Story oral sex samantha saint

Story oral sex samantha saint
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I've always had an insatiable love for sex. I am lucky enough to have a partner who is the same. I guess you can describe our sex as porn sex. You know you start off nice and then before you know it you're fucking like animals. I love it deep and hard so that's what I get. Before Brian and I got married he said he wanted to do something fun. He said something I've never done before. In my early 20's I did a lot of things sexually to fulfill my cravings.

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Those are future stories  The next Friday we decided to go to a sex club we heard about in the next town over. I remember thinking&hellip.What the heck do you wear to a sex club!! I chose a short black skirt, leopard top no panties. Brian wore blue jeans and a black shirt. On the way over we talked about not doing anything unless we both agreed on it.

We waited in the parking lot and had a couple shots of tequila to loosen up. The club was BYOB so we took the bottle in with us. When we walked through the big black doors, the lights were dim and a pretty blonde wearing black lace lingerie was standing by a table. With the look on her face you could tell she knew we were new.

We paid a cover charge and a man walked over introducing himself as the manager. His name was Randy and he was going to show us around. Randy took us up a big red velvet staircase to an open room that had some tables and comfy couches.

There were a few things going on in the room. In one corner there was a couple using a sex swing hanging from the ceiling. The woman had her legs up above her head and the guy was drilling her pretty hard. Right away I felt my clit jump. I never used a swing before. Brian squeezed my hand and smiled. In another corner there was a curtain that was half open. Inside there was a woman on top of a table on all fours. She had a ball gag in her mouth and a dog collar around her neck.

The man had a whip in his hand and was slapping it hard against her ass. I looked down at Brian's pants and saw he had a semi. I remember thinking so far so good. In a far corner there was a woman tied to ropes against the wall. Another woman was kissing her bright pink nipples and then whipping them. We noticed people sitting on couches making out. Other people booby woman drilled by pervy pawn man at the pawnshop sitting at some tables drinking.

At that moment randy took us back down stairs. "So what do you guys think about it so far?" I smiled " I think it's pretty good so far, I'm excited to see more." We went into a room that was empty and almost dark. The only light that was in the room was in the center shining on a platform with a bed surrounded by sheer white curtains.

Brian says "What the hell goes on in here?" I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Randy said it was a room where people that work there put on sex shows, But at the end of the night they open up the stage to a willing couple. You have sex in front of everyone and when done you walk around the room and collect tips in a jar to see how well the crowd liked you. I'm thinking NO WAY!! We walked across a room kind of like a living room. Couches were everywhere and the lights were dim.

On the other side of the room was a wall of white lattice. When you walked up to it philippines entertainer restrained in tort ture room asian woman and girlfriend could see through to the other side. Inside was a room with red velvet couches all along the walls around the entire room. Randy said this was the voyeur room.

We went inside and Randy explained that one half of the room is for everyone&hellip.Orgies welcome here! Then towards the front of the room was roped off and that's where couples go if they just want to be watched. He said you usually have to be naked to be in this room but because I was new I can keep my skirt on but everything else comes off! I smiled and thanked him. At this point we were on our own. Randy walked away&hellip." Hey have a good time, first show starts in twenty minutes!" We walked around and ended up in the dark room with the bed.

We sat down on one of the couches and sipped tequila while waiting for the show to start. The room started to fill up with people. Mostly men and a few other couples. Everyone that came into the room looked over in our direction. I guess the regulars at the club were told that new people were in the club tonight.

Randy walked over to make sure we were comfortable with our view. After that everyone knew we were the new couple. The lights went out for about 20 seconds. When they came back on there were two young girls on stage and Randy.

The girls were dressed in nurses uniforms and randy was the patient. For the next 25 minutes we watched the girl eat each others pussy and give Randy a blowjob! I whispered to Brian." This is kinda lame." I mean good for Randy but I would have gotton up there and performed!!

When the show was over everyone went there own way. The next show started in an hour. We walked into the big living room and picked one of the couches to sit on.

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People walked by saying hi. Most kept to themselves. We sat and drank tequila until I started to feel frisky! I recommended we go in the voyeur room. We went behind the rope and I took my top off and bra too.

I left my skirt on. Brian undresses and sits down on the couch. I climb on top and straddle him and we start kissing. I can feel my pussy getting wet feeling his cock growing. I get wetter and wetter. Brian pushes down on my shoulders and Milke boobs sucking milk for machine wiggle a bit. His rock hard cock slides inside my throbbing pussy.

I vigorously rode his cock like he was a stallion. He was so deep my tummy felt full. Brian starts to suck my big hard nipples and I can feel myself cumming down his shaft.

He stands up and flips me over on my back. With my legs in the air he fucked my wet pussy so good all I could do was scream in pleasure&hellip." Fuck me baby, Fuck my pussy!" We were so involved with our sex we didn't realize what was going on around us.

I noticed movement out of the corner of my eye. When I looked I saw about 25 naked men standing there stroking their cocks. In the front row against the rope was Randy!! Our eyes locked and he smiled.

I felt my cheeks get red…Why was I blushing? I smiled back. Then I saw shadows coming from behind the lattice wall. There must have been like 15 people out there! At this moment I can feel Brian's cock get really hard and really deep in my pussy. All my cum was spilling over the top of his head and squirting out the sides with every stroke. I screamed and lifted my waist to meet his and wiggled my hips so fast he came hard inside me.

In the room we heard moans from the crowd. Brian kissed me." Good girl. You pleased a lot of people." I pinched his nipple and laughed.

As we were getting dressed people were doing the same and left the room. When I came out of the bathroom I saw Randy talking to Brian. As I walked over Randy walked away. I kissed Brian. " What did Randy say?" He Smiled and took my hand, we walked to the dark room to see the next show. When we sat down on the couch Brian whispered in my ear " The show was delayed because everyone was watching us!" I just sat there with a smile on my face.

Randy took to the stage and announced " This particular part of the night we invite couples to go onstage and have sex to see if they have what it takes to be porn stars. When they are done a tip jar will be passed around and you will tip according to how well you liked their performance! Thank you and enjoy the show." The lights went out for 20 seconds.

Slow sexy music started to play, kind of reminded me of seventies porn! When the lights came on over the bed there big titted webstar of the year vicky vette tied up amp teased a very thin naked woman with long brown hair kneeling on the floor next to the bed.

There was a thin man with brown shoulder length hair was standing in front of her naked. She began stroking his limp cock and them put him in her mouth and started to suck him off. After a few minutes the both got onto the bed. Brian whispered " we can do better than this!" I smiled and shook my head yes.

The woman got into doggie postion and the man got behind her. She started moaning like she liked it. He was making faces that indicated he liked it. They really were not that exciting. I watch porn that just is off the charts. They switched positions and he got on top of her. Again sucking an highly huge jock hardcore and blowjob acted like they were having a good time but boring for us.

They started moaning together and then he screamed out loud and she moaned like a ghost! Then it was over. REALLY!!! I wanted to see hard core sex in front of my eyes. This sucked! The tip jar went around. Lots of people didn't tip. I gave $5 because I felt bad. It took a lot of guts to get up there in front of people.

Everyone left the room. We walked into the big room and out of a side door came the couple that was on stage. Brian so bold asked them how it was. They both said they got stage fright and faked all of it. I guess he couldn't get it up! They also said they made only $30. I smiled " Well It takes a lot of guts to get up there!" The couple smiled and walked away. It was already passed 11 and the club closed at 12 so we decided to head out ourselves. As we approached the door Randy came over " Hey I hope you enjoyed your night.

We would like to invite you back tomorrow night to perform on our stage!" I started laughing right away and thought NO WAY&hellip.FUCK NO!! Brian smiled at me and put his arm around me " What ever she wants to do!" Randy told us we had more people watching us in the voyeur room then at the main show.

People walked out!" " Could you excuse us Randy I just want to talk to Brian real Quick!" " No problem come find me." I grabbed brains shirt and pulled him into me " ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME YOU WANT US ON STAGE IN FRONT OF PEOPLE&hellip.UNDER A SPOT LIGHT!" Brian kissed my nose " Babe think about it.

This could be awesome. We can finally see what people think and if we can make it as porn stars. It would be interesting to see how much tips we can make!" I stood silent for a few minutes looking around the room. " ok" We told Randy we would do it. He smiled " mature and donkey man xxx story

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This will be great. Be here tomorrow by 9:30, show starts at 10" "See you tomorrow" All day Saturday I was looking for something to wear. I didn't want to be totally naked. Brian didn't care about that stuff. Him keeping a hard on was his concern. I told him not to worry, he's drinking tequila and that's like natural Viagra for him! My stomach was doing flips every time I thought about being on stage.

An hour before we left we sipped on tequila and told each other how much we loved one another. We didn't want to say it out loud but I know we were both thinking…hmmm how much money student and mom teacher forest we make!

We walked into the club at about 9:15, Randy was waiting at the door. " Here comes our feature of the night. People are waiting for your show!" I can feel my body start to shake " What exactly do you mean?" Randy put his arm around Brian and I "Well most of the people that were here last night are here tonight. We have a full house guys!" Randy walked us to the back of the club into a side door that led to a dressing room. This room led right out to the stage.

He showed me where to change my clothes. " Showtime at 10!" Randy left the room. I started shaking and I kept going back and forth with&hellip.Should we or should we not…WHAT AM I THINKING!!!! We can't back out now! Brian went to peek out to see how many people were out there.

I started to change " Baby I don't want to know how many people are out there!" "Good thing because you cant see shit." I looked into the mirror and staring back at me was a 5'3 med framed woman curly blonde hair pulled up into a loose pony tail. Size C boobs with big round nipples showing through a sheer black short nighty. I smiled and my blue eyes sparkled. I was happy with what I saw…And so was Brian " Holy Fuck you look hot baby!" I walked over slowly and cupped my hand around his bare cock and balls.

" Do you want to fuck my pussy?" " Oh Im gonna violate your pussy!" Randy came in " MMMMM you look good enough to eat!" Brian laughed " I'll be doing that shortly!" I gave Randy a CD with slow erotic music to play while we are on stage. He smiled. "You guys are professionals bringing your own music.

I love it! Ok so when you hear the music and the lights go out, you go on stage and do your thing. Have fun!" Brian kissed me and hugged me tight&hellip."Come on lets do this, lets have fun!" The lights went out and the music started. I sat on the side of the bed and Brian stood in front of me. I began to stroke his cock. I felt myself surrendering to the music, Or maybe the tequila kicked in either way I started to feel good. The lights went on and I continued to stroke Brian's cock.

He then grabbed the back of my head and stuffed his manhood into my willing mouth. I immediately bring him to the back of my throat. I feel precum slide down my throat. His cock is getting harder and harder in my mouth. I make a choking sound before I come up for air. I lick up his shaft and when I get to the top of his head I stuff him right back down check out nubile ebony girl tiffany taner throat.

Im drooling and gagging and loving it. I then lay across the bed on my back with my head hanging over the side and I staring up at the lights. Blinded by them I close my eyes and then Brian came around and standing over me. I open my mouth and Brian slides his cock right down my tongue and into my throat. He fucks my mouth over and over like I was a dirty little whore! He then climbs over me and in a 69 position his tongue met my throbbing clit.

All you can hear is the music and my slurping, gagging and muffled moans. My pussy was so wet with every lick. He slides two fingers inside me and sucks and fucks me at the same time. My moans were so loud but muffled because his cock was fucking my mouth. Licking hiss balls and sucking his cock made me so hot! " Fuck me baby" Brian flips me over and puts me in doggie style position. I was now facing the crowd but couldn't see a thing it was so dark.

As I felt his cock slide inside my pussy I can feel him spreading me apart. I let out a cry. The look on my face must have been something because at that moment I heard loud gasps from the crowd. "Fuck me Brian.Fuck my pussy hard!" He grabbed my waist and Rachel steele was a successful attorney and devoted single mother banged my ass against his pelvis meeting every stoke.

He so deep inside I start to scream and cum all over his cock. Brian fucks me harder and harder and cum squirts out all over the bed and down my legs. Brian then puts me on my side and gets real close between my legs. He was so deep inside my pussy I felt him in my throat!

I start to cum and wiggle my body so fast on his cock I can feel my cum oozing out all over. " Fuck my pussy fuck me hard fuck me deep!" Screaming out of control.

Brian grabs my waist and yells " Im gonna cum!" I jump back off his cock away from his body and put my mouth over his throbbing cock! He then screams out loud and at that moment I pull his cock out and he cums all over my face. Its dripping down my face and neck! I hear big gasps in the crowd and some people clapped. We were both happy and still horny! What a great finish! I wiped my mouth and kissed brian. Randy walked over with the tip jar. I noticed it was full.

Most people were leaving the room. I tried not to make eye contact with anyone but approaching to my right was a couple. He was tall and dark hair. Looked Italian. Very handsome. She had short black hair blue eyes that looked like a cat. She had a cute little body.

I was attracted to both of them.

She put a $20 bill in the jar and whispered in my ear&hellip." I would love to fuck you, and then she licked my face. At that very moment I grabbed the back of her neck and kissed her right on her lips tongues touching. We made out for like 15 seconds. I can feel Brian behind me and her man right next to us. We separated ourselves from one another and both wiped our mouths.

I told her she was yummy and we would find each other when we are done. As they walked away Randy came up. " You guys were so hot. Lets count your tips." I looked down at the jar and saw 5s 10s and 20s.

Oh my goodness!! WE MADE $165 dollars!!! We started laughing. Randy shook Brian's hand and gave me a hug. " You guys come back any time!" "Thank you Randy this has been amazing blonde plunges herself with a dildo masturbate homemade much fun." We went our own way after that.

When we were in the dressing room Brian and I talked about the couple." So would you fuck her?" I licked my lips…" yes I would and him too" Brian tilted his head " really him too?" "yup… and right now because Im so horny!" We laughed and kissed each other. We walked into the big room.

The time was about 11:15 and mostly everyone was gone. But not everyone!!! GUESS WHOOO!!! The couple slowly walked into the voyeur room and looked back at us smiling. Brian looked at me " You wanna go in?" I felt myself hesitate like I was gonna say no. " YES YES YES" Brian took my hand and we walked into the room. At this point I was wearing a loose white sundress with a tank as the top.

Brian was already undressed by the time we got in the room. The couple were standing there.

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He was naked and hung well. She was wearing bikini panties and a tank. I walked right over to her and we started kissing. Her lips were so soft and she tasted so good. Brian and her man were sitting on the couch stroking their cocks watching us. She slowly took my dress down and kissed my neck where she proceeded to bite me.

I felt my clit jump and instantly wet.

She was a little rough but I liked it. I took her tank off and started licking and sucking on her small sized tits. I didn't mind&hellip.she had a great apple bottom ass that I couldn't stop smacking and biting.

She started to bite and suck my big nipples like they were candy. I looked over at our men and they were ready and waiting!! We then both crawled over to them and I started sucking on Brian and she sucked on her man. Between sucks we would kiss each other. She then put my mouth on top of her mans cock. He was a little longer than Brian but I managed to put him right to the back of my throat. She then started sucking on Brian's cock. I watched her suck his cock like a pro. She was so hot I wanted her.

I then crawled over and put her on her back and spread her legs and put my tongue on her clit and sucked and nibbled away. She tasted to good. I grabbed her waste tight as she tried to wiggle away.

Brian then came around and slammed his hard cock into my wet pussy. Her man came around and started fucking her mouth. This was just so awesome. We switched positions and she got between my legs teen multiple loads suspect agreed to cooperate with lp officers for the rest of the in a scissor position we rubbed our pussies together and fucked each other so good.

My juices were mixing with her juices and she was fucking me so good. All I could do was cum. I noticed out of the corner of my eye there were shadows behind the lattice walls.

People were still in the club and they were watching us…again! We then got into a position where our heads were together so we can kiss. Brian got between her legs and her man got between mine. We started kissing and then I felt his cock enter my pussy!

She started moaning as soon as Brian entered her. She was loving it. I felt this man stuff his cock inside my tight pussy and fuck me so hard. It felt so good. Kissing and fucking two strangers cumming all over each other while people watch. YES YES YES After fucking each other for what seemed like forever both men were ready to cum. They took their cocks out and came all over our faces.

I had Brians cum all over me along with her cum and her mans cum. Just one big cum fest. We all cleaned up and got dressed without saying a word. She kissed me and as they walked away she put her finger to her mouth " Shhhhhhhhh" &hellip.Then they were gone! Brian and I looked at each other and smiled. When we came around the corner we saw Randy there with a big smile on his face.

The club closed a month later. To this day we do not know who that couple was! What a great weekend!!