Cute blonde naomi woods pornstars big dick

Cute blonde naomi woods pornstars big dick
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My Pretty Little Slaves Chapter 4 Renee's Daughters Characters Introduced Renee, Tiffani's Sister 26 5'4 Red hair Green eyes 36C Breast Her daughters: Rachel and Reanna twins 14 5'2 Brown hair Blue eyes 36D Breasts Sarah and Sam twins 12 4'10 Red hair Green eyes 32 C Breast Roy, husband and father, 45 a drunk without a job, 5'10 with a 5" cockold.

Alice, wife 36 6'2 Black hair brown eyes 36DD with swan-like neck Jennifer, daughter 16 5'10 Black hair brown eyes 36 C with swan-like neck like her mother. Officer Sally Jenkins, 27 white 5'2 Blond hair blue eyes 34C Officer Paula Hunter, 26 white 5'8 Red hair green eyes 36 D ****** Ben and Becky arrive home and the twins are already there waiting for their Aunt Tiffani and Becky.

Becky and Tiffani disrobe and tell Hanna and the girls to do the same. Ben takes the girls to the pool area until Becky and Tiffani had a chance to get reunited with their relatives. Becky and Tiffani go to the living room and greet the twins and welcomes them to their home. The twins are astonished that they are both naked. Reanna ask "Why are you to nude?" Becky "House rules all women are to be naked at all times unless guest are at the house". "We are guests in your house!" is her reply.

Tiffani "No you are not, this is your house now. With your fathers passing and your mothers work assignment this is going to be you permanent home. I intend to tell your mother to move down here permanently when she is done her assignment".

Rachel starts to cry and hands Tiffani the letter her mother gave her for Tiffani. Rachel asks if they can go and talk someplace else and Tiffani looks at Becky and she nods. They go off to Tiffani's room and she reads the letter and has tears in her eyes. Rachel tells Tiffani that she girl in braces gets fucked before taking huge cumshot on her face facial cumshot and pornstar made to do the same thing for seven days and that they took her virginity and starts to cry.

Tiffani comforts her and tells her "All men are not like that, my boyfriend is gentle and kind and a very good lover. Lets get cleaned up and go meet the rest of the family, you need to strip naked. Be proud of your body you are a beautiful woman Rachel" "Thanks, Aunt Tiffani" She strips and they head down to the pool area. Meanwhile, Becky has the other three girls strip naked and tells them that they are going to go meet the rest of the family. Reanna strips and tells the girls to go ahead and do it.

"House rules, this is Becky's and Aunt Tiffani's house and we must obey their wishes". Sarah and Sam strip also they follow Becky towards the pool area, Sarah has one hand and Sam has the other. "Nice to see you again Becky, I miss you and Auntee" Sarah says.

Sam with Becky's right hand says "That is a might beautiful big ring you have on your hand" the other two girls look at Becky's right hand ring finger and Reanna says "Are you engaged?" "Yes, you are about to meet my fiance, he is at the pool" "What about all those tattoo's and are you Ben's angel?

Who fun at the beach and Ben??? Ah I get it" Sam asks "I will explain the tattoos later" They arrive at the pool and Becky calls to Ben to meet the girls.

Ben gets up from his lounge chair and walks over his cock bouncing back and forth between his legs. Sarah and Sam stare at it and giggle, Reanna is staring at it and says in her astonishment "That cock his freaking huge, that is your fiance Ben, Becky". With a smile on her face "Yes, this is my fiance Ben, his is also my Master and all women her are his slaves. If you choose you can be his slaves if you want. You can decide on your own time frame" Ben introduces himself and the girls are transfixed on this cock.

"Becky is always this big or does it get bigger?" Reanna asks. Say hello to my fiance first. They all say hello and continue to stare at his cock. Becky "Yes, it gets bigger when Ben gets aroused.

It gets to be 16" long and 5 1/2" wide." "Can I touch it?, Becky Ben" Reanna asks. "You can do whatever you like, you are still a virgin right?" Ben replies.

"Yes, but not for long. I wanted to have sex with my friend at school but he is an idiot!" Reanna reaches down and caresses his manhood stroking it and leans down and kisses the head and licks the head and the shaft.

Sam and Sarah are dumbfounded Becky says "Ben will not force you to do anything you that you do not want to do". Reanna pulls Ben over to the lounge chair and starts to suck on his cock. He tells the three girls that when you suck his cock to breathe through your nose and swallow when the head of his cock hits the back of your mouth. Reanna nods with Ben's cock firmly in her mouth. She deep throats Ben in one try eliciting a response from Ben "What we have here is a natural born cocksucker!" Reanna bobs up and down on Ben's cock and after 15 minutes in her tight throat Ben cums down her throat.

"Damn, that was good. Ben can you go again?" Reanna asks "Sure can, I fucked those four girls 16 times last Saturday" Ben replies Reanna,Sam and Sarah look over to the girls from New York City and they all shake their heads yes and have big smiles on their faces.

Hanna "Master is the man to ever fuck us, he is tender when he needs to be and he can pound you like nobodies business. We are all waiting for Master to complete are training. Reanna "Sam, Sarah you should try this it was fun". They are hesitant at first. And then Sam says "OK" and proceeds to suck Ben's cock. Reanna says "I want to know more about being Ben's slave" Becky "I will tell the four of you together so I do not have to repeat myself, this is your house and Ben will take care of you whether or not you become slaves-in-training.

I love you and want only the best for you and believe me Ben is the best." Sam is having a hard time getting the head of Ben's cock past her throat. Becky suggest that the go over to the table and Sam lay on her back and have her head off the table so that her mouth lines up with her throat.

This position allows easy access to her throat. They proceed to go over to the table and Sam gets into position she says "I am scared, afraid it is going to hurt!". "Don't be afraid, Sam, I would never hurt a delicate flower like you. You will be come my willing slave, I will protect you and love you for the rest of you life.

Now breathe thru your nose and swallow when you feel the head of my cock hit the back of you mouth!" "Yes, Master", was Sam's reply and she put the BIG FELLA back into her mouth and started sucking it. When the head reached the back of her mouth she followed instructions and was able to take it down her throat. Having a swan-like neck like Becky and Sarah her twin you can see inch after inch of the cock-head as it is being pushed down her very willing throat.

Ben begins to throat fuck Sam, she reaches up and feels the head as it goes back an forth in her throat. Becky "That is a beautiful sight, Sarah do you want to suck my fiance's cock?, I promise you will enjoy it.".

"OK, Becky, He does have a nice cock. I think it is very beautiful. Reanna seemed to really like sucking it, Sam looks like she is getting into it." Ben climaxes and drops a huge load down Sam's throat, you see the shaft pump load after load into her. After he finishes the unfaithful slut wife gets blackmailed hardcore and blowjob withdraws his cock from Sam's mouth with a pop.

After Sam has caught her breathe she tells everybody "That was amazing, I loved it. If sex is like that I am willing to be Masters slave-in-training." Becky "It is amazing and you will be an excellent slave, Ben, I think she would make an excellent bed slave once her training seductive and indecent girlfriend is in need for a huge dong done, Don't you think?".

Ben "I do think she deux queues dans une chatte french amateur be an excellent bed slave, but I am not waiting until she is trained to make her one. She just has to have her cherries popped, Sarah are you ready to take the BIG FELLA down your throat? Remember the instructions and it will go down easy?".

"Yes and OK, I am ready." She takes the same position as her twin Sam was just in and opens her mouth and starts sucking on the BIG FELLA. She gets the cock down her throat in one shot. They all watch as the head moves back and forth in her throat.

"That is what that looks like!", Sam says "It felt great in my throat a little big, but nice deep face hole fellatio pornstar and hardcore throat stretched to accommodated it, I want to feel that in my pussy tonight Ben, please" Ben "Anything you wish my delicate little flower" Sam "You said you had to pop our cherries before I could be beautiful blonde haley takes a hard cock bed slave.

I am going to give you my virginity what other cherry do I have?". Becky replies "Your anal cherry, he is going to pop that cherry too, before you become his bed slave". "That sounds like will hurt, Becky". "You will fill pain when he pops your cherries, both of them, but the pain will go away and all you will feel is pleasure, I promise he will be gentle with you".

Becky states Tiffani enters the pool area with Rachel and they see Sarah deep throatting Ben's cock. Rachel "What is going on here?" Sam and Reanna run up to Rachel and explain the situation and that they want to become Ben's slaves, and that they want him to be their Master.

Sam tells her sister that she is going to be Master's bed slave after he takes her cherries today. She starts to cry, and Tiffani takes Becky over to the side and explains what Rachel told her happened to her and what is happening to Renee now. Becky is very irradiated at this, she reads Renee's letter quickly as Ben finishes cuming down Sarah throat and exiting her mouth with a loud pop.

Becky goes over and comforts Rachel and tells her that Ben will not force her to do anything she does not want to do. He did not force her sisters to day anything they did not agree to. Sarah comes over to Rachel with Ben and the BIG FELLA in her hand. "Rachel, I was a little hesitant at first to sucking Ben's cock at first. But Reanna did it and really, really enjoyed it. Sam then did it and enjoyed it. Finally I did it and it was great. Ben, I want you to be my Master, I want you to show me all the joys of sex.

I want to be your willing slave and hopefully you will let me be your bed slave with Sam". "I will my sweet little dove, now let me go with Becky and Rachel, they seem to want to tell me something". Becky "Rachel, Tiffani come with me and Ben, the rest of you stay here and go swimming and enjoy the hot tub. The maid will get you anything you need!" The four of then go to the living room, Becky hands Ben the letter Renee wrote Tiffani.

It reads as follows: "Tiffani, Sorry about dumping my children on you. I had no where else to go. I need to pay back debts Jerry owed a disreputable business man here in Chicago.

Well lets just call him a bookie or loan shark, I don't know which. He has other businesses that I do not know of yet. I think he wants me to work in his brothel to pay back the debt Jerry owed him when he died, the shark kind of planned it this way I believe. I had to go to bed with him one weekend a year ago to pay off a debt that Jerry had gotten himself into. I cried for a week. A couple of weeks ago he came to the house and told me to get Rachel ready that she was going to go with him for a week to pay off what Jerry had owed him.

He swore to me that he would never do that again, that bastard. The shark took Rachel and she had to perform sex acts on him and his friends for a week. I went to pick her up and she was a mess, cum all over her body. She could barely walk, her throat was sore and she could not talk. They told me that Rachel was just the vig and that I would need to come back in a week and start paying off the whole loan plus interest. That it would take between three to six months.

They said I could pay it or they could take it out on all four of my kids. I could not let this happen to another of my children.

Please take care of my babies, Tiffani. I am sorry about this. That damn bastard Jerry, the only good thing he ever did was to give me my four little angel babies. Take care and I hope I see you soon." The girls all had tears in their eyes. Rachel was in Ben's arms and she looked up and say tears in his eyes. "Rachel, I am sorry you had to go through that, I truly am.

I plan on having your sisters as my slaves. It is their choice, I did not force them to do anything. I told them and I am going to tell you the same thing. I am going to take care of the four of you, whether or not you are my slaves. I will love you and take care of you for the rest of your lives. I want you to write down what the sharks name is and if you can remember where you were and who the guys were that forced you to have sex with them.

You can take your time, I need it to be accurate as possible. We are going to go see my doctor and have him check you out and make sure you are OK. I am then going to hire a private detective to look into this and see if he can find your mother. I will get her rescued for that man. That is horrible what he is making her do and what he took from you. Once your mother is safe, I am going to call in a few favors and clean up the floor with the shark.

I will have his head and balls in a jar for you. I plan on extracting some revenge on those guys. A nice display of balls would be nice or should we cut them off and feed it to them. That has a ring to it". Rachel "I don't know what to say, but thanks, Ben. I see why Tiffani loves you. You are a wonderful boyfriend".

"Well, truth be told, Tiffani is my slave, she is going to get her tattoos done tomorrow. Becky is my fiance, she is my slave and is the Mistress of the house. When I am not around she is in charge of the house and all my slaves. We are planning on getting married and honeymoon in Hawaii for two months".

Ben tells Rachel. Becky shows Rachel her ring and tells her that they just got back from a shopping vacation in New York and LA.

Becky "I love Ben, I first became his slave and I guess I fell in love with him first before I became his slave. He made me feel like a woman, a well loved woman.

I gave him my virginity willingly and took the training in record time according to Master. He proposed to me before my mother got back from her 3 week training for her job, which Ben setup for her so that he could meet me. He calls me is little angel, shows Rachel her tattoo on her back and shoulder. My mother then became his slave somewhat willingly. We met the other girls in New York and they are extremely passionate about becoming his slaves after he pounded them in hour hotel in New York.

One thing you should know about Ben, he is first class in everything he does. We stayed at the Waldorf Astoria, you know the one from the movie "Coming to America" with Eddie Murphy.

It seems like they know him there. He has his own jet. I love him for who he is, not what he does or buys me.

I like it when he buys me things that I could never get on my own. But I love him not his money (she is beautiful chicks have fun with stiff dicks at Ben) I plan to have his children some day, Tiffani is trying to get pregnant now. He wants a lot of children, we probably are going to need a bigger house (shaking her head)." Ben kisses Becky deeply and passionately, and Tiffani looks at Ben "What about your mother-in-law slave?" He gives her a kiss and then drops to his knees in front of her looking at Rachel say "In this house it is about giving pleasure just as much as getting pleasure as you and your sisters will find out.

Becky bring the other girls in here all of them". He then starts to eat Tiffani out, sucking on her pussy making her arch her back and moan loudly as the other girls enter the room. Sam say "That sounds like fun, Tiffani are you enjoying that?", all Tiffani could do was shake her head in agreement and moan finally after a while she starts to cum into Ben's awaiting mouth. He drinks it all in.

"There is not a better drink in the world that girl cum!, I love it and can never get enough of it. Sam get over here you are next". Sam flies over the seat next to Tiffani and spreads her legs "Go for it Master, I want to have what she just had." Tiffani "An amazing orgasm as only Master can provide, I love you Master!".

His reply was mmmmmmm, mmmm uffmmmms. As he had his head buried in Sam's pussy going to town. Sam went wild on her first orgasm of her life. It look like Linda Blair from the Exorcist, in a deep voice she yelled encouragement to her new Master "SUCK THAT PUSSY, SUCK IT DEEEEEP.

MAKE YOUR SLAVE CUUUUUMMMMMM HARD". Everybody laughed, "I think she likes it""I think she loves it".when he is done he tells Sarah, Sam, Rachel and Reanna they have to go upstairs and shave their pussies. Sam and Sarah don't have the full bush that the other two do, but they have to be clean. Becky goes over the rules, the training regiment.

Reanna "I think I am going to like the oral exercise a lot!". Ben "Now hurry up and get those pussies shaved, The need to be clean shaven everyday. That goes for everybody. The girls from NY look at their pussies and decide they might as well shave too. They all go upstairs and Ben asks Becky to tell the maid to have dinner ready by 7. "Becky you are going to have to start planning the meals around here with the maid.

Nice and healthy cooking. I was thinking about hiring a female chef what do you think? Becky "She must be comfortable around naked men and women. I do not want her to be a slave though, she can suck your cock if she passes her test but that is it.

I don't want to wear my man out". I need to go to the den and make some calls for the Chicago problem. The separate Ben starts making his calls to his contacts in Chicago to look into the Renee issue with the shark.

He then calls Janet at the jewelry store. Ben "Janet, this is Ben Barnes". Janet "How may I help you, Mr. Barnes, Your ladies are still pleased with their jewelry". Ben "Please call me Ben, Yes they are happy with their jewelry. I need earrings four sets of sapphires, three sets of emerald, do you have a stone to match hazel, brown eyes? Janet "Topaz is the stone, and we have that in stock and I will look into the hazel matching stone, when do you need them?" Ben "Could you bring them over to my house tonight after you get off work?, you can put them on my card that I used last time, while you are at it put 8 sets of nipple, tongue, clitoris, navel and pussy lip rings like Becky in the order also".

Janet "Let me ask my manager if that is OK. Hold on one minute please. The manager said that I could come over whenever you wanted me to be there with the earrings".

Ben "Can you be here at 8:30?". Janet "Yes, I will be there". Ben gives her the address. He goes back to the living room and sees the girls lined up with their legs spread. Becky "Looks like you got your a lot work cut for yourself!" Ben "Go get a towel, I want to pop some cherries before dinner".

He then gets between Sarah's legs and goes to town. Sarah is not as noisy as her twin but she did do her own little purr to a load scream to a purr sound. "We need to start calling her pussy cat with all that purring she is doing" Somebody stated with laughter. She finally has a violent orgasm and start squirting into Ben's mouth". Ben lifts his head off her pussy, "Did you enjoy that, Sarah darling?". "Duh, panting, Hell yes Master I loved it.

I am going to enjoy being your slave." Reanna is up next and she thoroughly enjoyed herself with a very strong orgasm of her own. Then two smaller ones as Ben continued to suck her pussy then had a powerful one she screamed so loud the girls had to put their hands over there ears. "We should call her banshee". After Ben had completed Hanna, Reanna had gotten her wits about her again and asks Ben "Master, Can I please suck on the BIG FELLA while you slut grabbed by the tits and black hammered down on the last three girls, PLEASE!".

Ben tells her it is OK and she gets underneath of him and takes the BIG FELLA in her mouth. She makes him climax 10 times before he is done with the last girl. Reanna gets him hard and then puts Ben on the floor and straddles his cock. "Master, I want this in my pussy". Before he could say yes or no Reanna thrusts herself down on his cock taking it past her hymen until the BIG FELLA rests on her cervix.

"Stay there and let yourself adjust to my size, sweetheart". Ben says. Reanna has tears running down her cheeks. "That hurt when it burst my cherry, it is feeling better now". She bounces up and down, Ben is hard as a rock and tells Reanna she has to share him with everybody. Looking at Sam and Sarah, who is next?

They both are sitting on towels to absorb the blood. "Your choice, Master" They both say in unison. Ben takes Sarah cherry first, he can only get seven inches into her before he hits her cervix. He waits until Sarah's pussy adjust to his huge size and starts to pump her.

"I eventually want that whole thing in me, Master!". "I doubt it will fit, you are so tiny baby" Ben replies. He pumps her pussy and then goes to take Sam's cherry and enters her love canal painfully slow. Inch by inch he presses forward until hitting her hymen. He continues this assault like he is torching her. She finally say "Master, pop that damn cherry will you, quit pussy footing around!".

Ben then rears back and in one stroke pushes eight inches into her pressing deeply into her cervix. Sam yelled "Out that hurt, thank god you finally did it!". Ben instructs the girls that they are going to need to get use to having sex before he attempts to start the training. They agree Tiffani going over the training regiment while shaving pussies. "As long as you continue to fuck us, Master". Sam says. Ben turns her over and says I still have three cherries to pop.

He puts lubricate on himself and Sam and ask Becky to get the other two lubed up and ready to go. She shakes her head yes. Ben presses the head of his cock against Sam's anus and said "Breathe" as she did he pushed the head through eliciting a scream and he started pushing inch after inch into her round butt.

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He put six inches and then withdraws and puts seven back into her. He continues his stroking for ten minutes and then withdraws with a loud POP. He smiles at her and proceeds to Sarah's ass and does the same to her instead of seven inches he goes 8" deep into her. He strokes her for 15 minutes and then it is off to Reanna.

"Reanna, I am going to cum in your ass. This is going to hurt a lot." He pops his cock-head into her anus and he eventually pumps 12" into her ass. Building up speed as he goes. He strokes her for a good half hour before they both cum together and she collapses. Cum dripping from her gaping ass. Hanna goes over to Reanna and starts to lick and suck the cum out of her ass. It is dinner time and Reanna has recovered enough to sit at the table and eat with the family.

After dinner they go back to the living room for some more oral fun. Janet arrives promptly the maid answers the door and she enters the living room seeing the orgy. She clears her throat and Ben gets untangled from Michelle on his face and Sam on his cock.

He walks over and she looks at his cock all stiff. Here is the items you wanted. She quickly drops to her knees she says "I haven't had cock in five years and I need this" before he could say anything she had his cock in her mouth and was struggling to get it down her throat.

She was experienced at deep throatting cock when she was younger. She finally got it down her throat and was bobbing back and forth. Becky pulls her off by her hair. "That is my man, we share with the members of our family, but not to outsiders who do not have an HIV/STD test". Tiffani says to a bewildered Janet "Ben is our Master, we are his slaves. We all have sex with him. It is our choice and his in whether he wants another slave". Janet "Please, Ben make me your slave, I have not been with a man in 5 years.

My past relationships were terrible. The men were all assholes a couple had nice above average cocks that could go down my throat but nothing like the "What does that say on your cock?" BIG FELLA.

I noticed how well you treated Becky and Tiffani when you came by the store I knew you three were lovers, Please be my MASTER!" Ben "I am not saying yes or no, but you need to go to Doctor Reynolds in town and get a blood test done.

I will call you in 2 weeks when I have made up my mind. In the meantime do not have sex with anybody else, shave your pussy and underarms". Janet "Yes, Master. Here are the items you ordered, the receipts in the bag". He goes to get a tip for her, and Janet says "Don't insult me with that. I don't want your tip just BIG FELLA fill all my holes, Master. You do not need to tip your willing slave". Ben "You are not my slave yet, Janet". Janet "No you have not accepted me yet, I have accepted you and will only have sex with you.

She kneels down and gives BIG FELLA a kiss and a lick and then says "See you soon, I hope, BIG FELLA!". She waves goodbye and heads out. Becky "Master, lover you have to stop showing your cock to girls they all fall in love with the Big Fella". Ben hands out the earrings and the girls go nuts screaming and hollering.

Each earring has an gemstone surrounded by diamonds. Each one gives Ben a kiss on the lips and BIG FELLA a kiss on the head.

Ben tells them he has the hardware for each of them for their piercings. Time for bed Tiffani show Reanna and Rachel their room, the New York girls tell Tiffani they only need one room. They tell her they might need the other rooms for other slaves, they are all friends and don't mind sleeping in one bed, besides it is a king size bed. Then next morning Ben, Becky and Rachel are off to the doctor's office.

The enter the office and go to examination room and Amber walks knocks and walks in. "Master, it is nice to see you. My I worship the BIG FELLA this morning, PLEASE!!". "Yes" She does while they wait for the doctor. She finishes him off and looks up at her Master. "Amber, I would like you to meet Becky's cousin Rachel, she is here to get a physical from the doctor" Ben says. Amber "So are you going to be one of Master's slaves?, he is a wonderful lover and provider". Rachel "I have not decided yet, my three sister are his slaves they seem to enjoy themselves yesterday and last night, I don't no about how they were in bed with Ben".

Ben "Amber her younger twin sisters are my excited legal age teenager homemade and hardcore slaves with Becky, they did fine. They each came twice last night and once this morning". Becky "They even took to eating pussy pretty well", Amber you asked if you could move back in to the house and our answer is … Ben holding a box gives it to Amber.

Amber "Oh my god, these are beautiful, Master so does this mean yes?". "Yes Amber takes off her panties and puts Ben's cock into her pussy and does a reverse cow-girl and pulls Becky's panties down from under her skirt and sucks pussy and rides Ben's cock. The doctor walks in and says "What do we have here?". Ben "Doctor this is Rachel, Becky's cousin, she had a traumatic sexual experience in Chicago recently and I want you to check her out and to a blood test japan sex rape big cock her".

Doctor "Seems like you are getting familiar with your slave again!". Ben "She asked to move in a couple of visits ago and I just said yes and she started raping us!". Doctor "You can't rape the willing". He performs the examination while the blood test is run. Doctor comes back after an hour, they are still fucking and sucking "Test came back negative for STD or HIV, I would recommend no vaginal activity for at least a month, if she can stand it.

I hardcore interracial anal peeping tom on our asses some cream her that is made with alum. It will help shrink you vagina back to its normal state. It might make it back to virginal state. I recommend Intimina for my patience with their vagina walls being too loose. It is a kegel exercise tool that will strengthen the vagina walls.

It might help if your girls want to tighten what your cock has loosen so they can feel it more". He gives Ben the website and asks if there was anything else he could do for him. Ben "No, I need to go to the drug store to pickup more vitamins and supplements, I just accepted eight more slaves for training". Doctor "Your mother would be proud of you, helping all these ladies!". Ben climaxes so does Amber and Becky again. Amber asks when can she move in. "This weekend" None of them had any idea what that meant.

Becky was going to find out. Ben looked at her and nodded as he knew she had questions. They went to the drug store and then headed home. Becky "I think we should hire a cook and think about putting on an addition to the house it is getting crowded in the house". When they got home Ben takes Becky to the den and tells everybody they needed to be alone for an hour before the tattoo artist arrived. Ben had a lot of explaining to do to Becky. Ben "Becky, by now you know I am wealthy.

My wealth is enormous". "Not as enormous as BIG FELA" Becky interjects.

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Ben smiles and goes to his safe and pulls out statements and his last will and testament and other documents.

Ben shows Becky his statement and tells her this is confidential nobody is to know this information either in the family or definitely not outsiders.

Only my accountant knows how much I am worth. Becky looks at the figure at the bottom. "Is that 750 million dollars?". "No, that is Billion with a B". Tell this to no one, it is our secret". Becky "Yes, Master. Lover why are you showing me this?, I do not care about your money. I want you and your love that is it. I told you before I love you not your money".

Ben kisses her "I know my angel, I fell in love with you the first moment I saw you. This is my last will and testament. You are the sole beneficiary, for every child you and my other slaves bare me I have my accountant setup a trust for them in the amount of 10 million dollars.

I have instructions for you to take care of my slaves when I am gone. Which I hope is not for a long time". Becky "Why are you so generous to us and what was it that Doctor Reynolds said ah "Your mother would be proud of you". He knew your mother?". Ben "Yes he did? And he gets his parents will and pictures. "I was adopted by this white couple when I was just twelve. One day I was getting out of the shower walking to my bedroom and my mom accidentally falls in front of me and tries to catch herself she pulls the towel away from my waist exposing my 13 year old cock.

At that time I was over ten inches long and about 3" thick when erect. I was shocked almost as much as my mother. She tells me I have a beautiful penis and model big tit blonde and her boyfriend in the bathroom to suck on it. She takes me out of her mouth and tells me she loves me dearly and that this is OK. We go to her bedroom and make love the rest of the day." he hands a picture of his mother to Becky, "That night his father calls him into the study and Ben thinks he is in trouble and that he is going to be kicked out of the house for having sex with his mother.

Upon entering the den he sees his mother in a night gown sitting next to his dad. His dad tells him that he loves his wife and that he could not get her pregnant because he had an accident when he was a child. He tells me he wants me to sleep with his wife every chance they get. He wants me to get her pregnant. That he loves me and that my mother loves me deeply. We precede to have sex three or four times a day.

She sleeps in his bed on the weekends and they have sex for a year before she becomes pregnant. She teaches him how to suck pussy, how to take her up the ass, She learns how to deep throat Ben's cock". Becky "WOW, I see why you like white women by the picture of your mother. She was petite wasn't she." "Yes, 5'2" Becky "So why do you have so astonishing cassandra nix and sheena shaw having lesbian sex slaves?

Why do you do this? I am not complaining but just wondering". Ben "Well until you came into my life I was just a Master with Slaves, I would not love them like I do you and my new family. I was told to do it this way by my mother in her will, that this would be my only way of know if they loved me or just wanted me for sex. She instructed me to take care of needy women and care for them and that one day I would find my true love. Which is you my dearest Becky.

She gave me a manual on Masters and Slaves. My parents died a year after my mom gave birth to Nikki. At their funeral I thought I was now homeless 16 year old with a baby daughter.

Oh how I was wrong. The lawyer called me into this room and told me that my parents left the bulk of the fortune to me.

They gave Nikki 10 Billion dollars in a trust, she gets it when she turns 21. She knows this and is working at boarding school to get into Harvard law school.

She is comfortable with my lifestyle and knows about our getting married. She can't get away form school then but ask for pictures and video from the wedding and Hawaii." They hear a knock on the door, Ben hurries and puts the papers in the safe it is Rachel with the phone.

It is her mom Renee on the phone. Tiffani is following her through the door, Ben puts her on speaker phone. Renee "Tiffani are you there? I do not have much time, they are coming for me. Please take care of my children and keep the safe, I have to go".

Tiffani "Who is making you do this?". Renee "A low life loan shark, pimp named Philippe Garcon he has a business in South Chicago. They are here and I got to go take care and I love you". The hear the door swing open and a man asks where are her kids and she tells him they are safe out of state where they will never find them.

He tells her that will cost her. And the phone goes dead. Two weeks later Ben gets a call from one of his Masters council friends telling him about this site that just went up on the internet. He tells him that this petite red head with huge tits is getting the shit fucked out of her in every imaginable way most of the time taking 2 or 3 guys at once.

They have photographs veronica avluv invited jessie rhodes to spice up sexlife with her guy videos of her.

More being uploaded everyday. He gives Ben the website It has a counter on how many men she has fucked and it is over 200. Ben says thanks and brings it up on his laptop.

It is Renee the two twins mother being gangbanged by all these men. At first she does not seem to like it but apparently something broke and she became accustomed to the brute force in which she is being pummeled. He calls Becky and Tiffani and shows them the site. Ben "We need to keep this from the girls, they do not need to see their mother being used like this".

I am going to find these bastards and put an end to this site". Meanwhile in the present time. Ben leaves the den with the girls and the tattoo artist is there and greets Ben. Ben I want you to tattoo with Queen of Spades tattoos on her pussy mound and back of her neck and the rest of the tattoos that are on Becky with one exception.

I want "Breeder Slave" tattooed on her hip. Tiffani do you want anything put on you?

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Tiffani "On my ribs on the right side I want you to put "Property of Ben Barnes, for his use only!" If that is OK with you, Master" Ben says OK. "I want these girls to get a tattoo also, Sam gets on her shoulder "My Delicate Flower " and a couple of roses on her back, For Sarah here she gets "My Little Kitty" and a kitty on her shoulder with purr purr purr in letters underneath, for Reanna I want "Natural Born Cocksucker" on her hip and for Rachel I want a tattoo to read "My Butterfly" and on her back I want the most beautiful butterfly you can do.

Is there anything else you girls want. Sam and Sarah both wanted "Property of Ben Barnes, for his use only". Reanna wanted "Property of Ben Barnes" only. Rachel did not want anything else yet. The four girls from New York wanted the "Property of Master Ben Barnes" Tattooed on their stomachs right above the navel. Ben looks at the tattoo artist and says you got your work cut out for you. She tells him she is going to start with Tiffani. Ben takes Hanna to the couch and tells her to spread her legs.

Ben "Becky, it is time to start the training, please bring me my pills". Ben takes his supplements three times a day and often during training sessions. He takes a little blue pill after he fucks Hanna three times in a row. He fucks her deep and hard. After he has came for the 10th time he tells Michelle it is her turn and he eats her pussy until she is wet. He proceeds to pound her sweet pussy long and hard with deep strokes. He goes balls deep with every stroke, Michelle climaxes every 30 minutes while Ben administers her training.

Reanna is under Michelle's groin and catches all the cum whitegirl seduces black man on cam cheating girlfriend gives hot interracial blowjob hiddencam and e is oozing out of her used pussy.

Michelle's pussy lips are stretched out and the BIG FELLA is pumping in and out of her with great rhythm. He then starts to pump her like a large piston in a Mack truck, Michelle screams "Yeah, Master, FUCK YOUR SLAVE JUST LIKE THAT!" Ben fucks her straight thru 10 orgasms just like that.

With that rhythm it takes him only three hours to complete his task. He rolls off of Michelle and Missy asks "Is it my lesbian jail touching your hottest buddy for the first time yet?" "No" Becky says, "Master needs his rest now".

She takes him to the pool and they swim in the cool pool water. Becky swims over to Ben and straddles his leg and says "Honey, I can't believe you just came 20 times in a row in Hanna's and Michelle's pussy. Are you ok?". Ben "Yes, I need to recuperate for a half hour or so before I can go again. I would mind eating some pussy.

Do you know where I can find a sweet tasting pussy to eat?". "Right here, lover" Becky leads Ben out of the pool and to one of the lounge chairs and he precedes to eat her pussy.

After Becky climaxes hard, the snuggle and tell each other sweet nothings. Ben "I need to get on the internet and get a couple of cases of those douches for all you girls. I love the taste of your pussy after you have douched with one of them.

Lets go back and see how the tattoos are coming along". As the walk into the living room they see Tiffani wince as she is getting her piercing done. Ben asks "Have you done her clitoris yet?". "No we are just getting to that, we need help with stimulating her clit". "I can help with that", Ben replies and starts sucking on her clitoris until she is erect and is pierced and a stud is put in the hole. "Damn that hurts so good!". Tattoo artist says the other girls will probably only take another two hours at the most.

"How is BIG FELLA tattoo doing? Is it getting worn of yet?" Becky "Not yet, but we are trying are best to wear it off". Ben "Make sure each girl has her ears pierced please". She continues with the tattoos and finally completes well after dinner. Ben gives her a $300 tip and tells her to send him the bill.

She leaves the house and Becky gets Ben's pills and he tells Missy it is your turn and then Rebecca is going to complete the pussy training for today. Tomorrow he is going to rest and that the four girls will have to complete their oral training before he pounds their asses. He starts with Missy he tells her to sit on wild anime teenie gets penetrated lesbians and hardcore couch and spread her legs.

He goes down on her to get her nice and wet. He then tells her to get into the doggy position. He then starts pounding her without mercy. He is determined to get her training over as soon as possible. It takes him over 3 hours to complete his 10th climax. He rolls off her and starts breathing heavily. Missy says "Thank you Master, that was the most amazing fuck I have ever had in my life.

Can't wait until you pound my ass like that.". Ben "Rebecca let me rest and then I will complete your pussy training". Becky goes and gets his pills and gives them to him. After an hour he is re-energized with a raging hard on. He sucks Rebecca's pussy until she is wet, and she gets into the doggy position and he fucks her hard five times before telling her to ride him the rest of the way. After he has climaxed for the last time.

Rebecca tells Ben "Master, thank you for completing my training today. It was great, I know you are sore, I think I speak for everybody here when I tell you I love you sincerely." All the girls agree.

Ben falls to the floor on his back. The girls take turns giving him kisses on his lips and licking and kissing BIG FELLA on the head. Tiffani says BIG FELLA is hot and probably sore and gets him a bowl of ice water and a wash cloth and starts to soothes BIG FELLA. "Ben, we do not want wear BIG FELLA out, we need to take of your special instrument". Tiffani says. She puts a cold towel on his head and wipes his body down. Becky lies next to her fiance and tells everybody they are all going to sleep downstairs together with Ben making sure he is ok.

"Ben, I love you dearly, you need to take it easy on your training. We all love you. And you can take your time with the training. You do not need to come 40 plus times a day to prove it to use." Becky says as the other girls gets pillows and they all sleep around Ben and Becky, some on the couches. Tiffani on one side of Ben and Becky on the other. Sam and Sarah are straddling his legs with their heads on his belly. "I love my new life Sarah!" Sam says "Me too, Sam" Sarah responds.

"WE ALL LOVE OUR NEW LIFE HERE WITH BEN AND BECKY" everybody else states. With that they fall asleep. The next morning Ben and Becky get up and head to the shower. They are followed by each of the girls and they wash Ben and he washes each girl inside and out.

All the girls stroke the BIG FELLA and tell each one they love them". After the group shower Ben tells the group that he and Becky are headed to town to visit the architect that built his house. Architect "Good Morning Mr.

Barnes how can I help you today?". Ben "This is my future wife, Becky, we need a bigger mansion built behind my house in the valley back there. Need at least 75 bedrooms that are big enough to have king size beds and a walk-in closet and a separate bathroom, I want one whole floor for a Master suite for me and Becky.

I want a wing that has a maternity room for a nursery. I want at least two floors of rooms for kids with bathrooms for each three rooms. There should be at least 20 bedrooms for kids. I want 5 guest suites with large bathrooms.

I need an indoor pool with a spa, hot tub and jacuzzi. I need an outside pool with a patio and gazebo with basketball and volleyball courts. Also want an outdoor bathroom with a shower. I want a large green house on the property also. I want the basement unfinished.

I need a very large kitchen and two dining rooms one formal one not. I need it capable of handling 50 people. I want two living rooms. A game room and a theater room that can seat 50 on couches and recliners. I need servant quarters with a seperate entrance to the house in the basement underneath the kitchen and dinning rooms. There needs to be at least 15 bedrooms with the laundry facilities down there and a huge room for linens and such.

I want it in a square shape with an atrium in the middle next to the pool area. Can you draw this up for me? Architect says "Give me two weeks". Ben "Do you want anything in the master suite" Becky "A huge bathroom with a large whirlpool tub that fits eight, a shower that sprays water in each direction like the movies that is capable of handling ten people.

Two large walk-in closets. A large shoe storage amateur girl fingers pussy and sucks boyfriends cock. The main bedroom should be big enough to hold two California king size beds next to each other with all the other furniture without being crammed in there. I want a balcony that faces the pool area. Would like a setting area and a dressing area with a make-up table." Ben "How long do you think something like that would take to build from scratch?".

Architect "Eighteen months to two years, let me work on the plans and get back with you to go over the plans". Ben thanks the Architect and then leaves headed for home. "I need to get Tiffani and the girls from New York cars what do you think?".

Ben asks Becky. "You can't be driving everybody around town all the time". Let's pick up Tiffani and the girls and take them to the dealerships. The arrive home and get the five girls and they head off without telling them where they are going. They head off to the Chevy Dealer first. Asks the women if they see anything they fall in love with.

Taking in consideration they will need to have room for a few people and babies eventually. Tiffani sees a blue 2013 Tahoe Hybrid she likes. Ben is looking at the 2013 Corvette ZR1 he likes in red. He talks to the salesman and gets 25k knock off the corvette and 15k off the Tahoe.

He calls his banker and has two check made out to the Chevy dealer couriered over each for $9900 dollar down payment on each car. He of course get zero percent financing and he calls his State Farm agent and gives them the details about the cars and Tiffani's specifics will get a copy of her driving record from Illinois and puts her on his insurance.

Tiffani drives her new car off the lot. They take the Hanna, Michelle, Missy and Rebecca to the Toyota dealer and they all pick out the same car 2013 Toyota Highlander Hybrid they each pick it in black. The get it fully loaded at Ben's request. He gets the salesperson to knock 18 k off each car and then gets the back to wire over $9999.00 per car to the Tailor shop aunty lasiban sex dealership and gets zero percent interest.

He plans on paying for the cars in full in a month anyways. The each get tags and he calls the insurance company and tells them to put the four girls on his policy and send him the bill. They all drive home in their new cars. The other girls come running out without clothes on an look over the cars. The mansion is secluded, nobody drives onto his property without Ben knowing about it.

He marvels at how thrilled each girl is. The look at his car and he says the first ride goes to Tiffani, I need to go pick up the Expedition at the lot. They leave and he comes back and the naked girls all have clothes on. He takes each on for a ride. After coming back he proceeds to give the girls from New York instructions to go to the mall with Becky and pick out dresses and outfits.

Not too sexy and shoe and whatever else they need and come back for dinner. He then takes Reanna, Sam and Sarah to the pool area and tells them. It is time to start your oral training. Who is first? They of course are all naked. Reanna beautiful skinny brunette shows off her sexy body only in hd the first to jump on Ben's cock and start sucking it down her throat.

It takes her 2 hours to complete her training. Record time, Tiffani goes gets his pills and the Sam is next and it takes her 4 hours to complete her training. By the time she is about to be finished the other girls come in with their purchases and all the girls go to the bedrooms. Ben tells Sarah she will complete her training after dinner. Becky and Tiffani show the girls their jewelry and that Ben got them.

They all loved it. Ben arrives at the door to the Master suite and heads to the shower. He is shortly followed by Rachel, Sarah and Sam. They all shower and Rachel reaches down and takes BIG FELLA into her hands and starts to stroke his cock getting him hard. Rachel then drops to her knees and starts sucking on him. She takes him down her throat without any problems she starts bobbing up and down on BIG FELLA for fifteen minutes before Ben finally cums down her throat.

She gets up and kisses Ben and asks him "Will you make seductive glam babe screwed after a massage to me passionately and not be rough on my pussy?".

"Yes, lets go". He takes his pills and then puts Rachel on his bed. He then spreads her legs gently and starts to suck on her pussy. She fells what seems like an electrical shock pulse throughout her body. She shutters and moans as he continues he loving sucking on her pussy. Rachel finally catches her breath to say to Ben "Master, Fuck me please, make me your slave. Love me tenderly and please fuck my pussy, Master please" Ben pushes his erect cock into her and she lets out a moan.

Her sisters are there watching her with Tiffani and Becky. He pushes more an more into her and she cries "Yes, Master, Yes make me cum on your hard thick cock.

FUCK ME!!!!". Ben starts to stoke her pussy with a faster pace. Between her moans and orgasms she says "YES, Pound my pussy Master!!". After 45 minutes they both climax, Ben's first and Rachel's fifth large orgasm. Master, that was amazing. I never knew sex would be like that. Not rough and wham bam thank you ma'am. I want to be your slave, Master. I am not in any hurry to start my training. But I only want to be with you and my family.

Sam gets in between her legs and riding on a biggest penis hardcore and blowjob sucking the cum out of her, in turn, making her cum again. "Thanks, Sam, that was good." Rachel says. Sam just smiles. Lets go eat. The all go downstairs and meet the New York girls at the dinner table. Hanna says "Who was that having fun upstairs". "That would be me" Rachel says.

Michelle tells her welcome to you slave family sister, "I love you and I sure my sisters will agree with me and say they love you". They all shake their heads yes. "We all love you, Rachel, This is a house of love and tenderness.

We all love each other and support each other". Ben tells her. "Tonight after dinner, I want everybody to tell me what they want to do with their lives other than sucking and fucking "BIG FELLA", he looks over at Reanna at that last statement,"I want to know what your dreams are? What you fantasies are what careers you want?" Rachel states she wants to be a nurse, Reanna states he wants to be a porn star, just kidding, she wants to be a gardener or something with plants, Sarah and Sam wants to have children of their own and want to take care of kids.

Hanna wants to have kids and be a teacher. Michelle always wanted to get into social work. Rebecca wants kids and wants to be a doctor or a nurse. Missy wants to have kids and be a dancer, not exotic, more like a dance instructor. Becky tells everybody she wants to get into accounting and maybe be a CPA and also wants to have Ben's children.

Tiffani says she wants to take care of the family and make sure everybody gets what they want and gets taken care of. Ben likes all their plans. Ben tells Rachel, Reanna, Sam and Sarah you guys are babe loves riding on a hard rod hardcore and blowjob going to go to school this year.

We are going to take a trip to Hawaii for two months and I am thinking about a trip in cruise for Easter and maybe stay on an island for a month or two. I was thinking about Grand Cayman Island. What do you think about that? Ben asks. That sounds wonderful to them. The New York girls are in for anything.

Hanna says they can start taking classes online and can do those classes anywhere. They all need to start as freshmen anyways. The maid brings in dessert to the group and Sarah says she already has her dessert planned out. The maid leaves and Ben starts talking to Becky when he feels a pair of lips around the BIG FELLAS head and Ben goes "OOOOHHH and looks around and then looks down and sees Sarah bobbing back and forth on the head and two inches of his cock.

She starts licking the underside of the head and he dumps a huge load down her throat. She noticed him twitch and shoved the cock down her throat before he came. She pulled it out and had two shots in her mouth that she showed Ben. "Master, that is what I call a good dessert cum-shake and swallows it down, one down nineteen to go". Sarah states and then does the exact same motion on the BIG FELLA. She makes him climax every 10 minutes for 60 minutes and then starts to deep throat his cock.

After she has made Ben cum for the first time after deep throatting his cock. She looks him in the eye, I learned on the internet that the head of your cock is the most sensitive part. And she then proceeds to suck the rest of his cum out of his balls. In total she made him cum 24 times. "Sorry, Master, I lost track of how many orgasms you had."She gets out from underneath the table and Ben and Becky notices her stomach is distended and is full and hard.

Ben "I think you did me 25 times to completion, not that I am complaining. I liked it when you sucked just my head. I love that. I think you passed your oral.

Let's take inventory of where the training stands with my slaves-in-training. Ben states "Reanna, Sam and Sarah have completed their oral and have their pussy and anal training to go. Hanna, Missy Rebecca, and Michelle have their pussies training completed and need to to their oral and anal training. I will start the anal training tomorrow on all of you and will not stop until all of you are done".

Becky interjects "Only do three a day, Master, we do not want to kill you like you did with the girls and their pussy training the other day, Amber is moving in on Saturday, for those who don't know she is 18 and works in Doctor Reynolds office.

He is our family doctor." Let's go into the living room and watch some television before we go to bed. Rachel sits next to Ben and Becky on the couch and Becky tells her that she is sleeping with them until she finishes her training. We love you and want you to be with us. Ben tells her that she is special and that he loves her. Sarah and Sam are in between their Masters legs. When the commercials come on, the take turns sucking and kissing the head of his cock.

After about an hour Sam gets up in front of Ben and puts the BIG FELLA in her ass with a big UGHHHHHHHHH. It goes in with a POP and everybody looks around. She is working it back and forth getting use to his length and girth after about 40 minutes Ben ejaculates into her ass.

She then squeezes her checks together and Sarah whips the BIG FELLA off and then licks the head until the BIG FELLA is hot babe gives a blowjob before fucking again and pushes his cock into her ass and bounces back in forth until he climaxes again.

"Master, we need to get use to your cock in our teen public masturbation squirt library family makes me feel better before we start our anal training", Sam declares. Becky tells everybody they are going to bed and takes Sam, Sarah and Rachel to the master suite with Ben. They draw a bath and get in and soak for a while. They start to make out with Ben and each of the girls kissing each other. "I love having sex with Ben, and I love the feel of my fellow slaves also, we are going to have so much fun together" Becky declares school girl sex stories sexi vi she gets out of the tub and gives Ben his pills minus the little blue pills.

The go to bed with Becky and Rachel on either side and the twins Sam and Sarah in between their legs. "In the morning I want to fuck each one of you in the ass before we go to breakfast. I will be gentle with you three". Ben states. "What about Becky, Master, are go going to be gentle with her?" ask Rachel. Becky says "Gentle as a jackhammer!". The go to sleep and after the morning fuck fest they tell everybody that they are going out to IHOP for breakfast.

They pile into the cars and head to IHOP. At IHOP they have to wait to be seated for a party of 11. Towards the end of the meal they notice a older man and a young woman arguing over something an he slaps her hard and gets up and drags her off crying.

He throws money at the cashier and leaves. Ben tells Tiffani to pay and he gets up with the girls and heads to the cars. He over hears a guy name Roy yelling and slapping this woman and her crying "I am not a whore or a slut. I am a virgin and never been with a man". He raises his hand to hit her again and Ben reaches it and being a very strong man breaks Roy's wrist with a loud snap.

"You like to hit women, here let me give you a sampling from a real man". Ben states and he hits him and beats him bloody. Ben looking at the woman says "Come with me and I will protect you and he will never hit you again!".

She gives Ben her hand and she is put into the Expedition along with the some of the other ladies. He pops the back of the Expedition and throws Roy in the back and hits him one last time knocking him out. Officer Paula Hunter pulls up in a squad car and ask Ben with Becky standing right next to him "Master, what is going on here I got a call from the manager that some guy was beating on a woman". Ben replies "Paula, this turkey in the back was hitting on this woman Jennifer that is sitting inside.

I will take care of them". Officer "Are you going to make her a slave and protect her, Master?". Only if she wants to do it voluntarily is the reply. Officer Hunter goes into the restaurant and tells the manager everything is OK. Becky ask Ben "She is a slave of yours, and are you going to make Jennifer a slave?".

Ben "Yes, I have many in this county and city. Only if she wants to and knows what it entails, I feel like belittling the guy.

I might fuck his wife into submission just to see the look on his face". Ben and Becky get in the car and Becky starts talking to Jennifer and discovers she is 16 that Roy is her father and he thinks she is sleeping around town. And that he thinks she is sleeping with black guys. She tells Becky that she is a virgin and has never been with anybody, white or black. Ben tells Becky to explain their living arrangements. She does and Jennifer looks around and ask are all you women his slaves and have sex with him.

They all say yes and that Ben is a wonderful provider and lover. They tell her that there are more slaves in the other car. Becky tells Jennifer that the officer that pulled up was one of Ben's slaves, and that he has slaves all over the town and county. She tells her that Ben takes care of them and he will take care of her if she wants to be his slave also. They arrive home and enter the house and all disrobe except for Jennifer. Becky says "House rules, everybody is to be naked in the house, also no hair below the neckline".

Jennifer strips and Becky notices her full bush and tells Tiffani she needs to shave that. Then Ben arrives with Roy with his arms hog tied behind his back. Roy looks at Jennifer and says "Look at the little whore she is already naked and ready for this big nigger to fuck her!" With that Ben hits Roy, Becky hits Roy and says "Don't call my man a NIGGER you limp dick white redneck piece of shit!, strip him girls?

The girls do and take all his clothes off. They are all laughing at his little five inch cock. Reanna says "Master, introduce the limp dick piece of crap to BIG FELLA", Ben undresses and shows Jennifer and Roy the BIG FELLA.

Jennifer chokes and asks Tiffani to help her shave her pussy. "Daddy,You think I am a whore and fuck any guy that comes around.

Well, I am a virgin and I am about to become Ben's slave, if he will have me. I bet Mom will be glad to be his slave also after seeing what did you call his cock?". Jennifer states "BIG FELLA" somebody shouts, "Yes, Big Fella, she will be his slave also. You limp dick racists no good sorry excuse for a father. Hold him still and spread his legs".

Jennifer kicks her father in the balls ten times and comes up to him and tells him to get ready and to watch his daughter become Ben's willing white slave.

He is going to fuck me in my virgin pussy and ass while you watch, asshole. She goes gets her pussy shaved and comes back to the living room with anal lube and a towel and sits on the couch with her legs separated, Ben kneels down in front of Jennifer and begins to suck her pussy.

"Damn, this white pussy taste mighty good to this poor old field nigger". Ben states laughing at Roy's dilemma. Roy is trying to squirm away and fight Ben the girls hold him back.

When Ben lifts Jennifer's legs to mount her pussy the position Roy so he can see his cock enter his daughter pussy from below. Ben pushes his cock between the lips of her pussy and pushes up against her hymen. "Are you sure about this Jennifer, you want this right?". Jennifer "Master, Fuck my virgin pussy and make me your slave, after you fuck my pussy I want you to pound my ass into submission. Then I am going to take BIG FELLA down my throat letting you throat fuck me".

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With that Ben pops Jennifer's cherry and she screams as he pushes ten inches into her pussy stopping at her cervix letting her get use to his size. Jennifer "Damn, that nigger cock is huge it is stretching me like no limp dick white man could ever do. I know Mom is going to love this BIG FELLA inside her wholes tonight, Master fuck me until you cum".

Ben pounds her pussy, Jennifer climaxes 3 times and Roy sees her virgin blood poor onto the white towel. When Ben finally cums he gets out of her and she cleans him off with her tongue and mouth. She shows her daddy the towel with the blood on it. "See you loser, I was a virgin until you beat me in the IHOP and Master came to my rescue me from your abuse.

You cannot even hold down a job and support your family. You are a disgrace to the human race. After, Master pops my last two cherries I am going to call Mom and have her come over here.

So she can have some fun with BIG FELLA. You probably have not had sex with mom in 8 years, have you? Roy refuses to answer her question about his sex life. Ben hits him in the stomach and tells him to answer her question. "OK, it has been 10 years since I have fucked my wife, she always said she was tired from work or she was on her period".

Jennifer and everybody laughed at that. Jennifer "She was probably tired of being fucked my that little cock of yours, Daddy, you worthless loser. Master put that lube on the BIG FELLA and fuck my ass until you climax". Ben puts the lubricate on him and Jennifer's anus and positions Roy to watch him pop her anal cherry. He positions Jennifer across the table and put Roy behind him. Ben pushes the head of BIG FELLA into her virgin anus with a loud POP sound.

She screams and tells him "Don't stop,Master, put as much as you want into your slaves ass!". He then proceeds to push more and more of his cock into her stopping at 12" and then begins to fuck her with long deep strokes. "Damn, there is nothing like having a white girls ass around a big NIGGER COCK" Ben says mockingly at Roy's expense. He fucks her ass for an hour and after he climaxes Jennifer says "Thank you, Master, for fucking my ass in front of limp dick Daddy".

Ben tells Jennifer to rest and he will be back for her to suck on BIG FELLA in the afternoon. Tells the girls to get her cleaned up and take her to the pool. Ben and Becky have some shopping to do and will be back by 4. Ben and Becky take the corvette to the Adam attractive cutie and her vaginal balls softcore amateur Eve store for supplies. Becky ask the clerk if they have any strap on dildoes and what is the largest size dildo they have in the strap on variety.

The clerk tells her they have an 14" dildo that is 4" wide that she could strap on. Becky asks "Do you the ability to make a custom dildo for her" The clerk says yes and ask if the man is in the store. She says yes and calls Ben over. He shows him his cock and the clerk says yeah we can make a mold of the "BIG FELLA" and make as many as you like.

Clerk ask Ben "How BIG is that when it is hard?". Ben "Sixteen inches by five and a half inches wide" Clerk "Damn, that is the biggest cock I have ever seen. I have seen a lot of porn and that is huge". Becky "We keep the mold right!". Clerk leads them to the backroom for privacy and instructs her to get him hard and he will bring the mold back and it needs to set for 10 minutes and then he can remove himself.

It needs to harden overnight and then you can poor the latex resin in and it will get hard within a couple of hours.

"How many cocks are you planning on making?" the clerk asks. " At least 4 for right now" Becky replies. The clerk get the mold and the latex resin he states that you can buy more from there website. Becky puts the BIG FELLA into the mold and Ben waits until it hardens.

They then go back and by crops, whips, dog chain and collars. Ball and cock torture equipment. An anal plug that send electronic shocks to the person that is wearing it by remote, it is eight inches long and 6 inches wide at its widest part. They make their purchases and exit the store.

A cop car pulls up and asks to see some identification for the young lady that just left the adult bookstore. Becky "I don't have an ID on me." Officer Sally Jenkins "I am going to have to take you to the station young lady.

You look way to young to be going into an adult bookstore". Ben just starts laughing and says "Hello, Sally" Sally shows Becky her Queen of Spades tattoo on the back of her webcam brunette babe teasing and having fun at home. "Is this the little tramp that finally has gotten our master to fall head over heels in love?" Officer Sally Jenkins says.

Ben "Let me introduce you to my fiance, Becky". Becky shakes her head and laughs. Sally what do we have here. Ben says he has some items for a cockold he is planning on humiliating in front of his wife, his daughter just became his slave.

Sally "Is this the asshole that was beating up a girl at the IHOP this morning?". Becky "Yes, Master, rescued her. We have him at home stripped naked and waiting for his wife to show up.

He had not had sex with her in 10 years. He has a little 5" penis we all made fun of him". Sunny leone sex stories hq amazing xxx story download "What is his name?". "Roy something or another, daughter is Jennifer." Sally "I know that bastard, he is an unemployed drunk living off his beautiful wife, now that is a frustrated woman. Supporting a limp dick piece of shit. Can I come and participate? Master, Mistress. Please." Ben "Sure what time do you get off work?" Sally "I get off at 4, I can be at your house at 5 and hopefully I can get off by 6.

You see the baton, Becky, I am going to shove this whole thing up Roy's ass. Oh, By the way Master talking about not fucking the people you love. You have not fucked me in 6 months. It is about time you rectify that situation before I arrest you and kidnap you and make you my sex slave for a day or two and drain your balls of all you have". Becky "Too late on the ball draining, it magic hands french massage happy tugs anal already being done.

He has ten slaves at home, most are in training, one just joined and one is moving back in. Another woman is waiting in the wings". Ben "If you come over tonight I will fuck you silly".

Sally "Good I have three days off in a row, Can I invite Paula too?". Go ahead. Sally "Becky, Paula and I only fuck Ben. We are exclusive to him and only him. Once you have that cock of his you don't want anything else" Becky "Master, show her your cock now with the new additions".

Ben takes out the BIG FELLA and presents it to Sally for inspection. Sally "What does that say, BIG FELLA, nice piercings did you do this Ben?". Ben "It was Becky's idea, it was all her". Sally "Mistress, I think I just fell in love with you. You an I think a lot alike. Becky, I am going to have to get you a fake ID so that you can go places and if they card you, which they don't do to pretty girls, you will have one". Becky "That would be great, Master has 11 slaves that are under the drinking age".

Sally "You have 11 teenage slaves, no wonder we don't get fucked out here. You have no energy for us old slaves". Ben "You are not an old slave, you are only 27, but I have had my hands full. I had to get Becky to fall in love with me, that was really hard. And I have been really busy with the training and shopping trips". Becky "Yeah, really difficult for me to fall in love with you. He swept me off my feet with the first lunch, I wanted to fuck his brains in right at lunch." Sally "What does anita queen anastasia christ remigio zampa and guys iv brunette big tits parents think of all this, how old are you anyway, not that it matters".

Becky "I am 13, and my mom is one of his slaves too. She is a breeder slave. He is trying to get her pregnant now". Sally "Damn Ben, once you fuck them they are yours for the rest of their lives". Becky "You got that right".

Sally "Is this your new ride, Master?" "Yes" "Well, I am going to have to bring over some thin blue line stickers. How many do you need?". Ben "Eight?, I just bought a Hummer stretch limousine for the entourage to go along with my black Lincoln town car limousine".

Becky "One thing I notice about Master, everything is first class". They depart and Ben and Becky go back home. Jennifer is waiting for them at the door. "Master, Mistress welcome home is this stuff for the cockold, if so can I see what you have planned for him?" "Yes to both questions?". They strip and show her what everything is. "You are going to make dildos out of a mold of Master's cock. What a great idea". Jennifer says as she strokes the BIG FELLA. "Are you ready to call your mother over to the house?" Ben asks.

"Yes, let me get my phone and what is this address?" Jennifer says. "She will be here at 6, Master" Jennifer says after talking to her mother. Tell us about your mother, Jennifer. Ben asks. She tells them she is 36 she is 6'2 with a long neck like her and has 36 DD breast she has the same hair and eye color as her. Ben "You breast are amazing". Jennifer "They are here waiting for you to play with them, they are yours anytime you want, Master".

Ben sucks on her breast while Becky eats her pussy. Jennifer "Ahh, Mistress that is sooooooo good you are going to make me cummmmm." Ben "That is the desired outcome!, this house is a house of love, we all love each other and respect each other We take care of one another. You are part of our family now. Once your training is over you will get tattoos like Mistress". Jennifer "Yes, Master, I will do anything you want as long as you continue to fuck my brains out every chance you get".

Jennifer finally climaxes and they all go to the living room to check on cuckold. They see he is in his same position. Jennifer gets out the butt plug and Ben bends Roy over. Jennifer inserts it into him. Becky tells them they should take him outside in case he looses control of is bladder.

The take him outside and turn it on. He writhes in pain as Jennifer plays with the controller setting high to low she does this for fifteen minutes before telling Ben she is wet and wants to fuck BIG FELLA again. The go inside after drying off the piss soaked cuckold Roy. Ben puts Jennifer on the table and samples her pussy saying "There is nothing better than teenage pussy juice".

He is rock hard and starts pounding Jennifer after couple of minutes Jennifer's mom comes to the door and the maid shows her into the the room they are in. She sees her good for nothing husband what as a large black ravishing blonde is down for some dp pounds on their daughter.

Alice walks over to Roy and says what is going on. Jennifer speaks up, kind of out of breath from the pounding she is receiving by Ben, "Mom, this is Ben my new Master, he saved my from being beaten up by Dad. We were at IHOP and he started calling me a whore and slut. Before Master popped my cherries I was a virgin. Master, show my mother your cock please!".

"My pleasure" Ben withdraws from Jennifer still erect and points it at Alice. Jennifer "Master, this is my mother Alice. According to Dad she has not had sex in ten years.

Mom you need to take off your clothes, house rules". Alice strips without saying a word and just staring at BIG FELLA. Jennifer "Get on your knees and worship BIG FELLA, Alice". Alice proceeds to do what she is told, just then Paula and Sally arrive in uniform. Alice looks at them and is taken back, scared she will be found out that she is sucking on a black cock and enjoying it.

Paula and Sally say "Master, you started without us". They take off there clothes, put the safety on the guns and then Paula tells Alice what happened at the IHOP, how they are slaves and Ben is their Master and he protects and takes care of his slaves. Alice sucks Ben's cock until he cums down her throat. She was not able to get him down her throat, just yet.

She takes the BIG FELLA out of her mouth and asks about being a slave. Roy is beside himself. Alice tells him he is of no use to her. She tells him he is a loser and that she is filing for a divorce and will get everything. That Ben is her Master and he can do whatever he wants with her body.

That your cock could not please anybody. It is way to small that is why I have not wanted to have sex since Jennifer was conceived. I just let you fuck me for the first 6 years out of pity. Everyone laughed at that. Alice "I think we should torture him for a couple of days and then cut him loose. Although leading him around like a dog while Master fucks me sounds like fun, Master will you accept me as your willing slave.

I will do whatever you want as long as you want to fuck me." Ben "I accept you as my slave and brittany shae has the best ass of train you.

I have friends that will like to fuck you silly in front of your cuckold former husband, if you are willing. They are all clean. Alice "I think that is a wonderful idea". Alice older amateur cougar squeezing her vagina muscles up on the table and Ben starts to eat her pussy and gets her wet, she climaxes and says "That was the first climax I have had since I have been with cuckold over there".

Becky "First of many, Ben is an expert on giving pleasure to women". Jennifer "Mistress Becky is right, lay back and enjoy the first pounding of your new life" Ben pounds Alice pussy with reckless abandon. She climaxes 8 times before her new Master does. Alice "Master, I am your slave you can do that whenever you like. I will fuck any black man you want as long as his is hung. I no longer want little white cocks like limp dick over there, Lets start the torture ". Jennifer says watch this Alice and turns on the remote.

Cuckold spasms and then falls to the floor with drool coming out of his mouth. Let me see that Jennifer, Alice plays with the remote moving the controller up and down again and again, laughing at Roy's expense. Ben "Enough of that he takes the remote and stunning brooke rides on a massive member it off." He takes the butt plug out of cuckold's ass electing a thank you.

The officers pick him up and spread eagle him over the table. Nobody is talking to you cuckold. You like beating women and girls. How does this feel? The officers beat him on his back and arms. The hit him on his elbows breaking them, the shatter both forearms. They then take turns inserting the baton back into his ass. They put two into his ass over and over again.

They then insert the butt plug and a baton then two batons and the anal plug. The wake him up and then turn him over and each person has five whacks on his cock and balls. They revive him again and then start to whip him first his front and then his back. The girls do that and Alice asks Ben "Master, please take my anal cherry I want you now!" Ben takes his pills and puts lube on BIG FELLA and on Alice.

He starts fucking her ass, she is yelling and screaming "Ahhhh, FUCK MY ASS, Master. Ahh I finally have a real man to fuck me". Ben fucks her for 45 minutes pounding her ass like a jackhammer. Jennifer tells Alice "Now I know what they mean by the saying "ONCE YOU GO BLACK, YOU DON'T GO BACK!", Alice just smiles the rest if the ladies laugh.

Once they had Ben they never want anything else. Ben then tells Alice time to suck the BIG FELLA. Ben tells her to turn over and lay your head off the table so that your mouth lines up with your neck. This is the natural cocksucker position. She opens her mouth and tells Ben "Master, you slaves mouth is waiting for BIG FELLA to fill up her throat.

And that is just what he does pushing all l6" down her throat. Stroking back and forth over and over again for fifteen minutes before releasing his load down her throat. "That was fucking awesome, Master. I can't wait to start my training. I am going to call in and tell them I am going on vacation with Jennifer to visit an aunt who is ill" Alice says. Ben "Better yet, quit your lousy job and stay at home, I will take care of everything".

Alice says "OK, as long as they are clean redhead eurstudent fucks doctor in fake hospital disease free. I she needs u control rabbit ombshow vibe so her tight pussy gets moist fuck any well hung black guy you want Master after my training is completed.

Ben "Jennifer is staying with me, she is mine." Alice "Master, anything you say". Ben "I think we should shave old cuckold of all his hair and give him some tattoos. I think on his forehead it should read LOSER, on his back between his shoulders it should read "CUCKOLD". Maybe we can get the doctor to remove his genitals and give him a bag to piss in, then on his chest we can put "Eunuch" in bold letters, what does everybody think about that?".

Everybody thought that was a good idea except for cuckold. Alice "Nobody is asking you, asshole. Master I think when somebody is done fucking me he should clean me up, suck the cum out of my pussy and ass. What do you think?" Ben did not reply he just smiled and took cuckold by his hair and i blackmailed my hot mom him in between Alice's legs.

If you bite her you loose all your teeth, do you understand? Cuckold nods, Ben tells him to get his cum out of her with his tongue only. Everybody laughed at this once proud daughter beater being reduced to eating Master's cum out of his former wives pussy, who had just become Ben's willing fuck slave. Master looks at Paula and asks are you ready to get hammered, she did not have to be asked twice. Ben asked Becky to order pizza for dinner.

Chanel preston rope bondage rough sex devianthardcore nipple clamps

He was getting hungry and did not want to sit down dinner. He begins to suck on Paula's pussy. Paula "Master, it has been way to long since you fucked me. Way too long. Pound me until I pass out" He does that. With the help of a little blue pill. He fucks her none stop for six hours. He fucks her while he is eating pizza. He get his supplements and goes to town on her pussy then her ass then her pussy. He then, tells Sally that he needs a dip in the really hot stuff super hot student bearing all of her tiny pink parts and then he is ready for her.

Sally "Lets fuck by the pool" They do after Ben takes another little blue pill. He fucks Alice, Jennifer, Sally and Paula all night long. The next morning Sally gets up and tells Ben that she is going to take cuckold to the emergency room and tell them she found him on the side of the road all beat up. Ben tells cuckold if he says anything to anybody about him or anybody else that was here with him that his would wish he was dead.

He will have him strapped to a glory hole and be made to service men. Giving them blowjobs the rest of his life. With that Sally took him to the emergency room and made out the report.

***** CUCKOLD'S NEW LIFE ******** Cuckold spent 6 weeks in the hospital, Alice quit work and he was stuck owing the whole bill. After he got out of the hospital, bill started his modifications, having the doctor make him a Eunuch, having all his hair removed with his teeth. He was tattooed and driven back to Alice's house. She had 6 large black men living with her now. All 6'4 to 6'7 and with 12" cocks or better. All are friends of Ben's. They own a moving company, and now they don't have to pay rent anywhere and have a large breasted white woman to fuck for hours.

They need less money to live so they spend most of their time pounding the ever living crap out of Alice. Alice is in heaven, she averages 30 orgasms a day usually more if her lovers don't have to work. Ben brings cuckold home and he hears them pounding the crap out of her and takes cuckold by his leash up to meet his new Masters. One by one they come by and thank Ben for arranging this. The instruct cuckold to obey their every order, to keep the house clean at all times and to clean his Mistress Alice when they get done with her.

The push an electric shock producing anal plug that is 28" long by 8" wide up his ass. You will no longer need to take a shit. You will be on a liquid diet for the rest of your life. We will only remove the dildo part of the way out of your ass to recharge it. Other than that it is a permanently in your ass. They show him how it works and turn it on and start to watch him twist and spasm. Alice comes over to Ben and thanks him. Alice "Master, I love my new life with these beautiful black men.

Do you like my new tattoo?". Ben looks at her ass and it says "Black Cock Whore" on one cheek and "Only Black Cocks are ALLOWED" on the other. Ben tells her they are great. ***** BACK TO PRESENT DAY ****** In the morning, Ben starts the anal training starting with the girls from New York. Hanna is first he takes his pills and a little blue pill and gets hard, he lubes up BIG FELLA and her anus.

And starts going to town. Hanna is on all fours and is taking it in her ass he gives her 14" and cute cheerleader with pigtails fucked doggystyle pornstars hardcore reaming her hard.

She is screaming and yelling and starts to wake everybody up. They come into the living room to see what is going on. He tells Michelle she is next followed by Missy. He will do Rebecca, Reanna, Alice the next day and then Sarah, Sam and Jennifer the day after they will all have their anal training done at that point. Then have Hanna, Missy and Michelle complete their oral training followed by and Rebecca Jennifer and Alice the next day.

Then starting the following day Reanna, Sam and Sarah complete their pussy training then finally the next day it is Jennifer and Alice's turn to complete their pussy training. This should only take a week, then I will call Janet and tell her she can start her training the following weekend. Becky took notes on the schedule as Ben continues to pound Hanna's ass.

When Ben is done Hanna passes out for the pain and pleasure. to be continued in part 5 … The training continues with Janet's Surprise