First time xnxxblood story xnxxx

First time xnxxblood story xnxxx
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"Hi, I'm Mike and these are my associates Dave and Bob. As you can see, Dave here is carrying a full automatic assault rifle and he's got enough bullets to kill you all a few times over. On my other side, you see Bob. He is a professional cameraman and tonight he'll be in charge of filming our little endeavor.

I suppose you are a bit confused about what we are planning to do with you and this equipment, but that is not important. What is important is that there is a way you can survive this evening and maybe even enjoy yourselves in the process. You see, we are in the business of making videos on demand for a wealthy group of people with exquisite taste and they chose your lovely family for this week's entertainment.

As you may have guessed, this will involve a bit of fucking and possibly a bit of shooting. Now, you (pointing at Billy) will be fucking your mother, and you (pointing at Jack) will be fucking your lovely daughter. And here comes the tricky part: the only way you'll stay alive this evening is chesty brunette mouth fucks dick on gloryhole you (pointing at Jack again) will achieve orgasm inside your partner before he (pointing at Billy) does.

Is that understood?" The kids remained quiet, too scared or shocked to react. Jack again tried to break his restraints, then yelled inaudible curses in his gags. I could do nothing but nod, helplessly.

Still a bit groggy from the sedative, bound and gagged, there was no escape. We'd all die for sure. No way forty year old Jack could cum before the sexually inexperienced Billy would.

The three men seemed to expect as much and Dave already seemed anxious to start shooting. "Don't worry, I'll make it look like a family style killing slash suicide" he joked.

"Well then, I think we'd better get you undressed and get this show started." With those words, Mike removed our bounds and gags.

Jack immediately took his chance to take swing at the man. Mike seemed to have anticipated this reaction, in one supple move he dodged Jack's fist and delivered a powerful blow to his cheek.

It was a carefully measured blow. Hard enough for Jack to think twice before trying anything like that again, but not so hard that it would show too much or knock him out. He sank back in his chair, spitting out one bloody half of a tooth. "Don't do that" Mike said, cradling his fist in his hand. I decided that for now, the only way we'd stand a chance was if we would cooperate. If we did, I'd have to have intercourse with my son and Jack would have to fuck Haley. Every bit of maternal instinct told me I was doing something wrong, but I knew getting killed now would help no one.

With great reluctance, I rose from my chair and started to unbutton my blouse. With my eyes I tried to encourage my husband and the kids to do likewise. Obediently they started shedding their clothes.

I dropped my pants, leaving me in nothing but my black silk stockings and underwear. I heard a wolf whistle coming from Mike. "Leave the stockings on, it makes you look slutty" he said. I gathered all my courage, took a deep breath and unhooked my bra. I let the cups fall from my breasts and drop on the concrete floor, revealing my biggest assets: my firm and round natural breasts, topped with big hard nipples. I was proud of my breasts, I did my exercises each morning and it showed.

Next, I pulled down my panties and let everyone see my completely depilated vagina. Apart from my stockings, I was completely naked now and felt extremely vulnerable, left to the mercy of the three wicked men. A moment later, the kids were naked too and finally, Jack dropped his boxers. I hadn't seen my kids without their clothes on for years.

I know, every mother thinks her children are the most beautiful creatures on earth, but the more I saw of them, the more I was convinced that Billy and Haley were indeed just that. Both of them were of average height, had dirty blonde hair, lightly tanned skin and well-toned bodies. Haley had truly gorgeous firm round breasts with small dark pink nipples and a beautiful little pussy with just a little strip of dark blonde hair above the slit.

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I could see her pink inner lips and hood peek out between her full, puffy outer lips. I knew she was sexually active for some time now. Billy was every bit as handsome as his older sister was beautiful.

He was a cute boy, athletic, but very shy. Too shy to ever approach a girl and I'm sure my son was still a virgin. His eager young penis was already pointing upward, hard as steel and bobbing softly with each beat of his heart, making him even more shy than usual. It was almost funny watching him trying desperately not to stare at my or Haley's naked body. His father Jack was his opposite in almost every way. You could still see his former muscular figure, now a few pounds overweight, but still very handsome.

Hairy chest and a big, flaccid dick. Jack was a good father; he loved his children and wouldn't dream of hurting them, much less having sex with them. I knew his mind was racing with futile and possibly lethal plots to take hold of Dave's rifle and kill the intruders. Somehow, I had to turn his mind around and have him willing, no, wanting to inseminate our daughter before her brother shot off in me.

He'd have to fuck her like a man possessed. Help came from an unsuspected source. Trying to humiliate us some more, Mike grabbed Haley by the back of her neck and pushed her face between her father's thighs. "Maybe you'd better take him in your mouth first and suck on him till he gets nice and hard for your little pussy. If you do it right, he'll cum in no time and we can all go home and live brad knight banging megan rains tight pussy merry lives" Mike told Haley.

Nothing on earth would get Jack ready faster than a well-executed blowjob. Haley understood this opportunity and without any hesitation she opened her mouth and gobbled up her father's flaccid cock. She would have to act like the sexiest and horniest slut there ever was if we were going to survive. Her cheeks, red with shame, sucked hollow as she did her best to get her father as hard and as close to cumming as possible.

In no time, she got his juices flowing and his penis started to swell in her mouth. She then proceeded to give him an expert blowjob, alternating sucking the big purple head and licking the shaft and balls.

Within a few moments, Jack was sporting a full erection. Pushing her chances, she kept sucking as long as possible and even tried deep throating his cock, doing her best to get him as hot and ready as possible. "Goddamn girl, you really love your father's cock" Mike grinned "You're going to like what comes next.

Get your horny ass on the bed and let daddy show us how much he loves you too." Still committed to her role of a total slut, she obeyed Mike's commands and eagerly spread her legs for her father. Her little pink pussy opened like a flower, displaying her tender and moist insides.

In an ultimate attempt to arouse her father some more, she brought her hand between her legs and started to diddle her little clit. Even in this perverted situation it struck me again how beautiful she was. In any other situation, her partner would be one of the luckiest men alive. Her actions had an unexpected, but hottie cassidy banks seduces her brother in law effect though.

A sudden groan next to me drew my attention from my daughter to my son. The graphic imagery of his beautiful sister masturbating her obscenely exposed pussy had been wwe diva paige porn storys much for him and caused him to orgasm spontaneously. Long, thick ropes of white cum shot up high from his penis and splattered on the floor between his feet.

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Terrified and humiliated he closed his eyes as the last waves of cum oozed out of his little hole and trickled down his shaft, pooling in the dark little curls above his penis. "Good boy, you may have bought yourself and your family a few minutes more to live!" Mike laughed, then turned to Haley and me. "No more fooling around now. Get on the bed and start fucking!" I crawled on the big bed next to Haley and lay down on my backs, our butts on the edge of the bed and our knees in the air so our pussies were as open and accessible as possible.

Haley lied close to me, so close I could feel her body heat and my stocking clad legs softly rubbed against her smooth skin as we adjusted ourselves on the bed. Bob used this time to aim the lights and take some close-ups of our bodies and genitalia.

"Well dad, you'd better start fucking. You know the hair triggers those young boys have and Dave here is just itching to kill you all. To prove I'm not the worst kidnapper in the world, I'll give you a two minute head start. Isn't that nice?" Jack still remained seated in his chair. In spite of his huge throbbing and drooling erection, he would not cooperate in his daughter's rape, even if it would kill us all.

Dave roughly pulled him from his chair and pushed him between Haley's legs. "You fuck her, or she dies" Dave ordered. Haley took Jack's penis and rubbed its head between her lips, pushing her hips upward, trying to fuck her father. Still, he was hesitant to penetrate his daughter. "Jack, just fuck her, dammit!" I screamed. That's when he gave in and pushed forward. Haley moaned softly as her father's thick penis slid all the way inside. "It's big" she whispered. She locked her legs behind his back and kept him tight while her pussy stretched to accommodate the big, fat cock.

Slowly she released him from her grip and allowed him to pull out a bit and thrust in again. "Do it slowly daddy" teen couple webcam riding first time side chicks whispered. Jack groaned involuntary and gave an extra push.

Haley was clever and had enough experience with fucking to notice her father's reaction to her words. The pain of being stretched more than ever began to fade and she started to move against him to meet his thrusts. She grabbed his head and kissed his mouth. "Yes daddy, fuck my tight little pussy.

Fuck me daddy!" she panted in his ear, being as vocal as possible, trying to talk the cum out of his balls. With every thrust, Jack started to lose more and more of his reservations and began to stroke in and out with an increasing pace. "All right, two minutes passed. Come here boy, come here and start fucking." Mike instructed. I'm sure Billy felt as embarrassed as I did when he took his place between my lewdly spread legs. I must admit he had a beautiful cock. Still wet from his earlier orgasm and oozing even more precum, but still as hard as steel and eager to explore its first pussy.

I took the stiff pole in my hand and guided it towards my vagina. His slick cock parted my nether lips and the purple head sank into my vagina. Instinct took over and Billy pushed his hips forward, sliding inside until his wet pubes were mashed against my hairless mound, ending his virginity in one powerful thrust.

"Oh mom!" he groaned and I felt his cock swell and twitch, spitting thick ropes of sperm again, now deep in my vagina. I saw the panic in his eyes as Billy ejaculated inside me. He hadn't even lasted three seconds before he came and now we'd all be shot.

"Ooh, I think sonny likes it" Mike laughed diabolically. "Has your mommy got a nice hot pussy? Start fucking boy, and keep fucking as long as you can! Just don't cum inside her!" Literally feeling like we'd just dodged a bullet, I grabbed my son's ass and started a rocking motion.

He picked up quickly and slowly started to fuck his very first pussy. Next to me, Jack was now fully committed to fucking his daughter.

His thick cock pistoned with great speed in i m going shopping and you re paying out of Haley's pussy. Slapping noises reverberated through the room every time his hips collided with hers.

Shockwaves rippled through her entire body, making her firm titties jiggle with every thrust and coaxing soft moans from her lips. Her hand slid between their bodies and resumed rubbing her clit. "Oh daddy, your big cock feels so good, I'm going to cum so hard on your big fat cock" she groaned as horny as possible. Her body started to shake, then became rigid as she clasped her arms and legs around her father, flattening her perfect breasts as she pulled herself up against his body, lifting herself completely from the bed.

"Yes! Yes! I'm cumming on your gorgeous cock daddy. I'm cumming daddy! Fuck me, I'm cumming!" she yelped before mashing her lips against his, forcefully thrusting her tongue in his mouth. I saw him wince from this unexpected invasion of his damaged mouth, but I also noticed him getting very exited from feeling this sexy little minx cum on his cock.

The final waves of her orgasm ebbed from her body and she fell back on the bed, panting and shivering. Jack kept slowly fucking her sensitive little pussy through her moments of bliss, then steadily started increasing his pace again. All this time, Billy kept pumping my vagina with a steady pace. It started to feel good, a little too good.

I always came easily when I was fucking and deep inside I felt an orgasm rise slowly but unstoppably. I knew from Billy's panicked look and increasingly erratic movements that he was getting closer again too. I couldn't help it; I could no longer hold it back and closed my eyes as a powerful orgasm washed over my body.

My pussy muscles squeezed Billy's cock, milking him, sucking the cum from his balls. "Think of boring things Billy, think of ugly things, think of math." I coached him. "I can't mom, I'm making it again" he whispered and I felt him squirt another load of hot sperm deep in my squeezing and sucking vagina.

"Keep humping me, don't let it show. Keep humping" I groaned softly in his ear as another, even bigger orgasm took control of my body. Luckily the men only saw me cumming and never noticed what really happened. All through my orgasm, Billy kept thrusting his cum spurting dick in my soaked pussy. He kept fucking me without as much as a moan or a shudder.

I couldn't help but admire his youthful stamina. He had cum three times now, but his dick never lost a bit of hardness as he kept rhythmically pumping it in and out of my vagina. Next to me, Jack and Haley immorallive naughtiest whores in a wild fou again going at it like rabbits. Haley was doing her best to make her father cum.

Shaking her titties, moaning like a whore, squeezing her pelvic muscles, fondling his balls; nothing could push him over the edge. The four of us were fucking close to fifteen minutes now and it was getting more and more improbable that Billy would last any longer.

If they'd examine my pussy, we'd all be dead. "Haley, finger his asshole" I whispered to my daughter. She looked at me with doubt in her eyes, but followed my suggestion.

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Her hand slid up to his trusting butt and started tickling his asshole. With a little force, her finger slid inside and this finally pushed him over the edge. He put his lips to his daughter's and with a deep, animalistic groan, he released a wild torrent of cum deep in her pussy. "Oh Haley, I'm cumming! I'm cumming baby! I'm cumming in your wonderful pussy!" he moaned and again kissed her mouth.

"I feel it daddy, I feel you cumming in me" Haley panted between his kisses. I had to act fast. Jack had climaxed now, completing his part, but booby woman drilled by pervy pawn man at the pawnshop the men would see the amount of sperm my son had already pumped in my pussy, there was no telling what they'd do.

Probably kill us all. For the moment, they seemed to have lost their interest in Billy and me, as Bob was busy filming a close-up shot of Jack's pearly white sperm oozing out Haley's well-fucked pussy.

"Billy, fake it now" I whispered. He looked at me with questioning eyes. "Pretend you cum in me now" Now he understood what I wanted and picked up his pace again. "I don't have to" he whispered, then groaned out loud "I'm cumming too mommy!" For the third time this night, I felt his penis swell inside me and then he came again, pumping two, three more jets of sperm in my already cum-soaked pussy.

"Pull it out Billy, don't cum inside me" I yelled with played panic. Billy obeyed and withdrew his still shooting cock from my body. His last two jets of cum splattered between my breasts. From the corner of my eyes I could see our act was convincing the kidnappers.

Bob pushed my son aside and was now filming between my legs as I felt Billy's huge load start to dribble from my lips.

As my mind slowly returned to reality, I heard Mike applauding "I think, that was the best show ever. I'm sorry to say Dave, but I think we may have to let them live." I felt a little sting and everything went black.

Was I shot? Were we all going to die? "You tell, you die. We'll find you" I heard Mike's voice as if from miles away. Then everything stopped. The next thing I remember is waking up in my own bed next to my husband. I saw he had a little red puncture mark in his neck. He also had a swollen and severely discolored jaw, what looked like it would hurt like hell when he'd wake up. Slowly I started remembering everything that had happened to us. I quickly got out of bed and checked the kids' bedrooms.

Billy and Haley were both there, sleeping peacefully and physically undamaged. That's when I started worrying about the future, about the consequences of our nightmare adventure.

Jack's jaw would heal and his tooth be fixed, but what about the psychological effects. After all, we had committed incest, which had to be traumatic. And what about pregnancies? Haley would probably be safe, as Jack had had a vasectomy years ago, but I was unprotected, and Billy had cum inside me three, well, two and a half times! We all sat down at the kitchen table and had a good, long talk. After a few awkward moments the first days, life returned to normal and everything turned out to be all right.

In fact, the experience brought us closer together as a family and it had given Billy an enormous boost of confidence. However, three weeks later, my period hadn't come yet. I took a test and discovered that I was pregnant with my son's baby. I decided not to tell anyone and got an abortion as soon as possible.

We never told our mydirtyhobby lucy cat bonde instagram teen public anal outdoor lucycat to anyone and me and Billy, nor Haley and Jack ever did anything sexual together again. But still. I couldn't stop thinking how it would be to give birth to my son's baby.