After having sex in this position beauty girlfriend and homemade

After having sex in this position beauty girlfriend and homemade
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Part 10 The Penny Drops Rafaela awoke late in an empty bed. She and Alice had made sweet, tender love after she received Michael's answer.

She went to her laptop and reached for the earpiece. My darling. Thank you so much for understanding my need for your answer. Had you waited several days, I think I would have died of fear. I long for you and for my sisters.

I pray Shoshana recovers quickly. I said it would take months to remove myself from my business. That was a lie. I wanted the time to have my scars removed and my body repaired. I wanted to come to you whole, to start a new life without the scars of the old.

But now, I think it is a decision you should make. Me and my scars soon or a fresh woman with no scars to remind her of the past later? Mother and sister love2 lick com cannot come to you in the States, with those Nuremberg laws, so it will have to be offshore somewhere, timid old man got fucked by a gutsy young blonde if you want me soon, you will have to choose a new land.

Please give my love to my sisters and especially my new, little sister. I am forever yours. Michael retrieved the message and crawled back into to bed, but knew he would not sleep. The thoughts racing in his conscious mind swiftly put the pieces together. Finally, everything made sense. Even as he worked on the one puzzle, another problem arose. Around six, he got up and made coffee. He knew he would spend the entire day with an eighteen year old, very horny woman, so he popped a little blue pill.

He sat in the living room in his robe for an hour, debating how to play things and how to get confirmation. By seven, he had his plan worked out. Michael came back into the room just as they began to wake. He dove into the mass of squealing women intent on tickling them awake, a common way for him to rouse Beth when she was a little girl.

They fought him as a team, one distracting him, one retaliating. "The back of his neck is really ticklish," Beth called out, just before being hit with a pillow. "No fair, that feels good," Lynne giggled as his hand found her pussy. They laughed and played for a time, until they flopped back down, exhausted.

With Michael's arms around Rachael and Lynne, Beth laid flat on his chest. He kissed her passionately. "Oh no you don't. He's all mine today," Lynne started to push Beth away. Michael looked directly into Lynne's eyes, "I am." As Rachael started to get up, he pulled her down.

"Guys, I realized something last night. True, I have all Alice's notes, but she knows many things about you and Rafaela. She's in just as much danger as you are, probably more." Michael said calmly, but firmly. "I'm certainly not happy about what she did, but if she is free, so are your secrets. It's probably even worse for Rafaela." "So the question is, do we offer to bring her along too?" "Wow," Beth said, "I didn't think of that.

If she hadn't betrayed us, I'd have no problem, but I don't trust her." "Well, I don't think we have to worry about sharing Michael with her," Rachael said quietly, "I think she's really into girls.

She's also a great shrink. As much as I like to think we're recovering, we're going to need someone to help us long term. Shoshana needs therapy. I know I do too." Both Beth and Lynne nodded. "Let's talk about it tonight after we've had a chance to think," Rachael said. Michael knew the decision was really his. Rachael was right. All his girls would need years of professional help.

But could he ever trust Alice? And would she come? After a hearty breakfast, Beth and Rachael left. It had taken a little time to rearrange the security, but they arrived at the hospital in time to be at Shoshana's side when she woke. They helped Shoshana put her pendent on, but she still looked pale and fragile.

She had a keyboard in her lap since speaking was painful. All four of them crowded around her bed, but it was Lynne who took the lead, "Hi Shosh!" Beth said happily, "How's tricks?" Shoshana smiled, and then winced in pain. "What's going on?" she typed on three scenes in one story keyboard. Rachael began, "There was more damage than we thought and a dangerous blood vessel in your vagina, so they had to do more extensive surgery to make sure you'd be OK." "Road Trip?" "Not for a while, Honey," Rachael said, stroking Shoshana's arm.

"Rachael, let me explain. If you just answer her questions, it'll be summer before she gets the full story." Beth looked into grateful eyes. "Okay Shosh. First, you're going to be OK. If you had you taken your turn with Michael two nights ago, you could have died. Those bastards really hurt you." Rachael objected by clearing her throat. Beth ignored her. "We may have a new harem member. Her name is Rafaela.

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Long story short, no one messes with her. She's Mexican. Alice is with her now." "We've got a house with a great view here in town where we'll stay until you can sit on an airplane for 18 hours." "Also, we may invite Alice to come with us, so think how you'd feel about that." Shoshana's hands flew across the virtual keyboard, "yes, yes, yes." "Sex?" she typed.

Beth looked at Rachael. "Not until the doctors say it's OK, but not less than six weeks." Tears formed in her eyes as Beth said, "With five of us, you get him three nights a week until we're even.

If it's four of us, you get him four nights until we're even," Beth said firmly, " Michael knows what the manual says!" "Of course, no one said you couldn't invite a harem sister," Beth said smirking, making Shoshana smile. She nodded. Michael showered, shaved and prepared for blond wife with another guy day with Lynne.

While she showered, he retrieved Rafaela's message. He was smiling at Rafaela's words when the penny dropped. "Nuremberg laws." Rafaela had been in prison, so she could not have picked it up from a conversation with Peter. Quickly he called Tim. "Tim I've got a wild hair. Do you have Rafaela's file handy?" "Sure, just a sec&hellip.Got it." "Who's her father?" "Unknown, the birth certificate is missing." "She was educated in the US.

Where?" "Houston." "What school?" "St Thomas." "She was raped twice on the US side. Where was she going?" "No idea." "Tim, doesn't it seem strange that an illegal little girl went to one of the best private schools in Houston?

And that her birth certificate is missing?" "What are you thinking?" "We've been looking in the wrong place. She was trying to get home. Thanks." He dialed Peter. He answered with a tired voice, "Hi Michael." "Peter, didn't you live in Houston about 15 years ago?" Peter's sighed into the phone.

Michael said curtly, "I know." "I told her you'd figure it out." "All of it. Now." There was a pause as Peter debated.

Rafaela had been so happy this morning and what he said now could ruin that. "Peter. NOW." He sighed and began, "She's my daughter. Her mother got pregnant when I was just out of law school. I tried to give her the best. When I got married, my first wife found out I had a "love child".

My wife called her father, a political bigwig, who had them deported. The bitch made me move to New York and abandon Rafaela.

Her real mother died in Mexico about 13 years ago. Rafaela tried to get back to me, but got raped. She tried again and got raped again and mutilated. It changed her." "It's my fault. I abandoned her," Michael heard the pain in his voice, "She grew up hard after the rapes.

She's really smart and didn't give a damn. Then the damn DEA took her and I latin girls white girls getting fucked by hung black dick tube porn died. You remember? I disappeared.

I told you I had gotten a disease. In a way it was true.

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It's called guilt." "When Beth was attacked, it was like Rafaela again. This time, I would be there for her. Then she bonded with Rachael and I realized there might be a chance to help Rafaela. That's why I recommended you agree to hot blonde want a threesomes and a facial short sentences of those bastards. I figured you and your friends would enforce your own justice, so I traded their prison sentences for help with Rafaela." "It wasn't enough, though.

We needed David Walsh or his dirt to pry her free." "I figured to ramp up the pressure with the divorce, freezing his accounts, and the rest. When Tom died, so did my plan. I had nothing to do with Tom's death. I needed him alive in prison to threaten David." "When Tim's guys got David's data, you had a better plan. It turns out the trade was really what Homeland wanted all along." "Why didn't you tell me before I went to Mexico?

If the deal had been made, why did I go at all?" Michael asked. "You were always safe, Michael. I wouldn't have let you go otherwise. I'd never make Beth an orphan, especially after what happened. It was Miguel's idea. Rafaela couldn't trust any man. Alice told us what you did with Beth. We hoped you could do the same with Rafaela." "Mike, Rafaela had nothing to do with this!

It was me! Blame me! I know I put you and the girls though hell, but it was the only way I could help Rafaela," he pleaded into the phone, "Please explain to the girls." "You call them and explain. Rafaela knows where we are.

She always has," Michael said sadly as he terminated the call. Peter stared into space. He may have just ruined his daughter's last chance for happiness. He considered eating a bullet like David Walsh, but Peter was a fighter.

He had one more card to play. He dialed a number he had memorized. "Hello, this is Alice." "Peter here. I need some help," he said softly.

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He explained his conversation with Michael. When he told her the last thing Michael had said, she was puzzled. Rafaela told her she didn't know where Michael was. Something was wrong. She went to Rafaela. "Your dad called me. Michael figured it out. When Peter asked him to tell the girls, Michael said to tell them himself since you know where they are. I thought you didn't know." Rafaela thought a moment and then moved swiftly across the veranda, "Miguel?" she yelled angrily.

Rafaela yelling was unusual. To yell in anger unheard of. To be angry with Miguel incredible. He came running, skidding to a stop a few inches in front of her.

"Did you plant a tracking device in Alice's stuff?" she demanded in Spanish. His eyes opened wide. "Did you?" He nodded. She slapped him hard. In her culture, the ultimate insult. "Who knows where they are?" His eyes burned with anger as she stared him down. "Who else?" Her will won, "Juan and maybe Jose." She saw the faces of their retainers. Rafaela's mind raced as the reality of her slap exploded in her brain.

She'd publicly humiliated Miguel! She had to repair the damage to Miguel's authority quickly. "Now slap me hard. I am sorry brother.

Then go get Juan and Jose." She secretly signaled her guards not to react. Miguel slapped her hard, knocking her across the deck into a heap. Her eyes watered at the pain.

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"I am the man here, bitch!" he said glaring at her guards and stalked off. People drew back in awe as he stalked off. Miguel had hit Rafaela and stared down her guards. Respect for him soared. Though unplanned, the slap became a key factor in her escape. She got the whole story from Juan and Jose and, though angry, knew the truth. She went back to her laptop. No message. She began to record one. Love. Now you know Peter is my father.

He blames himself for what happened to me. I did not know about the tracking device, but you are correct. I now know where you are. I will have the receiver destroyed if you like, but it allows me to help you and my sisters if there is danger. I beg you to forgive my father. He loves you and Beth very much.

He used you to help me. But only because he could keep you safe. I hoped to tell you all of this when I saw you. Love, if this changes things, please tell me. Each day, my love for you and my sisters grows stronger. As she was about to send the message, the light began to blink, so she decided to listen to the incoming message first.

It was Lynne's voice. Sister, this is Lynne. Beth and Charmi kaur blue films storys are at the hospital. Michael is showering. Beth asked me to send this. I figured out how to use this and wanted to send you a private message.

We need you. Bad. You seem so strong and Michael is wearing down. The rest of us are just dependents, feeding off his strength. I know you can't come to the States, but Shosh can't travel very far for at least six weeks. In a couple of weeks, we might be able to take a cruise. Would Jamaica or the DR work for you?

Shosh is hurting pretty bad right now. She might not be able to have babies. The docs are checking. Sister, Michael needs you.

The rest of his harem needs you. Tell Peter not to worry. Michael is upset, but he loves Peter. I promise, we'll fix it. Gotta go!. Oh, a question. How do you feel about making love with girls? Rafaela giggled as she heard Lynne's last giggling question. Alice was just come out of the shower.

With all the drama of the last week, it was good to hear her lover giggling. "What's funny?" Rafaela put the message on speaker. After hearing it, Alice relaxed. Beth was the key. And she wanted Rafaela in her life. "Add something to your message before you send it. Ask if you can send private messages to your sisters. You can put "PRIVATE FOR BETH" in the subject line, right?" Rafaela nodded.

"What's to stop him from opening it?" "His honor, silly," Alice replied. Rafaela re-recorded her original message adding the request to have private conversations with her new sisters and sent it. Lynne clothed in a bathrobe and thick slippers entered Michael's bedroom, carrying a tray with two flutes, a bottle of champagne and another carton of orange juice. Michael lay on the bed, forcing everything from his mind but this fragile creature.

Lynne had her hair pulled back from her face in a single ponytail. She wore little makeup, just a bit of eyeliner and lipstick. Her pendant hung from her neck. She poured two drinks and handed one to Michael, signaling him to remain on the bed. She raised her glass, "Today, my love, I need you to make me a real woman." They both took a sip.

Lynne put her glass down, kicked off her slippers, and undid her robe, shrugging it to the floor. She stood before Michael naked. Her breasts reminded him of a ski slope tipped with puffy, pale pink aureoles and topped with half-inch nipples. Her belly was taut with just a hint of roundness leading down to the flair of her hips and to her shaved labia. Her internal lips were beginning to puff out. Her legs showed the years of dance training.

She lifted her arms and pirouetted in front of him. His cock was rock hard. "There are no words to tell you how beautiful you are, Honey," he said as he put his flute down and reached a hand to her. She smiled shyly and took his hand. She lay beside him and drew him into an intimate kiss. As they broke, she began to talk, "I've always dreamed of being rescued.

I was." Her hand pulled his robe open. Another kiss with more passion, "He would be older and wiser. You are." Looking into his eyes, her small, delicate hand gripped his cock, "He would be the first to make love to me. You are." She ducked her head to his cock and gave it a sloppy lick. "He would taste wonderful. You do." Her head ducked again, taking the head into her mouth, her tongue lovingly caressing it.

"He would be the first to hold my soul in his hands. You do." She climbed on top of him, laying flat against his chest. He understood that this fantasy was a part of her very being. She began sliding down his body, her legs astride him until she felt his cock against her pussy. Michael knew she was very wet and ready, but he let her lead him. It was her dream. Her eyes locked into Michael's. Her hand moved the head of his cock up and down her slit, parting her inner lips.

She guided his cock into her opening. "He'd love me as his woman. You do." She wiggled a bit, taking about an inch into her. "Ahhhhh. His cock would fill and stretch me. Yours REALLY does." She had about half in her when she began to lever herself up, still looking into his eyes. "He'd teach me to make love. You will." She pulled up and thrust down. "Ahhhhhhhhhhhh" Again, "Owwwwww…Ahhhhhh.

She sat atop him, not moving while he felt her cunt horny blonde fists her friends wet cunt trying to adjust to the invader. "Michael, I love you," as she began to rotate her hips, "and I love your cock." Michael let her lead the dance, rotating his hips in time with hers.

Her hands reached gentle blow job by a curvy beautiful teenie the ceiling as she ground her pussy into his pelvis. Michael kept his eyes locked on hers. His hands cupped and caressed her nipples as she began to moan softly. Her tempo increased as her climax approached. Her eyes finally lost their lock on his and closed.

Her moans grew louder. Michael's pressed his palms lightly against her lower belly, just above her clit. "I'm CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMING!" she screamed. Michael's thumbs quickly began gently rubbing her clit hood in opposite directions. Lynne was shrieking as her nerve endings fired at random.

She fun at the beach and his hands away, "Too much," she mumbled as he collapsed on his chest. After a few minutes her breathing returned to normal. She levered her head up to look into his eyes and whispered, "I never knew…" She realized she was still impaled on his raging manhood. He smiled at the confused look on her face.

He pushed her legs parallel to his, wrapped his arm around her waist and flipped them over so she was beneath him, most of his weight on his arms and knees. Looking into her eyes he said, "Lynne, you are so beautiful I don't have the words." But he knew she wanted words.

He pulled nearly out of her then slid full in, kissing her cervix. "Feel my cock as it slides into you," he pulled almost out, then slowly back in.

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She moaned her delight. Her eyes closed. He made several long, slow thrusts, "I am part of you now, joined forever, my love," he said softly.

"Oh my love, make me yours, shoot your cum into me," real urgency in her voice. "I'll wait for you," he said smiling.

Her hands grabbed his ass cheeks, digging deep, pulling him into her. "Then FUCK ME HARD NOW!" He began to jack hammer his thrusts into her. "Yes… yes…yes&hellip.I'M CUMMMMMMING!" she screamed again and again. The fluttering of her tunnel, gripping and releasing him triggered his orgasm. He came for several seconds, pounding his cock deep into her.

Finally she relaxed as her sensations subsided. Her eyes opened and she whispered, "I never dreamed…" He rolled off her, bringing her head onto his chest, stroking her shoulder and cheek. After awhile she began to sob and then cry. He held her close. In her time, she began to speak, "Alice told me. Beth told me. Mom told me. I just didn't believe I could feel like this. The orgasms were spectacular, better than I ever dreamed.

But it was so much more. When you let me dance with you inside me, I felt like I had just emerged from a cocoon, but when you were on x english panu sex stories full sex stories, I felt your love surround me again." She paused and he kissed her waiting lips, a kiss of love.

"The stuff they did to me seems so long ago and like it happened in another life. Does that make sense? We really are starting a new life, aren't we?" Michael nodded silently. "I me cache a la mama de mi alumno hope Rafaela is who she seems to be.

I think this new life is going to incredible." She snuggled against him. "Lynne, I love you." She sighed and began to snore gently. Beth and Rachael dragged through the door. Shoshana had been in pain most of he afternoon and the doctors did not want to give her more narcotics. Michael and Lynne greeted them warmly with hugs and kisses. Food came from a local restaurant, Lynne had been too busy and the girls too tired to cook.

As they sat, eating, Michael looked at Beth. "You have a private message from Rafaela. We also got another one that we can listen to after dinner." Without finishing her food, Beth went into his room and returned with his laptop and the vibrator.

She deftly set up the laptop and inserted the memory card. She hit play on the message dated today that was not titled "PRIVATE FOR BETH". The message shocked Beth, and to a lesser extent, Rachael and Lynne. "She's Peter's daughter?" Beth gasped, "I thought he had no kids." Michael shrugged, "Me too." Beth thought for a moment, "Dad, you can't still be mad at him. He played you, but he also made sure the danger wasn't real. He only did what he could for his daughter. Please, Dad, forgive him.

If we're ever going to have Rafaela in our lives, you have to," her voice pleading.

Michael thought for a moment. He had not considered the impact on Rafaela. He got his sat phone and dialed Peter. "We're OK from my side. What about from yours?" Michael said after identifying himself. "We're fine from my side," genuine relief, "What brought this on?" "Beth."