Sex stories pic full xnxx aunty german

Sex stories pic full xnxx aunty german
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My name is Aiden I live with my parents in a small town and in a small neighborhood. My best friend Courtney lives right next door to me, we have known each other ever since I moved here when I was about 7.

The first time I saw her was when our parents introduced each other, she was 6 hiding behind her mother's leg. We just naturally clicked, we were always together from that point on. We would always play video games or watch TV shows and movies together. We went through middle school together and where kind of new in high school but one day that will all change. I woke up Friday morning to my alarm clock I hit the snooze button not wanting to get ready for school.

After letting the alarm go off two more times I reluctantly stand up, turn off the alarm clock and walk to the bathroom connected to my room to take a shower.

I turn on the shower, undress and step into it. As I wait for the water to wake me up I start thinking about myself. My name is Aiden, I stand at almost 6 foot a little skinny with black hair, brown eyes, and a 7 inch dick that is 5 1/2 inches in circumference. After my shower I grab a bight to eat of toast slipping on my black hoodie and head out the door to catch the bus slinging on my book bag.

As I walk to the bus Stop I see my childhood friend Courtneyever since we first met her when I was 7 I have always been in love with her, always too scared to tell her my feelings and end up losing her. "Hey Courtney." I say as I get to the bus stop, Courtney is about 5 foot 6 with red hair that she wears down to the center of her back, she's skinny but not bony, she has C cup tits and a nice little ass, she has green eyes and cute face with some light freckles and she's wearing a t-shirt and shorts, same as me.

"Hey Aiden, I was starting to wonder if you were gonna miss the bus again." She says giggling "Ha yea I did to." I said rubbing the back of my neck." Well I'm glad we were both wrong, oh hey do you want to have another movie marathon tonight." She asks me." Hell yea, as long as it's at your house since my TV is horrible." I reply chuckling.

"Deal" she says smiling. We chat until the bus picks us up. After school we go to her house and upstairs to her room for the marathon. Her parents work really late so it's just us there. Our houses were built the exact same way just like the rest of our neighbors. Her room is small, walking into the room her bed is against the back wall with the TV in front of that and a dresser to the right of it, the door to her bathroom to the right of that and a little couch to the left that we slide in front of her bed to watch movies.

"Okay let's get this party started" as we get brother gives blowjob he found a chick for me to take home forsucking and pounding time couch into position and begin to watch a movie. The couch is made for two people with both of us leaning on our arm rests.

We are about half way into the first movie when a sex scene comes on. It shows the man fucking her from behind and her and the women squeezing the bed frame with her eyes shut tight and her mouth open wide. "I wander if it really feels as good as they make it look on TV." Courtney says biting her bottom lip.

"I lovely spanish girl naked in the chatroom to, I bet it feels great." I reply. "God i wish i could find out, I'm tired of being a virgin waiting for someone I want to lose it to." She says throwing her hands up. "Same here" I say back. We slowly look at each other and stare for a couple seconds.

Could this be my chance? I think to myself. "Well, you do have me." I say getting a little closer. "Really? Well you would be the best choice, I do trust u the most. She says getting closer as well. "I mean just to get it out of the way, right?" she says quietly as we become inches apart. "Yea of course." I say. We both slowly lean in and our lips touch, testing the waters then touch again as we start kissing. It starts off as a slow kiss but quickly becomes a heated and breathy make out session both of us fighting the others tongues.

I begin to kiss her neck making her moan softly as I kiss downward. I slide my hands up under her shirt moving upwards. She slides off her shirt showing off her sexy white bra. She lays down pulling me with her as we begin to make out again. I slowly slide my hand down to the waistband of her shorts and sensing no objection i slide my hand under her shorts and underwear and begin to rub her pussy making her tense up slightly. She moans as I continue to rub her quivering pussy while she slides off her bra revealing the most perfect set of tits ever.

They were perfectly round and very jiggly yet sexy jennifer takes doggystyle hardcore big tits and held their shape.

She looks at me shyly. "You look amazing" I say and kiss her again. She sighs with relief and whimpers as she kisses me back wrapping her arms around my neck.

While we make out I slowly slide my middle finger into her, she tenses up and tightens her grip on my back bighting her lip looking into my eyes, she's extremely tight making me go very slowly making her very wet.

I Slide down her shorts and underwear leaving her completely naked as I continue to finger fuck her pussy, making her grow wetter and louder as I speed up the pace pleasuring her tight little virgin pussy.

I start to suck on her nipple, pulling it upwards till it pops out of my mouth, I begin sucking on it again, lightly nibbling on it while pinching and rubbing her other nipple with my other hand making her moan and breath harshly. After a bit of doing that to one nipple I switch to the other one using the same technique. She grips my hair pulling on it with one hand and digging her fingers into my back with her other hand as I continue to pleasure her.

All of a sudden her entire body goes rigged she arches her back thrusting upward into my hand yelling. "Oh fuck mmmm oh shit, oh, oh, oh god, oh fuck" she begins to moan very loudly.

She raps her arms around me tightly screaming "OH FUCK IM CUMMMMIIINNNGGG." Her pussy clamps down hard on my finger she is spazzing under me as her orgasm ripped through her. After her orgasm begins to fade leaving her gasping for breath she lays limp on the couch. "Well damn" She says between breaths. "That was great. Now for you." She says siting up. She pushes me back to a sitting position hooks her fingers around my shorts and underwear, quickly pulling them off bringing my dick into view.

"Oh shit, that's a bit more than i was expecting" She says wide eyed biting her lip as she looks at my dick making me smile. She raps her hand around my shaft her fingers almost touching as she begins to slowly stroke it. Her touch felt so good, better than anything I've ever felt before. I lean my head back on the back of the couch. She smiles leaning over and begins to lick my head surprising me, I tense kayla quinn stop peeking come here and anal fuck me taking a sharp breath, she slowly began to suck more of my dick into her mouth.

"Oh fuck" I say as I close my eyes. It felt so amazing I could feel her lips sliding over my shaft hitting every spot, feeling the warmth of her mouth and her tongue on my head. She starts to bob her head up and down on my dick going deeper each time down, I bottom out about half way down so she uses her hand to jerk off the other half. I was in heaven it felt so good, I never imagined anything could feel this good before.

She slides her mouth off my dick making a wet popping sound. She then sits up throwing her right leg over my lap facing me. She kisses me softly then slowly pulls away looking into my eyes while she reaches under her, lining up my dick with her wet hole feeling her pussy lips on my dick head. She puts both of her hands on my shoulders for support biting her lip. She slowly begins to let off the weight trying to push it in but punishment daughter xxx sex storys was so tight it was hard to get it in.

All of a sudden my whole head slips in at one time making her grip my shoulders tightly and both of us gasp. She felt incredible I could feel her pussy walls squeezing the head of my dick, I could only imagine what it would feel like to get my entire length inside her. She holds like hat for a couple seconds trying to get use to my size. She slowly begins to slide down my bigtitted teen drilling her pussy with toys getting about half way in before I hit the barrier of her hymen.

She looks at me nervously, I pull her in for a kiss making her whimper, she pulls away and takes a deep breath and quickly slides all the way down on me breaking through her hymen. She lets out a little yelp and I could feel her pussy clench on my dick as she squeezes my shoulders hard and clenches her eyes and teeth. As I waited for her to recover it felt incredible having my whole dick inside her I couldn't believe how wet hot and tight she was.

I rap my arms around her and pull her in for a tight hug to try and comfort her. "Well I guess you're no longer a virgin" I whisper into her ear.

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She chuckles saying. "Neither are you" Making me smile. "Are you ok" I ask her. "Yea, I am now thanks" She replies kissing me as she sits up straight. She picks herself up sliding up my dick until just the head was in then slowly sliding it back in moaning softly. Each time I enter her she goes a little faster until she's bouncing on my dick moaning loudly. I was in heaven as I moaned to her sliding on my dick. I grabbed her ass making her get more excited causing her to moan more loudly every time I enter her tight pussy.

It felt so good I knew I wasn't gonna last much longer if she kept this up "Shit Courtney I'm about to cum" I say to her between breaths.

"Fuck, me to just a little more, I want to feel you cum inside me and fill me up I'm on the pill" She said to me breathlessly. Not being able to hold back any more I unload deep into her.

"Oh shit I can feel you Cumming! OH FUCK! OH FUUUUCK MEEEE!!" She screams as her pussy clamps down tightly and spasms on my hard dick squeezing all of my cum out into her.

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She crashes down onto me digging her nails into me as her orgasms crashes into her sapping away all her strength. We sit like that breathlessly, my soft dick still all the way inside her, her head resting on my shoulder as I held her. "Damn that was amazing, I'm definitely gonna be sore for a couple days now" She says smiling.

"I agree that was incredible" I say rubbing her back.

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"Well I'm glad you liked it" She says to me "I'm glad you liked it to" I reply. "Do you want to get dressed and watch the rest of the movie?" She asks me. "Awh does that mean I can no longer see your sexy body" I say smiling. Do you really think I look sexy?" She asks nervously. "Of course you do.

You're fucking gorgeous and I have always thought that" I said looking into her eyes.

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She blushes deeply saying. "Thanks, I always thought u where very attractive to" She says looking down and biting her lip. I was surprised that she actually liked me back all this time, this was my chance I had to go for it.

"Maybe we should I don't know try to be more than friends." I say closing my eyes tightly afraid of her rejection. "Wait, are you serious? Are you asking me to be your girlfriend!?" she asks sitting up quickly looking at me with a surprised and happy face.

"Uh, yea if you want to be" I say nervously "I'd fucking love to Aiden!" She say kissing me then jumps up off the couch and starts to get dressed "This is going to be great we hot blonde want a threesomes and a facial go on dates, hold hands, show each other off to our friends, (gasp) we could go to homecoming together next week, oh that would be so fun! The dancing, the dress, oh shit I need a dress, yes need to get a dress, I wander what color it will be oh and we could go on double dates with friends and make other people jealous of us oh this is going to be great!" I smile as I watch her jump around and get dressed throwing my clothes at me, she looks so adorable being all bubbly like this and rambling on pausing at some parts.

After we were both dressed we put in another movie and we cuddle up on the couch. "I love you my sweet boyfriend" she says snuggling into the blanket that we threw over ourselves. "I love you to my adorable girlfriend" I say holding her tightly against me with so much love and happiness I felt like I was on cloud 9.