Alluring and horny megan sage hitchhikes and gets banged by dude

Alluring and horny megan sage hitchhikes and gets banged by dude
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I was walking down my street when I saw him. His muscular chest so perfect in the late evening light. The way his butt moved when he walked was enough to make me cum.

I knew I had to have his cock in me - tonight. "Hey there!" I said as I walked up to him. "Long time since I've seen you around here." "Yeah. I just got home from college. I dropped out." he replied as I stared into his deep green eyes.

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"Oh, why'd you drop out?" I wondered outloud. I glanced downward at his crotch to see if my bikini top and 'Daisy Duke's' were having any effect. Not yet. "Oh, let's just say I had.

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other things on my mind" He said as he looked down at my breasts. "So. how have you been Amy? Any boyfriend?" "No. I like to keep my options open. you know. so I can do whatever I like." I said as I passed him a sly grin.

"Really now. and what do you like" he asked as he stepped closer than he should have been. "You." I said as I lunged at him and planted a deep kiss right on his lips.

He kissed me back and grabbed my ass. "Oh my god, Amy, you look so hott in those shorts, but you wont be in them for long," he exclaimed as he lifted me up and carried me inside the house and onto the couch in the living room.

He unzipped my shorts, pulled them off, and threw them across the room. I felt really exposed in my thong and bikini, but I didnt care. All I knew was that I had to have his cock in me. soon. I pulled off his shorts and there it was, staring at me. His cock had to be at least eight inches long. I gawked at it. then before I knew it, I was sucking it like mad.

"Oh baby," he moaned, "What a good cocksucker you are. mmm. that feels sooooo good Amy. " Then he jerked it out and said, "I'm not gonna cum in your mouth first, I'm going to fill your belly up with my hot, delicious cum" He then undid my bikini and disgarded it, and then proceeded to take my thong off with his teeth.

After he got that off, he gave my pussy a quick little lick, which made me whimper. "You like that dont you?" he grinned. "Well, I might give you more after I fuck you." He rolled me over and started to spank me. Harder at first, then he got lighter until finally he jammed his fingers up my warm cunt. "Ohhhhhhh" I moaned as he finger-fucked me. "Mmmmmm do me now Chris! I want your iron rod up my warm pussy!!

Give me all of your hot, delicious cum!" With this said, he took his fingers out and then rubbed his stiff cock with it. He then jammed it up my pussy as far as it would go. It went in at least six inches in his first thrust. The next hard thrust sent it all the way in. I could feel his balls slapping against me as I panted in betweened breaths. Everytime I was close to cumming he would slow down. he did this five or six times until he finally let it loose.

I felt his warm, sticky cum up in my belly and this sent me plumeting into an orgasm that lasted at least five minutes. "Oh baby youre the best fuck I've ever had" he breathed as I came back to my sences.

"Just the first of many" I said as I gave him a passionate kiss.

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