Mom xxx and son and daughter

Mom xxx and son and daughter
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''You got that right. And, we all saw just how much you really ''know her'' ! Fuck, she feels so freaking good. I can't believe you didn't fucked her yourself yet. I never understood how can a son even glances at his mom in sexual way, but now I'm aware that if Liz was my mom, I would probably still be sleeping with her !'' ''Well, I won't say I was never tempted. Ofcourse I was. But some things should still stay only in our imagination.''. We got a few more drinks, just resting from everything, and then we went to sleep, one by one.

I went to sleep with my mum, I came in her room and turned on the light.

The sight was amazing - Mom still slept just as we put her, her lips were still shining, and I enjoyed reading all the writings and drawings on her body. *SNAP!*, and one last picture of her like this was made.

I was really proud of her. She didn't stopped anyone or complained, she guy and a girl play with a dick whatever guys threw at her with joy.

She could be a fucking proffesional slut ! I was smiling to myself while thinking all this, then i turned off the light and laid next to her. I touched her body and most of it was still sweaty and spunky. I didn't cared. My hand slipped between her legs, and as expected - cum still didn't dry completely, everything was quite wet. Good girl. Then I found a spot on her neck, that didn't seem sticky. I placed my head there to enjoy her that hot smell of her body after fucking for the rest of the night.

Morning finally came and I surprisingly woke up quite early, and without too much headache. I glanced at my mum. She was still asleep, and I kissed her on her cheek, then went outside to get some fresh air. I saw that other guys are still sleeping and I decided that it's best if I wake up mum already, and I get her to go clean up and dressed to avoid her being ashamed. I needed a shower myself, too.

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I went back in, and caress mommy till she woke up. She looked at me, a bit confused. ''Good sexy brunette smoking toys ass on cam, beautiful !'' ''Ohh. Good morning, sweetheart. What. Oh gosh.'' ''Shhh. I'm so proud of you. You made this celebration the night of our lives.'' ''Oh did I. God I'm so dirty. Sorry.'' ''A shower will do. Let's go, mum.'' She ofcourse couldn't wash those signatures and drawings off her back, too, so I came handy.

Besides, I was desperate for a shower, too. The shower on the yacht was quite small, so we were well, let's say ''pretty intimate'' in there. I had a freaking morning hardon, and I pressed it against mum's body numerous times.

She didn't care, and she's used to seeing it, too. I enjoyed washing her back, ass and the back side of her thighs a lot. I massaged her in those areas plenty of times, but I never showered with her and washed her body. I was wondering why we never took a shower together - we should definitely practice it more often.

I was quite satisfied when she cleaned up herself and all her holes. I was finally able to properly grab her and kiss her lips. I asked her if she still has sore pussy or anything, and she said she feels her butthole just a bit, other is okay. She stated, that she never had so much cocks and fingers in her in one night, and that it's so easy to tell how much experienced are those guys - ''.When they were fingering me. I could tell exactly who are those three virgins, they penetrated really slowly and carefully, while some guys stretched me out like I was made out of latex !'' We made fun out of yesterday's activities, and I was glad that it turned out this way, and my mum isn't ashamed of herself.

Guys slowly started waking up and my coach made breakfast. During breakfast, all I heard was compliments for my mum and and yesterday's action. After I ate my food, I went on the deck and lid a cigarette. A friend joined me. ''Hey.'' ''Hello, how are you feeling ?'' ''Well, I've never been better, really. I guess you know why.'' ''You probably lost your virginity. '', I replied with a grin on my face.

I knew he was still a virgin, he was always too shy to approach a girl on himself. And I saw him yesterday, how he grabbed mum - she was aware that she's getting touched by inexperienced hands immediately, and she did her best to take him on as comfortable voyage into sexuality as possible.

She did well. ''Finally, yes. I'm really glad that it finally happened, and, don't get me wrong, that it was with your mum. She's such a great woman and you exactly feel what to do, when with her.'' ''Thanks, ofcourse. It's my pleasure. If you want to be with her some more, she'll probably be willing for something today, after all.'' ''Uhm.

Well, I just wanted to ask something like that.'' ''Oh, ofcourse, be my guest and go for it !''. ''I'd be more comfortable if you'd went to her first. I just want to practice kissing some more with your beautiful mum, and I would really like to know how to please a woman - with my fingers or anything.''' ''If you want to please a woman, you have to horny big tit brunette wife in pink lingerie ass fucked anal hard her first, you know !

But it's okay, I'll tell her right away. Though, I hope you don't mind my presence ? I'd like to go with you guys, I can show you few things, too, and, I still didn't calmed my morning hard on, so I could use her presence and fine touch of her hand to help me a bit after she teaches you a lesson.'' ''No, ofcourse ! Thank you so much !'' I went to my mum, ''Hello, pretty !'' ''Hey, sweetheart !'' ''Did your recovered well ?'' ''I'm as good as new !'', I knew she played and was actually still a bit worn out, but fuck it.

''Great ! Listen, I have my friend here, you took his virginity yesterday and now he's all crazy and would like to take advantage of your presence here some more. He would like you to teach him some more about kissing properly, fingering, things like that to satisfy a woman.

But don't worry, you can say no ! You already gave them all more than enough yesterday, so it's alright if you want to take a break from all the fucking!'' ''Oh, come on. Ofcourse I'll help him with that. It could make his life way better from now on.'' ''You already made his life wonderful, he's crazy about you.

I told you, honey, you're a goddess !'' I took my friend and we went downstairs in ten minutes. My mum was already waiting for us. We entered her room and she was lying on her bed - surprisingly dressed in her top, with a bra underneath, and skirt ! I thought I'd find her atleast in her bikini like before or naked already.

''Hello sweethearts. Now, Greg (my friend), you don't have to be nervous at all. Us women are made from flesh and blood just like you. Keep that in mind.'' She stood up and I jumped on the bed, and enjoyed the sight.

She was saying that with that familiar, great amount of self-esteem. I could imagine her being a fucking teacher back at school !

''Most guys make the biggest mistakes at the beginning - when they have to start making off and undressing themselves or their woman. We'll start with a kiss. Just lean in and kiss me as you know.

You were pretty good yesterday, so I know you'll do well, gorgeous.''. He started kissing her, then with tongue. He was pretty clumsy, but mum made the atmosphere much more relaxing for him, so we all ended up joking and he became way more playful. She directed his tongue in her mouth so he quickly learned what to do, and they started to look good, making out infront of me. He then practiced undressing her. He unzipped her bra like 20, 30 times to get some practice.

After she was topless infront of him, and he took care of her breasts and some other tricks she showed him - like that it's good to caress inner thighs while making out to get a woman going, etc. - he was ready to put her on the bed. They jumped on the bed next to me, and I gave mum a kiss while she already lifted her legs to make it easier for him to take off her skirt and panties, too. He got her naked, and enjoyed the sight of her lovely pussy, shaved on a thin line.

''Now, you'll start with fingering and licking me out. Oh. If you don't mind oral, ofcourse ?'', she corrected herself to be more polite. ''Oh, no, madam. I mean, Liz. Ofcourse not.'' ''Mum, do you mind if I show him fingering ? I won't lick you out, just fingers. Can I ?'' I really fingered her just once till now, and she wasn't even aware of it that time.

So we didn't do that on regular basis, you could say. She was normally a bit worried, but she fell for my begging eyes. I proudly carressed her thighs and spread her legs even wider for Greg to get a good look. When I was exploring her the first time, I felt her G-spot, or atleast I think I did.

One of her boyfriends, the one that we became so good friends with, told me everything, including how she likes to be touched and he described me the inside of her so good that I could make a fucking map of her pussy. I wanted to bring that knowledge to practice now. And after all, I was always pretty good at fingering with other girls, so I probably can teach Greg atleast something. I went from her thighs to her clit and rubbed in circles on and around it, for starters. I was telling Greg what I'm doing all along, and I paid attention to my mom's expression on face and her muscles all the time.

Suddenly, while doing circles, I penetrated with one finger, and another followed. I knew she could take much more, but for pleasing her, two fingers give you more space to play, if you know what you're doing. I made waves with my fingers inside her, and with my thumb, I was still around her clit on the outside. Greg was really paying attention, and I was enjoying this sight and that amazing feel, too.

I always thought that only I think of her pussy as quite special, because she's my mum, and I'm a son who still likes to take a glance or two at her, but. Now I know why her guys were enjoying her so much. She has a really nice pussy, not too big pussy lips, and the inside feels amazing - her healthy muscles provide the fine, warm grip, and she's still sloppy just as much, that you can slam into her without worrying it would hurt her too much. And the last but not least, guys say that a woman's pussy has best smell, when she's still a teenager.

Those tall gorgeous hottie disrobes in a cute way never dated my mum.

I was very happy to find her G-spot. I was right about where it is. I felt her muscles get tense, and she shivered very lightly. ''Greg, put your hand on her thighs, and watch her belly, too.

Feel it ? Did you feel it ?'' ''Oh, yes ! Wow !'' ''Here's how you know where is her special place. She'll start to shiver just a bit, and her muscles go tense. She won't be able to resist that reflex. And oh. Well just look at her face !''. We both laughed as we saw mommy biting her lip and smiling to herself !

We all laughed. ''And they say us youngsters can't satisfy an experienced woman ! We can make her playful and cuddling like a teen ! Anyways. after you find that, take care of her breasts, and with other hand, circle around that spot and touch it repeatedly. You don't have to be rough, despite that just depends on the woman, how she likes it. With your thumb, play with her clit. Give her a go, now.'' I removed my fingers out of her, and sticked them in her mouth so she licked them dry.

I wanted to get her really going, so that Greg's work would be a bit easier first time. At my surprise, after few more instructions, he was a real pro with his fingers ! I stopped him finally when my mom was already quite dripping, and I wanted to give him a chance to enjoy her orgasm while he licks her out.

I hope he'll manage to do it. I instructed him to stop, and mum gave him directions on oral. ''Don't EAT me ! Kiss me, kiss my clit, and then try to find your way in me as quick as possible. After that, you can help yourself with carressing my clit with your fingers.

This can always feel good, but be gentle.'' I carressed her tits and tummy while he was busy between my mum's hot legs, and a look at her told me he's not doing it so wrong. After few minutes, he became really good in that, jenna licks out alexas pussy while she lies back in veronicas lap, actually. My wish was now starting to get true.

Mum couldn't hold herself much longer - almost half an hour with us two studs, was getting to her, and she was breathing quite heavily already. I kissed her neck and played with her some more, and told her she doesn't have to hold back anymore. He has all the lessons needed for now. A minute or so, she started shaking, her muscles stiffen, and I that made me smile. I watched her get her a quite amazing orgasm from a guy, that lost his virginity to her just yesterday !

Greg was enjoying as never before, as he was feeling her vaginal muscles raging with his tongue still inside her. Mum was now out of control, and she squeezed her legs around Greg's head - she tried to close them I suppose. Horny blonde girl enjoy riding the hard cock camfree and sucking knew that he's getting even more joy now. Finally, Greg stopped, and mum's body slowly started to get more relaxed and bumps getting slower.

''Ohh. Oh god. I. Looks like you know well what to do now.'' ''Thank you so much, this was the best moment of my life !'' ''I bet there's lot more of those moments waiting for you, honey.'' I leaned in to give her a kiss, and she said to me, ''Oh, son, how can you let those men do such things to your mommy, huh ?

Don't you feel bad for me ?'' We all laughed. She was now blowjob session with lustful beautiful hottie hardcore massage as fuck, but she still remained a lady, and didn't forget about Greg - ofcourse he was rock hard already, and she took his dick in her hands. ''I'll bring you two something to drink.'' ''Just for your mum, you know, I have a fresh juice directly from the source right here !'' I still knew she needs to drink as she orgasmed right now, and that her pussy needs a minute to rest a bit.

I came, she drank some water, and before you knew, he was pounding her from behind and I was infront of her, watching her gourgeous expressions while she jerked me off. It didn't take us long to cum. She swallowed my cum, and Greg filled her pussy. We were all too lazy to shower again, so we just decided to go swimming immediately. Mum dressed her bikini, despite the cum was still oozing out of her, as she knew that sea water will clean it for her.

Our teammates were in the sea already, and we joined them playing with the ball, Ofcourse, guys were touching mum on every occasion and had her on their backs in the water, but I could only imagine if they all knew at the time, that she was already fucked and full of cum again.

Well, it didn't take long for the other guys to get some fun, too. I saw my mum recovered again, and I immediately got something to get everyone going on my mind. ''Oops ! Sorry, mum !'', I stated when I ''accidentally'' spilled my tequilla on her cleavage, so it ran all the way down her belly.

She rolled her eyes, and wanted to go and wash it off her body. I stopped her. ''No, you don't have to wash it yourself, I'm sure I can fix it !'' I grabbed her and put her on the table, climbed onto her and carefully licked every drop from her tits and belly.

She didn't even smile at first, she even seemed angry, but after she glanced at all my friends enjoying so much, she went for it. An hour passed, and we all got almost drunk from drinking and licking all the drinks we had from mom's body. She had her hands and legs tied already now again, too. I washed her here or there, but she really became a bit sticky from spit, too, so I proposed another thing.

I saw my friend went to piss - it was the one who wanted to piss on my mum yesterday. ''Hey, where are you going ?'' ''Pissing.'' ''Well, you have your toilet infront of you, I suppose.'' ''What?'' ''Come on, you wrote ''cum dumpster'' on her yesterday, so why she wouldn't be your toilet for today ?'' Everyone waited and applauded, and he was really fair to her, and asked her if she's really down with it.

''Well, honey, I'm here to please. Go ahead.'', she winked. I was again very proud of her courage. He climbed onto her and sticked out his dick.

He started pissing all over her, he pissed in her pussy and finally - on her face. At first, her mouth was closed, as I suspected, but what do you know ! She even opened her mouth and swallowed some of his piss. He stopped and mum wanted to tease, so she smiled and licked her lips, too.

Guys were really going crazy now. Next on the line was the guy that wanted mum to lick out his ass yesterday. I washed piss off her with water and she cleaned her mouth, then I kissed her and left her to do her job again. That next guy climbed directly onto her, and turned into 69 position - but, he didn't licked her out, too. He pressed his ass directly onto her face, slapped her face with it few times, and then let her lick sucking an highly huge jock hardcore and blowjob asshole out.

She did even that with no problem ! She licked him all the way from his balls over his asshole, circled around it and back. I almost felt bad that my mum's getting it like she would be punished, and I'm standing infront of her enjoying the sight. I leaned over her to give high five to my friend whose ass she was licking, and in that moment - he was waiting for it - he farted directly into her face. All the guys were laughing crazy - including me. He told us both later, that he didn't do it because he would want to humiliate her or treat her like trash - he respects us both and he really lusted for it, it was his kink.

Shortly after, he raisied his ass. Mum took the chance to spit out a hair that found way in her mouth during her exploration of my teammate's asshole.

Well, he didn't left her to rest yet, he just repositioned himself to ram his cock into her mouth. And he was really ramming it, he had great access, and I never saw mum take such a pounding in her mouth before.

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He was penetrating into her mouth with his full weight, and with a very fast pace. I saw tears in her eyes from just the raw force, and she was already turning red from all the pressure.

But she didn't stopped him yet, neither did I. She endured it till the very end and he finally stood up, leaving her with her red, dirty face, and used mouth, now full of his cum. And ofcourse, he had to spit on her face for a proper end, too. She swallowed and other guys were already all rock hard, and jacking off watching the show.

They've decided themselves that they won't torture her throat anymore, to thank her for everything, and that they will rather fill her pussy up. They all got a round with her, and despite they didn't played with her so long as yesterday, her body was quite similar in the end - all sticky, and her pussy was almost as sore as yesterday. Approximately, when the last one came in her worn out pussy, coach announced that the port is just an hour away now.

Guys all thanked her and me, and went to shower. So did I and my mum. She wasn't as fucked up as yesterday, but well. She did keep her legs carefully apart as she walked. I took care of her red spots and we layed in bed for another half an hour, then we went outside, both dressed up properly. We finally stepped on dry land, and had some more quick conversations before we all left.

My teammates with a bus, and my mum and me with a car. They all showed their respect and appreciation for her and both of us, actually. She now realized that they're more than just young, testoterone-driven maniacs.

They can be fair and onnised, and respectful - and she immediately felt way better about giving herself to them now. One guy also told her that if she will ever want a tattoo, she can come to him.

Wow, I was persuading also blameless to be fucked hardcore and blowjob for so long, now I have the chance to get her tattoed. We drove back to home, and smiled and teased each other like we were in love all the time. We stopped for a drink on the highway, and what do you know. We meet her coworker. She said to him that we're going on the vacations alone.

He doesn't know anything about her private house vark man fak new, so we needed to watch out. She went inside to bring us drinks, and I was alone with her coworker outside. ''Well, you're a really fine son to go with your mum alone like that. She doesn't have a man, so if you wouldn't want to go with her, who would ?'' That struck me immediately. I got aware of the fact, that my mum cartoon xxx hardvore clip download fucked with a complete football team for two days, And despite all that - she's still a respectful lady on the outside, even after fucking 15 guys for 2 days.

That's a quality of a woman, who truly lives to tease and please. And that was the moment, when I realized she might enjoy developing those qualities within our football team much more.