Sex story xxx sex stories ebony

Sex story xxx sex stories ebony
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For the past six years, ever since I've been certified to hunt, Tom and I would drive up to the cabin on the day after Thanksgiving and stay on until the following Tuesday. Sometimes we'd get ourselves a deer, sometimes we wouldn't but that weren't hardly the anus fun with my girlfriend erotica movies. As much as we both liked hunting, I think it was mostly just time for us to be together as brothers that was important.

When Tom told me that his new wife Kate was coming along this year, it set me back a bit. Our cabin ain't exactly what you'd call spacious or even close to modern. It's just a ramshackle thing thrown together on a patch of woods. It wasn't really built with womenfolk in mind. Heck, it didn't even have indoor plumbing. We had to haul water in and haul ourselves out to the outhouse for relief.

I figured a city girl would head back home after the first night, if not before. Looking back, I'm sure glad she didn't. We got up to the cabin at about one in the afternoon. I set up my stuff in the small storage room Tom and I built a few years ago.

Well, actually we just put up a frame and nailed some mismatched boards on it just so we'd have a place to put our stuff without cluttering up the main room. This trip we'd just have to live with the clutter. It just didn't feel right to sleep in the same room with Kate. Brought me some extra blankets knowing that I was sacrificing the warmth of the fire.

Fortunately you can get some mild stretches of weather in the Carolinas in late November and we were in one but, better safe than sorry. Kate made us a supper that night that beat anything Tom or I would have whipped up on our own.

The good eating took a little edge of my grudge and sitting round the fireplace knocking down a bit of whisky whittled it down a bit more. Had to admit, for a pretty and somewhat frail looking thing, Kate wasn't prissy. Her styled light brown hair and short, slim body setting nice in her fancy name tight jeans and college sweatshirt could fool you into thinking she'd be drinking fruity drinks and such. But she knocked down bourbon like a trooper and was actually kind of fun to be with.

She certainly wasn't hard on the eyes. That pretty hair framed a cute thin face, her green eyes were big and hypnotic. Her titties were on the small side but had a perky tilt to them. Oh, and the way her little pear-shaped butt looked in them tight jeans made me envy Tom.

The motion of her butt cheeks seemed to say there was magic between her legs.

We called it a night early. Tom and I wanted to hit the woods before dawn.

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I wandered off to my tiny space as they began setting up some bedding in front of the fire. I stripped down to my briefs and tee shirt and lay down on top of my sleeping bag. I pulled one of my blankets over me and just stared up at the ceiling. The light from the main room poured through the cracks in the wall and made crazy patterns in the room. Visions of Kate's naked body kept wandering through my thoughts, even though I knew it wasn't right to be lusting after my sister-in-law. I was just thinking about jerking off when I heard Kate moan.

In my sexually agitated state, the sound cut through my fog like a knife. I quietly got up and moved toward the wall. I could see plenty of the main room from where I was standing and immediately I got to see plenty. Tom was stark naked and lying halfway on top of Kate's naked body, kissing her deep and wet. He was rubbing his hand on Kate's pussy, sliding his hand over the sparse light brown hair surrounding her puffy cunt and running a few fingers along her open slit.

She was moving her hips, pushing that friendly looking pussy even closer to my brother's exploring hand. I pulled my hard dick out of my briefs and began giving it the attention it had been demanding. When Tom rolled over on his side, I noticed that Kate had been jerking his cock while he was fingering her pussy. The light from the fireplace played upon their naked bodies, chesty brunette mouth fucks dick on gloryhole they lay side-by-side, rubbing and jerking.

Kate's cute tits looked like scoops of vanilla ice cream. Her hard nipples were like dark pink cherries. The muscles in her shapely butt were clenching as Tom moved his fingers inside her.

They were trying to be quiet but they kept making little moans and groans as their arousal grew. Jerking my cock, imagining Kate's hand wrapped around the shaft, I too was trying hard to be quiet though I didn't have to try at all at being hard.

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Kate's naked body writhing on Tom's hand was turning my dick to steel. When Tom rolled over on to his back and Kate moved over him, I thought she was going to suck his dick.

I guess she figured the hand job had worked him up plenty or maybe she just couldn't wait anymore. She straddled Tom's crotch and grabbed granny in stockings rubbing her pussy tube porn to his erection.

Her beautiful butt cheeks were spread and I had an excellent view of her pussy as she moved her body down and inserted Tom's hardness into her wet warmth. Though she had her back to me, I could tell she was rubbing her breasts while she moved up and down on Tom's cock. Tom had a two handed grasp on her firm ass, not really guiding her so much as caressing that silky skin while Kate fucked him with increasing intensity.

Tom's balls were jiggling from the force of her downward thrusts. She rode him almost straight up for a few minutes, rubbing her tits and sometimes groaning softly. When she bent down and kissed Tom he moved his hands off that sweet butt and wrapped his arms around her smoothly muscled back. Her ovary dimples were bouncing up and down.

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They were fucking in fast, short strokes. Kate's hands were now on the floor by Tom's head, her tasty little tits almost in his face as she ground her pussy into his pelvis, digging his cock deeper inside her and squeezing it with the muscles of her cunt.

Tom's light groans were now merging with the sound of Kate's soft ragged moans. Her almost prone naked body writhed in ecstasy, her tight butt rocking up and down so quickly it was almost vibrating. She began urging Tom on in whispers, as her own orgasm seemed to be building inside her. "Ohhh.I'm gonna cum.cum with me.shoot your hot load inside me.ohhh. uhhh.fuuuck.fuck me, baby.ohhh gawd.I'm.I. ohhhh" Her prompting pushed Tom into motion, pushing up hard at her rapid down strokes, fucking her back as hard as she was fucking him.

My hips were rocking and my heart pounding hard. I was about to cum hard. The sound of their naked bodies slapping together was pushing me over the edge. Kate's ass and leg muscles stood out in knots when her body stiffened in orgasm. Her nude body was still being slammed by Tom's rapid thrusts as I shot wads of cum into my balled up briefs.

My knees were still shaking when I heard Tom groan with orgasmic release. I took one last look at Kate's sexy little naked body.

She was collapsed on Tom and panting. I moved back to my sleeping bag thinking that maybe we were starting a new November horny doctor kristy black gets her pussy drilled.