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Ebony teen takes a hard cock in her ass in black anal video
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(This is NOT a free standing story. In each succeeding part you will find new characters introduced, but only embellishments on existing characters. Just click on author name to find earlier parts/chapters.) In this chapter: 1.

Margaret is informed that Angela will become the new gardener 2. Angela accepts providing she moves out of her government dorm 3.

Ruth gets a sound OTK from Margaret for "killing" $400 worth of rose bushes 4. Angela get 20 sound spanks from Margaret (augmentation + welcome) 5.

Ruth gets 1 full minute on her thighs - final of her punishment The balance of the afternoon did not go well for Robert. Besides scheduling problems, he had to deal with accounting discrepancies and over budget projects. In the middle of all of these headaches, Margaret called and naturally she was as accommodating as possible and hoping to talk her way out of the promised spanking. Robert wasn't buying any of it. He was angry that both Margaret and Carolyn acted so irresponsibly towards his work.

Carolyn simply had to be at work every day and on time. While Margaret had household needs, those needs in Robert's mind took a back seat to his work which generated all belting fat slutty ass my sub natasja the income to run the estate. While Margaret was apologizing and trying to explain that what happened was an accident, Robert interrupted, "Accident, huh?

Well I'm certain that after tonight . there will be NO more accidents!" "Yes, Sir," answered a subdued Margaret. "Further, you are NOT to punish Carolyn in retaliation. She had no choice, but to inform me that YOU were the cause of her being late today." "Of course, Sir." "Before I hang up, I want to inform you, Margaret, of another change in our household. Your endless arguing with Ruth over your ever expanding gardens has gotten on my nerves lately.

By accident today, I ran into someone who actually knows something about plants. I plan to offer her a position in our household.

Specifically, I want her to work in the gardens with Ruth. Her name is Angela and it's my strong recommendation that you put Angela in charge of the gardens with Ruth as her assistant." Margaret did not take interfering in household matters lightly .

by anyone! . including Robert. Nevertheless, with a spanking already scheduled for tonight, she quickly decided that capitulation was the prudent course. "That sounds like a good idea, Robert. Thank you for being so thoughtful." They then exchanged their normal terms of endearment and the call ended.

Robert was expecting to catch some flack for the demotion of Ruth and the addition of Angela.

He was caught off guard by Margaret's response and suddenly his miserable day turned a tad brighter. It was no secret that Ruth, while a good girl, was a dunce.

The phrase "dumber than dirt" comes to mind whenever her name is mentioned. It seemed to Robert that Margaret was in a contest with her friends over who had the bigger gardens. She was constantly buying plants and continuously expanding the footprint of the estate's gardens. Ruth knew nothing about plants (actually Ruth didn't know much about anything) and depended totally upon Margaret for getting instructions on what to do. Ruth was 25 and had been working for Robert for the last 5 years, but frankly, during that time she learned little to nothing.

Well, that might be a tad overstated because she had memorized the carpet pattern in Robert's office. This was because spent so much time over Margaret's hot mom big tits fucking get her bare bottom blistered.

Margaret was indeed proud of her gardens and she relished the chance to show off to her friends. While Ruth carried out Margaret's commands with a religious fervor, Ruth often didn't know what to do or how to prevent distressed plants from dying. This resulted in many scoldings and frequent spankings. Even though Margaret recognized that Ruth was over her head, she didn't like Robert interfering in household matters, but.

she had no desire to antagonize Robert further today. Quite the opposite, she felt she had better effect as smooth a transition as possible for this "Angela" in hopes of earning some "brownie points" from Robert. Margaret quickly called Carolyn and asked about Angela. Carolyn knew nothing about Angela, but was very anxious to please Margaret. After all, Carolyn was expecting another sound spanking from Margaret when she returned home.

This made Carolyn anxious to be as helpful as possible in hopes that Margaret would forgo the use that dreaded house paddle on her again. She immediately went to HR, pulled Angela's file, called Margaret and gave her ALL of Angela's details. Margaret was pleasantly surprised to learn that Angela was 39 years old. Lurking in the back of her mind was the fear that Robert was bringing into the household another potential rival. Since Angela was 3 years older than Margaret, her fears of a potential rival quickly faded.

Margaret immediately got on the phone to Angela's dorm and arranged for Angela to move in tonight right after work. Coincidently, Ruth had been ordered to report for a sound spanking tonight. An entire row of yellow rose bushes had died! Margaret was furious and ordered Ruth to see her before dinner. This would create an opportunity for Angela to meet Ruth, and at the same time for Angela to learn how discipline was maintained in her new home.

While all of this was going on behind the scenes, Angela of course knew nothing and was expecting to receive the balance of her punishment immediately after work in Robert's office. So when work ended, Angela was on the one hand relieved to raise her bare bottom off of the hard wood chair, but just dreading the final six swats with the company strap. She immediately headed for Robert's office, correctly guessing that any delay would only cost her additional swats.

She introduced herself to Carolyn and then headed to the wall across from Carolyn remembering the command to display her bare, welted backside to all. Before she reached the wall, however, Carolyn told her that Blown away sex kitten in undies is geeting pissed on and screwed was expecting her and to enter his office.

Angela was somewhat surprised that she would NOT be standing against the wall and happy that she would not have to expose herself in public. As soon as she entered Robert's office she stepped out of her shoes and began removing her skirt.

Upon seeing this, Robert commanded, "Wait! What are you doing, Angela?" "Well, I-I'm just getting prepared for the balance of my punishment, Sir. Remember, Sir, you sentenced me to 12 swats for smoking?" answered a very nervous Angela. "Of course, I remember. Now put your clothes back on.

Oh, and here are your underpants. Put them on as well and then sit down." As he spoke these words, Robert gestured towards an empty chair. Angela immediately zipped up her skirt, then stepped into her underpants and pulled them up. Puzzled over why she was commanded to dress when punishment was still due, she nevertheless stepped into her shoes. Upon sitting, she was immediately reminded of how sore her hind cheeks were and how much sorer they would be before she left Robert's office. "Angela," explained Robert, "I've asked to see you because I have an idea that would benefit us both.

It seems you know something about plants and my wife, Margaret, has expanded our gardens ten fold over the last few years. Now, I know you've been clerking in our accounting department for a number of years now, but I think a change would be good for us both.

You get to try something different and I have a happy wife because her gardens are actually in decent shape.

Angela, what do you think? Is this something that would interest you?" Angela could not believe her ears. While she liked the accounting department and her punishments there were few and far between, she hated her dorm. Punishments there were most severe and quite frequent. Her Dorm Monitor was most strict and expected perfection.

Whenever her Dorm Mom's expectations were not satisfied, her entire dorm was often gorgeous cutie has her tight snatch drilled cumshots brunette and strapped hard. Angela would do anything to get out of this environment, so she quickly answered, "Sir, if this means, that I relocate to your household, I am most anxious to accept your offer." "Excellent, Angela, of course my house staff is quartered on our estate.

Please see my assistant, Carolyn, and ask her to call Margaret to get things arranged." "Yes, Sir. And, Sir, um . errr . what about the balance of my punishment? Are you going to administer now?" "OH! Almost forgot! Tell you what. You can smoke all you like outside in the gardens, but if I catch you smoking in my house, I'll give you those remaining six swats PLUS an additional dozen.

Now that ought to encourage you to watch where you smoke." "Yes, Sir. Thank you, Sir. You will never, ever catch me smoking in your house. I can't imagine 18 swats with that strap," exclaimed a very happy Angela. Happy that the balance of her spanking was being suspended. All she faced now was the augmentation spanking from her Dorm Mom plus the standard "Farewell Spanking" administered in most dorms upon leaving.

Clearly, this was NOT something to look forward to, but at least it meant the end of her strappings in the dorm. Angela proceeded to Carolyn's desk and Carolyn called Margaret only to find that Margaret had already arranged everything. Angela's things have already been picked up and move to her new home.

Further, there was no need for Angela to return to her dorm; instead, she was to return home with Carolyn. A short time later, Robert's driver, Debbie showed up as she did every evening at this time. Upon informing Robert it was time to go home, Robert told Carolyn to go ahead without him and to send Debbie back an hour from now. (Unfortunately, the bearings went bad on one of the finishing machines and Robert had to supervise the repair. It would only take him 15 minutes to swap out the bearings, but first he had to find the spares.

Now, he knew he had them, but . where?) Anyhow, Carolyn and Angela headed home and this gave Angela time to ask about her new household. Carolyn began with, "Well, I've only been here a short time myself.

So I'm not as knowledgeable as Debbie, our driver here, but let me start. First off, just like hot blonde full sex stories xxx 12 minutes work Robert has the final say on everything.

Robert, however, has delegated the running of the household to his wife, Margaret. You must obey Margaret and make sure you keep her happy.

Margaret will spank and she can spank very HARD. I know this from first hand experience!

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Debbie, would you agree with this?" "YES! But that's not the worse that can happen. If Margaret decides her spankings aren't getting results, she'll put you on report to Robert. You then must hang your panties out in the main hall on the same hook that holds the household strap.

Panties on that hook are a flag to the entire household. It means a staff member is going to get it good tonight. When I say 'get it good', I mean your hind cheeks will be blistered raw by that damn house strap. Like Carolyn, I know this from first hand experience and I never want to experience that strap again. ever!" All Angela could do is squirm in her seat as she had 6 terribly tender welts on her backside left by the company strap.

Angela guessed correctly that the 'household strap' and the 'company strap' were similar if not identical. Carolyn was also squirming knowing full well she would be getting that strap later on tonight. Debbie's words certainly didn't make Carolyn want to talk about household discipline any longer. Nevertheless, Carolyn added, "The moral is, keep Margaret happy.

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Like me, you have lived in a government dorm, but that is mmv films redhead gina with an amateur couple worse than living in Robert's household. Margaret is way more fair in her discipline than any Dorm Mom. For example, just this morning I saw Margaret give Molly, our maid, five little swats with the house paddle. Never . ever! would we get off so easy in my old dorm." "Same here," responded Angela.

"Our DM was very strict. She had a strap almost identical to our company strap, but in addition she had a wicked cane. She would paddle and strap your bottom couple has anal sex outdoor on sex tape and then apply the cane to your thighs.

Not only did it hurt like hell, but everyone at work could see the cane welts on your thighs. Nothing like advertising to your colleagues, 'hey look at me! I got a hell of a spanking last night!' You walk around feeling like you are 10 years old." The three of them commiserated together over how awful life was in those government dorms.

Angela decided that she had better mention to Margaret she was due an "augmentation" spanking for that smoking incident at work today. She decided it would be unwise to risk failing to report, especially since it looks like she would NOT have to suffer through a dorm "Farewell".

Upon remembering the dreaded Farewell, Angela couldn't help but ask Carolyn how bad hers was. Carolyn surprised her with, "Margaret wouldn't allow and she fixed it with the dorm. I could NOT believe my good luck! In my old dorm it was standard procedure to send off inmates with a pretty hard spanking.

When it turned out I got out of it, I decided to v0lunteer to receive a 'Welcoming Spanking' from Margaret. Molly, she's one of the maids and a delightful girl, told me early on that if I valued sitting, I had better keep Margaret happy. So in the spirit of complete cooperation, I asked Margaret to give me an introductory discipline.

My request really seemed to please Margaret and she gave me a very modest paddling with her clothes brush." Unbeknownst to Carolyn was that Margaret's "pleasure" was a direct result of Carolyn offering to submit to her for punishment. Margaret feared losing control of Robert to his new "girlfriend", so when dispensing Carolyn's first house punishment, Margaret not only set expectations for Carolyn, but she also laid down the rules. Carolyn continued, "When we get home, I have to report immediately to Margaret and I expect to feel that clothes brush again.

It's my own fault. I said something really stupid to Robert and now I'm going to pay. I just hope Margaret is in a good mood, but that's . sigh . most unlikely." Naturally, Carolyn had no elegant cutie is gaping pink twat in closeup and having orgasm polishing and thongs to advertise that in addition, she was due a strapping from Robert later that night. As soon as they arrived, Carolyn with Angela in tow headed for the study to meet with Margaret.

As they approached the open study door, it was clear a hard spanking was in progress. As they stood in the doorway they saw Margaret sitting on the tall stool with a young woman over her lap. The young woman turned out to be the gardener, Ruth, and Margaret was applying her clothes brush with vigor to Ruth's bare, squirming backside.

Margaret spied the two and waved them in. As they entered they saw beside the stool a pile on the floor containing Ruth's work pants, shoes and coarse cotton underpants. Upon seeing the pile, Carolyn looked at Angela and reached for the zipper on her tight black skirt. Angela quickly guessed that Margaret was the one administering discipline and that this was the room where discipline was commonly dispensed.

Angela, following Carolyn's lead, stepped out of her shoes and then reached for the zipper on her denim skirt. While the spanking continued, both of the recent entrants removed their skirts, then pulled down and stepped out of their underpants. This left both Carolyn and Angela standing completely bare below the waist with the exception of Carolyn's company supplied nylon stockings. They watched as Margaret raised the brush high over her head and brought it down with resounding force on Ruth's round, muscular bare hind cheeks.

Ruth was a stout girl and rather tall, standing 5' 8". Working on the gardens outside every day added no fat, but plenty of muscle to her large frame. Her cheeks were well rounded and so muscular that the heavy brush bounced up as though it had landed on a hard rubber ball.

In spite of all that muscle, the spanking hurt plenty . actually, a bit of fat might have soften the impact of the brush. In any event, Carolyn and Angela were both impressed as Ruth wailed loudly and tears just streamed from her eyes while mucus dripped from her nose. This "spanking" was clearly the equal of beatings dispensed by Dorm Moms. Suddenly the bell on the timer went off and Margaret immediately stopped wielding the brush and ordered Ruth up. Upon receiving that command, Ruth let go of the stool's lowest rung which very hot and dangerous xxx in ebony grasped as if her life depended on it.

(Everyone in this household knew that if Margaret sentenced you to a spanking, you were to offer up your bare backside and were to attempt NO evasions of her punishment. Whoa behold you if you reached back to cover your sore hindquarters. That just guaranteed a repeat spanking early the next morning . at the very minimum.) Ruth pulled herself up. Then h0pped around while rubbing her scarlet rump.

"Stop it," yelled Margaret, "put your hands on your head and get in that corner. When I give a spanking your backside is supposed to sting and you are NOT to attempt to alleviate the sting.

Honestly, Ruth, you know better than that! Do you want a reminder of our rules before breakfast tomorrow?" Ruth put both hands on her head as she walked slowly towards the corner. She offered in her defense, "Ma'am you just don't know how much than brush hurts. Please don't spank me again tomorrow and. Oh, and thank you for the good spanking you just gave me." "Oh, so I don't know how much a spanking hurts?

Perhaps you'd like to feel Robert wielding the house strap on your bare rump. Maybe then you'd appreciate a minor spanking from me? In fact, if I told Robert about the $400 worth of yellow rose bushes you killed, I'm certain you'd get one sound strapping." Ruth began to cry again, "Sob. pleasse don't tell Mr. Morgan. Ma'am I didn't kill those plants on purpose. Please, Ma'am?" "Shut up," yelled Margaret, "and get that nose tight in the corner .

I'm not done with you." Turning to the recent entrants, "Well, why have you two removed your clothing?

Are you both due an 'augmentation' spanking?" "No, Ma'am," answered Carolyn, "you asked me to see you immediately after work and I . well I . I just assumed you would ." "Nonsense, Carolyn!" shouted an angry Margaret, who really DID want to punish Carolyn, but remembered Robert's warning.

"You'll know when I have sentenced you to punishment. Now, put your clothes on and get ready for dinner. After dinner, RUN to your room, put on your night clothes and then, return here to the study. Do you understand my instructions?" "Yes, Ma'am. I'm to be here in my night clothes immediately after dinner." "Correct, now GO!" Then turning to Angela, Margaret queried, "I assume you are Angela and I assume you are due an 'augmentation'?" "Yes, Ma'am on both counts.

I got the strap at work today for smoking in a forbidden area. In addition, I wanted to request a "Welcoming Spanking".

It's important to me that I start out on the right foot in my new home and so wanted to learn what to expect should I fail in my efforts to please you." Margaret couldn't be happier with her new "gardener" and very quickly recognized another potential "girlfriend" for Robert . indeed, a rather petite, docile girl much older than Carolyn or Molly.

a girl Margaret could control with ease. Just to confirm, Margaret asked, "Tell me, Angela, how old are you?" "39, Ma'am" With Angela confirming her age, Margaret immediately scrapped her plan to make Molly Robert's next girlfriend, because here. was a much better candidate! This would be Angela's last chance to have a child and Angela would forever be beholden to Margaret. Molly and the very clever Carolyn were way too attractive and Margaret worried about bonds being developed between them and Robert.

Naturally, it was premature to share any of this with Angela; instead, Margaret felt it was time to test Angela to see just how docile she really was.

"OK, Angela," said Margaret as she returned to sitting on the tall stool. "Let's get you over my knee. Earlier you saw my timer as my typical punishment is timed. The minimum is two full minutes of hard spanking, but if you are really disobedient or disrespectful then you could spend a full five minutes over my knee.

I don't recommend it, but some girls (and she pointed with the brush towards Ruth) are SLOW learners. In any event, I think you've earned 10 sound swats for your augmentation and another 10 for your 'welcome'." As she was explaining her system, Angela scurried quickly to Margaret and climbed onto Margaret's lap. Like Ruth, Angela grabbed one of the stool's rungs and gripped it tightly. Angela reasoned that any attempt to "cover up" would be treated just as harshly as in the dorm.

Margaret had not seen Angela's bottom until now and she quickly remarked, "WOW! Somebody got a GOOD strapping today!" "Yes, Ma'am. I got a full six with the company strap and . it still hurts." Margaret realitykings 8th street latinas gas the pump tube porn see the 6 six raised, maroon welts very clearly as the balance of Angela's small cheeks were pale white.

The welts looked quite sore and were raised at least a quarter inch. There was no doubt that those welts were indeed tender and sore.

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Nevertheless, an augmentation and a welcome were sleeping man blowjob sophia leone gets it the way she wants it hard. Given the condition of Angela's slim bottom, however, full force would NOT be necessary as any spanking on top of those welts would hurt plenty.

Margaret also noticed Angela's position. That is, her knees were tight together and bent, the small of her back arched, and her hind cheeks were sticking up in perfect position for the brush do its work. It was clear that Angela understood the importance of accepting her punishment in a cooperative and docile manner. "Ready, Angela?" "Yes, Ma'am. I'm ready for my spanking and please, Ma'am, don't hold back. I need to learn my place in my new home." Margaret liked the sound of that as well as the position Angela assumed.

Since time getting short, Margaret raised the brush to shoulder height and landed it squarely in the center of Angela's right cheek . SSMMACKKK!

"Yoouuwwwiieeee" yelled Angela as the brush lambasted her very sore hind end. The balance of the spanking (19 more firm, but not full strength swats) went quickly and with no incidents. Angela held tightly to the rung and while her legs kicked, at no time did her bottom leave position.

That is, with ease Margaret was able to land the brush exactly where she intended on every swat. Once released and ordered up, Angela refrained from rubbing her bottom and instead, immediately placed her hands on top her head as she cried softly with tears streaming down her cheeks and lower lip trembling. Angela's tears were real as the spanking hurt, but it was nowhere near as hard as the spanking she had just witnessed given to Ruth.

Then again the spanking was nowhere near as severe as the standard "Farewell" spanking she expected to get from her DM. So with hind cheeks throbbing and tears pouring down, Angela was still grateful to Margaret for getting her out of that "Farewell" and the thoroughly blistered cheeks that went with it.

Margaret was highly pleased with Angela as well and was now seriously considering her as potential girlfriend material. This would be a low risk decision. providing, of course, she could convince Robert to go along. She then quickly mapped out her strategy . praise Angela's work to Robert and then mention what a good decision Robert made to add Angela to the household staff.

Margaret felt confident if she followed this simple strategy, Robert would accept Angela out of pride in his decision making ability. Of course, none of this plan would commence until Carolyn was expecting. "Well, get dressed, Angela! We are not finished here!" "Yes, Ma'am and thank you for my spanking, Ma'am" "Ruth, get back over here. I told you we are not done.

$400 wasted due to your complete incompetence. Get over my knees! NOW!" "OH, noooo, Ma'am. Please don't spank my fanny any more.

I am so very, very sore back there," cried Ruth as she quickly climbed over Margaret's knees. In fact, Ruth's cheeks were bright scarlet with black and blue spots here and there. Clearly Ruth was not exaggerating as those cheeks were indeed very sore. Nevertheless, there were no blisters so Margaret was inclined to proceed . full force! Angela by this time had dressed and was standing by. Margaret turned to her and said, "Angela, on the desk is my timer.

I want you to set it for 2 minutes. Ruth, while you are in position, I am giving you notice that from now on you report to Angela. Angela is now responsible for tattooed chick gets banged in different poses gardens and you will assist her.

I expect, Angela, that you will punish Ruth whenever she fails to follow your directions. If at any time you feel your spankings are NOT getting through to Ruth, just report her to me and I'll make an impression on her." "Yes, Ma'am, I understand," replied a totally surprised Angela. "As for you, young lady, you are now going to get the balance of your punishment and this better be the last time I have to spank you.

Are you ready?" "Yes, Ma'am . I mean NO Ma'am. I mean of course, Ma'am," remarked a very agitated Ruth. "RUTH, what are you babbling about?" queried Margaret. "Ma'am, I mean you will never have to spank me again. If I mess up, Angela will spank me so good that she will never have to report me to you.

But Ma'am please . I cannot take another two minutes of spanking on my sore bottom, please?" exclaimed the agitated Ruth. "OK, Ruth, here is my offer - two minutes on your rump or one minute on your thighs.

You are NOT getting off after wasting $400 worth of yellow rose bushes. So which will it be?" "Thank you, Ma'am. I'll gladly take the one minute." "Very well scrunch forward a bit so that your thighs are in position to receive the brush. Angela reset the timer to one minute and press start. Now, take her hands and hold them tight in the small of her back. That's it . now press down to keep her in that position and . DON'T LET HER GET FREE, Angela." With that Margaret raised the brush high over her head and brought it straight down with terrific force on Ruth's right thigh immediately below her bottom cheek .

CCCRRACKKKK!!! "YYOOOOWWWWIIIEEEE," screeched Ruth as she began the "dance of the damned".

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Everything was in motion as Ruth tried to relieve the atrocious sting. This did not deter Margaret who raised the brush again high over her head and brought it down on the same spot on Ruth's now flaming red right thigh. WWWWHHHAAACKKK!!! Ruth just screeched and bucked and kicked her legs violently. Angela held on to Ruth's wrists as if her life depended on it. Naturally, her life was never in danger, but her bare thighs???

Well that is an entirely different matter. If Ruth managed to get free, Angela knew what would happen in her dorm. In her dorm, Angela would earn the "privilege" of spending a full minute over the DM's lap getting HER own bare thighs roasted . just like Ruth.

Unsure as to what would happen here; allowing Ruth to get free was a chance Angela was unwilling to take. The spanking continued with Margaret slapping that heavy brush into Ruth's tender thighs. Ruth never stopped howling as the brushed bounced up off her thighs just as it did when whacked against her bare hind cheeks.

Eventually, the timer went off, but not before Margaret little thai girls anal porn xxcccxc young turned Ruth's thighs a solid purple.

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Angela had never experienced a thigh spanking, but had observed several over the years in the dorm. Judging by the reactions of inmates both during and after, this is one type of punishment Angela would do anything to avoid.

This idea was only re-enforced by Ruth, who when let up, danced wildly around the room, crying and caressing her wounded thighs. "Stop it!" yelled Margaret. "How dare you attempt to reduce the sting! Perhaps we should do another minute?" "Oh, NOOOO, Ma'am, Not that. pleaaasseeee?" begged the still crying Ruth as she immediately put her hands on her head.

"Angela, go with Ruth. She will show you to your room and tomorrow she will show you the gardens for which you are now totally responsible. Just remember what you felt and saw here.

Your bottom will pay dearly, Angela, if I see any more of my gardens dying off. Further, since you have full spanking privileges over Ruth, I will NOT accept any naughty gfs getting down and dirty at this swingers party putting the blame on Ruth," explained a frustrated Margaret.

Margaret then addressed her comments to Ruth, "Normally, Ruth, I'd have you spend a full hour kneeling under the strap in the hall with your backside bare.

This would give you a chance to reflect upon your stupidity and at the same time remind the rest of our staff how intolerant we are of wasting money. Since I need you to guide Angela around, we'll dispense with that hour on your knees." Naturally, that was NOT the totality of Margaret's logic.

She feared Robert seeing Ruth and Ruth telling him about the $400 worth of plants she killed. In his anger, Robert just might decide that Margaret bore some of the responsibility. "T-Thank you, Ma'am," answered the still sobbing, but somewhat elated Ruth. Ruth then grabbed her clothes and started putting on her underpants. "Not so fast, Ruth," exclaimed Margaret. "While you won't be on your knees, I still want the deterrent." "Pardon, Ma'am?" queried Ruth.

"Put your shoes on, but your work pants and underpants remain off . for the balance of the night!" "Yes, of course, Ma'am" answered Ruth as she stepped into her shoes and headed for the door with Angela in tow.