Hot and horny blondie masturbates pussy masturbation fingering

Hot and horny blondie masturbates pussy masturbation fingering
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Fawn 34 never married, Muslim woman from Lebanon, she contemplated her helpless predicament, I pull her thong panties slowly down until they hang up on her spread thighs. Cool air tickling her between her legs. With her legs spread, I gave a firm tug and the skimpy fabric ripped. Another determined tug and her panties tore free. She shivered with excitement that I would actually rip her panties off. She had never been with a man and didn't know a man could be like this, so animalistic and passionate as I'd been with taking her clothes off and now with her panties.

She watches me undress, she is shocked at the size of my cock. It is long and thick that was a shock to her.

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Rough fucking during her time at boot camp forgot about her alluring outfit, a fact that was taken in by me. My lust is boiling and no one is going to stop me. Fawn knew my intentions and I was a vile man, now aware of her alluring attire. Seeing her turn to flee, I caught her arm and threw her on the bed.

I cover her with my large body. Looking at her beautiful face, her eyes full of fear, I smile and said " No virgin should sleep alone! Since you have had no man in your life, its only right that I help!" Holding her two hands in one of my large fists, I raised her arms above her head.

With my free hand I savagely tore off all of her clothing. Such a pure and lily white body to defile. Fawn fought and struggled as best as she can, but she is no match for me.

I suck at her breasts and pink nipples, arousing them to hardness. I fingered her slit and she begins to moan in shame but cannot help but feel the stimulation between her legs. The young woman pleaded " Please ……&hellip.don't, please …………&hellip.please ………………I …………I'm a virgin!" I stop then gave a wide grin " This is why your here so I can pop your cherry.

I'm going to love 'ruining' you, Fawn!" I grinned and could not wait any longer. I place my drooling big knob at her entrance. " Oh please, please don't rape me! I have never been with a man!" pleaded Fawn. I lick my lips in anticipation, rearing back and slamming forward with all my might.

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"………&hellip.pleaseeee.noooooooooo………………aieeeeeeeeeeeeeeee." she screamed. Five inches on sunny leone saxy story boy saxy story first plunge without much lubrication. I want this young woman to remember the pain of her deflowering by my cock. " There went your precious cherry!" I smiled. This virgin is the tightest cunt I ever had the pleasure of plundering.

It took me six more lunges before had my full 9" in the beautiful body. Each lunge brought a shrilling scream from the innocent young woman. This was the first cock to plow this fertile field. Fawn was going out of her mind as my big cock continues to touch her clit and she shudders in an unexpected and unwanted orgasm. " Oh, please.don't………don't make me feel this way…………please.oh no………I……&hellip.I'm&hellip.ugggggghhhhhh!" screams Fawn, as her innocent young body quivers and shook in its first ever orgasm.

I let go of her hands and held her hips tight to me.

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My big snake of a cock is twitching and just as I exploded my hot thick cum, her body betrayed her and instinctively responded by circling her arms around my neck and encircling my ass with her slender legs. Her sexy feet locking around each other over my humping ass. She moans in fear " Please…………please………pull it out! Please .you'll……you'll get me preg……pregnant!" A quart of gooey baby-making cum is pumped into her lily white body.

I collapse my body on her petite body, my cock deflating slowly but still oozing out my cum. I smile, thinking that now maybe I just might impregnate the innocent woman on her bed. What a wonderful thought, I concluded, twitching my cock to get all my seed out. I regain my strength quickly, as I wanted to make the most of this special night. Straddling her face, I got my drooling cock up to her soft pink lips. She knew what I wanted and opened her mouth slowly in fear of being hurt.

I wrap my hands into her silky hair and begin to fuck her mouth. She is afraid of its girth but managed to just get her mouth around blowjober michelle clayton deepthroat and spit on cock fat drooling cock.

She looks up in despair and tries to push my hips away. I'm delighted with her fearful look and my body tensed. Out shot two thick streams of um into her virgin mouth. She gagged and coughed around the thick cock, cum escaping from the corners of her mouth.

Fawn is totally exhausted and ashamed. She covered her eyes with her arm and fell a sleep. Looking down at her beautiful body, I gloated at my accomplishment.

I would not wake her now. But I would take advantage of her once more. I stared at her slender legs and is beside myself when I got a klaarkomen voor een geile vriend tube porn of her small feet. Now they were for my enjoyment. Kneeling at her feet, I lick her tender soles and tiny manicured toes. Having my fill, I held her feet together cupping my again hard drooling cock. It did not take me long to get my cock hard again, fucking her soft sexy feet was like a dream come true and a load of white slime to paint each foot and toes proved it.

Now, I'm finally exhausted. I look again at her petite body lying on the bed. I wanted her to get as much rest as possible and we would have a nice lunch together. Fawn woke soon after my departure.

She showered and cleansed herself as best as possible, trying to erase the vile rape from last night. Arriving back at her suite, Fawn had just showered and toweled off. She was just about to douche and try to kill my dangerous sperm, when I knocked and was about to come into the bathroom.

Just a second she called out, slipping on a black bra and matching panties. Fawn told me that she was about to douche and was still wet there from 'our' lovemaking last night. She was taken by surprise when I pull her to me, giving her a passionate kiss. She megan rain fighting and porn by step brother prevent me from forcing my hand between our bodies, my hand slipping inside her panties, fingers searching for her pussy lips.

She gasped, feeling a searching finger find the ravaged spot, shuddering as my finger was deeply inserted. Out came the finger, covered with gooey white slime with traces of blood. " you're still so juicy!" I told her, causing her face to flush red in embarrassment. She was totally shocked when she observed me then lift my finger to lick it clean. " It's ………it's dirty …&hellip.don't!" she stammered.

" It's only my cum and your virginity!" I responded as I licked my finger clean. Fawn groans in shame, I took her from the bathroom to the bed, she followed orders, going to the bed and scooting up into the middle of it, obscenely spreading her legs for me. Stripping down and scooting up onto the bed between her legs, I enjoy the thrill of touching her soft ivory thighs again, running his hands up over the thin silky garment that now remained protecting her pussy.

Slowly, I pull the waistband of her panties down over her slender hips, unveiling her soft dark curls to my leering view.

Bending forward, I inhaled her heady female fragrance for the second time, my head spinning in anticipation of lapping her young innocent pussy. I blew lightly, watching the soft dark curls flutter some, seeing the lovely beauty visibly sophia leone xnxx story sex stories as she feels the cold air blowing up against her clenching slit.

Wondering what I was doing to her, she lifted her head up a little, then saw my face moving nearer to her pussy as I licked my lips in hunger. " What ………&hellip.what are you doing? Oh, God……&hellip.noooooo…………&hellip.that's vulgar!" she stammered, throwing her head back onto the bed as she tried to sink her body into the mattress. She shuddered as she feels my face brushing up against her dark muff.

She tries to block it all out, trying to pretend that it wasn't happening. " Ohhhhhhhhhh…………ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!" She moans as my hot mouth clamped over her pussy, my tongue delving between her clenched slit. " Ohhh, Goddddddddd!" she groans as my tongue found its mark. Fawn can only shiver as she clenched tightly the thick bedspread.

Then she begins to whimper and moan in pleasure as her body begins to betray her. Soon, I knew that I had the Arab beauty on the verge of the wildest orgasm of her young life.

Instead of her hands clutching desperately the bedspread, her fingers are now pulling at my hair, not to pull me off but instead pulling my head up against her crotch.

Now she had draped her heels over my back, locking them together as she involuntarily responds to my probing tongue. Then, I lifted up suddenly, breaking free of her clutching hands and legs. I make my move, scooting up onto the bed to claim her again. It happened so fast for the innocent young beauty in her orgasmic delirium, she did not make the connection, trying again to wrap her arms around me, as I had given her the most pleasurable feeling ever.

Fawn feels utter pleasure as she pulls me to her, shivering as my thick cock slides into her widening slit. The pain of being stretched in such a manner is outweighed by sheer pleasure coursing throughout her body.

Wrapping her legs around my butt, locking her heels together, pulling me deeper into her. " Yes……………yes………oh yes……………yessssssssssss! Oh my God, yessssssssssssss……………fuck me…………fuck me!

Oh God……………I…………I'm cummingggggggggggg!" she shudders. As she surrendered to the moment, it didn't occur to her that I was again fucking my potent sperm into her fertile, unprotected womb until the damage was done, hearing my animal-like grunts above her. Now, she closed her eyes again, feeling the throbbing cock deep in her womb contract and then spurt out its hot seed deep in her womb.

As Fawn came to her senses, my cock was still buried within her, she pushed with all of her might, trying desperately to get me off of her. Finally she succeeded, getting me to roll over, my thick cock exiting out of her with a loud 'plop'. She looked down to the vee of her thighs, seeing the thick sperm oozing out of her pussy and realized that it is now too late.

Sobbing, tears streaming down her cheeks, she curls up in the fetal position, pulling the covers over her ravished body as I snuggled up behind her. The exhausting fuck that I had just given her, she is tired as she passed out with thick cum flowing out of her raw and sore pussy.

I got up leaving her room, she desperately tries to block out the two sex sessions. She woke up around 11 am and went to take a shower, standing in the shower, she fingered herself dreaming of how I had made her cum. We went to lunch after lunch we returned " It's time for another session." I said, rubbing my big bulge.

I stepped close to her, she was frozen to the spot. I grasped her hand and plunged it into my trousers. Fawn unconsciously grasped, feeling the familiar large snake. " Take me to your bedroom! I want to fuck you now!" I ordered. As Fawn lay back on her bed, watching shed my clothes, she reached over and got condom from busty babe on cam watch more on flirtsexlovecom bed stand.

She tore open the foil packet. I kneel on the bed, moving up to the beautiful young woman. I smile seeing her panting in anticipation. " Please…………please, you must put this on! I…………I can't have a baby from you!" Fawn stammered. I smiled, letting her handle my throbbing cock in her attempt to put on the condom.

Fawn gasped in frustration, the difficulty blondes uses toys on each other lesbian getting it on and then it tore. " Better buy the giant size honey!" I chuckled. Fawn quickly scrambles and tore open another packet.

She sighs in relief as this one rolled tightly onto the thick shaft. With her legs wide spread and receiving the deep satisfaction only my lengthy shaft could give, she became frantic when I stopped and backed away.

" No, what are you doing? No, please…………please………you must leave it on!" Fawn screams as she witnessed the condom being rolled down. " I can't feel a damned thing with this! Baby, if you want any more of it, you take it off for me!" I responded. I froze in place, feeling the young beauty squirm on the tip of my prong, trying to pull me back into her. " Oh please………put it back in me!

Please, I need it! I………I can't have a baby from you!" Fawn groans in frustration. She i want you to fuck me harder tries to arch her body up to impale herself onto my shaft. " Please………please………I need it!" she pleaded, as she unconsciously begins to roll the thin rubber protection off my throbbing shaft.

That afternoon, she received three doses of thick cream into her fertile womb. Each time that I was about to unleash my potent cum, I taunted the beautiful Arab woman, " Oh, here I cum Fawn! Going to give you my baby juice!

Going to knock you up with a bastard!" I sensed her excitement from my taunting, each time her long legs wrapped tightly around me to squeeze out all the cum my balls would produce. She knew she would submit whenever I showed up. She knew no protection would be used. She would take the pill to stop the baby making juice. She knew I was determined to lay my baby deep in her womb and that eventually I would succeed.