Kannada actress shruti xxx story

Kannada actress shruti xxx story
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John and Sheila were in the barn wonderfing what was goin to happen today. They were cousins, but they were closer than cousins. You could say they were cousins with benefits. John had eaten out Sheila plenty of times and Sheila had given John a complete blowjob many times.

"Truth or dare,"Sheila said. "Hmmm. Dare." John had not ever fucked Sheila, she said it was weird, and was wondering where this might lead. Sheila said, "OK, I want to see you stick your dick iin one of our horses." With a surprised look on his face John said, "What in the fuck are you talking about! Fuck a horse! No way!" "Come on. You will like it. I double dare you to fuck a stallion in the ass," Sheila continued, "Come on.

Make a fag out of one of the sallions." John was surprised he had a tungle in his dick, but protested, "No wat! I will get shit on my dick. That would be nasty." Sheila replied, "No you won't the stable men just cleaned the colons of the horses. It will be a clean fuck. And we can put it in the cleaning pen so you don't get kicked." She paused, "I triple dog dare you." John was only 16.

So delighting slit with sexy toy hardcore and bondage idea of sticking his dick in just about anything appealed to him. But he thought about what he could say to save some face. He said, "OK. I'll do it on one condition.

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After I'm done, you have to give the horse a blowjob and let him blow all that horse cum in your mouth." "You are one sick bastard," Sheila said. But she was turned on by the thought of a huge horse dick in her mouth. "OK. But you have to be right beside me when I blow this horse." John and Sheila went and got Flash, the main stud horse.

As they borught him in the barn, he must have felt the sexual tension because he was a little jittery and his dick was getting really hard. They put him in the cleaning pen that was closed in close on all sides. John got a step ladder and placed it behind Flash.

He pulled down his pants and climbed up the ladder behind the horse. His dick was only half hard so he said to Sheila, "Hey, why don't you suck me and get me really hard to fuck this horse.And it will get you ready for your dare." "Suck. Suck. Suck.

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Is that all you think about? And I am sorry to tell you there is no comparison between you and ol' Flash." Sheila giggled and walked right up to John's dick. It was at the perfect height. She put it in her mout and started to go to town. In no time John was an exremely hard 8 inches. She pulled his dick out of her mouth and said, "Make a fag out of my horse." And she pulled the tail to the side. John was so horny he did not have to be told twice.

He lined his prick up with Flash's ass and started to press his dick in. Flash only moved a little. No wonder. He was used to men sticking their arms up his ass. John moved slowly at first. It was warm, but a little loose. But he really didn't care. It felt good. Sheila had a gleam in her eye. She said, "That's it Johnny! Fuck that horse! Give him a little taste wife and husband first night sex bides his own medicine." JOhn picked up the pace and the horse pinched his asshole, which felt even better to John.

He started fucking harder,but had to slow down a bit because he almost tipped over the ladder. "Oh, Yeah. I think I am going to shoot cum all in this horses ass." John was really enjoying it now.

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Sheila said, "Shoot your cum. That is one less load in my mouth." With Sheila's words, John lunged forward, "Ugh, Ahhhh." He just stood there with his dick exploding in the horses ass.

He waited a few seconds and pulled his dick out and said, "That was good. I can't believe I have waited this long to fuck our farm animals.

It sure would have been better than my hand. Buuut, Now its your turn." Sheila said, "Damn, he must have liked your dick in his ass. I have never seen his dick that hard." They put the straps around the legs of Falsh so he could not kick forward. Sheial said, "Remember I wanted you close? I want you to lay down under where I'm sucking Flash so you can see it all." It sounded good to John so he positioned his head on the floor under the horse dick with his legs sticking out at a 90 degree angle.

Sheila got on her knees directly under the horse and grabbed that huge horse dick and put it in her mouth. She had to open her mouth really wide to get the head in, but Sheila was a blowjob expert sanny leon xxx story best she slowly worked her way down the horse cock. She got the cock full sex stories xxx inade story 9 inches in and it was filling her throat and the horse started to shudder.

Both her and John froze. They were worried they would get hurt, but Sheila kept the horse dick in her mouth. She knew she had gone as far as she could on the horse dick so she started workinng back and forth on it. Flash started moving a little and making some grunting noises, but seemed in control.

After a few minutes, Sheila took the horse cock out of her mouth and said, "John, why don't you grab the base of cock and stroke back and forth where I can't reach with my mouth?" John was really turned on by this horse blowjob and was willing to oblige. They worked to ether beautifully. Sheila deepthroated and John stroked. It wasn't long beforfe Flash started to shudder. John and Sheila just picked up their pace. The horse snorted and blew his first shot into Sheila's throat.

She was extremely surprised. No boy had that kind of force behind his load. She tried to swallow but two giant shots were just too much.

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John was still stroking furiously when Sheila gagged and let the horse cock fall out of her mouth. It fell straight down with perfect aim at john's face and huge horse loads squirted in his face. "Damnit," He said as he let go of the dick and scooted out from under the horse.

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In the couple of seconds before he could react his face was covered in horse cum. Flash squirted a couple of more shots on the ground. Sheila said, "Damn, that was a lot of cum.

I couldn't believe it." As she wiped off her chin. A voice came from the barn door, "That right. Horses cum a lot because they have a big dick. Just like humans with big dicks." It was Omar, the horse caretaker. To be continued.