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Teen elsa jean having sex with an experienced milf
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Harry Potter and the Order of the Sex Appeal Chapter Four by Simon Fear Three days had passed since Ginny had made love with Harry and then erased his memory of it.

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He was back to trying avoid her as if nothing had happened, which in his mind it hadn't, but it breaking Ginny's heart. And to make matters worse, her best friend Hermione was also avoiding her. When Ginny had awakened in her bed and found that Hermione was still not in there she had gone looking for her. Ginny had found her of course locked up in the lavoritory and she refused to speak to Ginny, so Ginny had gotten mad, "Well it's your fault Hermione, you practically forced it to happen, pulling that stunt of yours." Hermione said nothing back and all Ginny could hear was muffled crying.

Ginny stormed away and went back to her room and got in keila loves the taste of old cock in her mouth, but she couldn't sleep. Around midnight, she heard the bedroom open and someone tip toe in.

Ginny pretended to be asleep, but watched as Hermione walked to her bed, and quickly slip out of her jeans. Hermione then turned her back to Ginny and pulled her thong down and tossed them on her jeans on the floor.

Ginny eyed Hermione's bare ass with a lustful hunger. As Hermione crawled into bed Ginny spoke up, but Hermione just turned her back to her and pulled the covers up over her head. This continued on. On the third day however Ginny woke up feeling sick, and ran to the bathroom where she started throwing up in the toilet. She felt sick to her stomach. The whole ordeal was taking its toll on her. Ginny was still just wearing her t-shirt and a pair of blue cotton panties, and she was on her knees, looking into the toilet.

Why was this happening. She stood up and flushed the toilet and then grabbed a magical tablet out of the counter. It was tablet that when put in your mouth, it brushed your teeth, and made your breath smell fresh. Once she had felt the tablet do it job, she spit it out in the trash. It's magic had been used up. It was a one time thing.

She opened her mouth and saw that her teeth were sparkling clean. Little peppermint bubbles floated out of her mouth, letting her know that her breath would have the scent of peppermint. Each pill had its own flavoring. They all tasted the same, but anyone who got near would smell the aroma of whatever the flavoring scent had been.

Then the door opened behind her and Hermione walked in. Ginny spun around and looked at her. Hermione looked back and then started to turn around to walk out when Ginny grabbed her wrist. "Hermione please, just talk to me.

I can't this any longer. Please." Hermione herself couldn't take it anymore as well. Ever since that day she had tricked Ginny into going down that hall naked and forcing contact with Harry, she had thought it the best thing. But after she had felt that she had lost something special and it had broken her heart as well. Crying, Hermione wrapped her arms around Ginny and hugged her tightly, "I'm so sorry Ginny. So sorry I've been mean to you." Ginny wrapped her arms around Hermione as well.

It felt so good embracing her again. Finally Ginny broke the hug and stepped back and looked into her friend's tear streaked eyes. "Why, why have you been avoiding me?" Ginny asked.

Hermione looked down at the floor, "Well the truth is, at first I got really jealous and mad that you had actually gone through with it instead of choosing me, then after thinking about, I knew you really wanted Harry, and I had forced it on you. So then I was just wanting to stay out of the way, and let things continue with you and Harry.

But then I saw how he was acting like nothing had happened, and was avoiding you and I got mad at him for treating you that way. He's being such a twit, but no more than I have been, right?" Ginny hugged Hermione again, "Oh Hermione, you sweet loving girl.

Harry truly doesn't remember because I erased his memory of it." Hermione looked shocked, "But.but why. I mean you have been wanting him for so long." Ginny blushed, "Well, it's because I realized that I love you as well, and then I got so confused that I erased his memory until I could get things straightened." "Like what?" "Ginny looked down at the floor, "Like if I want to be with Harry, or with you." A tear came rolled down Hermione's cheek, "Oh you sweet silly girl, I love you too, but you belong with Harry, I just know it.

But that doesn't mean that we still can't have our fun together." Ginny looked up and smiled, "You really mean that?" Hermione leaned in and began kissing Ginny on the lips. Ginny returned the kiss as Hermione wrapped her arms around Ginny's waist and placed her hands inside the back of Ginny's panties, caressing her bare ass cheeks.

"MMMM", Ginny moaned into Hermione's lips. Ginny slid her hand up under Hermione's t-shirt and lifted it up. Hermione relunctantly removed her hands out of Ginny's panties to allow her to take the shirt off. Hermione was wearing a mesh red lace brace and Ginny could easily see Hermione's small pink nipples. Hermione slid her hands back into Ginny's panties and resumed caressing her ass.

Ginny then unbuttoned Hermione's jeans followed by the zipper. The jeans were tight fitting and it took Ginny a few seconds to ease them down over Hermione's waist. Hermione wiggled her hips which helped out till her jeans fell to the floor around her ankles. Ginny then reached back up to grab Hermione's panties, but when her felt of Hermione's waist, all she found was soft skin. Ginny felt around which caused Hermione to giggle, "That tickles Ginny." Ginny glanced down and that was when we she noticed that Hermione was not even wearing any panties.

Hermione blushed, "I um.I didn't put any on," as if answering Ginny's unspoken question. "Actually I school boy and madam xnxx been wearing any for three days now. Just thinking about as kept me so wet I have to constantly change panties so I figured why even bother with them. Besides it feels so much better not having any on, specially when wearing a skirt." Ginny looked up and saw a devilish grin on Hermione's face.

Hermione knelt down in front on Ginny and then reached up with both of her hand and in one quick swoop, pulled her panties down to her ankles. Ginny shuddered as she felt the air brush across her bare pussy lips. She had started using a magic that removed hair from any place her wand was pointed at, and she had done just that to her mound.

She could feel her juices trickling through her slit. A few drops were slowly running down the inside of her thighs. Hermione leaned in and ran her tongue up Ginny's thighs catching the droplets. She tasted just as sweet as she remembered. Ginny moaned out as she ran her hands through Hermione's thick wavy hair. Hermione trailed her tongue all the way and then circled around Ginny's moist nether lips.

Hermione hands slowly eased up the back of Ginny's legs until they came back to resting on her bare ass. Hermione plunged in with her tongue and began sliding her tongue through Ginny's slit. She started at the bottom and went up till the tip of her tongue brushed against Ginny's extended clit. Ginny squealed out as a small amount of her sweet nectar squirted out and splashed on Hermione's face. Hermione licked her lips, and then buried her face into Ginny's wet snatch.

She slid her tongue deep into her pussy as Ginny's juices began pouring in Hermione's mouth. Hermione sucked and drank the sweet liquid from Ginny as Ginny' moaned, "Ohh cripes Hermione, I had forgotten how good this feels.

Ohhhh God I'm gonna cum!!" Ginny began grinding her pussy into Hermione's face as she tongue fucked her red head girlfriend. Ginny's knees buckled and she grabbed onto the counter as her orgasm washed through her, "UUGGGHHhhh, MMMMMmmmmm, AAAGGHHHHHHHH!!!" Ginny's pussy squirted her thick juices out in force as Hermione tried hard to catch it all in her mouth.

A lot of it splashed against her face and onto her bra covered tits. With her bra already being transparent it became even more so as it soaked up Ginny's juices. Just then the door opened up. Tonks walked with her bright pink hair flowing.

First thing she saw was Ginny leaning against the amateur teen feet worship and pussy solo anything to help the poor her eyes closed.

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She didn't look down yet to noticed the naked Hermione or the fact that Ginny was naked waist down. "Wotcher Ginny, you alright?" Hermione spun around on the floor accidently tripping Tonks. Tonks fell down, landing on her ass and she noticed for the first time Hermione in there but wearing only a transparent bra and the rest of her naked with a wetness glistening all over he face and chest. Then she glance up and saw Ginny bare pussy with her juices flowing steadily out.

Ginny quickly cupped her pussy to stop her orgasm but it only made her cum harder. Ginny grunted out and more juices squirted through her fingers and her face became very red matching her hair. Hermione was desperatly trying to cover herself with her own arms, but Tonks managed to catch a glimpse of her own bare and wet pussy lips. "Oh my.", was all Tonks could say as her own face turned a beet red to match that of Ginny's. Even her hair changed to a bright red to show off her embarresment of walking in on the two girls.

Several things happened at once. Tonks tried getting up at the same time Hermione moved to close the door before someone else walked in on them. Ginny flustered after her orgasm sank to her ass, her legs tripping Hermione in the process. Hermione fell against the door which forced it to slam shut, but she wound up falling down onto the floor.

Hermione rolled over onto her back just as Tonks being pretty clumsy stepped on her own robe and fell forward again, but this time landing right on top of Hermione. Tonks' face landing right between Hermione pussy juice covered tits. Hermione cried out as she felt Tonks' knee thrust against her own bare pussy causing her a bit of discomfort.

Hermione swore she could feel Tonks' firm c-cup breasts pressing against her stomach and could even feel her hard nipples poking euro hotties get plowed at a party the robe. This cause Hermione to get even more aroused and she felt her pussy getting wetter.

Tonks mumbled something into Hermione's breasts. Finally Tonks lifted her face up and stared into Hermione's eye, "Uh.Wotcher Hermione." Hermione saw that Tonks' face was smeared with Ginny's cum. Tonks moved off of Hermione and sat on the floor and leaned against the wall. She licked her lips and tasted Ginny's sweetness for the first time.

She ran her finger against her cheek scooping more of the nectar onto it and then stuck it in her mouth.

"MM, very tasty, sweet. Which one of you?" she asked looking first at Hermione and then at Ginny, neither girl knowing what to say. "Well if neither of you fesses up I guess I'll just have to find out the hard way." Before either girl could comprehend what Tonks meant, Tonks moved her hand between Hermione's spread legs and slipped a finger into Hermione's drenched pussy.

Hermione squealed out as the sensations swept through her. Tonks moved her finger around inside Hermione snatch, which was bringing Hermione closer to an orgasm. "Uggghhh, ooohhhhh," Hermione moaned out. Tonks continued to wiggle her finger inside Hermione's pussy as Ginny opened shocked watched, feeling herself getting very round ass teen slut is getting banged real hard in the office. Just right before Hermione was about cum though Tonks pulled her out with a wet plop, causing Hermione to moan in frustration.

Tonks looked at her finger and saw how wet Hermione's pussy had made and then slipped it into her mouth. Tonks sucked on her finger, savoring Hermione's taste.

"MMMMM, very tasty, sweet also, but not what was on your breasts, so I'm guessing that the wetness on Hermione's breasts is from you, am I right Ginny?" Ginny blushed even more and looked down at the floor. Hermione being so close to an orgasm and not caring that Tonks was there, reached down between her legs and started pressing down on her clit. Tonks looked over and saw what Hermione was doing. Tonks lightly slapped her hand away. Hermione gasped and quickly pulled her hand away, "Now none of that you naughty girl, you are in big enough trouble as it is." Ginny finally spoke up, "Please Tonks, don't tell mummy, she'll kill then she'll kill Hermione." Hermione tensed up remembering how Ginny's mum had gotten when she thought Hermione had fooling around on Harry.

Tonks sort giggled, "Oh no I won't tell your mum, I think this will stay between us three girls, but you still need to be punished and I know just the thing." Before Ginny could reply, Tonks waved her wand around the air. Hermione heard the door lock behind. Then Tonks flicked her Wand at Ginny and Ginny screamed out in pure exstacy. Tonks had just brought her right to the brink of orgasm, but not over.

Ginny shoved her hand between her thighs and furiously began rubbing her clit trying to bring herself off. Tonks just giggled, "Try as you might Ginny you will not cum till I let you." Ginny didn't hear over her loud moans and squeal and she desperatly tried to make herself cum.

Being on the brink and not cumming was too much to handle. Tonks then turned her attention to Hermione who was eyeing Ginny as she shoved two fingers deep into pussy, "And now you Hermione." Tonks flicked her wand at Hermione and Hermione felt herself go rigid.

She could not move her arms or legs. Then she felt herself begin to float up. Tonks was now standing and Hermione's feet came level with Tonks' face. Tonks then spread Hermione legs wide open, till her drenched pussy came into view. Tonks eyed Hermione's pussy with a lustful hunger. Hermione looked over her bra covered breasts and saw Tonks starring at her. Hermione quivered with anxiety wondering what Tonks was about to do.

She didn't have to wait long as Tonks flicked her wand at Babe knows how to suck a nice cock hardcore european pussy. Suddenly Hermione let out a loud squeal as she was also brought right to the brink of an orgasm, but not going over.

Hermione wanted to shove her fingers deep into her pussy and bring herself off, but she could not make her arms moved. Tonks watched as Hermione's pussy lips swelled up with arousal, and juices began to pour out from her slit.

She watched as Hermione slightly squirmed in her hovering position, unable to move her arm to allows her fingers to plunge into her pussy. Tonks was loving this. She had eyed the two sexy girls since she had first met them, hoping for a chance like this.

She had never told anyone of her lesbian side, she was bi, both for guys and girls. She had one guy on her mind, and now the two girls she had been thinking of were hers for the taking. She walked Hermione, trailing her fingertips along Hermione's smooth legs, up to her thighs.

She reached under Hermione, and felt of her smooth bare ass cheek, and she slid her fingertips through Hermione's butt crack. Hermione shuddered as she felt Tonks run her fingers though her butt crack. It felt so good. Tonks leaned in and slightly licked up Hermione's left butt cheek, trailing her tongue to the top of her pelvis. Tonks found Hermione's small little butt hole and pressed her forefinger against it. Hermione responded by squealing out.

"Oh that feel so good Tonks, please.please let me cum!" Hermione pleaded with her. Tonks giggled, "In due time my sweet Hermione." Tonks applied a little more pressure to Hermione's butthole, causing her to cry out in pleasure, then Tonks removed her finger, letting Hermione writhe in agonizing pleasure. Tonks then turned out and gave her attention to Ginny, who was still screaming out, while she was furiously pounding two fingers deep into her pussy, trying to so hard to make herself cum.

Tonks noticed how much of Ginny's pussy juices was pooling on the floor around her naked ass, and how swollen her reddened pussy lips were.

"Please Tonks, please let me cum, I need to cum so badly," Ginny screamed out. Tonks flicked her wand at Ginny and her fingers were immediatly pulled out of her pussy, and her arms went straight to her sides. Ginny groaned out as the need to have an orgasm overwhelmed her. Sunny leone new xxx sex storys pleasure was so intense, and yet she would not cum.

Ginny looked at Hermione's floating body, her legs splayed out, and she writhe in the air. Ginny could see a trickle of Hermione's own pussy juices dribbling down from between her legs and splashing on the floor. Tonks flicked her wand at Ginny again, and Ginny felt herself rise up to the counter then move back a little, so that her bare ass cheeks were planted on the counter. Her legs were still spread open, as she no longer had control of her body like Hermione.

While both girls suffered of being on the brink and not getting to cum, Tonks slowly began to remove her witch's robe. She let her cape fall to the floor, and then reaching behind herself she undid the four buttons in the back, from her neck down. Once Tonks had unbuttoned herself, She slid the robe off her right shoulder, then she slid it off her left shoulder. Tonks slid the robe down to the top of her breasts, exposing her bare shoulder and cleavage to Ginny and Hermione.

Both starred as they realized how sexy Tonks looked to them. Tonks winked at them, then let go of her robe letting it fall to the floor. Both girls eyed Tonks as she stood before them wearing a blue mesh wrap around bra, which showed of her stiff nipple through the translucent material.

She must be at least a 34 c cup. Ginny and Hermione moved their eyes down Tonks' smooth skin, and firm stomach down to her blue mesh panties. The girls could tell aj applegate in a massive married gangbang tonks was completely shaven, seeing her bare slit through the material. Her legs were also shapely down to sexy ankles and feet.

Tonks, feeling their eyes on her body, slowly turned around, and the girl for the first time saw that Tonks' panties was in fact ag-string. Her bare smooth, rounded and firm ass cheek were so sexy, and the girls could not the string that was inside Tonks' butt crack until it appeared at the top where it split off in a Y shape around her waist. Tonks turned back around to face them, lust burning in her eyes. "Do you like what you see?" Hermione gasped out, "Oh Tonks, you are so sexy," then "Oh please Tonks, let me cum, please Juelz ventura fucked hard big black cock monstercock Ginny also gasped out, "You are so hot Tonks, and yes please let us cum." Tonks grinned, "I am so pleased, you girls are making me so hot, but first." She cut short what she was about and stepped up to Ginny, then knelt in front of her Ginny, bring her swollen drenched pussy to eye level.

"Oh Ginny, you have such a sexy and sweet looking pussy, just tasty looking." With that Tonks leaned and began running her tongue through Ginny's soaking wet slit.

Ginny screamed out in pleasure as she felt Tonks' tongue and she longed for never coming orgasm. Tonks loved Ginny's taste and she slid her tongue deep into Ginny's wet hole. Ginny was on fire and her insides were hot to Tonks' tongue. Her juices flowed into Tonks' hungry mouth as she tried to swallow all of the sweet nectar. A lot of spilled out of mom and son kichen hard fuck sex stories mouth and ran down her chin, and neck and onto her bra covered breasts.

Ginny struggled to thrust her pussy harder into Tonks' face but to no avail. Tonks' tongue felt so good, she didn't want her to stop, but yet she longed for her orgasm. Tonks then removed her tongue and then placed her lips around Ginny's extended clit and began sucking on it.

Ginny cried out even louder, screaming at the top of her lungs from the intense feeling. "Ohhh Tonks, suck on it, fuck my pussy. Please me cum!!", she cried out. Suddenly Tonks flicked her wand again and Ginny found that she move again, and she grabbed onto the edge of the counter and began thrusting her pussy against Tonks face.

Tonks slid two fingers into Ginny's pussy and began to finger sexy teen neigbors fucked by lesbian stepsis group sex and fingering her while she sucked on her clit. Ginny's juices rushed out all over Tonks' as she humped her face but still she could not cum. Then Tonks removed her fingers from Ginny's pussy and slid her tongue back in, while covering her pussy with her mouth.

Tonks flicked her wand with her free and suddenly Ginny screamed out as she began cumming in Tonks' face. Scream she did, and hard she came as her juices rushed out into Tonks' mouth. Ginny's orgasm was so powerful she came for 5 minutes, screaming her head off.

In fact it was so powerful Ginny actually passed out. Tonks grabbed a hold of her and gently lowered her down to the floor. Even though Tonks was small in stature, Ginny was smaller still and did not weigh much.

Tonks easily sat her on the floor and leaned her back against the counter wall. Tonks scooted back and admired Ginny, sitting there passed out, wearing only a t-shirt, her pussy lips red and swollen, juices still dribbling out of her pussy. "My, my, my, what a mess you made Ginny, that is just so sexy." Ginny' eyes fluttered open and she meekly looked at Tonks' beautiful face, "Thank you so much, that was so incredible. I can barely move." It was barely a whisper, but Tonks and Hermione heard it.

Tonks crawled back over to Ginny on her hands and knees and began kissing Ginny on the lips. Ginny, though very exhausted returned the kiss, slipping her tongue into Tonks' mouth, tasting her own cum.

Tonks then pulled away, "Now you just relax and gather your strength while I tend to your friend. Ginny smiled, "Make her cum as hard I did, let her feel how awesome it was." Tonks smiled, "Oh I will." Tonks stood up and turned around to face Hermione. Even though Hermione was going through the same intense pleasure that Ginny had gone through, she had watched the sexual play of Tonks and Ginny in silence, watching and wishing that it was her pussy that Tonks had fucking. Now Tonks looked in Hermione's eyes with that same burning lust.

"Do you want me to do that same with you?" she whispered. Hermione gasped out, "Oh fuck yes Tonks, please fuck my pussy!!!" Tonks leaned and began kissing Hermione, sliding her tongue into Hermione's mouth, while her left hand reached up and began to rub Hermione's bra covered tits.

Hermione moaned into Tonks mouth, tasting Ginny's juices, oh how she loved that taste. Tonks pulled Hermione's bra down below her breast, and tweaked her hard nipples. Hermione cried out, then Tonks broke the kiss and moved under Hermione. Tonks reached up with both hands and began caressing Hermione's bare butt cheeks, while kissing her back.

Tonks moved down her back till she came to Hermione's ass and began planted kisses and licking her bare cheeks. Hermione groaned out, wanting her pussy to get some attention as well. Tonks then moved further and came up between Hermione's spread legs and eyed her dripping pussy. Even though Hermione did not get anywhere are wet as Ginny, her pussy was still leaking a good amount of her own juices. Tonks moved her hands back to Hermione's busty african broad dominated and fucked outdoors and squeezed it and she slid her tongue up through Hermione's slit.

Hermione cried out pleasure and tried hard to grind her pussy against Tonks' face, but could not just like Ginny had not been able to. Tonks slid her tongue deep into Hermione's hot pussy, as her fingertip slipped into her butt crack and pressed against her butt hole. Hermione tried to pushed her butt down against Tonks' finger but could not. Tonks then moved her finger down through Hermione's crack and up through her slit.

She dipped her finger deep into Hermione's pussy with her tongue, and wiggled it around. Then Tonks removed her finger and moved it back to Hermione's butt hole. As she licked Hermione's pussy, she pressed her finger into Hermione's ass hole. Hermione screamed out in pleasure as she felt Tonks's finger easily slip into her ass. Tonks pushed her finger in all the way and then pulled it out to the tip.

Slowly she began to finger fuck Hermione's ass while she started sucking on her clit. Hermione was screaming at the top of her lungs, begging Tonks to let her cum. Tonks just slipped another finger into Hermione's ass as she double finger fucked her butt hole. Hermione had never thought anal sex could be this pleasurable and she knew that she and Ginny would have to try it.

After several minutes of Tonks fingering her ass, and eating her pussy, Tonks flicked her wand with her free hand, and Hermione screamed out in orgasmic pleasure as her orgasm exploded from her pussy. Even though Hermione's pussy never squirted, this time it did.

Her pussy squirted juices out with forced into Tonks' mouth, and down her chin, to mix with Ginny's juices on her breasts. Hermione's orgasm lasted just as long as Ginny's had, and even though she came close to blacking out, Hermione held onto her senses. Finally after what seemed an enternity, her orgasm slowly began to subside. Her juices had stopped squirted and were slowly just trickling out into Tonks mouth. Hermione was breathing hard, her bare breasts heavy hard upward. Tonks relunctantly removed her mouth from Hermione's pussy and stepped back.

Tonks watched Hermione's very swollen pussy throb from it subsiding orgasm and she slowly lowered Hermione down to the floor. Hermione was finally able to move and weakly she sat up and gazed at Tonks then over at Ginny who grinning at her. Hermione crawled over to Ginny and wrapped her arms around her girlfriend and they kissed. Finally they broke and both girls stood up, but they realized just how sensitive their pussy were.

Both girls tried to touch themselves but had to quickly remove their hand from their pussy. They were way too sensitive. Both girls looked over at Tonks who was pulling her robe back on. Ginny spoke up first, "Your not finished yet are you? I mean don't you want us to return the favor. You just gave us the best orgasms ever, and we want to do the same thing for you.

Tonks walked over to Ginny and gave her a quick kiss on the lips and then kissed Hermione, "I would love to continue this with you girls, if you really want me to." Both girls nodded their heads yes. Tonks smiled, "Then I would love to continue on myself, but I must get back to the ministry, but I look forward to next time we get a little free time to ourselves." Tonks kissed both girls again, then waved her wand around the bathroom and the all the pussy juice evaporated and the smell of sex disintigrated.

Tonks flicked her wand at both girls and their clothing re-appeared on their bodies. Then CRACK, and Tonks was gone. Wobbly legged both girls managed to get to their room. Exhausted they both collapsed onto one bed, holding each other.

Both girls kissed each other, overjoyed to be with each other again. Ginny smiled, "At least now I don't have to worry about the stress making me sick to my stomach. Hermione smiled, then both girls fell asleep embraced with each other. For the next five days, Ginny and Hermione would take every moment that they could get with each alone and make out, and sexually pleasure each other.

They would especially have good sex once they went to bed at night. However, every morning Ginny would wake up sick to her stomach and would wind up throwing up in the bathroom. After the fifth day Hermione began to get worried. Ginny was sitting on the edge of her bed wearing only a red bra and red panties while Hermione sat next to her, in a black bra and matching thong.

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"I don't think it is stress or a virus Ginny, it just doesn't make sense," Hermione said, her arm wrapped around Ginny's waist. "I don't know what else it could be Hermione, it has to be stress.

It started about three days after I had sex with Harry and you quit talking to me. In fact that very morning in the bathroom before you showed up I had thrown up." Hermione gasped, "Wait, Ginny did you use a condom when you had sex with Harry?" Ginny shrugged, "What's a condom?" Hermione looked shocked, "Did you let Harry actually cum inside your pussy?" Ginny grinned, "Oh yes, it was a wonderful feeling, his stuff flowing deep into me." Hermione's jaw dropped open, gordita sexy de enormes senos y vagina rasurada frente a la cam crap Ginny, did you use a pregnancy barrier charm?" Ginny shook her head no.

"Oh no Ginny, I think you're having morning sickness." Ginny looked at her dumbfounded. "Morning sickness is what women get when they become pregnant." Ginny shook her head, "No that can't be, I can't be pregnant. It was only one time." Hermione frowned, "One time is enough. We need to check to be sure." Hermione jumped off the bed and ran to her books. Digging through them she the one she wanted and flipped through the pages. "Ok Ginny stand up." Ginny stood up and Hermione could not help but admire her girlfriend's sexy body.

Hermione walked up to her and put the tip of her wand against Ginny's belly. "Ok this is a charm that will determine if your pregnant. If you are pregnant, the tip of the wand will glow green. If you are not pregnant, the tip will glow red." Ginny shuddered, "Oh God Hermione, as much as I thought about having Harry's child, I didn't want it to happen so soon. Mum will kill me if I am." Ginny closed her eyes and said quietly, "Please glow red, please glow red." Hermione spoke the spell, "Pregnatio Reveal" Both girls looked each other in the eyes and then looked down at the wand.

Their eyes opened wide in shock. Hermione's wand tip was glowing green. Possibly to be Continued.