1982 movie tabo2 full movie

1982 movie tabo2 full movie
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Dear husband, with you I found peace. I was hypnotized by your kiss. I thought you'd never leave.

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Back then, all we saw was each other, all we needed was each other. Now you have other needs. And left mine unsatisfied, you forgot I have been on your side, you forgot I was your wife; you forgot what you felt inside. You always go on your 'business trips.' I sleep all alone.

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I cry alone wondering when you'll arrive home, Wondering when your heart turned to stone. Was it something I did?

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Do you remember that day on the beach? Making love after dark, you knelt on the sand.

You held my hand, and proposed, asking me to be you sweetheart. Do you remember my first time? In your little tree house, when your thing was little then.

Remember that I cried when we were done? But you promised to always, be mine. I still feel the same way; I still want you to stay.

I want you to keep your promise. I will give anything, to have your love once again. Without you, I am nothing. You make my world better. You keep me blushing Let's act young again. Let us act young forever. Comeback home Your loving wife

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