussy juices and another guys cum.

Needless to say I came fairly quick myself. After I came we all cleaned up. We started playing around with the age difference. Tina started calling him teacher and that she was a bad girl. Bob put her over his knee and spanked her. He really got into it because her ass was so red and sore.

This got him hard again and naturally i was too. He put her against the side of the bed and frist time fucking vedifree download her from behind. He grabbed her hips and really pushed hard into her.

She loves her tits squeezed so she told him to squeeze her tits.

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He didn't need to be told twice. He went right for them. He squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples. He rolled her over and fucked her laying on her back but over the side of the bed so he could still stand up and fuck her. This is when I fed her my cock to suck. I liked the idea of this older guy fucking a young girl.

We weren't even born yet when this guy was our age and he still was as interested in young pussy as any other guy. He asked if we could DP her.

I wanted to badly and surprisingly Tina said yes. I had fucked her in the ass before but not that often. That's how I know she really was into this all. The only problem was we didn't have any lubricant and there was no way any thing three brunette slots sucking ramrod striptease and hardcore getting into Tina's tight ass without any.

The only thing any of us could think of was baby oil she uses to remove her makeup. We had Tina run to our room with the bathrobe on but in our haste we forgot our room keys. We had to call the front desk and have them secxi xxx story black guy hurs us in. The worker looked at us real funny not sure what was going on but she let Tina in and watched from down the hallway.

Her suspicions were confirmed when Tina(with our room key this time) returned to the room next to ours. Now with the baby oil on hand I laid on my back while Tina positioned herself on my cock. Bob with a generous amount of baby all over his cock and fingers to lube her ass started to gently press his cock in her ass. It took a good 5 minutes but he got it all in and I could feel it from inside her pussy.

It was hard to get a rhythm going so he did most of the fucking while I just kept my cock in her pussy. We DP'd her for at least 10-15 minutes when I felt his cock enlarge and start to cum in her ass. This set me off and I came in her pussy. I forgot to mention Tina got even louder than when he complained and must have cum at least 5 times.

After this second go round we went back to our room so we all could go back to sleep. This new encounter enlivened our sex for months after between the two of us.