Girl in braces gets fucked before taking huge cumshot on her face facial cumshot and pornstar

Girl in braces gets fucked before taking huge cumshot on her face facial cumshot and pornstar
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i am shelly, 15 years old with a sexy body. i have a boyfriend called brian. then theres my older brother, jake who just turned 20, he had nice abs and a sweet smile. i have 85B tits and a fine ass. my brother has been slapping my ass always when my mom wasnt around and trying to get into a same shower with me, i knew he had something on his mind.

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we were sitting at the coffee table as jake teased me with his eyes. i bited my lip and tried to not care. - bye shell, see you later, he said teasingly and smiling. bye. i responded shyly. i was sitting in my room, it was really calm doing my homeworks until the lights turned off.

i was scared and shocked. someone tied my hands behind my back and pulled my hair violently. -ja. jake? i said. i felt someone squeezing my ass. now someone pushed me to the bed and tied me on it as the lights turned back on, it was jake like i guessed.

he slapped me hard. -bitch, i know you had sex with brian. he spitted on my face.

-i didnt. i said as i tried to spit on him. -oh you whore! you wont be able to walk after weeks when this is over, slut. you will get what dirty little sluts like you deserve. he took my panties off and stuffed them deep in my mouth. he started roughly rubbing my pussy until i was really wet and i came. -oh jake stop. i begged him.

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he now put 3 fingers inside me and roughly fingerfucked me while rubbing my clit with his thumb, my pussy was all red. i was almost in tears but at the same time i felt my pussy getting wet, maybe i was enjoying this?

maybe i liked to be used by my brother? the thoughts filled my head for a while. then he sat on top of my face and choked me on his big cock, he also made me to lick his asshole and i had to do it because i couldnt breath while he was sitting on my face, and the fact he was squeezing my nose made me realize im out of breath. i was thinking but i kinda enjoyed that.

he put his cock really deep in my throat as he gasped and i couldnt help but gag cuz i couldnt breath, the tears filled my eyes. he violently slapped my tits and left sweet teenie is geeting pissed on and blasts wet cunt all red. he bited my nipples and played with them as he found my big pink dildo under my covers and stuff it fast on my pussy, all the way in like it hurted and i gasped for pain.

he now put it inside my tight asshole, deep in there and then into my pussy again. - oh you are really wet now. he said licking his lips like he really enjoyed abusing me.

- i know you are turned on by getting abused by your brother, atleast your pussy seems to enjoy this. he smirked. he had his old lollipop inside his pocked and he sucked it and licked it for a while, until it was nice and wet then he put it inside my pussy and ass, he rubbed it fast againts my pussy, he already knew how to make me all wet and turned on. - you are soaking wet, think you like this.

jake said laughing at me. - i. ohhh shit. i couldnt answer cuz jake got me all moaning. now jake stuffed the lollipop inside my mouth so i could taste my own sugar.

jake now rubs his hard cock againts my pussy but not putting it in, just to tease me some more. - omg i never thought a girl could be this wet. jake smirked. he now put his cock inside me and started to fuck me really rough and fast. -you bitch, say how dirty slut you are! jake screamed. - ohh i am a little dirty slut, your slave. i gasped.

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he now sticked his cock inside my ass, then back in my pussy and after that he always made me to lick his cock clean. jake slapped my tits and face that i was all red.

- omg im gonna cum. i screamed. - no you aint, not until i say so. jake said.

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he took his cock out of my pussy and started to fist my pussy rough, the wetness coated his whole hand and my legs. he choked me on his fist as i gagged loud, the tears in my eyes. he pushed me to the floor and fucked me with the speed of light. - now you can cum bitch. he said.

- oh yeahhh. i moaned loud. he now made me to suck him until he came. - ohhh im gonna cum. he screamed as he came into my mouth. -dont swallow, spit my cum right back into your panties. i did as he told me to so now my panties were all full of his cum.

-now put them back on. he said as he rubbed his cum againts my pussy so the cum would get mixed in my pussy. he put his fingers inside my panties and grabbed some of the cum and rubbed it in my asshole and around it. i was so turned on that i came again, now my panties were even more wet with my cum and his cum. he slapped my face and said that this isnt over yet, that made me believe i was his sex slave.

i wasnt sure what happened but it turned me on that much i masturbated right after my brother left and now my panties got even more stuffing. i am a bad girl. i was thinking. i looked on my bed, it was all wet from our action.

my pussy was all sore after my brother used me, my asshole was hurting a bit too and my throat felt swollen. i wonder what will happen next time? even the thought of that made me all wet again, i had to masturbate one more time until i went to sleep, what a night.