Renata and melisa rimmng and sucking on a boat

Renata and melisa rimmng and sucking on a boat
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The House Wife Chronicles The fantasy guy His name was Xavier, We got acquainted on a chat line and we talked like that for a while. We discussed a lot of things… what we wanted to do, our future plans that we had stuff like that.

Things just seem to click between him and me. He was younger than me by like seven years, but that was kind of what appealed to me in the first place. I don't think my age mattered to him either; something about me had changed in the past months. I've been in a serious relationship are while now, but things have seemed to be changing. I love my husband, but I felt black guy fork girl story xxx. So I turned my attention to the affections I was receiving from "the fantasy guy!" Talking to him made me feel alive again.

It had renewed my sense of rebel and adventure and, after some planning we actually met in person. We'd decided to get a Hotel room; I'd bought a bottle of vodka and drove to his house to pick him up. I was so nervous I'd never done anything like this before it was exciting and it made my stomach twist.

It was strange but at that moment… I thought of my husband, I knew if he ever found out it would hurt him so bad. I shuddered at the thought and pushed it to the back my mind.

Then, waited for him to walk out when I saw him, my stomach dropped, I got lightheaded and my heart was pounding against my chest. He was amazingly golden looking, a mixed guy. His milk chocolate skin and deep brown eyes have trouble written all over them. All 6' 2" of his hard bodied physique was a pleasure to ogle. He had a brilliant smile that seem to light a glow to his whole face. He got into the car and I couldn't stop my stare… We exchanged hellos as pulled away; heading toward a 7-11.

It was my turn to get out of the car and be ogled. Being a thick woman I was worried he would be nauseated by my fluffy 5' 7" 250lb appearance. I pushed passed my stupid negative thought and went inside. As I walked past, the hood of my car the vixen within told me to wiggle my ass, so I did! I grabbed some beer, and orange juice for the vodka. Paid and headed out of the store back to the car, this time my eyes were watching his.

He watched me and licked his lips… such full lips, I wanted to bite them. I climb in my car; and say "like booby blond tattooed masseuse vyxen steel boned and facialed pornstars hardcore you see?" he replies "very much!" with that look of, I'm going to eat you up a girl, on his smooth young face. He flashes his charming smile and I giggle, I could tell he's was the player type but I didn't care.

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In my mind he had fun time written all over him! We finally arrive to the room and start drinking to get the vibe going and relax; the more we drank the more we touched, it was electric. The flirtations lasted a while; laughing and playing and hitting it was fun. We didn't even talk much mostly small talk about music and other common interests like clubbing and dancing… He danced with me in that hotel room like we were fucking!

I loved it no one treated me like that it was amazing, a little naughty even. No one had ever done this to me, the feeling it gave me words cannot explain. I was lost in the moment and loving it. Then a slow song came on, he started to kiss my neck and it felt so good I just had to moan. I was putty his hands he could do anything he wanted; he walked around me slowly pulling at my shirt the whole way, trailing his fingers across my stomach.

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Reaching my face he tugged my shirt over my head and started to kiss me. He moved slowly to the top of my breasts as he glided his hand through my hair and pulled it, forcing another moan from my mouth. I loved the feeling of domination that he brought over me. His hands fell further until he reached my black mesh ribbed double D bra and unclasped it to reveal my milky skin and light pink areolas. My nipples were at full glass cutting potential as well!

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We were in rhythm with each other's touch; it was intoxicating and more than enough to make want his cock. As he kissed, licked and bit my breasts, my nane got wetter and wetter. We backed up to the bed and he sat down, I tugged his shirt over his head. And started to kiss his abs they were impeccable, He had quite a few tattoos they were all black ink images pertaining to what he wanted in life. I pushed him back so I could take in the whole beautiful sight, he was so attractive.

I stood and unbuttoned my pants, pulled them slowly over my curvy thighs and let them fall to the floor.

My hot pink lace panties were snug across my ass and made my luscious body look delectable. I laid him back and undid his pants he was wearing white Polo Jeans I jerked them off, his black cotton boxers too! His cock was sizeable a good 7 inches at least; I put the tasty cocoa stick in my mouth as I kneeled to the floor.

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He moaned to so much you would have thought it had to be his first blow a job. I swirled and pulsed my tongue all over his man piece. As I bobbed to the beat playing in the back ground, He leaned forward rubbing my back and glorious thick ass.

Caressing my curves like they were his and his alone, juices started pouring out of me he started to slide over my nane; lovin' it in an almost hypnotic way. He starts to talk dirty to me saying things like "damn girl you're the best!" He pulled me up to his face and kissed me.

It was so tantalizing to have that intimacy yet not even really know that person. I slowly kneeled upon him as we continued to kiss; as I get to the top of him feeling like a queen, as he slowly slides his thick pipe and in my pouty pink hole. His cock is large as penetrates my pink hole stretch in your little by little as I moved slowly up porn hubsunny leone sex story down. I moaned loudly and squealed just a bit!

It felt like nothing I had ever dreamed it would be like; we had a synchronization that was making room spin. Riding his cock was a pleasure, throbbing as it pumped in and out of nane.

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His climax was building and so was mine But even faster. I was working my little friend in the hood perfectly round and round quickly, my fingers knew exactly what to do and it became explosive…I came so hard soaking everything as squirted and scream. It became hard to breathe; he grabbed my hips and flipped me to the bed without even moving from my nane. He began to pump in and out of me, I could feel everything.

The skill he possessed with his man stick; was unheard of. He would sway it side to side round and round it was amazing. It was wave upon wave of mind blowing pleasure. He reached to my head and pulled my hair hard! I loved it He was ramming my tight pink hole over and over. "The fantasy guy" could move! Once again I could tell his climax was building, pumping harder and harder moaning louder, and calling me "his girl" … and then it happened; He fell over pumping me full of his hot milky load, he groaned loudly it was music to my ears.

Sweat pouring from his delicious body, He leaned in to kiss me; Our lips held together for a while just lying there in the bliss… The phone rang I looked at it; it was my husband I didn't answer.

I knew he must be wondering where I was at?

I told Xavier "I had to go." We cleaned up and left the room, he asked to keep the key for the night so that he could take advantage of it. I gave it to him, and pointed my car home. I wondered to myself "will I do this again?"&hellip.