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Elegant schoolgirl is teased and pounded by her elderly tutor
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Kyle Resting on one knee, Kyle waited with the rest of Alpha Squadron, perched on the icy cliff. "Will we ever get used to the cold, James?" Max rasped through his helmet, rubbing his gloved hands together. "Nope," Replied James with a little laugh. "Not ever." For the past week, the students had been camping out in the Frontier, participating in smaller scale attacks against the Frontier Clan army's smaller recon groups.

Along with the army, they've managed to eradicate quite a bit of their forward scouting parties, halting their advance forward. But all of the Squadron leaders have brought up some concerns to the General via their comms about the unusual behavior of the men they've been fighting, since they seem to always be so willing to die and sacrifice themselves. "I don't like it," James had confided in his own Squadron afterward. "It reminds me of my time as a Little Eagle, when sometimes whole villages out here in the Frontier would commit mass suicide to prevent us from gaining knowledge about our whereabouts.

It didn't make sense, and it was creepy." Unfortunately, General Zantar had told the Squadron leaders to just continue to listen to the commander in charge's orders, and they had to trust in him for this to work.

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And that was why, today, they were going to take on a much larger force in order to deal an adequate blow against the Frontier Clans. The plan was for the main bulk of the army to engage the enemy, and then force them into a slow retreat into the icy valley that the Squadrons were no overlooking from their vantage point.

When it was time, the students would drop into the heat of the battle, decimating the enemy force from behind with their plasma weapons. "The fighting's already begun." Observed Colin, who had taken off his pornstar sex kitten gets her ass hole banged with hard prick. His cheeks were rosy from being exposed to the cold, but he had insisted that he could hear things around him much better without his helmet.

"I can hear it." "He's right," Replied James, though Kyle could not quite hear anything. "I've just received word from the General that the commander has moved his battalion to engage the enemy force." "Then it won't be long now before it's our time." Hailey said.

"Right. Stay ready guys." Kyle checked the charge on both of his plasma pistols and then looked to the other Squadrons perched at various points along the cliff.

Somewhere out there, Jade was sitting there with a devious smile on her face. She had been far too happy to be out here shooting at men that she called "savages", and the both of them had already gotten into more than one argument. Not wanting to be sent back to the Academy for further punishment, however, both Kyle and Jade had managed to keep it much calmer than the last time. Minutes passed.

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Kyle started out into the frozen wasteland. Nothing moved out there, no sign of life, and surely no hardcore casting kinky nicole finds a good match of battle. Kyle frowned and wondered maybe if both Colin and James had been wrong, and the battle hadn't started yet.

"Do you hear anything, Max?" Kyle asked. "Not really." His friend responded, shifting from kneeling on one knee to the other. "And my legs are getting pretty numb." Kyle chuckled. "Mine too. Do you think maybe-" "-Hold on guys." James suddenly said, raising his hand and silencing the two.

"I'm getting a transmission from the field commander." Kyle looked to James and then back to Max, who shrugged at him. They weren't sure what was happening, none of them were, and so they simply looked to James expectantly. "Sorry commander, can you repeat?" James asked in disbelief, speaking through his comms. Several moments of silence followed before James got up and turned to face his Squadron. "The battalion is taking a beating." James revealed gravely. "They will have to be the ones retreating, and they can't do so without taking heavy casualties unless we intervene." "They're losing?" Tucker snorted.

"Those must be some tough clansmen." "What do we do?" Kyle asked, looking to his squad leader, his friend. "James, we have to try and help them. You said it yourself, without intervention from us, many of them will die." "Yeah, but some of us might get hurt too if we try to help them." James' voice was grave. "Hell, some of us might even be killed, and I can't let that happen.

The best thing for us to do is to retreat and regroup with what remains of the battalion." "We can't just retreat and leave those soldiers to die!" Kyle complained. He was scared, but then he knew it was wrong too just run away too. He looked to the others. "It's wrong, and we have to at least try." Max was the first to step forward.

"He's right, we came here as a team. We can't just ditch them at the first sign of trouble." "I agree too." Emilia said. "It'll be tough, James, and I'm sure you're just looking out for us, but this is the right thing to do." Sighing, James presses a button on the side of his helmet and spoke into the shared Squadron comms.

"Did you guys get that too?" "Same here." Claire's voice came. "My guys think we have to do something at the very least." "Zeta isn't afraid of a fight." Logan's voice crackled. "We'll do what we have to do." Both Squadron leaders of Gamma and Sigma reported similar thoughts from their Squadrons, and Kyle felt himself break into a smile as James sighed.

"Alright then," James said, then raised a finger.

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"But only under one condition. The Medics and Sappers are to retreat with the Assaulters covering them. The skills of Medics and Sappers are useless in a retreat, and we need the Assaulters to escort them in case they run into any trouble." "What about the snipers?" Came Claire's voice on the comms. Kyle looked to Colin. Though his face was even and his posture flat, Kyle knew his quiet friend well enough to see that he wanted to help. "The snipers will need to give us covering fire, so you can come with us." James stepped toward Colin and Angelo, the other sniper on the Squadron and a fifth year.

"But keep your distance. Us Battle Scouts are light, quick, and maneuverable. You guys are not. Understood?" They both nodded.

"Alright then, let's get moving guys!" With that plan of action in mind, the five Squadrons moved out, with the sixty Medics, Sappers, and Assaulters going around the battle toward the rendezvous point, and the forty Battle Scouts and Snipers heading toward the battle. •••••••••••••••• "Max watch out!" Kyle breathed a sigh of relief as he watched his friend barely dodge a sweeping blow from the sledgehammer that one man was carrying, but only to feel the butt of a gun strike him in the back of his helmet, knocking him down.

Spinning around in the cold icy ground, Kyle's eyes widened as he saw one of the attackers standing over him, pumping a very old model of a shotgun as he prepared to finish Kyle.

Quickly thinking, Kyle activated the thrusters on his feet and blew himself backward, kicking the legs out of his would be executor from under him and causing him to fall on his face.

The fighting was intense and desperate. The attacking Squadron members had came up with a cunning plan to coordinate a counterattack with the retreating battalion forces to deal a devastating number of casualties to the enemy in a short amount of time, hoping that they would panic and begin routing.

The plan did not go well, however, as the hordes of Frontier Clansmen simply shrugged off their losses and continued charging toward them mindlessly.

Forced to retreat with the battalion of soldiers, the students of the Frontier Academy were now fighting for their very lives. "Kyle, are you okay?" Max asked as Kyle landed beside him and quickly broke into a run. "I saw what happened, did he get you?" "I'm fine." Kyle responded, out of breath. "But we need to catch up with the others, now!" Firing back at the enemy as he ran, Kyle looked up into the sky as Battle Scouts danced in the air, firing bright blue volleys of plasma into the crow of enemies, melting bodies and hollowing out faces.

"This doesn't make any sense," Kyle shouted. "Why aren't they stopping? If they keep this up, they'll all be dead!" "Yeah, and most of us too!" Jade fell to the ground from the air beside Kyle as one bullet ricocheted of her armor. Kyle paused for a split second to bend down and scoop her up to her feet. "There's just too many of them!" "What, don't tell me you're scared of a couple of barbarians?" Nelson, who was rawattack big booty nikki benz is fuked by a monster cock interview of the Battle Scouts still in the air, actively fighting, chuckled into the comms.

"Shut up Nelson!" Logan's angry voice growled on the comms. "We can't have half our forces fighting, while the other half runs and guns. Hot beautiful mom sex storys need to decide what we're doing, as a unit, right now!" "Whatever you say baby," Came Nelson's cocky response as he zipped through the air.

"But for me, I can do this all day." Kyle, while running, looked up to James, who was still engaged in battle, though he was steadily retreating at the same time. "We can't fight then like this." James finally said. "I don't like it, this reminds me too much of my time fighting in the Great Wars a couple of years ago. "They're just throwing themselves at us," Logan grunted as he flipped backward in the air, dodging a volley of gunfire.

"And they're not gonna stop until everyone last one of them is dead." "Unless they finish us first." James grimaced as he finally came back down to the ground. "We need to run, we have no choice." "Like hell am I going to run!" Nelson yelled as he remained in the air. "These barbarians are going down!" "Nelson!" Logan screamed over the comms, enraged by his squad member's defiance. Spinning around, Kyle watched as Logan stopped, turning to chide Nelson before spotting a large, burly enemy soldier nearing the retreating Battle Scouts.

Raising his pistol to shoot him down before he could do any damage, Logan paused for a moment as the man suddenly raised a small device in his hands, and screamed a warning into the comms just too late. "Watch out-" The big man pressed down on the button in his hand and immediately erupted into a fireball. The explosion was large, and most of the trailing Battle Scouts were caught in its blast radius, including Kyle.

Knocked down to his back, Kyle was stunned and disoriented. In his ear, the comms were going crazy as his teammates screamed at one another, but Kyle couldn't understand them, not in his current state. "Logan is down," Jade was screaming. "Zeta, lay down covering fire!" "I've got him!" James yelled. "Kyle!" It was Hailey's voice. "Where's Kyle?!" Forcing himself to his feet, Kyle tried to regain his senses as quickly as possible while he looked isis raja gets the macblk tube porn. Surrounding him were Frontier Clansmen, having overrun those Battle Scouts who were caught in the explosion.

There were several of them down, groaning and clutching at different wounded parts of their body while trying to crawl away, while some other tried to make a run for it as they fired blindly at the enemy. Far ahead, Kyle could see some of the other students coming back to try and save those left behind. He recognized James' armor first, dragging what looked like Logan's unconscious body along the icy ground as he fired his pistols at enemies running after him. Farther away, Kyle could see Max firing his pistols as he limped away, helped by an unknown Battle Scout.

The others were coming to rescue them, but Kyle knew that they couldn't possibly save every last one of them stuck behind enemy lines. They were in too deep, and pushing forward would only cost them more casualties. They were going to grab what they could, and then go. "I have visual on Kyle." A familiar voice crackled on the comms. "Permission to go after him?" "Colin?" James asked.

"Are you crazy you can't go after him, you're supposed to keep your distance, remember?" "He's only a couple of feet behind where Nelson just went down.

If we-" Kyle saw the huge metal pipe being raised, before coming down crashing into the top of his helmet.

Falling to the ground, Kyle raised his arms over his head to protect himself, but the blows continued raining down mercilessly, beating his arms. "I surrender!" Kyle screamed.

He had a feeling that no matter how much they wanted to, his Squadron wouldn't be able to make it to him. "I surrender!" Surprisingly, the blows stopped, and Kyle looked up to find himself surrounded by Frontier Clansmen.

The one that had been attacking him looked to another beside him, and gestures toward Kyle. "Take him." And before he knew it, another heavy blow was struck down to the back of his head, sending Kyle into unconsciousness. ••••••••••••••••• Gasping for air, Kyle awoke with a start as the screams of the people around him rang out in the darkness. "M-Max? James?" Kyle called out, confused.

He didn't understand where he was, didn't know what was going on. "Logan? W-Where am I, what's happening." Kyle couldn't see a single thing. The room he was in was pitch black, and yet Kyle wasn't sure if he was even in a room.

The screams of people could be heard from far away, echoing all around him. Suddenly, a pair of rough hands grabbed him by the shoulder and yanked him forward. "Keep moving down the line." Came the gruff voice of a man Kyle couldn't see.

"The Master is waiting, and she will not be denied her meal." "Meal?" Kyle repeated in disbelief. No, he couldn't be anyone, or anything's meal, this was not how it was supposed to end. Scrambling to his feet, Kyle lost his balance and fell forward, only to be shoved back in line by strong hands, that made him stumble backwards this time.

"Stop trying to escape!" A sharp point poked at Kyle's bare back, and he screamed in pain as he felt a wet liquid trickle down his body. The spear poked into him by his guards had drawn blood, and Kyle only now just realized that he had been stripped completely naked. "Where am I?" Kyle whimpered, covering his privates with his hands instinctively even though nobody could see him in the pitch black.

"You have been brought to the Master's lair," Whispered one voice right beside his ear. "Deep in the heart of the Frontier, and far beneath the ground." Underground. Kyle had been brought underground.

At the same time, Kyle noticed a faint red glowing in the heart of the darkness, and from the dim illumination, could see the shadows of prisoners being throttled in the air by a tentacle, screaming in agony.

This had to be some sort of nightmare, Kyle just couldn't understand what was going on all around him. Lines of naked men were being force marched toward a strange being emanating a flowering red light to be eaten deep underground. The screams of those being devoured were agonizing. Those who were close and witnessing the horrific scene were screaming too, but theirs were frantic and fervent, wailing in fear as they impaled themselves on the spears of the guards in an attempt to escape.

"There will be no escape for you." Whispered the voice. "You belong to the Master now." Distress and dread grabbed Kyle in its stranglehold. The once swift and athletic Battle Scout could not help but break down into tears as he was pushed forward in line, collapsing to his knees in tears and sobs. "N-No, please!" Kyle begged incoherently in tears as hands grabbed him and dragged him forward to move along the line. The thought of death actually coming to claim the young boy when his life was only just truly beginning was terrifying, and the fact that he was being forced to wait in line for his death made it all so unbearable to Kyle.

"Shut up and move along!" A kick to Kyle's midsection forced him to curl into a ball, clutching at his stomach in pain. The young boy would not move, he couldn't bear to look death in the eyes and walk willingly toward it, and so he simply squeezed his eyes shut tightly and allowed the Frontier Clansmen to kick, punch, and prod him with their spears. No matter what they did, Kyle would not move. He just couldn't. Kyle would rather let them drag him, screaming and crying, toward his doom, than be able to find the strength in his legs to walk death down like a man.

As each and every excruciating second passed, the twisted screams of men about to die for louder and louder, and Kyle knew that he was getting closer and closer. Opening his eyes, he looked up at the guards dragging him, and because they were so close to the red light coming from the beast now, he could see their hairy, burly faces.

"Please!" He pleaded with them as a man's scream pierced the air, and caught their attention as they looked down to Kyle. "Please don't, why are you doing this?" "Because the Master demands food," Said the guard as they finally arrived at the front of the line. "And her will be done." Force up onto his knees, Kyle joined a line of kneeling prisoners.

He looked down the line and spotted maybe ten members of the different Squadrons of the Academy, including Nelson. The two locked eyes, but neither said a thing to one another. Nelson too seemed scared, as if he had been crying, but Kyle looked much worse. His face was red and shiny from the tears that still fell down his face even now. Snot dropped and hung from his nose, and Kyle's naked body was bruised and bleeding from being beaten by the guards.

"These are the last of the prisoners." One man said to another. "We will have to venture out again today to capture some more to please the Master." "She will be satisfied with this for now." Another guard nodded, then turned to the prisoners. "Now all of you, turn around!" The Frontier Clansmen spun the prisoners around tons of bitches happy to see dick striptease hardcore that they faced the giant beast.

Up close, it was much worse than he could have ever thought it was. It's body was large, organic, and dozens of long tentacles protruded from the single mass of its main body. Emitting a strange shriek, the beast roared at the sight of its new meals, and Kyle just could curvy boss emma butt gets humped and jizzed on help but release his bladder as he collapsed into another fit of tears at that strange, beastly sound.

"What the fuck?" One of the guards said as he approached Kyle. "This kid is peeing himself." The men began to laugh as they pulled Kyle's trembling body up straight, even as the yellow liquid continued to pool around the boy's knees. One of their hands grabbed his chin and forced his face to look in the direction of the monster.

"Since you're so scared, we'll do you a favor." He said. "You can be the last to go, and while waiting, you can watch your friends be devoured." Kyle's eyes widened as the others were shoved forward, and he tried to struggle out of their hold but to no avail.

The men were too strong, Kyle was too weak, and the beast's tentacles had already begun to wrap around its prey. "No!" Nelson screamed as he was lifted into the air. Watching in horror, Kyle screamed and tried to turn away as Nelson's eyes rolled back in his head and his body was thrown into a violent seizure. But of course, the men holding him forced the young boy to watch, to watch as some of the others were subject to the same torturous treatment, while others were squeezed tight, left gasping for air as they were throttled violently, and even fewer were just ripped right into two pieces, and their bleeding body parts squeezed dry of its blood.

It did not take long for the beast to finish, and when it was time, it disposed of the corpses with its tentacles.

Kyle's eyes followed as Nelson's body, suddenly looking pale and emaciated, was dropped into the darkness, his white eyes still open and jaw hanging wide open in shock. "What happened to him?" Kyle asked, horrified.

"It's your turn now." Said the guard, who then promptly shoved the terrified Kyle face first into the dirt. "You'll find that physical pain isn't anywhere near as excruciatingly painful as a psychic assault on your mind. Go ahead, she doesn't bite." Scrambling to his hands and knees, Kyle looked up, wide eyed and trembling uncontrollably as the tentacle reached down and scooped him up in its hold. The young boy could feel those slimy appendages wrapping around his naked sexy sweeties shag the biggest strapons and spray charge all around, curling around the skin of his waist and torso, twisting around his hips and bare thighs.

"No!" Kyle screamed as he was raised up high into the air. "Wait, please-" Kyle was cut short by a sudden intruding presence entering his mind. Immediately, the young boy's body jerked into a sudden rigidity, his mouth dropping wide open in a silent gasp at the alien sensation of a foreign presence invading his mind.

"Leave us." A strangely gentle and feminine voice filled Kyle's head. Surely, it could not be the beast talking? The men teen squirt orgasm massage lets party you allys sons of bitches have referred to it as a she, but the voice that Kyle was hearing was not at all monstrous or savage.

Also, what did it mean by leave us? Kyle didn't understand, until he noticed that the guards below him were quickly leaving, disappearing into the darkness.

"You hurt me." The voice in his mind came again, this time sadly. "After all these years, you come back to me and call me a beast, after everything we've gone through?" Kyle realized in horror that this thing was in his mind. The men had earlier mentioned that the beast was capable of psychic assaults. Perhaps this was it, the beast was able to enter into people's minds and communicate with them, or drain them mentally police mother and cop prostitute hot xxx Kyle had seen with Nelson.

"You are afraid?" It asked, as if surprised. "Why?" "T-Those guards that left us," Kyle said, still struggling slightly under the hold of the tentacles. "Were you talking to them, when you said to leave us?" "Indeed." It said, sounding troubled.

"Perhaps your human memory needs refreshment after the hundreds of years that has passed. I am a Yammix, a hive mind and universal being, that has travelled for thousands of years through the cosmos. I have conjoined the thoughts and consciousness of every single man living in this wasteland so that they will stand together in a concentrated effort without human individuality blocking the path to the attainment of their goals." Kyle's eyes widened. That must have been why none of the Squadrons' tactics worked against them.

They were attacking with only one goal in mind, and without caring for whatever happens webcam teen bubble ass abused p one them as individuals, which was why their swarming tactic worked. "W-Why are you here?" Kyle asked. "What do you want with me." There was a short pause as the tentacles slithered all around Kyle's naked body, before the female voice sounded again.

"Here, I will show you." One of the tentacles fixed itself agains Kyle's forehead, and immediately he began seeing things in the eye of his mind. He saw visions, visions of the past. In them, he watched as a trio of great beasts, Yammixes, travelled through space.

They went from planet to planet, turning its people into their mindless subordinates and forcing them to wage war against one another. When they were finished and the planet was desolate, they took what remained of their armies and travelled through space for their next conquest.

Until they finally arrived on Earth. Shaking himself out of the vision induced trance, Kyle looked to the alien in terror. "You attacked us! You started the Great Wars!" "We are not attackers, but defenders." The Yammix said. "You understood this when you came to us the last time." "The last time? I don't understand, just who do you think I am?" Once again, visions filled Kyle's mind as the Yammix implanted pictures into his head.

This time, he saw massive bloodshed, unlike even the great battles on ebony ladkki xxx sex stories 2019 15 planets that he had seen before. Masses and masses of people, soldiers dressed in a uniform he had never seen before, charged into battle only to be mowed down by plasma fire.

"This was from way back then, when your Allied Territories had yet to reveal its deadly plasma weapons." The Yammix explained as Kyle watched the visions in his mind.

"The then Canadian Autocracy could not defend themselves against the Demons of the Waste, and were torn into pieces by the merciless plasma fire." At the same time, Kyle caught a glimpse of them. In his mind, in the heart of the fighting stood five figures, the great Heroes of the Badlands.

"Eventually, your heroes attacked the heart of the Canadian Autocracy, and our Queen Mother Yammix unleashed her hordes of defenders to defend against them." The uniformed soldiers had disappeared now, replaced by horrid alien life forms of every shape and kind, defending a Yammix that was at least five times bigger than this one zealously.

Eventually, those alien defenders disappeared too, and a bright explosion engulfed the great Yammix. "But even they stood no chance," The Yammix said, almost sadly. "And after a great battle, our revered Queen was destroyed, leaving our forces decimated and in disarray." The smoke from the explosion began to clear, and from it all five Heroes appeared.

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But of all of them, only one of their faces were visible, and Kyle watched as the tall man tucked away both prototype plasma pistols into his belt. "W-What? You think I'm one of them?" "You have to be." Purred the Yammix. "Your mind is one that I recognized right away when I entered it.

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We have already had a psychic link established before, and I knew that it had to be you from the moment I touched you." "But I am not who you think I am!" Kyle screamed, kicking with his bound legs. "The five heroes lived hundreds of years ago, they're dead, and no one knows what happened to them!

My incredibly hot russian punk girl loves rough sex is Kyle, I'm just a fourteen year old boy who was captured in an ambush by your men. Please, let me go!" "That's impossible," The Yammix muttered. "Your genetic makeup is too similar for you to be anyone else. But if it really isn't you, then you must be somehow linked to him, a descendant." A descendant of the great hero?

That was impossible. Kyle's family have lived poor and overlooked by everyone in the same old town for generations. "You don't believe me." The Yammix noted as her slimy tentacles wrapped itself up higher on Kyle's thighs. "But it doesn't matter. Now, we can be together, the way we never could before." "What do you-ah!" An electric sensation of pleasure rocked the young boy's body, and he jerked violently within the tentacle's grasp as Kyle experienced the unexplainable bliss and pleasure.

"We will become one not in body," Explained the Yammix. "But in the mind. I will show you what pleasures the mind can give you that your body cannot." Kyle shuddered in violent ecstasy as his mental defenses broke down before the feelings of pleasure the Yammix was projecting into his mind.

The adolescent boy just couldn't resist it, there was no way he could have. Sensations the young boy had not known existed wracked his young body, and he was brought into a euphoria induced trance as the Yammix's powerful psychic presence dominated his mind with pleasure. "You told me once before you left me that your mission wasn't finished.

That you still had a job to do. Now you have come back, and we can stay together forever." But not only did the Yammix give him unimaginable pleasures via the mind, it had also heightened his state of mind so that everything he was much more sensitive to everything he could feel. Tingles of pleasure coursed through Kyle's body as the slimy tentacles slithered across his naked body, caressing him tenderly as they slid upward along his hairless thighs.

Involuntarily moaning in pleasure, Kyle trembled as the smooth tentacles caressed his bare butt cheeks, and slid upward across his lower back. These were all sensitive erogenous zones that the young boy was not even aware of, and experiencing them firsthand, alongside the psychic pleasures that the Yammix was projecting onto him, was too much. Unable to stop himself, Kyle cried out as he reached orgasm without anyone having to touch his penis at all.

And as his now erect adolescent cock, which was sticking out away from his body like a stiff rod, spewed stream after stream of cum, the Yammix did not let up, and only increased the pleasure that Kyle was feeling. This eventually brought him to another orgasm right away, before his first orgasm had even fully subsided, and the young boy writhed within the hold of the tentacles as the powerful waves of pleasure rocked his body.

As the thick ropes of his teenaged cum spilled out of his cock once again, Kyle was helpless to do anything about it as he was entirely in the Yammix's control.

The tentacles, though slimy, had a firm hold over him, being wrapped around his wrists, torso, ankles, and thighs. Even if the teen boy hadn't given himself up to the pleasure that the Yammix was feeding his mind, it would be very unlikely that Kyle would be able to break free.

Lost in ecstasy, Kyle's body went limp in the tentacles' hold as he allowed the Yammix to pleasure him endlessly.

He has become the Yammix's prisoner, orgasming multiple times over and over again in the darkness of the underground.