Teen screams as she rides a big dick

Teen screams as she rides a big dick
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Eyes were all over her body as she walked down the street. Some creep in a van even circled the block in his car to snap a few pics with his phone. It was super lame but Lexi could hardly blame him. With every step her thighs shook, her ass cheeks actually hung out the bottom of her short jeans shorts and her black tank top was also cropped to show both her belly and her cleavage.

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Her hair was long straight bleached blonde hair and she wore white sneakers with no socks. Her shirt was thin enough that both her nipple and her bright purple bra were visible.

She looked trashy fabulous, both cheap and sexy. Lexi wouldn't normally have left the house like this but it was super hot out, she was two weeks fired from her temp job and she had moved into her friends apartment to make rent cheaper. She hadn't got along with her friend since Lexi had slept with her boyfriend. It wasn't anything serious to her, just a quick drunken fling, no big deal, but obviously her roommmate felt differently. So she needed a new place to stay for a while. This outfit was Lexi's prowl mode gear.

She was single and this was advertising. She knew if she was interested in hooking up with a guy that this was the quickest way; young and dumb and having fun. It was outrageous. She might have worn something this short or revealing to the club at night but it was the middle of a sunny day and she wasn't in the best neighborhood. She had made plans to meet up with her friend Zoe and get stoned, maybe meet a friend of hers who might be able to get her some work. She decided that taboo sex between izzy champayne and erik everhard brings them lots of pleasures revealing outfit like this would be a good idea to make sure her friend would like her.

Most men were easily manipulated. She didn't really care if that was bad. She just needed the money fast so she could get a new apartment of her own again. She kind of liked the attention she was getting at first. Heads turned. She got a couple whistles and a hoot or two from passing cars. Then she heard somebody yelling to get her attention and decided to put in her ear buds and drown him out.

Before the next block ends a cop car pulls up in front of her with lights on. The door opens and out steps the officer, mid-thirties, shaved head, not bad looking and big arms that explained in detail he went to the gym regularly. "Is there a problem, officer?" she asked smiling. He didn't return the smile. "You know what you're doing." She was terrified that he was going to find the drugs in her bag if she was searched. "I do?" Lexi felt that rush of sweat starting. Her heart was pounding.

"First of all, you're walking too fast." He was deadpan. "Walking too fast?" She didn't know what else to say. "Yeah. See I would have had to run to catch up to you at that speed. Decided to just take the car instead. You are like an entire moving violation." He wasn't exactly smiling but Lexi was starting to see where this was going.

His eyes were all over her body.

She couldn't believe he was flirting with her. It was kind of scary actually since she was holding, but that made it also exciting. She didn't want to piss him off so she said "Oh. I don't know if that's actually a thing you arrest people for. " "It totally isn't but I did it anyway. Do you know your ass is actually hanging out of your shorts? You know I could book you for indecent exposure right now?" He wasn't shy.

That was for sure, but Lexi found his power and confidence attractive. "Oh! Umm. I didnt know that." She totally knew that.

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"Oh yeah, I don't even redhead eurstudent fucks doctor in fake hospital how safe it is for you to be walking around dressed as you are in this neighborhood. You could be really asking for trouble. I think it would be best for you to come with me. I'll give you a ride to where you're going." This was such a weird day.

But what could she say? "Really? Okay, thanks." He was so confident and decisive and Lexi couldn't say no. She was actually kind of buzzing off his flirting and how dangerous it felt just to getting a ride like this. Her hand reached for the passenger side door but found it locked. "Sorry but you aren't allowed to ride up front with me. Regulations.

No, you'll be riding in the back." He opened the door for her. "Don't worry, its pretty clean in there." Lexi could feel people staring and felt like they would think she was a hooker getting in the back of a police car dressed like she was. She moved to get in just to get it over with and he helped her sit by taking her arm and in one swift move he helped himself to her purse.

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But before she could say anything, he was closing the door behind her, effectively locking her in. He smile through the glass saying, "Sorry. I'll have to hold this upfront, okay?" What could she do?

She agreed. He put her purse on the passenger seat and got in to drive off. They made cute banter and she found it easy from her attraction to his authority and she giggled nervously for him like an idiot. It was all going well until she noticed that they were not driving into better neighborhood and instead they were going further into the slums.

It was an area that Lexi didn't actually feel super comfortable in now. "Umm. where are we going?" she asked as they passed street corner hookers in daylight dressed not unlike Lexi was.

"Don't worry I know exactly where you're going." She might have given this more consideration, but then everything stopped in its tracks. He was constantly turning around to talk to her and one time he had to stop short not to hit a red at the red light they were approaching. And when he hit the brakes, her purse fell forward and out onto the seat fell a baggie with three joints and a smaller bag of with powder. "Oh shit. Well look at that!

You french redhead slut gets her ass pounded high huh?" Lexi's stomach flipped and she froze. He laughed. "You know you were already technically under arrest for walking around like a loose meat sandwich, right?

You didn't have to add possession onto your rap sheet!" He could see she was scared and said, "I'm just kidding. I don't arrest my friends and I don't care what you're doing out on those streets. I just don't do it. And you and I are going to be really close friends, right?" "Yes! Of course." She was suddenly so relieved. But the emotional roller coaster she was on was intense and it exhilarated her in a crazy way. "You know I smoke weed too." He said, his first real smile so far.

"Are you serious?" "Yeah.

You wanna smoke up with me sometime?" "Okay." It was so weird like she was in wonderland. "Yeah? Alright I'm going to pull into this alley so it's not right out in the open." Lexi didn't know what he meant but he did pull off of a bad street into a worse alley. Lexi started to be grateful for the protection her police escort offered her. He put it in park and brought her bag around to her door, attractive virgin impure cleft impaled on cock when he opened it he wasn't letting her out.

It was so her could get in the back. "Whats going on?" "We're gonna smoke a joint together. Didn't you just say you wanted to smoke a joint some time?" "Oh!

Now? Oh okay, I guess so. What if somebody sees us?" She felt empowered by his ability to bring her above the law. "It's okay, I put on my hazards." He sparked up the doobie and took a hit before he passed it to her and she was on a fucking scary thrill ride.

She was smoking weed with a cop in the back of his cruiser and he was macking on her pretty hard. It was a trip! He was getting closer to her all the time but made it seem natural to do so. Showing her smoking tricks, the french inhale, shotgunning and eventually one last one; she took a deep drag inhale and he moved in the last few inches quickly and caught her exhale by pressing his lips to hers. But it wasn't strictly a kiss until it was. After the first three or four it just became about kissing somehow and she yielded her voice to his authority.

His hands explored under her shirt gripping her tits hard! She wanted it. She wanted to be fucked by him. It was just so wild and raw and passionate. Right in the middle of the day in some alley in a cop car on the wrong side of town, high as a kite. She unzipped his pants and he pulled off her short shorts. She knew it was wrong but she just wanted it and to let him take what he wanted. He was inside her quickly and began pounding away. It was incredible.

He enjoyed himself too. "You blonde cunts are the best aren't you? Right? Nothing like cheap blonde pussy! Is there?" He was so vulgar and vile, Lexi was surprised.

Everything was just flying now and decided to two fantastic looking babes in a threesome for the ride.

"No. There isn't." She played it up a little for him. "Nobody fucks like us!" Lexi knew the score with assholes, you put up with their bullshit if they can fuck like a machine. As it was, her police escort was banging her hard and fast and she could absorb some verbal abuse if she could get a few more minutes to finish.

She was getting close to cumming when he put a pipe up to her lips. "I think i'm good, thanks." "Trust me." he said. "This is gonna blow your mind. You ever cum when you get high?" "Isn't that what we're doing now?" "Whatsamatter?

You don't trust me?" "No. I don't." She smiled playfully. His reply was a stone cold bastard response. "But you're still going to do what I tell you to, right? Because you don't want to go to jail, right?" Holding the pipe out she took it in her lips and smoked what might have been pcp or crystal meth but definitely not weed.

Lexi coughed and he sped up his fucking until she came. It was incredible. He was right. She came so hard under him that she didn't even notice him cumming in her. She didn't care. She didn't care that he came saying, "aww yeah, you loose meat bimbo, I'm gonna roll down your block every day and if you want to work that street, then you know you gotta pay me. I take a cut along with certain. perks. fuck!" And he emptied his load deep into her.

Lexi was just in awe of her realization that he was a dirty cop that extorted money and sex from prostitutes and that was exactly what was going down.

He thought she was a new girl and that hadn't paid her dues yet. Her glassy eyes understood it all but she had no reaction and decided to do what felt best and that was to fuck. She rode him until he was done and had really pushed his cum even deeper into her. He zipped up and tossed her shorts at her. "Get dressed baby.

Its time to go." In a haze Lexi pulled up her shorts again. She was every bit the whore that her clothes made her seem to be. She wondered if she should tell him that she wasn't really a whore, but she wasn't sure she could move her lips to say it clearly.

She was flying now, high on whatever he gave her. None of these dire circumstances seemed consequential when she was freshly fucked, stoned and peaking.

He pulled her to her feet outside the car and gave her purse back. "Now you head over to that door and you go in and tell Maurice that if he tries to sneak another cheap hooker onto my streets without paying me I will shut his ass down." Completely finished with her, he didn't look back once before he got back into his cruiser.

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In her mental state Lexi can't think of a single way to avoid walking into a pimp's house and tell him he has a new girl. She knew she was told to go do it and so her body responded with the only certainty she had rattling around in tattooed beauty assfucked in threeway european and anal head.

She walks over feeling fucked and dirty. Of course she was a whore. She just thinks of what she did in the back of that squad car and she tries to accept it. She tries to accept it right until the door opened and she found herself saying, "Umm. I'm Lexi and I'm supposed to tell you that you can't sneak any more cheap hookers onto the streets with out the cops taking their cut." The End. Epilogue: (Like an idea of where a sequel would go) "Shit, did he get you high girl?" Her eyes were plastic now and lingered slowly on anything they looked at.

Maurice was charming enough and dark skinned and strong with clearly defined muscles that he wasn't unattractive, so when he offered for her to take a shower and get cleaned up, she agreed.

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Putting down her purse, she immediately forgets where (this will be the last she ever sees of it) and instead allows Maurice to remove her clothes and his and maneuvered her into the shower. The water was hot and refreshing and wonderful, almost overwhelming, but exactly where Lexi wanted to be right now. She still had nowhere to go at the moment and needed to at least come down from whatever that cop gave her to smoke.

Maurice was both incredibly intimidating and also insanely comforting that he liked her. Her mind was slippery and having trouble rationalizing but enjoyed feeling things, like Maurice the pimp running his soapy hands over her body.

Her thick thighs are slick with soap suds and her entirely babe maya kendrick attaching with her companions stepdad hardcore brunette his erection up and down the fold between her thighs.

It was slippery and felt good and Lexi arched her back to make sure when he slid back up towards her ass that he would find her pussy inviting and slip right in. He dipped in and out and she anticipated each thrust. He was bigger than the cop and despite how wet she clearly was, it took several minutes before he was balls deep in her.

She climaxed from his assault at her now sloppy gates. She was still high but not peaking anymore. Not so high that she didn't understand the remarkable day she was having. But still high enough that she could start to rationalize events. She was just having a crazy adventure and although there was some misunderstandings with the police officer, she was not actually a hooker. She was fucking this stud now because she was naughty. People shouldn't judge her. She was just partying a little too hard a little too early today.

This is what she thought as she let her second dick in one day make her cum and shivered to completion. Maurice then tried at the backdoor. He was slick with her own juices and rubbed easily against her asshole before she moved to object about this anal entry, but before she could say much of anything Maurice grabbed her by the throat and pulled her head back.

He knocked her knees further open with his own and slapped her big thighs and ass meat. There was literally nothing she was going to be able to do to stop him. "Let me tell you something chica. That cop brought you here because you work for me. And every girl who works for me offers her ass and the ones that don't just haven't been broken in yet."