Naughty kittens bang the biggest strap on dildos and spray love juice

Naughty kittens bang the biggest strap on dildos and spray love juice
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This is a true story My mom said I was born with a hot pussy. She told me that when I still had diapers on that I always had my hand down between my legs. As for me, I have been masturbating for as long as I can remember. My first time It was the first day of summer vacation. For the past several weeks I watched my brothers (only) friend walk past my house and into the forest at the end of the street.

I had just finished masturbating to a great orgasm and my pussy still had the warn slippery feeling. I couldn't help feeling that I wanted something more. I mean ,I had Broken my own cherry about 6 month ago with my favorite hair brush. It was one of those with a handle made up of little balls.

I felt great on my clit. then one day I found I could slip it inside of meand boy did it feel good.

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Anyway, Bobby, disappeared into the forest and I decided to follow him. I followed the trail into the forest. I could hear somebody workingbut I couldn't see anybody. All of the sudden it got real quiet. Bobby called out "what are you doing here". I told him I wanted to see what he was doing. NO GO HOME! he called back.

I told him "I'll do any thing you want". . OK . show me your titties. Why I wondered ,after all I was flat as a board. OK I said, and I lifted my tee shirt up. The bushes parted and bobby said this way.

I followed him down a path thru bushes to a fort he had built with spare lumber. not bad, it had four walls and a carpet on the floor. He grabbed my hand and pulled me into the fort, grabbed my tee shirt and pulled it over my head and threw it to the side. I loved it!.

There was just something about him forcing himself on me that made it exciting. He stood there just looking at me for a minute. then he reached up and put his hands on my nipples. I just about came right there. He ordered me to get down on my knees. he stood in front of me and unzipped his jeans.

he pushed them down and for the first time in my life I saw the biggest cock ever. I had seen my brothers before but never this hard or long. It had to be 5 or 6 inches long and bigger around than my hairbrush handle. He grabbed the back of my head and ordered me to "suck it". then he put it in my mouth.

It tasted saltybut good. I could feel him getting harder and bigger when he suddenly pulled it out of my mouth and pushed me back down on the ground.

In one swift motion he grabbed my shorts and pulled them off of me. he kicked off his pants and grabbed my legs and spread them wide. My pussy was soaking wet. He laid down on top of me and I felt his cock at the entrance to my pussyhe shoved it inno pain, in fact I came right then. A couple of strokes and he was reaching deeper into me than I had ever gone. Mz booty fucks white dick fucked the rest of the day and I went home sore.

that night I laid in bed and for the first time that I could remember I didn't masturbate. I can hardly wait for tomorrow. The next day, I woke up sore, but was looking forward to seeing bobby.

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I got dressed and was out the door in minutes. I found my way back to the fort and bobby was already there. We hugged and kissed for a couple of minutes and his hand went down my pants.

I was already wet and his hand felt good ,but boy was I sore. we stripped off our cloths and I went down on him. I loved his cock in my mouth. He surprised me by turning around and licking my pussy while I had his cock in my mouth. Blazers xxx squirt he story started to shove his cock harder and faster into my mouth and suddenly he came, I gagged as he pumped stream after stream of cum into my mouth.

At the same time he was sucking on my clit, which made me cum. After we regained our senses he started to get hard again. this time he got on top of me and started to enter my pussy.

Needless to say, my pussy was hurting so bad from the day before I really didn't enjoy it. Bobby came in mewhich burnedbut at least he enjoyed it. We laid next to each other and made out for a while after which I turned on my side ,facing away from bobby, he cuddled behind me. I awoke to the feeling of a hard cock poking my butt.

when I looked over my shoulder there was bobby with an evil look on his face. I asked him what he was doing and he said he was going to fuck my ass. I Thought "well ok" I'll try anything. We tried different positions and finally found that me on all fours, squatting back he was able to get his cock to my ass. When he tried to put it inWell that's another story. He finally went to a box he had in the corner and pulled out a bottle of Vaseline.

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he lubed up his cock and my butt hole. He started to push it in and it hurt like hell, I started to move forward but he grabbed my hips and pulled me back, impaling me on his cock. At first it hurt then after a minute or so it started to feel fine, no, good, well really good. he started to fuck in n out of my ass and I started to cum. I found myself meeting his thrusts.

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the feeling of a hard cock in my ass was unbelievable. All of the sudden I felt his cock spasm in my ass. He was filling my bowels with his cum. I LOVED IT.