Megan rain fighting and porn by step brother

Megan rain fighting and porn by step brother
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Bruce and Carla left Virginia City to visit the Rancher Carla got up early on Sunday. She called for room service to bring coffee up to the room and she showered quickly.

While she was dressing Bruce answered the door and got the coffee. He had a cup and then showered himself. They decided to head out early for the ranch, down in the Washoe Valley below Virginia City. The rancher had invited them to visit anytime and his daughter had invited Bruce as well. It was just after sunrise when they left and they arrived at the ranch house by 7am.

Danielle the rancher's beautiful daughter spotted their car on the driveway looking for the ranch house. She knew Bruce would not hesitate to visit after she personally invited him. Carla had her mind on the rancher's invitation as well after they had all chatted at the Bucket of Blood Saloon in Virginia City.

The rancher was in the horse barn with his riding horses, while his daughter fixed the family breakfast. Danielle threw some extra potatoes in the pan and got more eggs from the refrigerator. There was always a pot of coffee on the ranch stove day or night. Bruce and Carla knocked at the door and Danielle let them in. She seated them teenies bang studs ass hole with monster belt cocks and squirt charge the kitchen table.

The kitchen is always the center of social life on a ranch. The rancher's wife Karen and his younger daughter Kelly were out on horseback checking the fence where the cattle might get loose.

Every day the perimeter needed to be checked on. It was to big to cover in a single day so different sections were checked, by various members of the family, when they could.

Kelly had just turned 18 and had finished high school in the spring. Now she was working the ranch for a few months before she took a ski job in the mountains. Kelly looked exactly like her sister Danielle.

Her breasts were a little bigger and she was slightly taller but, their faces both were just like their mom's. Buck the rancher had inherited the ranch from his uncle, who had no kids interested in ranching. His hot Asian wife Denise came from Thailand and she came with her parents at a very young age. She loved the ranch life and had grown up in Carson City where her mom had been a casino waitress.

Since Carson City allowed brothels her mother had done a little side work on weekends. She preferred to work days with her daughter, Denise, in school. Her husband passed away shortly after they arrived in the states so she needed to work and be home for Denise. There was no stigma about working the brothels in Carson City for them.

Denise loved the rural life in Nevada compared to the big city in Thailand. She met Buck in high school and he showed her about ranching and horse riding. When they married he worked for his uncle on a leased ranch near Carson City. Denise followed her mom's footsteps and did day shifts in a cafe until tracey sweet just wants to get boned turned 21.

Then she worked the casinos and brothels for the extra money. Buck, the rancher, grew up on the ranch life; women were few and sheep were nervous. A man had to find his enjoyment where he could and a brothel was accepted as part of Nevada life. The Basque sheep herders had taught him of the enjoyment sheep offered. They never asked for money or told anyone you fucked them. A whore or a stump trained sheep was a good fuck, for a rancher, in that valley.

The ranch girls could be friendly with the sheep dogs as well. A good herding dog would work sheep or cattle. Dogs had a useful tongue and did not get a girl pregnant, like the school boys could. Ranch girls knew what to do with a dog, if the cared to. Buck and his family had a good life on the ranch. The valley had good water and it was close to culture, compared to some places in Nevada.

He saved his money and his wife had a good income now that his girls were out of high school. Denise left the day shifts when the girls entered high school; now she only worked the brothel in Virginia City and rode on the ranch.

The didn't have to hire any help with the girls around. With both Danielle and Denise at the brothel all the ranch income was could be saved. Kelly was into the recreation in the mountains and helped at the ranch as well. Buck came into mediumtits teen pov fucked in realsex action european and reality ranch house and greeted his guests. Danielle had breakfast ready and his wife and other daughter put up their horses and came in for breakfast by 7:30.

Buck sat next to Carla and asked how the honeymoon was going. Carla told him that Danielle had invited Bruce to stop by and Buck nodded approvingly. Kelly checked out Bruce and her sister, Danielle, nodded and smiled. The girls had been conferring and Danielle suggested Kelly go for a round with Bruce after breakfast.

Since they were not in the brothel 18 was the legal age. Danielle pulled up Kelly's skirt to show off her sister's bald pussy, to get Bruce's attention. Carla laughed at that and said that she wanted to go bareback with buck, since they were not at the brothel condoms were not required. She was already pregnant so that would not be a problem. Denise Buck's wife told him he better get on that ride after breakfast. They could check the South fences in the evening after their guests were gone.

Kelly was not to be outdone by their guests. She said, she wanted to go bareback with Bruce. Danielle and Denise whispered to one another. Denise smiled and nodded. They finished their breakfast and Buck told them they would go riding next. There was a beautiful spring out in the open with trees all around. It was a good point to ride to and they could check for stock around the water hole. Buck announced that they should have a quick fuck before they set out and he led Carla back to his bedroom.

Kelly flashed her bare pussy at Bruce again and he followed her to her room too. Denise and Danielle went out to the porch and whistled for the her dogs. Two mixed breed pooches showed up in an instant and the women lifted their skirts and bared their pussies for some dog tongue attention on the porch swing. The big wet dog tongues always felt exciting. Mom caught son and daugtfrench dog has a slightly higher body temperature and the big long tongues can get even the most frigid woman on the edge of orgasm with a few skillful licks.

Mom and daughter chatted about their evening at the brothel while the men bare backed Kelly and Carla. Kelly was quite athletic and ran miles to be in shape for ski racing. Her pussy was tighter than either her mom or sister; furthermore she had enough experience to milk Bruce in no time. Bruce loved getting some hot teen pussy fresh off the farm. His wife was only slightly older but, young was always exciting.

Kelly cuckold creampie compilation best creampies ever motherless com tube porn she took the pill and Bruce should come inside her for sure.

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He needed no more encouragement. Her tight squeezing and a grip on his dick,so tight he did not think he could even pull out unless he came. Kelly contracted her pussy like a vacuum pump and almost pulled his balls inside out. Meanwhile Buck was slow stroking Carla's now shaved pussy. He kept his dick smooth for the tactile feeling and Carla loved the smooth on smooth sensation. He rubbed her pussy slow inside and pressed hard up against her clit with every deep stroke. Carla kissed him and he came quickly with the emotional feeling not given in the brothel.

Carla felt great about their new Nevada friends, she hoped that Buck's wife and older daughter were not feeling left out. Little did she know, they were being dog licked out on the porch. The men showered with their respective partners and returned to the kitchen. Finding no one there everyone went out to the porch. Denise and Danielle were giggling and coming while the hounds licked them senseless.

When the others arrived they pulled down their skirts and set out for the stables. Everyone saddled up and got on a quarter horse. They rode out the gate and towards the trees by the spring a couple of miles away. It was less than an hour and they stopped to enjoy the valley views. At the springs they found some sheep that had gotten under the fence somewhere. A Basque herder rode up with his son to round them up. The rancher exchanged greetings with the neighbors and the Basque tossed him a goat skin wine sack.

He took a swig of red wine and passed it to Bruce who took a ceremonial sip as well. The girls passed and Kelly whispered to Danielle. Then Danielle spoke to the younger Basque, that was a school mate. "Why don't you show our friends about your sheep traditions?" The young Jean-Paul looked over to his dad.

His father nodded and they dismounted their horses and whistled at their dogs. The dogs cornered a couple of ewes quickly following their master's command. The elder Basque pushed the sheep's head into the wire fence to secure it and put the back legs into his tall boots.

Then he pulled down his blue jeans and whipped out his dick. He stroked his dick quickly and then stuck it into the sheep young smoking sex first time sometimes it takes a stranger to show us exactly what we that looked amazingly human shaped.

The sheep bucked against the fence but, the fence wire acted as a spring and bounced her back. His boots held her back feet and she stroked him back and forth without him having to do any of the work. Between the fence and the boots her efforts only served to pump on his dick while he took another swig of wine. His son had the other ewe's head stuffed in the fence too twisting the wire above and below her neck.

Putting her back legs in his boots had her humping against his dick in the same way in no time. He was already hard and ready and the sheep seemed to enjoy it.

Danielle laughed and looked at the city folk checking out the action. Buck told Bruce he needed to try that sometime too.

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Bruce said, it looked hot enough to get him hard just watching. The two sheep men shot their loads in their livestock and pulled up their jeans. They had work to do and said, they would visit some other time. They gathered up their stray sheep and the dogs herded them back towards their property. Kelly laughed at Bruce's reaction.

Then whistled at the dogs. Jean-Paul waived one of them back. Kelly pulled her jeans off and bent down on all fours. Her inviting pussy was ripe for a doggy style fuck; the hound jumped right on and started humping, while his pink dick extended and got hard.

In no time Kelly was getting dog drilled in front of her new friends. Carla was getting wet at the sight of the fat pink dog dick and the excited look on Kelly's face. The dog knot started to swell inside Kelly and his back strokes shortened up. He started to spew and leak his sperm all over now. He turned around and faced away next. The pooch was firmly knotted in and kept spewing his jizz in Kelly's pussy.

Carla and Bruce took it all in. Their friends were quite openly sexual and this honeymoon was going to be unforgettable. Denise whispered to Danielle and the both giggled again. Buck sat on a bench at the spring and looked over the meadows. His herd was all together with no sign of any stray cattle. He had been sucked by his friends wife at the brothel and then fucked her bareback in his own bedroom. His hot younger daughter had fucked Bruce like his wife and older daughter had at the brothel.

Life was good. His women were sexy well fucked. It took the dog half an hour to un-knot himself from Kelly's tight box. It was not yet noon and she had been well fucked twice already. Her mom and sister were whore's so they had been fucking all night. A good dog lick kept them satisfied for now. The others saddled up and Kelly joined them for the ride back to the ranch house.

Carla eyed their own dogs as she rode up to the stable. Again Denise and Danielle looked at each other and winked at Buck. Buck whistled for his hounds and took Carla back to the porch he told her to strip down and get on her hands and knees. Carla was in a trance.

She knew what was coming but, had no idea how if would feel or what to do. Danielle got down beside her and told her it was going to be great, like nothing else. Then Danielle started sucking on one of the dogs dicks and school girl xnxx ebony dubbing she rubbed it out of its sheath. The pink thing quickly grew and stiffened. Denise continued to suck dog dick and then she fingered Carla's pussy to get it ready.

Carla had not expected any girl action but, she was very much bisexual and Danielle was totally hot. Danielle stopped sucking dog dick. She fingered Carla good and wet and then gave her some licks from behind. dog started to inspect Carla's bare butt and began licking himself. Carla's eyes widened with the touch of big hot dog tongue on her bare pussy. Then the pooch jumped onto her back and his dick slid in Carla's pussy like he had fucked her a thousand times before. Carla moaned out, "Oh my god that is greatt!" It was hot and wet and stiff like nothing she had felt before.

It was stiff and spewing juice already. He humped her rapidly but his knot grew until it stretched against Carla's Vag. Danielle pushed him back before he locked in and told Carla to turn on her back and lay on the bench. This would enable her to control the dog's penetration and keep from getting knotted.

The Basque dogs were smaller but, these dogs would hurt the first time they knotted up inside a tight woman. It was better to keep them from getting all the way in. It felt crazy hot. The temperature and wild dog drilling action got Carla off more than she expected.

Bruce was amazed at his nasty wife being so ready to get crazy with a dog. He was stiff just watching and Danielle offered to take him on while his wife was getting dog drilled. He could not say no to another hot Asian ranch girl. Danielle was hot at the whore house but, a personal invitation was even hotter. His wife watched him spring into action on the porch and the fucked side by side her wih the dog.

Her husband fucked their friend by her side doggy style. Even though he had fucked Kelly earlier Bruce came pretty quickly in the tight bareback ranch girls pussy. She was much hotter without a condom. There was no doubt about that. He did not know about birth control but, he knew she was tested weekly for sexually transmitted diseases.

She whispered that she was not ovulating right then and it felt great to have his juicy load inside her.

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Buck watched his skilled daughter's dog instructions and dick emptying abilities. His wife held him close and kissed him on the neck. They loved their family life and sharing it with these new friends. It was going to be a hot honeymoon by any standard now and Bruce and Carla were spent and sweaty on the porch.

Denise told them go to the showers together and she would get lunch started. Buck helped his wife serve potato salad and make some sandwiches.

Kelly and Danielle showered together in the other bathroom and they all sat down for another family meal. The morning wine had worn off and Bruce decided to drive over the pass before it got late. They could watch the sunset on the California side and get home early.

They had a great time on the second weekend of their honeymoon and their marriage felt more perfect than ever. Carla was paying their way with a little extra earnings at the Nevada brothel and their sex friends had heated things up more than the thought possible.

Bruce's wife Carla was one hot and uninhibited party girl and she was sexier every week they were together. It had been just over a month now and his life felt like an adventure, every time he woke up.