Teenies bang studs ass hole with monster belt cocks and squirt charge

Teenies bang studs ass hole with monster belt cocks and squirt charge
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Triple Sex Ultimate - part II Jenna&hellip. &hellip.As soon as everyone left, Randi and I got naked and put on our robes and nothing else. We took a long warm shower to help relax us with all the first time jitters. I could help but look at Randi's pussy. It was amazing how hidden her penis was…unless she let herself get aroused by a girl. She didn't look at me and kept her head turned away.

&hellip.I had other desires. I wanted to see her penis come out and get big and hard. As we washed standing together, I started brushing against her several times.

She would jump slightly. Then she relaxed and looked at me. She said: "I bet I know what you want Jenna, so take a good look. &hellip.She smiled at me as I watch her clit get bigger. She spread her legs and leaned back against the shower wall.

The top of her clit began to protrude out. I got my desire to see it grow and her penis came out and kept getting bigger. My pussy was tingling as I watched it grow. I felt my own tits and pussy as it was turning me on so hot. This made it grow real fast into a nice hard erection. Now she teased me and soaped her erection up and started stroking it.

&hellip.There was no stopping us now and we moved to each other. Now both our hands stroked her as we began to moan. We had done our feel ups, quick sneak fucks through out the house but this was our first shower together.

It was mind shaking awesome! The warm water, our slick bodies and our heights were perfect. I was a little taller that her and her erection slipped right in my slick pussy.

She said: "You make my 'guy' feelings go crazy with all the guy urges I have. I feel a big cum rising up in me…I can hold it Jenna&hellip.I…oh yes!.hold me tight! &hellip.I held her and pushed her erection in as korean student sex in school as I could. I started to shake all over as we fucked and fucked even harder. I felt a climax like never before. It buckled my legs as she yelled and shot a moaning cum in me.

I can still feel her erection pumping in me as the cum filled me and over flowed. It was a good thing she was leaned against the shower wall. I couldn't get enough of fucking her. Her erection felt so damn good in me I squeezed my pussy down on it and yelled "Yessssss!" over and over. . She knew how a woman felt inside her pussy and she made the most of it.

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We slowly sank to the shower floor with her on top of me. We just enjoyed the warm water and her erection in me. She slowly kept pumping herself in me and it felt awesome&hellip. &hellip.Tom wouldn't get here till later as we primped ourselves to look good for him. Randi wanted to look good for him and we made sure she was at her sexy best. We got in mom and dads big bed and waited. We were both naked under the sheet. I wanted Tom to see her penis tucked away, and then come out.

We talked about everything but sex. It finally shrunk down and went up in her. …We both jumped as we heard the front door open. "In here!" I yelled. Randi was all excited as Tom entered the dim bedroom. He looked at us and smiled big. He started to take his clothes off when we said: "NO…we'll do that." We jumped up and undressed him.

In no time Tom and Randi were kissing and feeling each other up. The pulled me into them and we had our first 3way feel up. Randi immediately held Toms boner and stroked it.

I got on my knees to give it a big lick. .I pointed to Tom to look at Randi's clit. She spread her legs as he looked in amazement as her clit got bigger and a small penis began to emerge. She felt my tits to give her erection a boost. Tom dropped to his knees with me as we played with both her pussy and erection. Randi moaned as now 4 hands fondled her as I gave her a nice blow job action. Tom's eyes were stunned looking at her 'extras'.

He was straight so touching her erection was slow until he got use to it. We all moved to the big bed&hellip.I wondered what Tom was thinking&hellip. Tom…… &hellip.whoa…Randi really does have a pussy and a dick.

I can't hardly believe it, but I've even felt both now, and they xxx girals and boys sex stories story 2019 real. Randi never looked this good before.

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super organ xxx tube porn She got a hot body with extras. This will be our first time to fuck and with Jenna right with us&hellip.AWESOME! Randi…&hellip. I was so worried that Tom wouldn't like me…but wow&hellip.he's all over me…he even finally stroked my erection.

He kisses divinely. I sure hope Jenna doesn't mind sharing him, because I want him near me bad. My little dream is to have him in my pussy as Jenna sucks my erection to cum while I lick her pussy. That will be a 'triple cum' for us&hellip.then I'll fuck Jenna while Tom fucks me from behind…&hellip.oh my god…a 'sex sandwich'.that sounds so hot.

…We took Tom over to the bed and laid him down Jenna and I laid on our sides beside him on with our pussy's at his head. He wasted no time in licking our pussy's. He even stroked my erection. Jenna and I played and sucked his boner. Sweet Jenna&hellip.she whispered: ("I know you've been wanting a guy in your pussy, so you go first and get on top of Tom and put his boner in you") My heart raced when she said that.

I was so nervous my body trembled as I turned and got on top of Tom. He was smiling so big I had to kiss him a while. My wet pussy was tight as this was my first time to have a boner in it.

Tom moaned with delight. He grabbed my head and whispered in my ear: . (" Damn you feel good Randi.") My pussy opened right up and in his boner went. I moaned as I found just the right position to fuck him in. Jenna got her head in and started sucking on my erection. Tom and I started both, licking her pussy. Tom held us both and started fucking faster as he made wonderful pleasure sounds. We all as one, started moaning and panting. It was beyond anything I had ever felt before.

One stroke I pushed down to drive Tom in deep in me, the other stroke I pushed my erection deep in Jenna's mouth.

I began to go crazy with euphoria. It was almost to much for my poor brain to handle. …I swear I felt the earth move as cum came shooting out of my erection&hellip.I shook and muttered something just as Tom pushed his boner deep in me&hellip.and shot&hellip.and shot and shot. I felt for the first time hot cum being injected in me. I started to black out&hellip.but Tom and I squirmed to get every last feeling we could from us. We turned to both suck on Jenna's pussy hard.

She yell something and shook as juices flowed out her pussy. We all trembled and shook. Gasping for air we all moaned and squirmed.

We all sounded wounded with pleasure as I barely kept from blacking out. I had to keep kissing Tom over and over. He was number one and always will be. Jenna moaned and squirmed as she licked every drop of cum from my erection shots. I reached over and fingered her as she jumped when I touched her clit.

Tom just kept feeling me and Jenna over and over…… Tom&hellip. …well…that just ruined me for any other two girls&hellip.ever. I want to lock them both up in my room at home. My boner won't go down and it's still in Randi. Don't go anywhere girls&hellip.the night is young yet. None of us remember taking a nap or something&hellip.just waking up to more pleasure.

Jenna&hellip. &hellip.that was beyond awesome by a light year. Tom and Randi made me cum so hard and squirt I thought I had lost my mind&hellip.and right when Randi came in my mouth&hellip.what comes after.'awesome'. I'm so weak and spent…why is Randi pulling on me to turn me…oh my.

she's going to fuck me…I hope I can take it…oh baby I love this… Randi&hellip. …and now for my ultimate dream&hellip.I got on Jenna's naked body and sucked her tits firm. Here came Tom to join in with me. We kissed and licked Jenna's tits then kissed some more. Tom couldn't keep his fingers out of my wet pussy and Jenna's. We both opened our legs wide open to let him finger us both.

Now to guide him to put that boner in me from behind. I reached down and held his boner while gently pulling it to my pussy from behind. He was turn on and trembling. I helped him find my pussy hole and in&hellip. (gasp).it went. I guided my erection into Jenna's sexy sofia has her tight snatch pummeled cumshot and amateur pussy.

…We lay there at first……just enjoying the mass of feelings… It you've never heard three people moan all together…it is…out of this world. …I felt Tom's warm body on my back as I felt Jenna's underneath me.

Tom's weight just pushed my erection deep in a squirming Couple goes wild in a hardcore home fuck brunette blowjob. Tom whispered in my ear how sexy I was and special. We both felt Jenna's tits and mine. Tom's warm boner was taking me to that place again where most people never get to go.

I loved hearing him pant in my ear as he had moans only a man has. Jenna had her body wrapped around us and her head moved back and forth in delight. . Tom and both speeded up fucking as we all got noisy again. Jenna bucked up her pussy to meet our thrusts. It was here again only more intense that I could ever even imagined. We all began to tighten up as we all got loud.

I had to cum now. I pushed my erection in Jenna deep as I began to shake&hellip.oooooh &hellip.my&hellip.god. My erection was speed fucking Jenna as I shot cum like never before.

Tom could somehow tell and he drove his boner in me until he touched bottom&hellip.the came his blast of cum. I felt it fill my pussy over and over as shook and held me tight. Jenna tried to shake but could only wiggle as she climaxed and yelled out&hellip.Ahhhhhh! We all squirmed and moaned as cum flowed out of my and Jenna's pussy's.

We were soaked with it as Jenna and I added our juices from squirting. …None of us could move after that…dead spent. We all quietly muttered things of joy as we softly moaned…… ----- …I sat exhausted as I typed the last line.

…I turned to see Tom and Randi naked and playing with each other. I jumped up and started stripping. "Hey…you two!…move over, Randi and you get on top of me and stick that erection of yours in my pussy, Tom, you get in her pussy from behind!" They both went…"ooooooo"