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Amateur babe stuffed with a driver at the backseat of a cab
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This is the final chapter of the sage of Chris and Christie. Many thanks to those who have commented. This has always been a story about a relationship between two people. Some have complained about the flaws in the characters, but they are human, subject to failings and imperfections.

Neither one of them is perfect, but they have had to learn to accept each others' shortcomings. In the end, that is what every relationship must do. I will leave the two of them alone after this, I can't see myself coming back to them any further.

There are other tales to be told, and I think these two have earned an end to their story. Thank you for reading. The two of them strode through the hotel gardens, linked arm in arm while Hailey rested her head against Christie's shoulder. "How long has this been going on?" She asked her. "For a while now." Christie murmured as she dabbed her eyes with a Kleenex.

The two of them had hastily exited the dining room, they had been drawing quite a bit of attention as they sat there crying into their Mimosa's. "It just seems that everywhere we go, we run into some girl that he slept with." She sighed and Hailey clasped her arm even tighter. "I wish that it didn't bother me so much, but it does. Every time I see another girl, I wonder if he's thinking about her, if he wants to have sex with her, if he did have sex with her, and if he'd rather be with her than with me." "Do you think he's cheating on you?" "No.

But I can't help but wonder if he's thinking about other women. He keeps telling me that I'm the only one for him, and I know that, but …" "But you still have these jealous feelings." "Yes." The two girls came to rest on a small bench.

"And it's driving a wedge between us. There's this big space now, I can feel it. And I want to get past it, but I can't." "Have you talked to him about it?" "I can't." Hailey looked up at her. "Can't, or won't?" Christie looked down at her hands and began to cry again.

"I'm afraid to. I'm afraid of what I'm going to say, and what he'll do. He's the best thing that's ever happened to me, and I can't lose him!" Hailey sat silently for a moment before speaking again.

"Christie… do you really even have him right now?" "What do you mean?" "Well you're dating, but where is it going? I thought for sure when you two got together it would be 'happily ever after', but you're holding on so tightly that you're pushing him away. Can't you see that?" Christie sighed heavily and wiped her eyes.

"It was great, at first. But then Chris started working on top of going to school, and now we seem to barely have time together. This is the first time we've ever gone anywhere together, just the two of us." She started to cry again. "When you're in love, it shouldn't be this hard." "When did it start being hard?" Hailey queried.

Christie thought for a while before smiling ruefully. "When I stopped fucking his brains out every time we ran into one of his ex's." Hailey chuckled, and Christie soon joined her. "I just couldn't keep up the pace, we kept seeing them everywhere. And then I started to believe that every woman we saw, he had slept with." "He may have." Hailey pointed out. "Chris got around." Christie snorted. "You aren't helping." "Do you remember when I called you that night at the movies?

How upset I was that Chris had already had sex with some other girl?" Christie answered carefully. "Yes.

You were thinking about sleeping with him so he wouldn't break up with you." "That's right." Hailey responded. "And it would have been a terrible mistake. Do you remember what you told me? To make sure that I was ready, and not to do it because I felt pressured. It was the best advice I could have gotten. I wasn't ready. Not then. I waited until I was, and it was the right thing to do." "Hailey, what does all this have to do with my situation?" Hailey smiled at her.

"Because I couldn't do anything about the past. And neither can you. I couldn't do anything about the fact that Chris had already had sex with someone else. Neither can you.

You have to let that go and concentrate on the future. Your future. Not his past." "Hailey, Chris had sex with one girl before you. One. He's had sex with dozens of girls now." "But he isn't having sex with them now, he's having sex with you." Christie dabbed at her eyes. "Right now, it seems that the only thing keeping us together is the sex.

And even that's starting to change. It used to be that hot babe with a big ass gets hammered could feel a real connection, we weren't just fucking, we were making love.

But now… It's different. There's something missing. We aren't as close. And he can feel it too." She looked off into the distance wistfully. "I want him in my bed. And not just for the sex. I want to go to sleep with him each night, and wake up beside him in the morning. Every morning. But whenever I try to talk about moving in together, he won't even discuss it. He just comes up with some bullshit excuse why we can't." She began crying again. "I feel like we aren't going anywhere." "Oh honey." Hailey said as she pulled Christie into a tight hug.

"I wish I could fix what's wrong between you." "Listening to the two of them … I thought what Chris and I had was special, but if he made every girl feel that way, then I'm just another notch on his bedpost." "Come on, you're more than that." "Am I? Chris made all of them feel like they french brunette slut hard banged and jizzed the most important woman in the world; that no one existed but them." She wiped the tears from her cheeks.

"I thought that I was special, but I'm not. I'm just one more girl in an endless parade of floozies marching through his bedroom." "Christie, stop it.

You are not. You are so much more to him. And I'm not a floozy, thank you very much." Christie sat back and sniffled. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said that." Christie cried for a while before she finally settled down. She looked at Hailey warmly and smiled at her. "I feel awful, dumping this on you right now. It's your wedding. We should be talking about that, not my problems." Hailey leaned back against the bench. "My problem is I'm horny as hell." Christie smiled at her.

"I can't imagine what you were thinking, not taylor wane horny boob in elevator sex for the past couple of months." Hailey snorted.

"James's idea. He thought that it would make our wedding night more special. And like an idiot, I agreed." "I don't see why you just don't drag him off somewhere.

Tell him you want to show him something." Hailey laughed. "No good. He told his parents about the idea, and now his mother has made it her sworn duty to keep the two of us apart.

The old bitch." "Hailey! She's going to be your mother-in-law!" "Well right now she's the one standing between me and sex." "I wonder how he's holding up." Christie said. "I've been sexting him for the past month." Hailey grinned mischievously. "He told me his hand is raw." Christie stifled a laugh as Hailey continued.

"Anyways, my problem is going to be solved tomorrow. Yours isn't." Christie smiled at that. "I wish a good fuck would solve my problems, I'd never have to worry again." The two of them laughed at that before heading back inside.

Christie felt much better having finally unburdened herself of her problems, but now that she had finally put them out in the open she was going to have to deal with them and her emotions were swirling as she climbed the stairs.

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As Christie returned to their room, she found Chris just getting out of the shower. "Are you just now getting up?" She queried. "No, I went for a run. Just got back. How was brunch? You were gone for a long time." "It was fine. We were catching up. And we have the bachelorette party tonight as well." "Did you have fun?" "Oh yes. Amanda and Samantha were there too, Hailey's old cheerleading friends.

It was … very informative." Chris was instantly wary. He had fucked all four girls, but he wasn't sure if they knew that.

They all obviously knew about him and Hailey, and now him and Christie, but he had never mentioned his dalliances with Samantha to anyone, even though Samantha had been just as promiscuous in high school as he had been, so he figured that Hailey and Amanda knew about the two of them, but he wasn't sure what Christie knew, and he was pretty sure that no one knew about him and Amanda.

Christie fixed her steady gaze on him. "I thought that Hailey was exaggerating when she told me that you had slept with all the cheerleaders in school. I guess she wasn't." Chris blushed and started squirming; feeling like the room was closing in on him. Was she going to make a big deal out of this? "It was a long time ago." He said.

"Did you just not have any restraint Chris? Could you not turn any of them down?" "Christie, let's not do this." "Do what? It's a simple question Chris. I turned down plenty of guys who wanted to fuck me, could you not turn down any of the girls who wanted to fuck you?" "It's different for guys…" As soon as he said it, Chris knew it was a mistake.

"I guess so. Every guy that I met, every guy that wanted to date me, I measured them against you, and they all came up short. I guess you had a lower standard." "Christie, I'm sorry, okay?

I'm sorry. I don't know what else I can say." Christie glared at him as he stood there, his palms raised towards her, trying to calm her down. She could feel her temper rising as he tried to appease her. How dare you? She thought to herself. You fucked all those girls, own up to it! Take responsibility for it like a man!

"Why would you do that? Did you ever turn any of them down, or did you fuck anything that moved? I thought that you were better than that!" "I'm sorry." Chris repeated.

What did she want him to say? What could he say? He had been a horn dog while he was in high school, he couldn't deny it. But Christie had no right to be upset about that, they hadn't been together then. "It made me sick to my stomach to sit there and listen to them talk about you that way. They still remember every detail. And they still think about fucked from the back than sucks it looked at his feet.

This wasn't something that they had ever talked about, and although he had wanted them to get these issues out in the open so they could get past them, he didn't like how this was going. "Do you still think about other girls? When we're together who are you thinking of? When we make love are you thinking of someone else?" She started crying as she continued on. "How could you do this to me?" Chris looked at her, confused and exasperated. "What did I do to you? We weren't together then." "IT DOESN'T MATTER!!!" Christie screamed, shocking the both of them into silence.

She took a deep breath to regain her self control before she continued in a calm and steady, if somewhat brittle voice. "You have humiliated me, and hurt me. And I cannot be around you right now." She began walking back out, but Chris reached out and stopped her.

"Christie, come on. You're acting crazy. Just calm down and let's discuss this rationally." "I am calm!" Christie hissed at him, angrily shrugging his hands off of her. "Get your hands off of me!! I tori black xxx full sex stories want to talk about all the girls you've fucked!

I bet you can't even remember their names!" Chris looked at her, bewildered. What difference does that make? "Christie, why does it matter?" "Am I going to be one of those girls one day? Just another conquest? Some girl who's name you can't remember? Just another fuck? How many girls have you had sex with?

Can you even remember the number?" "You're not acting rationally." Chris responded. "I don't want to talk about other girls; I want to talk about us." "You want to talk about us?" She responded angrily. "Were you thinking about us when you fucked all those sluts?" Chris knew that there was no way to win this argument, but he couldn't stop himself from trying. "Christie, that was so long ago.

How could I think about us? There was no 'us', we barely spoke!" "And whose fault was that? I tried to talk to you Chris, but you would barely say two words to me!" "And do you remember why?" Chris asked.

Christie blanched at that, and Chris knew he was treading in dangerous waters. They had never really discussed the fateful night that she had broken his heart. She had apologized to him but they had never really talked about it, they had merely brushed it under the rug. "I've apologized for that Chris, why are you bringing that up now?

That's not the issue here." "And I'm sorry for having slept with other girls, okay? So we're even now." Christie glared at him. How dumb can you be? She wondered to herself. "You just don't get it." She said to him.

"Get what? We've both made mistakes, I've forgiven you, now you need to forgive me and move past this." Christie was lived. Her face turned dark and her eyes narrowed to two slits. Chris had never seen her like this before. "So this is my fault? Is that what you're saying?

This is my responsibility?" "No Christie, that's not what I'm saying …" "Fuck you!!" Christie spat at him and stormed out the door, leaving Chris standing there in her wake. Christie stomped downstairs, seething. She got to the lobby and glared around. Now what? She thought to herself. She headed into the dining room, not really sure what she was looking for. She spotted a table in the corner with several bottles of liquor on it and headed straight for it, grabbing a bottle of Grey Goose and heading outside.

She wandered towards the pool and sat on a chaise, wiping away some angry tears as she opened the bottle and took a sip. She coughed a bit and took a larger drink, trying to numb her feelings. How could he be so insensitive? So uncaring? Didn't he know what he was doing to her? How he was making her feel? She took another drink and wiped away more tears. What an asshole… What a brat… Chris stood in the middle of the room, shaking his head and wondering what the hell had just happened.

He had been questioning his relationship with Christie for a while now, and this incident had just confirmed his doubts. He headed downstairs in search of a drink. As he was headed into the lobby, he came across an interesting sight. James was being blocked from going upstairs by a well coiffed woman in her 50's.

"Now James, you have no excuse for being here. You need to head back down the road." "Mom, come on." James pleaded.

"We just need to iron out some last minute details is all." She laughed merrily at that. "James, I'm not falling for that. Now go on. You'll see her tomorrow." James sulked and turned away as his mother headed back upstairs.

He saw Chris and nodded a greeting. "Hey man, you want to get a drink?" Chris grimaced. "I could use one right now." "Come on." James led him towards the door. "Why can't we grab one here in the bar?" Chris asked. "Because I'm going to go out of my mind knowing that Hailey's around here somewhere and I can't see her." "What are you talking about?" Chris asked as they headed towards the drive. James sighed heavily as he climbed into a Mercedes.

"We haven't had sex in nine weeks." Chris gaped at him from the passenger seat. "Nine weeks?!? Why the hell not?!?!?" James sighed heavily as he pulled out of the drive and onto the main road. "I wasn't paying attention. One morning my mom was talking about an article she had read about making your wedding night 'special' by abstaining from sex, and the next thing I know I'm somehow not supposed to sleep with Hailey until we get married." Chris chuckled.

"How did Hailey take it?" "Not well." James confirmed. "Somehow when my mom explained it to Hailey, it turned into my idea. So she's been punishing me by sending me naked pictures of herself ever since." Chris laughed as they pulled onto a main street and headed towards a bar. James grumbled as he changed the subject. "So Hailey tells me that you and Christie were neighbors when you were younger." Chris smiled.

"Yeah. I had a major crush on her growing up. She used to sunbathe out in the backyard and I'd go out back to do yard work and check her out. She had no idea that I was scoping her out. I was in love with her, big time." "And now you're together." James concluded. That's pretty cool." Chris nodded and looked out the window. But this isn't how I thought things would be… As they settled in at the bar and ordered a couple of beers, Chris cast an appreciative glance at the female bartender.

It wasn't uncommon after he and Christie had a fight for his eye to start wandering a bit. He raised his mug in a toast. "To you and Hailey.

Congratulations." "Thanks man." James clinked his mug against Chris's and took a sip. Just then, his phone beeped. He checked it and let out an audible groan. "Oh my Gooooddddd." And he lay his head on the bar and began steadily thumping his forehead against it. "Hailey?" Chris asked on a hunch. "She's so flexible." James moaned. "One more day." Chris told him patting him on the back.

"You can make it." "She had her boobs done right after we stopped sleeping together." James mournfully declared. "All I've seen are pictures." Chris laughed out loud as James drained his beer and signaled for another. "I know the feeling. My deployments were 7 months long. You'll make it, just one more day." "My mom thinks that she's so sweet and innocent." James continued.

"She has no idea…" Chris laughed and drained his own mug to keep pace with James. As the bartender brought them another round, she gave Chris a sultry smile and he winked at her. James grinned at Chris as she walked away. "I think she likes you." Chris shrugged nonchalantly.

"Yeah, but it's not like I'm going to do anything about it." "With a girlfriend who looks like yours, I don't blame you." Chris shrugged. "Yeah, but you know the old saying. 'No matter how hot she is, some guy is fed up with her shit.'" He shook his head mournfully. "Why do all the hot girls have issues?" James sipped his beer and stared ahead. "Things not going well?" Chris stared straight ahead.

"Nothing major." He lied. "Just … couple stuff." James chuckled and finished his beer. "Yeah, it takes time to stop thinking just about yourself and start thinking about someone else instead. Before I met Hailey, the only thing that I cared about was going out with my bros, getting drunk, and finding some chick to fuck.

But as soon as I met her, I knew. I spent half a year chasing her, but I wasn't going to let her get away. It took me some time to change my thinking, but I don't regret giving up anything for her." Chris smiled. He hadn't ever chased after Christie, he always figured that she was out of his league and he had been shocked as hell when she came onto him, but he hadn't ever complained about it. Hell, he hadn't ever had to chase after any girls in high school, after he and Hailey had broken up they all came to him.

One of them had told him once that it was considered a rite of passage by the cheerleaders to fuck him. And if the popular girls were doing it, everyone else wanted to do it, too. The fact that he was so well endowed and such a considerate lover went a long way, too. What a lucky bastard I've been. He thought to himself.

Being unpopular growing up, he had been determined to seize the opportunity to have as much sex with as many girls as possible. As he started to think back about his many conquests, he was a little surprised and slightly disappointed to realize that Christie was right; he couldn't remember most of their names.

Christie spent a couple of hours sitting by the pool and drinking before she dozed off. When she awakened, she was surprised to see the sun setting. She glanced at her watch and saw that she still had an hour before the party started. She headed back upstairs, hoping that Chris wouldn't be there. Thankfully he wasn't, and she showered and got ready before heading downstairs to meet the other girls. She arrived about 10 minutes early, and decided to grab another drink before they left.

Samantha and Amanda were already at the bar when she arrived and waved her over. Christie ordered a vodka cranberry and swallowed half of it in a single gulp. "Whoa girl, take it easy! We have all night." Amanda cautioned her. "I'll be fine." She waved away their concerns. "Well you look fiiiinnnneeee." Samantha told her. "You'll be attracting plenty of attention tonight." "She always did." Amanda chipped in. "I remember back in school how all the guys in school were in love with her." Christie blushed slightly.

"You two got plenty of attention yourselves. All of the cheerleaders did." "Not the way that you did." Amanda said. They chit chatted a while longer, and by the time the party was ready to leave; she had already had three drinks. Chris and James had spent a couple of hours having drinks before James dropped him back off at the inn. Christie was nowhere to be found, which relieved Chris to no end.

Although they had fought in the past year, what happened today was unlike anything that had happened before. Things had been gradually going downhill, and what happened today seemed to be the last straw. He tried to imagine his life without Christie in it, but simply couldn't do it. Now what? He wondered forlornly. We can't go back to the ways things were, not after today, and I don't think that we can recover from this… He ate by himself in the dining room that night before going upstairs and turning in, feeling more insecure about their relationship then he ever had before.

He was awakened several hours later by repeated knocking on his door. He glanced blearily at the clock. 3 a.m. What the hell? He looked over his shoulder and realized that Christie still wasn't back. She must have forgotten her key. He was surprised that she would want to spend the night with him, but took it as a good sign that she had returned to their room instead of staying somewhere else.

He pulled his robe on over his pajamas and stumbled through the suite. He opened the door to see Christie drunkenly swaying back and forth, supported by Hailey and another girl. "Can you give me a hand with her?" Hailey asked. Chris reached out and swept Christie up in his arms. "Wheeee!!!!" She slurred. "I'm getting a ride!!" Chris cocked an eyebrow at Hailey. "I thought it was the bachelorette who wound up like this." Hailey smiled. "I think she got a head start.

Besides, there's no way I'm getting married with a hangover. Let me help you." And she walked into the room as she bade goodnight to the other girl. "I drank … everything." Christie mumbled. "Yes, you did sweetie." Hailey replied. "And you threw it up in the bushes outside." "I think … I'm not done yet." Christie mumbled.

Chris hurried into the bathroom and got her over the toilet. Hailey hustled after him and held her hair back as Christie hunched over the bowl and vomited. "I've got her from here." He told Hailey. "Thanks for bringing her up. You didn't have to do that, you know. You could have called me and I would have come and got her." Hailey smiled and waved her hand. "It was no problem. She helped me out plenty of times during high school.

Hailey filled a paper cup with mouthwash and got Christie to rinse her mouth out, then retreated to the sitting room as Chris undressed her and put her pajamas on for her. It took him a while, Christie would fade in and out of consciousness, and at some points it was like dealing with a rag doll. He finally got her prepared and carried her to the bed. Chris tucked her in with a bemused smile. This was a new experience; it was actually kind of funny. He walked back out into the sitting room, where Hailey smiled at him.

"I haven't ever seen her like that before." She confessed. Chris smiled at her. "I think you may be a bad influence on her." And the two of them shared a laugh. Hailey looked at him and turned serious. "So how are the two of you doing? I really thought that you'd be married by now. Or are you waiting to see if someone better comes along?" Chris smiled at that.

"No, I'm happy with her." He thought briefly about their fight that day. "Most of the time." "That's good." Hailey said as she stood and walked towards him.

"I'm happy with James. But still…" she stopped in front of him and looked deep into his eyes. "You never get over your first love." Chris started to feel uncomfortable. This predicament was awkward to say the least, with Christie passed out drunk in the next room, not 10 feet away.

"Ummm … Hailey, have you been drinking?" He asked, unsure of where this was heading. "Not so much that I don't know what I'm doing." Hailey reached towards him and began lightly stroking his cock through his robe and pants. "I love James, but he's got nothing on you." Chris hurriedly backed away. "Hailey, this isn't right, you need to leave." But Hailey kept pursuing him, trapping him against the wall.

"It's just the two of us here; no-one will ever have to know. C'mon babe, for old times sake?" She cocked her hips and twirled a strand of hair between her fingertips, just like she used to when they were dating, but it didn't have the desired effect on him. "Hailey, no. This is wrong. I'm with Christie, and you're getting married tomorrow!" Hailey knelt in front of him and reached for his crotch.

"But I'm not married yet. And you used to fuck me all the time, even if you were with someone else." She brushed past his robe and into his pajama pants and reached for his cock. Chris fell silent as her slender hands began to deftly massage his tool, bringing it to life. She looked up at him seductively. "That's right, just let it happen." She cooed. Chris leaned his head back against the wall. It was true; he had always fucked her when she asked, even if he was with someone else.

And it wasn't like this was his fault; she was coming on to him. And after today it wasn't like he and Christie had a father and daughters morning routine on of a future left. Hailey had always been a great fuck and a fun girl, why not have a final fling? As he reached for the belt of his robe, Christie snorted and coughed in the bedroom, reminding him of how close she was.

Holy shit. What the hell am I doing? What if she wakes up and catches us? He grasped Hailey's hands and pulled them off of his cock and pushed her back away from him, frightened and stunned at his own actions. "No! My God Hailey, I can't believe that you would do this!! What are you thinking?!?!" Hailey lay back on the floor and grinned up at him trying to suppress her laughter.

Chris eyed her suspiciously, comprehension dawning on him. "Are you fucking with me?" He asked, still wary of her. Hailey covered her mouth to stifle her laughter as he frantically rearranged his attire to preserve his modesty. "You are! Jesus Christ, Hailey!! What the hell are you thinking?" She smiled at him as she stood up.

"I'm thinking that you two are a couple of idiots. You both love each other, and you still can't get it together." Chris was still unsettled from how closely he had come to succumbing to her temptation, lurid jamming with wild lovely babe hardcore and blowjob struggled to regain his composure.

"It's complicated." "No it isn't" Hailey responded. "You love her, and she loves you. The rest doesn't matter." Chris sighed. "I wish it was that simple. But we just can't … it's … I …" He looked down, embarrassed. "I've slept with so many girls … now that I'm with Christie … things just aren't working." Hailey cocked her head to the side.

"Why not?" He sighed heavily. "Because she can't get past it. So we're just … stuck. We had a huge fight today about it." Hailey flinched guiltily. "You were the topic of conversation at brunch today. It brought a few things to the surface for her. Sorry." Chris shrugged. "Sooner or later it had to happen. Today was the first time that it actually came out in the open. I've known that it bothered her, but she was never willing to admit it.

We couldn't go on like that." "So now what?" Hailey asked him. Chris sighed heavily. "I don't know … I love Christie, I really do. But I can't undo the past, and she can't let it go." "Is that why you two aren't engaged?" Chris nodded. "I can't deal with her when she's like this.

If we're going to have a future together, she needs to get over the fact that I've been with other girls." "How would you feel if Christie had slept with the entire football team?

How would you feel if every guy that the two of you ran into had seen her naked?" "It's different for guys…" Chris trailed off.

"How would you feel?" She persisted. "I wouldn't like it." Chris mumbled, and Hailey smiled. "But that's different!!" Chris emphatically stated. "That is such bullshit, and you know it." Hailey snapped. "If its okay for guys, then why isn't it okay for girls?" "Hailey, it just is, you know how it goes.

If a guy sleeps with a ton of girls, other guys think he's a god, but if a girl sleeps with a ton of guys, girls will think that she's a slut." "Chris, did you ever wonder why you never had a serious relationship after we broke up? It's because while a lot of girls may have wanted to fuck you, none of them wanted to date you.

" Chris was stunned by this and glared at Hailey. "You never seemed to mind. As I recall, you were the one who was always calling me." Hailey smiled at him and took his hands in hers. "Chris, I was calling because I wanted to fuck you, not go out with you." Chris started aged 15 french girls first time his hands free, but Hailey grasped them even tighter.

"Chris, I love you. And I'm not trying to hurt you, I'm telling you the truth. You were a great lay, and a wonderful boyfriend to me, but girls weren't willing to date you because they were afraid that you'd cheat on them." Chris couldn't let that pass unchallenged.

"I dated other girls after you Hailey." "Yes, and you would always cheat on them." "With you." Chris responded forcefully, reminding her of her own complicity. "Yes, with me. I wasn't innocent. And I guarantee you, if we kept bumping into each other, Christie would feel the same way about me.

I could tell how upset she was when I kissed you at the airport. I never would have done that if I knew how much it would bother her." Chris shook his head in frustration. "You see? She's completely unreasonable. How can we have a relationship when she's so &hellip. Crazy?" "Chris, she loves you. Do you not get that? She loves you. The thing that she wants more than anything else in the world is for you two to spend the rest of your lives together.

You know why she worries about all those girls from your past? Because she's afraid of losing you. She can't imagine her life without you in it, and she doesn't want to.

She's jealous because you mean the world to her. And the thought that you've been with other girls … it hurts her. Because she thinks it means that you don't love her the way she loves you, and that someday she could be just another girl that you've slept with." "That's not true!" Chris exclaimed. "I've been in love with her all my life!" Hailey cocked an eyebrow at him. "Even when you were with me?" Chris hesitated.

"It was different. I didn't think that I would ever have a shot with her, so …" he trailed off, unsure what to say without offending Hailey.

"So you settled for me? Is that it?" Chris wondered what to say next. How in the hell did I wind up getting both of them mad at me in the same day?

"No …" he mumbled. He finally looked up at her. "I don't know what to say. I was just a kid with a crush on her." Hailey eyed him critically before finally speaking. "No … it was more than that." She paused for a moment, deep in thought. Chris eyed the petite brunette in front of him. "Does it bother you about the girls that James was with before you?" Hailey shook her head.

"I don't worry about them. He's with me now, they don't matter." "You see?" Chris said. "That's normal. Why can't she be like that?" Hailey shrugged. "I don't know why she's so insecure, but she's always been like that. And Chris, if you love her, I mean really love her, you have to take the bad with the good, not insist that she be something else." "I do love her." Chris replied.

But…" "There are no 'buts'". Hailey responded. "If I take the bad with the good, she has to be willing to do the same thing." Chris said stubbornly. "And that means accepting my past and not being so jealous." Hailey smiled. "Why don't you worry about what you need to do instead of thinking about what she needs to do?" Chris looked down and nodded, and Hailey turned to leave the room.

"Hailey, what would you have done if I hadn't stopped you? What would you have done if I had tried to fuck you?" Hailey looked back at him and thought for a moment. "I'd have bitten your fucking dick off for doing that to her." She replied, and walked out the door.

Chris sat on the sofa for a while, mulling over his conversation with Hailey. It scared him how close he had come to cheating on Christie. As a horny teenager, he hadn't thought anything of it when he screwed around on various girls. Hell, he had even snuck around on Hailey a little bit early on in their relationship.

Thank God she never found out… But what if she had? He had been willing to sacrifice their relationship just for a couple of hand jobs and one hasty blowjob in the backseat of a car. And it wasn't any sense or right and wrong that stopped him tonight, it was the fear that Christie would wake up and catch them.

Chris came to the guilty realization that he had cheated on every single one of his girlfriends. He rationalized that he hadn't been in love with any of them, and that once he fell in love with Hailey, he never ran around on her, despite several opportunities. Hell, Samantha had come onto him one night at a party, and he had turned her down.

But what did that mean if he had been willing to cheat on Christie tonight? Did he no longer love her? He thought back to his conversation earlier that afternoon with James. What was he willing to give up for Christie? Hell, I don't have anything to give up. He thought to himself. Except… Chris wondered about what Hailey had said to him, about accepting Christie for who she was, and not insisting that she be something else for him.

Am I willing to do that? Am I willing to let go of my expectations of how she should be? Of what I want for our future? He sighed heavily and walked back into the bedroom. Christie was no longer snoring, but instead murmuring gently every now and again. Chris gazed down at her, trying to reconcile the gentle features on her sleeping face with the angry woman who had two milfs milk monster cock in class out of the room earlier that day.

He brushed a stray lock of her hair behind her ear, and she turned her head, pressing her cheek against his hand. "Baby, come to bed." She murmured sleepily. "Shhhh. Go back to sleep." He whispered. She sighed and rolled over, and Chris climbed into bed beside her. He awoke the next morning to the glorious sensation of Christie's mouth on his cock, sucking him to a full erection. As he gazed down at her she briefly looked up and saw that he was awake before closing her eyes and concentrating novinha e o primo se exibindo gostoso the task at hand.

After a few minutes of slurping on his cock, Christie tugged her tank top down beneath her breasts. She grabbed a bottle of body lotion from the nightstand and squirted some between her breasts and pressed them around his cock. Chris arched an eyebrow: this was something new. As Christie pressed her breasts together around his cock, he marveled at the feeling as she began to gently slide up and down on him, his dick wrapped in delicious madison plays around with her muff soft flesh while she stuck her tongue out and licked at the tip of his cock every time it came within reach.

After several licks, she leaned her head forward and caught his cockhead between her lips, and began sucking on it like a baby would a bottle before releasing him and letting his cock slide back down between her breasts.

She repeated the cycle several times, just licking at the tip of his dick as she guided her breasts up and down on it a half dozen times before she would capture him in her mouth and suck on the head of his cock. She ran her tongue along the underside of his glans and Chris thrust his head back against the pillow and gasped, close to climaxing right then.

Christie popped her mouth off of him and looked up his body as he opened his eyes and gazed down at her with a dazed, lusty expression.

She smiled seductively at him and lowered her mouth back to his glistening crown and swirled her tongue around it before sucking it back into her mouth and flicking at the underside of the glans with her tongue. Chris grabbed a pillow and held it across his face as he moaned and arched his hips up off the bed, jabbing towards the back of her throat as she let her breasts fall away and began lightly tickling his sac with her fingernails while she pressed down on his shaft until her nose was pressed against his stomach.

She lightly scraped at his testicles with her fingernails as his sac tightened around them, pulling them tight to his body. She traced her other hand along his stomach, lightly tickling him as Chris clutched the pillow to his face and moaned as he shot a load of cum down her throat. Christie kept her lips pressed against him as he convulsed, breathing through her nose until he collapsed back on the bed, sated and sweating.

She held him in her mouth for a bit before she slowly backed away from him, letting his spent dick flop against his body. She crawled up the bed and lay next to him, resting her head on his shoulder and lightly stroking his chest.

It wasn't very often that she sucked him off without wanting him to take care of her needs as well, but she felt bad about their fight yesterday, and this had been her peace playgirl needs spunk flow delight gloryhole and hardcore to him. After a short while, Chris pulled the pillow off his face and stared up at the ceiling. She thought that he was just enjoying the afterglow until he spoke.

"Christie, we can't keep doing this." She looked up at him, puzzled. "What are you talking about?" "We can't keep going the way that we have been. I'm not happy, and I don't think that you are either." Christie's eyes grew wide and she felt them fill with tears as she propped herself up and looked at him in shock.

"Chris, what are you saying? Do you want to break up?" Chris sat up and pulled her into an embrace. "No, I don't want to break up.

I've always been in love with you, but we have to get past this." He pulled back and cupped her face in his hands, looking deep into her eyes. "I know that it bothers you that I've been with other girls, but there's nothing that I can do about that now. That's in the past, and you need to learn to leave it there." Christie's eyes brimmed with tears, and they began to flow freely down her cheeks.

Chris tried to hug her tight again, but she pushed him away and fled to the bathroom, locking the door behind her. Chris waited a few minutes before knocking softly. "Christie, open up, let's talk about this." "Go away." He heard from inside. "Christie, come on, you're being unreasonable." "GO AWAY!" He heard, much more distinctly.

"Christie, come on. Let's be adult about this. Besides, I need to get dressed; you have to let me in eventually." The silence on the other side of the door made him think that she was starting to see reason when the door opened, and his toiletries bag was thrown out at him and the door was slammed shut again. Chris swore to himself. Why didn't I just keep my mouth shut? He stood outside the door, considering what to do next. He knew that trying to talk to her right now wouldn't do any good, but he also didn't want her to think that she had gotten the last word in.

"Fine. But you're acting like a brat. We're here for Hailey's wedding, and you better not do anything to ruin it." Christie was steaming inside the bathroom. Who does he think he is? Calling me a brat? She dabbed her eyes, wiping her remaining tears away while feeling her anger bubbling. He's the one who should apologize, and instead he's lecturing me!

By the time she came out of the bathroom, Chris was gone. Christie checked the time and knew that she had a couple of hours before she had to start getting ready. Still furious with him, she decided to burn off some energy with a run.

She pulled on her workout clothes and headed outside. She pushed her earbuds into place, pulled up a high energy playlist, and started a quick running pace. After the first 10 minutes, she could feel the effects of the alcohol she had consumed the night before, and she swore at herself. She wasn't really much of a drinker, so this was tougher than normal. The South Carolina humidity wasn't helping matters either, and she was covered in sweat after just a few minutes.

She kept up a challenging pace to atone for the previous night's excess, and also to burn off her anger at Chris. The more she thought about him the angrier she got, and the faster she ran. Her lungs were burning and her legs felt like they were on fire when her playlist started repeating. She slowed and checked her watch and to her surprise, saw that she had been running for an hour.

She began a cool down gorgeous babe blaire ivory takes an enormous cock before she paused at an open area to sit down and stretch. She wasn't far from the pavilion, and could see the bustle of activity as they prepared for Hailey's wedding.

She watched despondently as the tables were being arranged, wondering if she and Chris would ever get married, or if their relationship would even survive the weekend. She finished stretching and walked back to the hotel.

Chris wasn't in their room, but his luggage was still there. She supposed that was something. She sat on the edge of the bed and sighed heavily. She knew that Chris was right, that they couldn't go on this way.

Their relationship was stuck in a holding pattern: fight over some girl that he had fucked six years ago, then have make up sex and never resolve the underlying issue. Then the cycle would repeat itself the next time they ran into one of his many ex's. Christie climbed into the shower, and relaxed under the cool stream. When she emerged, Chris still hadn't appeared.

She started to wonder how she would explain his absence if he didn't show up at the wedding. She was in front of the mirror applying her make up when she heard the door open. A few moments later Chris appeared in the bathroom door. He looked down, avoiding her eyes in the mirror.

"How much longer will you be? I need to shower." Not meeting his gaze either, Christie nodded and gathered her things. "I'll finish up in the sitting room." "You don't have to, I can wait." Chris said. "No, it's fine. You can have it." And she brushed past him.

Chris started to raise his hand as if to stop her, but thought better of it and let her move by. "Christie." sexy latina babe naked under the tree She ignored him, but he continued anyway. "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have said what I did this morning. I'm sorry." Christie nodded slightly without looking at him, and he closed the bathroom door.

She finished doing her make up and started getting dressed. She was almost done when Chris stepped out of the bathroom adjusting his tie. He looked up at her. "Do you need me to zip you up?" He asked. She nodded and turned her back to him and he zipped up her dress. He rested his hands on her shoulders and gently caressed them. She placed one of her hands on top of his and gave it a light squeeze. "Baby, I know that things aren't great between us right now. But we're here for Hailey.

Can we please not fight? Today is about her, not us." "We have to talk about this sometime." He said. She nodded. "I know. But not today. Okay? Let's just put our problems aside and be happy for her." Chris gave her shoulders a squeeze and headed to the door. As he opened it he looked back at her and extended his hand towards her.

She walked towards him and placed her hand in his as they exited their room. As they headed outside and towards the wedding lawn where the wedding was to take place, they walked down the bamboo path and out onto an open lawn lined with Azalea bushes. A string quartet was tucked off to the side, softly playing as Christie linked her arm through Chris's and the two of them took their seats. As the rest of the guests filed in, she scanned the female faces that looked to be about their age, straining to see if any of them looked familiar to her.

She knew that it wasn't helping matters, but she xxx sex stories h f sex in wondering if Chris had slept with any of them. She looked down at her hand in Chris's and pulled it free.

He looked at her questioningly, and she patted his hand lightly before turning away. Chris put his arm around her and felt her stiffen slightly so he lowered his arm to the chair.

What the hell did I do now? Chris wondered. Christie looked over the garden, her mind awash with random and conflicting thoughts.

She knew that she loved Chris, but she also couldn't stop thinking about him with other women. She also knew that these feelings were ruining their relationship, but she couldn't stop them.

The preacher walked in from the side, trailed by James and his groomsmen, and stood beneath the Pergola that had taming a lusty dong pornstar and hardcore hung with white bunting.

One by one, the bridesmaids walked down the aisle on a white carpet. Christie smiled as the preacher signaled for them to rise, then turned towards the back of the garden and let out a gasp as she squeezed Chris's arm. Hailey stood framed in a temporary archway constructed of ivy and laced with tulips.

The late afternoon sun shone behind her, giving her a radiant shimmer. She dirty redhead loves having her body used like a vision in her wedding dress with her green eyes sparkling as she looked down the aisle at James.

The string quartet began playing Pachelbel's Cannon in D and she proceeded to walk down the aisle with her father. Christie felt tears spring to her eyes, and she slipped her hand into Chris's. Wordlessly, he retrieved some tissue from his pocket and handed it to her and she dabbed her eyes. As Hailey reached the front of the aisle, the preacher signaled to them to sit down.

From where she was sitting, she had a clear view of Hailey, and the love in her eyes was evident. She wasn't thinking of Chris, or any other guy she had been with. Her entire focus was James.

He was the center of her universe, and nothing else mattered. Why can't we do that? Why don't we look at each other that way? What is wrong with us?

We're making this so much harder than it needs to be. Seated next to her, Chris was lost deep in his own thoughts. For better or for worse … For better or for worse … He thought of his own parents, and their relationship.

He knew that they had probably endured some rough patches, although he had never really paid much attention. But thirty years into their marriage, they were still together. Surely it hadn't all been smooth sailing. How did they do it?

He wondered to himself. As the ceremony continued, Christie kept coming back to the words the minister had spoken. "Forsaking all others." She knew that Chris hadn't been with another girl since the two of them had reunited. Hell, he hadn't even looked at another girl. Focusing in on Hailey, Christie had a moment of clarity. That is what I want. I want to stand up in a white dress in front of our family and friends and pledge our lives to each other.

Christie reached for Chris's hand, and placed it atop her thigh. As he glanced at her, she smiled at him and looked back to the ceremony. Chris was stuck on the same phrase. Even if he hadn't acted on it yet, he had to admit that whenever things got a little rocky, he would start looking around.

Maybe I don't love her as much as I think I do if I'm not holding onto her when things are tough. They came to the end of the ceremony and as the preacher directed James to kiss Hailey, Christie dabbed at her eyes again.

As the wedding party headed back down the aisle, the stunning brunette sucks erect dick after giving amazing nuru massage stood. Christie placed her arm in Chris's and pulled him in close. "Baby, do you think that will be us some day?" She asked with hope in her voice.

Chris smiled down at her. "I want it to be us." And he bent down and kissed her on the lips. Christie was filled with hope at his words, but still struggled to accept that he was serious.

When would he be ready to take the next step with her? For his part, Chris wasn't sure if it would ever happen. I don't know if I can ever make that commitment to her if things aren't going well. And then it hit him: This wasn't her problem, it was his. He was the one who wasn't willing to commit, he was the one who was looking around.

Of course she's jealous! He thought to himself. I've been an asshole. Chris realized. If I don't get my shit together, it's only a matter of time before I lose her.

I love her. I need to focus on making her happy, not worrying about what I want. As the guests headed into the crowded pavilion where the reception was being held, Christie found to her displeasure that they were seated next to a table of single girls who had gone to high school with them.

The two tables were practically on top of each other, and she and Chris were seated back to back with Amanda and Samantha. As Chris pulled her chair out for her, Christie glanced back and saw Samantha clearly running her eyes up and down Chris, and she was suspicious about the looks a couple of the other girls were giving him. "So Chris, how have you been, it's been a long time." Samantha asked him. Chris glanced back at her, acknowledging her. "Hey Samantha, how are you?" He looked back down at Christie, making sure that she was comfortably settled before joining her.

"I've been good. You look good." She purred at him. "Yeah, Christie and I have been working out a lot." He responded as he draped his arm around Christie and pulled her against his shoulder.

He then turned towards her and kissed her on the lips. "She's keeping me active." Christie beamed at the public show of affection, and leaned back in for another quick kiss. Chris began introducing the two of them to the other couples at the table and didn't give Samantha or any of the other girls another second of attention.

That seemed to cool Samantha's ardor and she began looking off into the crowd before excusing herself and heading off with a look of determination on prime cups natural big tits get titty fucked and cum on face.

For the next hour, Christie chatted with the other couples at the table while they ate and watched Hailey and James take to the dance floor for their first dance as man and wife.

Chris nodded and chimed in from time to time, but for the most part he played the role of the loving and attentive boyfriend. Christie wasn't sure if he was putting in the extra effort to make up for their fight, or to keep her from feeling jealous of the earlier interest he had attracted, but she appreciated it nonetheless.

Samantha finally returned to her table as their plates were being cleared and plopped down in her chair and ran her fingers through her hair. Her short blonde bob was tousled, and the flush in her cheeks along with the slight sheen of sweat on her forehead made it pretty obvious that she had just had sex. "I love weddings." She gushed as she sipped a glass of Chardonnay. "The guys are always so horny." Christie rolled her eyes and Chris laughed and headed off to the bar to bring her a drink.

As Amanda grilled Samantha about the details of her tryst, Christie looked across the pavilion and saw Hailey and James had started circulating among their guests and she went to congratulate the two of them. She gave James a hug and quick peck on the cheek before she turned to Hailey.

"Honey, you look gorgeous. I'm so happy for you." Hailey beamed at her and turned her towards the bar. "Take a look over there. Do you see him?" Christie sighed.

"Hailey, let's not go into this right now. It's your day." "And I can do what I want to." Hailey responded. "Now take a look around." She scanned the pavilion, observing her guests. "I can see at least half a dozen girls here that Chris hooked up with in high school. But he's not looking at any of them." She turned back to where Chris was standing at the bar, smiling at the two of them. "He's not looking at me, either. He's not looking for some new girl to take to bed. He only has eyes for you." Christie took a closer look and realized that Hailey was right.

He was staring right at her and smiling. Despite herself, Christie felt embarrassed and averted her eyes as she blushed. Hailey smiled at her. "Do you know what I see in his eyes when he looks at you?" Christie shook her head. "I see love. And Christie I'm telling you, he has never looked at another girl the way I see him looking at you. Not me, not anyone. The way that you two look at each other …" She took a thoughtful pause before speaking again.

"Christie, can I ask you to do something for me?" "Of course, it's your wedding day. You can ask me to do anything." "Stop treating me like an idiot." Christie looked at her, startled.

"What are you talking about?" "I'm talking about you and Chris. Your first time together wasn't when he came back from Iraq, was it?" Christie stood in stunned silence, with no idea of what to say before she finally shook her head.

"No." She whispered. Hailey took another breath and held it for several seconds before letting it out. "Chris's first time wasn't with some girl he met on vacation, was it? It was with you." Christie turned bright red and stared at the floor. "Christie?" She looked up to see Hailey staring at her. "You were his first." She hung her head in shame. "Yes." She quickly looked back up. "Hailey, I'm so sorry.

I don't know what to say, I never meant to hurt you, and it was so long ago, and it doesn't really matter now." Hailey just stared at her dispassionately and Christie took a deep breath. "How did you know?" She asked. "Something Chris said last night about how he's always been in love with you. I knew that there punishment daughter xxx sex storys something more going on than just a schoolboy crush … and the way he's been looking at you … it just clicked." She looked off towards Chris.

"And you talked me into going out with him. I don't get it." Christie sighed heavily. She was pretty sure that this was the end of their friendship, so she laid it all out on the table. "You were the right girl for him. You were the girlfriend that I wasn't mature enough to be. I was too caught up in what was cool, and being popular …" She stared back down at her hands. "That entire time that he and I were together …" Hailey trailed off.

"I told you everything … you were my confidant … my best friend … were you in love with him?" Christie sighed. "No.

I was more concerned with myself then I was with him. That's not love, that's selfish." Hailey smirked at her. "And all the times that I told you about our sex life?" "I would lay in bed and fantasize that I was you while I got myself off." Hailey laughed before a thought crossed her mind. "Chris was way too good at sex … it wasn't a one-time thing, was it?" "No." Christie confessed. "I used to sneak into his room at night. It went on for months." "When did you stop …" Hailey was afraid to hear the answer, but she had to know.

"Before you two went out on your first date. We had a huge milf taxi driver seducing young guy in her fake taxi about it. I was such a bitch, Hailey. I wasn't willing to risk my popularity by going out with him, but I was so jealous that he was going out with you.

I said such cruel things to him. We didn't talk for a year afterwards." Hailey stood silently and Christie waited for her to speak.

Girls didn't let stuff go, and while she and Chris had been able to reconcile, she was pretty sure that Hailey would hate her forever. She looked past Christie to where he was standing before she smiled and focused on Christie again before she placed a reassuring hand on her arm. "Why didn't you ever tell me?" Christie wiped away a tear. She felt ashamed that she had kept this from Hailey for so long. "How could I? Would you have understood?

Hell, I barely understood." Hailey stared off into the distance. "I think … that this can stay between us. And Chris doesn't need to know that I know." She smiled before she continued.

"Although this would be one hell of a story to tell at your wedding. Christie felt a massive surge of relief sweep over her. "Hailey, I'm so sorry that I never told you." Hailey waved her concerns away. "It's all in the past. I'm married to James, and you two are together, so it all worked out." "But it's not working out. I pushed him away back then, and now I'm jealous of all the girls that he was with, and now that we're together … I'm tired of paying for the same mistake, over and over again." Christie responded.

Was this the price she was going to have to pay? To be stuck in a troubled relationship forever? Could they make this work? Hailey reached out and grasped Christie's hands, squeezing them tightly. "He chose you Christie. Out of all the other girls he's been with, he chose you. You're the one. No one else. Don't ever forget that." Christie thought for a moment before smiling at Hailey and squeezing her hands.

She kissed her on the cheek and whispered "Thank you." before she walked towards Chris. Christie made her way subtitled japanese insane confinement glory hole blowjob to the bar and slipped her hand inside of Chris's and gave it a squeeze.

"Care to dance, Marine?" He looked at her with surprise. "But don't you want your drink?" "Later. Right now I want to dance." Chris could sense something was amiss, so he quietly acquiesced, leading her out onto the dance floor.

He wrapped his arms around her waist, and she draped hers around his neck, resting her cheek against his chest and closing her eyes as they danced quietly. After a few moments, she spoke. "Baby, I've been a fool. I'm sorry." "What are you talking about?" He asked.

"I've been jealous and it's been causing problems between us, and I'm sorry." Chris wasn't quite sure what to say, so he kept quiet. "I've always been jealous. It's why I said those awful things to you that terrible night." She turned her head up and looked into his eyes. "I was jealous, and I was angry. I hurt you because it hurt me that you were going out with Hailey, even though I wasn't treating you right. I used you, and then I hurt you.

And I'm doing the same thing again. I'm jealous of the girls that you've been with, even though I have no right to be. And now I'm hurt, and I'm hurting you in return. I stopped trusting you and I shouldn't have. I want to get past this. I want to move forward with you, I want us to have a life together." She took a deep breath before she continued.

"You're right. I need to get past this. I know that it won't be easy, but I want to do it. I need to do it. Will you be patient with me?" Chris looked down at her, seeing the hope and sincerity in her deep blue eyes. Christie was very proud, and incredibly stubborn. He knew how difficult it was for her to put herself out there like this and admit that she had been wrong. How could he do any less for the woman he loved?

"I want that, too. And I haven't been very fair to you, either. I haven't taken your feelings into consideration. I've been unwilling to commit to you because I wasn't sure about what the future may hold.

I've been holding back because I was afraid, and I wanted everything to be perfect, and I expected you to change for me." Christie smiled at him, and he continued. "You're my everything.

I've been in love with you as for as long as I can remember. If I didn't have you in my life … it wouldn't be worth living. I want this. For us. I want to spend the rest of my life with you." He thought for a moment before continuing on. "When we get back, I think that we should move in together. I want to take the next step with you." Her eyes shone as she looked up at him. "I love you Christie." "I love you too, Chris." As they left the dance floor, Chris returned to the bar to bring her a drink, and Christie returned to her table and sat down smiling and deep in thought.

"There's a closet over in the corner." "Excuse me?" Christie looked up at Samantha to see her grinning broadly. "There's a closet over in the corner." Her grin took on a mischievous glint.

"I saw you two eye-fucking each other out on the dance floor." Christie blushed and looked down, tucking an imaginary strand of hair behind her ear. "I don't want to sneak out of Hailey's wedding…" she mumbled. "If you're quick, no one will realize you've gone. You can be back in time for the bouquet toss." Samantha assured her. Christie looked back up and smiled. "I don't want to be quick. I want to take my time and enjoy him." Amanda smiled at her. "The way you two were looking at each other, you'll have the rest of your lives to do that.

I hope someday that a guy looks at me the way he looks at you. Now go get you some." Christie smiled as Chris returned to the table with her drink. As he placed it in front of her, she grabbed his hand and looked up at him with her most innocent expression while she twirled a strand of her hair between her fingers.

"Chris, I want to show you something." She said in an innocent little girl voice, and she led him across the pavilion as Amanda and Samantha snickered behind them. Chris was confused as Christie led him through the pavilion. Somehow, the situation seemed oddly familiar, but he couldn't place it until she led him towards a small closet, and he grinned to himself.

The two of them snuck into the closet avoiding any attention, and giggling like teenagers. "You have to be quiet." Christie instructed him.

"Me?" Chris asked. "You're the one who makes all the noise!" "I am not." Christie huffed. "Now be careful not to mess up my hair or my dress." Chris bent her forward at the waist and she grabbed the shelves in front of her for balance.

He tugged her dress up past her hips, being careful not to wrinkle it. Once he had raised it high enough, he pulled her panties down to the middle of her thighs and unzipped his pants. He leaned forward and placed his lips against her ear and kissed it lightly. "I love you." He whispered. Christie shivered in delight as he eased his mushroom head into her welcoming hole. "I love you too." She whispered back as he pressed his entire length into her.

Chris placed his hands on top of hers and started pumping in and out of her. Christie stifled a squeal and Chris shushed her. "I told you that you made all the noise!" He whispered. Christie bit down on her lower lip and started pushing herself back against him, making a loud slapping sound inside the tiny confines of the closet. "Christie, you're being too loud!" He whispered. "I can't help it!'' She hissed back at him.

"We're going to get caught!" Chris pleaded with her, trying to get her to keep the noise down. "That's your fault!" Christie responded. "You seduced me!!" "Me?!?!" Chris hissed incredulously. "You're the one who 'had to show me something'!" "Because you seduced me!" Christie hissed back. "You told me you loved me, what else could I do?!?!" Chris smiled and leaned forward, turning her face towards him and planting a kiss on her lips as he continued sliding in and out of her.

Christie straightened up and stood with her back pressed against him, turning her head to the side so she could keep kissing him. In this position, Chris could only push a couple of inches into her, but he was bumping into her G-spot on each stroke, causing her to gasp aloud. She pressed her legs together, increasing the pressure on his cock, making him shudder.

Chris turned her face forward and began to trace kisses up her neck as he wrapped his arms underneath hers, grabbing the front of her shoulders to keep her in place as he resumed sliding in and out of her.

Christie was held in place, and the force of his thrusts caused her breasts to pop out of the front of her dress. Chris moved his sexy black girl into interracial threesome anal with big dicks off of her shoulders and took hold of her breasts as Christie groaned with pleasure.

He started tugging and twisting on her nipples as he continued fucking her. Christie knew she couldn't last much longer. "Oh fuck baby, you're going to make me cum." She gasped.

Chris increased the speed of his thrusts, and Christie started clenching her pussy on his cock. "Cum with me baby, I want you to cum with me." She moaned.

Try as he might, Chris wasn't sure he could manage it. The stuffy confines of the closet and his fear of being discovered were inhibiting to him.

But then Christie reached her hand back and tenderly stroked his cheek. "I love you so much baby." She whispered. That sent Chris over the edge, much to his surprise. He could feel his balls churning, and thick ropes of cum shoot out of his cock into her vagina. Christie cried out in delight as she started her own orgasm. Chris hurriedly clamped his hand over her mouth to quiet her cries of passion.

She shuddered and convulsed a few times and after the last of her tremors, Chris cautiously removed his hand from her mouth. She stepped forward off of his cock, and then with her dress still hitched around her waist, she knelt down and took him into her mouth, cleaning their combined fluids off of his shaft.

When she finished, she stood up and pulled her panties back up, tucked her breasts back into her dress, and then straightened it down over her hips as Chris tucked his shrinking cock back into his pants and wiped his brow. They shared a quick kiss and a smile, and peeked out the door to make sure that no one was looking their way and hurried back into the pavilion, just in time to see Hailey getting ready to toss the bouquet.

Christie could feel some of Chris's cum dripping out of her and blotting the crotch of her panties as she hurriedly joined the other single female guests while Samantha and Amanda eyed her and giggled.

She blushed and averted her eyes as she stood next to them, ignoring their pointed glances as Amanda grinned and prodded her with her elbow. As Hailey tossed her bouquet towards the waiting throng, Christie reached for it and caught it cleanly.

Hailey gave her a bright smile and a tight hug. "I was hoping it would be you who caught it." She whispered conspiratorially. She then peered closely at Christie and sniffed a couple of times.

Her eyes grew wide and a devilish grin crossed her face. "You slut!!" She exclaimed gleefully. "You just had sex!" Christie smiled nonchalantly. "Why Hailey, I have no idea what you're talking about. I just had to show Chris something is all." Hailey smiled broadly. "And you snuck out of my wedding to do it.

Whore." Christie beamed as she hugged Hailey tightly. "He wants us to move in together." Hailey smiled as she gave her a squeeze. "Honey, I'm so happy for you. I told you it would all work out." The two of them leaned back and smiled at each other. "My problem is taken care of; now go take care of yours." Christie grinned. James approached Hailey. "Ladies, I'm sorry to break your little chat up, but I am ready to consummate this marriage." The two girls giggled and Hailey hurried off with James down the bamboo path towards the mansion to cheers from their guests.

The reception continued on into the night, and Christie found herself unable to take her eyes off of Chris. They spent most of the time hand in hand, but even when he was across the pavilion getting her a drink, she couldn't stop staring at him.

Hailey's mother sought her out as Chris was at the bar getting them another drink. "So you caught the bouquet. You know what that means." Christie smiled as she kept eyeing Chris, and Hailey's mother followed her gaze. "Why don't the two of you go on upstairs?" She said. Christie looked at her with a startled expression, and the older woman smiled at her. "You've spent the past two hours undressing him with your eyes, sweetie." Christie blushed and looked at her feet while brushing a strand of hair behind her ear.

Hailey's mother rubbed her arm and smiled at her. "You don't need to be embarrassed. I could tell the other night at dinner how much you love him. Tell me dear, does he feel the same way about you?" "What do you mean?" Christie asked, feeling a little defensive. "After you left, we were all talking about the wedding, and then the subject of the two of you came up." She hesitated briefly, looking uncomfortable before she continued on.

"I know that it's none of my business, but Chris seemed very ill at ease with the whole discussion. Now don't get me wrong, I love Chris, he was so good to Hailey. And so good for her. But … I always got the feeling that he wanted to be with someone else." Christie was silently thrilled to hear her say that. He wanted to be with me… She smiled at Hailey's mother, touched by her concern. "Yes, he does. We've had to work through some things, and we still have a ways to go, but yes.

He loves me." Hailey's mother smiled at her. "It's always special to be able to say that. Don't take it for granted." Christie smiled at her and made her way towards Chris. As she joined him at the bar she stood on her tip toes to whisper in his ear. A devilish smile crossed his face and he took her hand in his and led her out of the pavilion and back towards the inn. As they entered their room, Chris started to pull her close for a kiss, but Christie placed her hand on his chest and stopped him.

"Let me go to the bathroom first." Chris sat down on the bed as he waited, slipping off his shoes and jacket and undoing his tie. He lay on the bed expectantly and waited for Christie to exit the bathroom. When she finally appeared, his eyes grew wide and a smile crossed his face. She was wearing a black chiffon baby doll that tied at the shoulders, with matching string bottoms. Chris stood and approached her, unbuttoning his shirt as he did so. She eyed him expectantly as she stood before him.

He paused and bent down towards her, pressing his lips against hers as he wrapped his arm around her waist pulling her tightly against him while running his other hand gently up and down the back of her neck. Christie sighed as she wrapped her arms around his neck and ground her stomach against his stiffening crotch. Chris stood back and traced his hands up her shoulders before coming to the ties that kept her top on. As he lightly tugged on them, Christie bit her lower lip and smiled invitingly at him.

The ties came undone, and her top fell to the floor around her feet. She reached for the strings at her hips that kept her panties on and tugged them loose, letting them drop to the floor, leaving her totally naked before him.

Chris ran his eyes up and down her body, taking in every curve, every feature. He was like a kid on Christmas morning that had just unwrapped a special gift. He pushed his pants and underwear down and his cock bounced free. Christie smiled and reached for his hand. Chris put his free hand on the back of her neck and pulled her close and kissed her. As they separated, she took his hand and led him to the bed before pushing him down on it and climbing on top of him, straddling his hips with hers and leaning down to kiss him.

She teased him by lightly rolling her hips on top of him, brushing up against his swollen cock with her wet pussy while she planted tiny kisses on his lips. She finally trapped his lower lip between her teeth, and lightly nuzzled it before climbing off of him and crawling down the bed, repositioning herself to take his cock into her mouth.

She swept her hair back away from her face to give him an unobstructed view of her mouth massaging his cock, and Chris lay back to enjoy it. She moved her mouth up and down on the top half of his cock before leaning back and licking the underside of it as she stared up at him lovingly before she took the head back in her mouth and started bobbing up and down on it again.

After a few minutes of repeating this, she began pumping her mouth up and down in a rapid motion letting her saliva drip down his shaft, and rubbing it in with her hand. Once she thought that he was good and ready, she took his cock in her hand and began stroking him as she resumed kissing him again, pulling back frequently to gaze into his eyes.

Chris rolled her over onto her back and pushed her legs wide, crawling between them and kissing her on the neck as his hand traced down to her pussy, finding her to already be incredibly wet. He gently teased her clit as he moved his mouth to one of her nipples, taking it between his lips and lightly tugging on it. He lowered his face to her pussy and lightly tugged on her labia with his lips before sucking her clit into his mouth.

Christie was on the verge of cumming right then, but she wanted to feel him inside of her, so she placed her hand on the side of his face and gently tugged him upwards. Getting the hint, Chris kissed his way up her body until they were face to face and he begun kissing her lips as he rubbed the head of his cock up and down at the entrance to her pussy. Christie moaned in pleasure as he pushed into her, burying half his length in her with a single thrust.

He started playing with her hair with one hand, while he supported his weight with the other as he moved in and out of her. Christie wrapped her legs around his hips while he started kissing her on the neck and sank her fingernails into his shoulder.

Chris started thrusting into her at a rapid pace, trying to get her to reach her orgasm but Christie wanted to enjoy feeling him sexy les riding strapon pornstars and fingering her awhile before she came.

"Do you like it when I'm inside you?" He whispered in her ear. "Oh fuck baby, you're so deep inside me." She gasped. "Don't stop." Chris gave her an especially deep thrust, making her gasp, and she began pushing at his hips with her hands, trying to push him out of her a little bit so she didn't cum so soon, but it was no use. Wankz latin teen slut with braces fucked hard clit was trapped between their bodies, and Chris had pushed so deeply into her that his pubic bone was pressing directly on it.

She took a deep breath and tried to control herself, but when he started rotating his hips and grinding her clit between their bodies, she threw her head back and moaned. "Oh, you bastard. You're making me cuuuuummmmmm!" She shook and trembled through her orgasm while Chris kept rotating his hips, keeping a steady grinding pressure on her clit.

As soon as she regained control of herself, she decided to have some fun and looked up at him crossly, but looked for all the world like a pouting child. Chris smiled down at her, trying not to laugh at the expression on her face.

"Now why are you calling me names?" He teased her as he flexed his dick inside her still clenching pussy. "I wanted us to cum together." She complained playfully. "We can still do that." Chris replied. "I'll just have to catch up with teacher and stu xxx vide I don't know." Christie replied. "Now that I came, I'm feeling pretty sleepy." She pushed him off of her then rolled over and turned her back to him and pretended to start snoring.

Chris grinned and pulled her tightly against his body and reached down towards her pussy while he started lightly kissing his way up and down the back of her neck. Christie giggled and tried to push his hand off of her. "Stop that, I'm sleeping." She insisted. "Is that why you're so wet?" Chris teased. His fingers traced up to tweak her rock hard nipples.

"Why your nipples are erect?" He traced super organ xxx tube porn lips lightly along her neck. "Why there are goose bumps all over you?" His hand reached back between her legs. "Why your clit is so hard?" Christie squealed and tried to swat his hand away, but it was no use. He began working the erect nub, and she was soon gasping and wriggling under his skilled fingers.

She could feel herself getting close to another orgasm, and with an extraordinary effort she managed to pry his hand from between her legs and turned over to face him.

"You're bad." She whispered to him as she planted tiny kisses on his lips. "I told you that I was sleeping." She reached down and took his shaft in her hand and began lightly stroking it.

She opened her legs and maneuvered his cock between them and along her slit, rubbing up and down on it a couple of times before amateur pregnant woman with huge breasts enjoys intense pussy banging closed her legs again, trapping his dick between her thighs. She started moving her hips back and forth, sliding her pussy lips along his shaft while she snuggled against him, nuzzling his neck with her lips and purring at him.

"I thought you wanted to go to sleep." Chris teased. "Well maybe in a little bit." Christie whispered as she placed a hand against his chest and pushed him over onto his back and straddled his hips as she smiled down at him while she rocked her hips back and forth, tracing her pussy lips up and down the underside of his cock while she pinned it to his stomach.

She looked into his eyes and smiled. "You're mine baby, all mine." She said as she placed her hands and feet on either side of him and began to slowly work her body back and forth.

Chris began to reach towards her hips, but she grabbed his wrists and firmly pushed them back down on the mattress near his head.

"Don't move." She instructed. She began rubbing her breasts up and down his body and felt his cock leak its pre-cum on her stomach. She crawled down so that her breasts were even with his groin and took his cock in her hand and started rubbing it against her breast, using her other hand to lightly trace some of his leaking fluid around her areola before crawling back up so that they were face to face.

Chris raised his head towards her trying to kiss her, but she kept herself out of reach, moving close enough for a quick kiss, and then pulling away again. After she repeated this several times she lingered too long, and Chris managed to spear his tongue into her mouth, relentlessly searching for hers.

She stayed there momentarily before pulling away, catching his lower lip between hers and tugging on it before pulling back from him, rubbing her breasts against his pecs.

Chris was panting with desire by this point, and she teased him by keeping her hips just above his, letting him know just how close his cock was to her pussy, but keeping it just out of his reach. "Don't move." She repeated as she bent down and kissed him deeply while she wrapped one of her hands around his cock and began rubbing up and down on it, spreading his pre-cum along his shaft.

She briefly paused to reach between her legs, and collected some of her own juices, and added them to the fluid already shining on his cock. She climbed back on top of him, her hips straddling his stomach and her pussy dripping onto his abs while she reached behind herself and ran her hands up and down his shaft which was now standing straight up against her ass.

Chris threw his head back against his pillow and exhaled forcefully, trying to control himself. Christie briefly wondered if she could make him cum just from teasing him this voluptuous babe is very horny hardcore blowjob, but she wanted him inside of her again.

She filed that idea away as something to try in the future. Chris was starting to gasp, and Christie slowed her strokes down. She knew just how far to push him and she could tell that he was on the verge of cumming.

"Don't you dare cum yet baby, we have to cum together." She instructed. "Now get up here and kiss me." She shifted her weight back a bit to allow him to sit up, which also pinned his cock down in an awkward position and staved off his orgasm. He sat up and grabbed the back of her neck, forcefully pulling her to him, and they shared a deep, passionate kiss as she gently rocked her hips back and forth.

The length of his shaft was lightly grazing her asshole as she did so, sending little shivers up her spine. She pushed him back down flat on the bed and raised her hips to allow herself to reach down for his cock.

She reached between their bodies and lightly ran her fingers up and down his cock as she guided him to her dripping entrance. "God, you're amazing." Chris whispered and Christie smiled as she lowered herself onto him.

She gasped as he entered her, his bulbous head splitting her outer labia apart and burrowing into her tight channel while she sank onto his engorged cock. She began bucking up and down wildly, making her large breasts bounce and jiggle, then she sat all the way down, completely enveloping him and rotated her hips in circles several times. He reached up and began tenderly caressing her breasts, just as she had taught him to do all those years ago.

God, that never gets old. She thought to herself. Chris moved his hands down to her hips and began guiding them back and forth as she threw her head back and moaned and wailed. "Oh fuck baby, that feels so good!" She exclaimed as the tip of his cock brushed against her G-spot while she angled her hips and leaned back away from him. She was right on the verge of cumming when he grabbed her arms and pulled her down towards him, then wrapped his arm around her waist and rolled over, laying on top of her.

"Baby, what? I was so close." She murmured breathlessly. "Remember, you wanted us to cum together." Chris whispered. "Besides, you always get to be on top. It's time for a change." Christie shivered underneath him in anticipation. What did he have in store? Chris sat back on his haunches and reached for a pillow. He lifted her hips up off the bed and stuffed the pillow underneath her pelvis, then placed her legs flat against his body with her calves resting on his shoulders and leaned forward a bit as he started sliding in and out of her.

He was watching her face closely, and when her eyes rolled back in her head and she amateur teen on the couch with her bf panting, he grinned.

Knowing that he had found the proper angle, he began increasing the pace of his strokes, running the length of his cock in and out of her and hitting her g-spot each time. He was rewarded by Christies' high pitched whimpers and moans as he pushed into her as far as he could and began grinding against her, stimulating her clit and her g-spot at the same time.

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Christie had her eyes squeezed shut and a look of intense concentration on her face as she tried to slow her breathing, but it was no use. She knew that she was cumming soon, no matter what she did. Chris knew her body too well, and he could coax an orgasm from her any time he chose to. But she had a few tricks of her own. She opened her eyes and looked up at him tenderly. "Baby." She said. Chris looked at her. "I want us to cum together, okay?" Chris nodded and slowed his pace, allowing Christie to regain a little bit of self control.

She concentrated and starting squeezing her pussy on his cock, and Chris took a deep breath. It was like a hot wet fist had grabbed his cock and was squeezing it. He looked down at Christie and saw the gleam in her eye. She knew exactly what she was doing. He grinned at her and picked up his pace, making her yelp admirable blow from non professional girlfriend and homemade she smiled back at him.

She reached up and ran her hands along the sides of his face, and he pushed his weight forward to allow her to reach him easier. He felt his balls start to tighten and he smiled down at her. "I'm almost there." He said, and pushed in as deep as he could.

Christie cried out as his last thrust triggered her orgasm and she saw stars behind her eyelids as it swept over her. Orgasms were a common occurrence for her during sex with Chris, but the intensity of the ones she was experiencing tonight were on another level. She could hear him grunt and moan, and felt his cock twitch inside her as he came with her. She was vaguely aware of her own loud cries mixing with his passionate moans. As he rolled off of her and gasped, she nestled into the crook of his arm and began tracing her fingers across his chest as she lightly traced her lips along his arm.

After a couple of minutes of running her fingers along his chest, she slowly lowered them down to his cock and started running her fingernails along his shaft. He opened an eye and looked at her.

"You want more?" She smiled shyly at him. "I can't get enough of you." She said. He smiled weakly. "I think you've gotten everything I have." "I think you can give me some more." She replied, and started working her fist up and down his cock. Chris smiled at her and kissed her, but his cock remained spongy, unable to achieve a full erection.

"You're getting there baby, it will just take a little time." She assured him. Chris laughed weakly as she bent down towards his cock and took it back into her mouth, unwilling to let their night end.

As they were checking out the next morning, Amanda and Samantha waved her over. As Christie approached them, they broke out giggling. "You must have had a hell of a good time last night. Now that's a story I'd like to hear." Amanda said. Christie eyed the two of them suspiciously, and Samantha answered the unspoken question. "We're staying down the hall from you.

We could hear you two fucking all night long." Christie turned bright red as the two girls covered their mouths and laughed. As primly as she could, Christie turned her nose up. "We weren't fucking, we were making love. Dude nails the luscious gal pornstar hardcore if you'll excuse me…" She returned to Chris and took his hand in hers.

Epilogue: Christie washed her mouth out and looked in the mirror. This was the third morning in a row that she had been nauseous. She could hear Chris out in the living room, and she hurried to join him. This was their first Christmas together after Chris had moved in with her, and to her delight he had bought a tree and decorations.

Things had changed after Hailey's wedding; she had picked up on the subtle change in the way he talked. It was "ours" and "us" now, speaking like they had a real future together. She pulled her bathrobe on over her pajamas and glanced down at her ring finger and frowned slightly.

It was one thing to talk like they had a future, but after nearly eighteen months together, he still hadn't proposed. "Well maybe he's waiting until he finishes College." Hailey suggested. Christie sighed into the phone. "I don't want to wait that long. Besides, it's ridiculous.

We've known each other all our lives, what is he waiting for? Is he still not sure about us?" "Now don't start that again." Hailey admonished her.

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"You guys have been doing great for the past few months, you told me so yourself. Why create a problem where there isn't one?" "But there is a problem. I want more. I want to get married, I want us to have a family, and if Chris doesn't…" She let the unspoken thought hang there in the air. After everything they had been through together, she couldn't imagine their relationship coming to an end.

Hailey kept trying to come up with reasons why Chris hadn't proposed, but she had to admit that they sounded pretty feeble. "Maybe he wants to be able to provide for you." "But that's so old fashioned. Besides, I make enough to provide for us." "Well maybe he feels awkward about that. That can be rough for a guy, having his wife make more than him. It's not the way things are supposed to be." Christie bit off her reply. She considered herself a modern woman, and Hailey had some old fashioned views that she just didn't agree with.

Not wanting to start a fight with her friend, Christie changed the subject. "I guess erotic martial arts fucking aikido uncensored jav right. So how are you feeling?" "Uggg." Hailey was six months pregnant, and had endured seemingly every bit of discomfort pregnancy could bring. "I feel like a hippo." "Hailey!

You look beautiful! You're glowing all the time!" Christie told her. Hailey laughed weakly. "Just you wait. We'll see how you feel when you're pregnant." She turned serious. "Christie, it will happen. You two are meant for each other. Just be patient, you'll see." Christie sighed as she recalled that conversation, not more than a couple of weeks previous. She glanced at her medicine cabinet, aware of the home pregnancy test sitting in there.

She had missed her last period, and her morning nausea the past couple of days had prompted her to pick it up, but she was still afraid to use it.

What if she was pregnant? What then? Yes, she wanted to get married to Chris, but she wanted it to be because they were in love, not because he felt like they had to. She sighed and shook her head. She had always imagined that their first child together would be a joyous occasion, now she was worried about what it would mean nice hit porn sex fucking their relationship. Chris turned as she entered the living room. "I've got all our gifts ready to take to your folks." Christie nodded.

Christmas dinner was being hosted by her parents, with Chris's parents joining them. Both families had been thrilled when the two of them had gotten together, although Christie had been too embarrassed to look Chris's mother in the eye after she had walked in on the two of them having sex his first night home.

Bless her heart, she had finally sat Christie down after several awkward days and told her in no uncertain terms that she had nothing to be embarrassed about, but for God's sake, to lock the door next time. Christie settled down on the couch as Chris handed her a beautifully wrapped box.

"I wanted to give you this before we left." He told her. "Merry Christmas." Christie smiled and carefully undid the wrapping. She suspected that it had been professionally done; this was much too nice for Chris to have managed it himself. Upon opening it, she gasped to see a Gucci purse inside.

"Oh Chris! It's lovely. Thank you so much." He smiled at her. "Look at the clasp. I had your initials engraved on it." Christie looked down, and sure enough, underneath the Gucci logo, there were her initials. Except… She looked up at him with disappointment. Poor Chris, he had gone to such an effort to get her a special gift and they had messed it up.

"Chris, they made a mistake." "What are you talking about?" He asked with a perplexed expression. "These aren't my initials." She explained. "They could be." Chris got off the couch and got down on one knee in front of her as he reached into the pocket of his robe and brought out a small black box. Christie was in shock. What was he doing? Was this really happening? Chris opened the box to reveal a diamond engagement ring.

Oh my God… "Christie, I've loved you all my life," he began and got no further. "Oh my God baby, yes, yes, YES!!!" Christie screamed as she launched herself at him, knocking him onto his back as she wrapped her arms around his neck and smothered his face in kisses. "You can't answer until I ask you" Chris plaintively began, but was cut short as Christie tore his robe open, yanked his underwear down and began stroking his cock with one hand as she tugged her own pajama pants off with her other hand.

He lay flat on his back as Christie plunged herself onto his cock, and undid her robe and pulled off her top, flinging her clothes aside. "Ask me." She said as she rolled her hips back and forth on top of him. "I forgot what I was going to say." Chris teased as he flexed his cock, making it bounce inside her.

Christie shivered at the sensation, and she began squeezing her vaginal muscles around Chris's cock, massaging his shaft while it moved inside of her. "You were saying how much you loved me." She said as she ground down on top of him while placing her hands on his pecs to balance herself. "Yeah." He said as he placed his hands on her inner thighs and began gently rubbing his thumbs in circles. "I've loved you all my life." "Mmmmm." Christie moaned as she closed her eyes and melted into the joint sensation of Chris's cock twitching inside of her and his thumbs sparking a fire along her inner thighs.

"I can't imagine my life without you in it." He moved his hands to her breasts and began gently tweaking her nipples between his thumb and forefingers. She bit her lower lip and started rolling her hips in circles. "Without you my life is empty." Lusty redhead gets her hirsute twat hammered squirting and hairy moved his hands up to her collarbones and slowly ran his hands along them before pulling her down towards him.

He tenderly kissed her, tugging her lower lip between his own as he pulled away from her. "I'm putting myself in your hands. Please make me the happiest man in the world and say that you'll marry me." Christie closed her eyes and savored the moment. He wants to get married… She opened her eyes and leaned her forehead against his as she gazed lovingly at him. "You're my baby. You've always been my baby.

You'll always be my baby. Yes, I will marry you." il me baise le cul dans le garage en cam direct pour les voyeurs sur mon site voyeurisme exhibition He took the ring out of the box and placed it on her finger before she laced her fingers with his and placed their hands on either side of his head as she positioned her knees on the floor and began slowly rocking her hips back and forth, sliding up and down on his cock.

Then she leaned down and shared a tender kiss with him as she proceeded to fuck his brains out. One Year Later "Christie." Christie looked up as Hailey summoned her to the door.

"You have to come see this." Christie stood up and adjusted her stockings before heading towards the door. Her wedding gown hung in the corner, ready for the evening's big event. She joined Hailey in the doorway and gazed into the adjoining room.

On the play mat were two slumbering forms, her and Chris's three month old daughter Elizabeth, and Hailey and James's nine month old son, Aiden. She followed Hailey's pointing finger to see Aiden's hand on top of Elizabeth's, and Elizabeth's tiny fist wrapped around Aiden's forefinger.

Hailey grabbed her phone and took a picture of the two of them. She turned to Christie and smiled. "Maybe someday we'll be showing this picture at their wedding." Christie returned her smile and went back to finish getting ready.

The End