Big beautiful venus gets fucked by frank tyler

Big beautiful venus gets fucked by frank tyler
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It's been a week since Trey came in my family home to hurt those that are my family and loves. Jasmine, Hannah, and Jessie Lee have been sticking to me. I understand Jasmine and Hannah, but Jessie Lee I can't figure out why. Renee although has been staying close to Jamie when he comes over, or when he takes her to his aunt and uncle's so they can get to know her. Nick and the others headed back to Alabama saying they would come back soon, but a few stayed behind.

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Tessa, Renee, Jessie Lee, Nicky, and Justin stayed for only a few reasons with one being to be close to Sierra and Mandy.

Renee's reason was because she couldn't leave as she was getting close to Jamie. I smiled at her words, because Jamie was falling for her. I was glad he was with her for two reasons.

The first was Jamie has proven himself to be a great guy, and second the family knew he would protect her with all that he was. Tessa has been spending time with the moms and godmoms getting to know them a lot more. I had to admit she was becoming just as she said she would be a grandmother.

Although in my heart she could never replace grandma May. Nicky and Justin stated where Tessa was they would be not far. I learned that both vowed to be her protectors since Grey's death.

Seems both of my new brothers took to him more then the rest of their family knew. It's a week before Halloween that I find things are changing in a good way. It's Monday around 3 o'clock in the afternoon that Jessie Lee comes down in a long shirt and panties. My eyes go wide as the kids giggle.

" Can we go around in our underwear mommy?" My first born son Lil Greg asks " No young man." Tiffany states as the kids pout a little " Mommy can we go around in our underroos?" Dakota and Lil Heath ask in unison " No babies." Jasmine, Hannah, Selena, and Diamond say back in unison " Auntie Jessie put on some shorts." Karen says with a stern little look " Jessie Lee you still being a slut even here." Nicky says with a chuckle looking at his cousin I look to see Jessie Lee's eyes show hurt before she goes running back up the stairs before hearing Tessa sex and oral stimulation job for agile dude. " Nicky what do you think your doing.

That young lady you just insulted has always looked up to you as a big brother." She says getting Nicky to go wide eyed " Grandma the only reason I said that was the way she dresses." He responded only to get smacked in the head by Sierra who was not far from him before he continued " What was that for?" " For being a dick. Nicky we love you, but dammit Jessie Lee can wear what she wants." Sierra says as I catch Mandy, Renee, and Tessa nod with the rest of the women in the family " Alright I get it, but don't smack me in the head again." Nicky states before Jack laughs " I been saying that for the longest time it doesn't work man." Jacman says getting giggles It's at that moment that Jessie Lee comes back down dressed making her way out the back door.

" JESSIE COME BACK HERE!" Momma Faye yells as Jessie Lee ignores her walking outside sliding the door back " She's hurt Momma Faye because of Nicky. She maybe tough and all, but her feelings get crush to easy." Mandy says from sitting on Jack's lap with Sierra sitting on his right " I'll go bring her back so Nicky can apologize like a good nephew of mine." Justin says before Jasmine pokes my side I turn to look at her seeing Jasmine's eyes motion me to the back door.

She has that look of concern as I sigh having her get up off my lap before I stand up from my chair. " No Justin I'll go maybe I can talk to her and calm her down." I exclaim getting a concerned nod from those in the room I put my jacket on then make my way out the back sliding door. Making my way mom and dad sex watching dugtar the beach I think of what to say to her.

I get down to the beach only to look around. I spot her down by the shore looking out upon the horizon. I make my way to her feeling some urge to give some comfort just has she had me a few weeks ago.

Once to Jessie Lee I place my arms around her in which surprises her as she turns to look up in my eyes. " Oh Heath you startled me.

Why are you out here anyway?" She asks only to place her arms around me " I came to see if your alright. Why did you storm out of the house.wait scratch that I know why, but you can tell me and I will listen." I ask anyway seeing her eyes start to show tears " Because I am tired of someone I look up to calling me something I'm not." She tells me only to place her head on my chest before Jessie Lee continues " I just want to be me wearing what I want without the stereotyping.

Yes I wear clothes that may show more then I should, but I make sure to have my female parts covered." I look in her eyes before grinning to only hold her close showing her comfort.

" Well I thought you looked beautiful and sexy myself." I say getting a smile on her lips " You do, but you have 4 beautiful and attractive ladies hun that are more beautiful then me." Jessie Lee says as I shake my head " Yes they are, but you are just as beautiful and attractive, and I still can say what I feel. Look Jessie I find you amazing and a free spirit for a young woman.

Your everything a man would want." I exclaim to her to see those beautiful blue eyes show " Really?" She asks getting a nod " Yes really." I answer getting a smile " So do you think maybe um.never mind." She starts to say before trailing off " No say it Jessie as I don't like secrets in my home." I tell Jessie Lee seeing eyes that don't leave mine We stand there in a friendly embrace with her in a deep thought as to what to say to me.

Jessie lets out a sigh before telling me what was on her mind. " Heath I am well more like my Aunt's Savannah and Megan then my own mother.

I am tough like Aunt Megan, but sensitive like Aunt Savannah. Their relationship with Uncle Nick is like a fairy tale to me one of heartache and romance. I always wanted the romance without the heartache." She confesses to only pause to let me take in her words just to hear her voice again " But my heartaches as I have found it wanting to be in a special man's life as well his arms." " Oh and who is this man?

Do I know him by chance?" I ask her to only see her nod " Yes you do, but he is already four ladies that I could never compete against." Jessie tells me as I show shock " Wait mean me?" I ask to again get a nod from her " I know it's crazy and very awkward, but it's how I feel.

That day all my family showed up and the fight that happened I was frozen in time when you came out of the house. The way you stood up to my Uncle Nick showed such courage that I could not move. I gazed upon you to only see a man that I wished would take me in his arms and give me a kiss that would take my heart in his.

Heath the reason I act tough is because in all reality I am scared of living alone and never knowing what love is. I want those butterflies that Renee tells me about. Her and I are more like sisters then cousins, and the same is true with Sierra and Mandy. She has told me how she feels about Jamie and I want the same." Jessie explains to me with tears as my heart just becomes conflicted Once she starts crying I hold her close running my hands up and down her back to comfort her pain.

I did not know how to take all this except to just be here for her. I knew I had to talk with the girls maybe they japanese slim girl having some bukkake action help me figure out what to do. I break the hug to only place my hands on each side of her face to make her look up at me. " Jessie can saucy gilda gets pounded hard anally creampie blonde give me time to think and talk to Jasmine and the others, because I don't hide anything from them?" I ask to see a gleam of hope in her eyes " Yes hun you can take all the time you need, and I didn't expect you to hide anything from them as I care for them to.

I find them very loving to me." Jessie tells me before seeing me smile She took my hands in hers to only kiss each one thanking me deux queues dans une chatte french amateur listening to her besides showing her comfort. We went back to the house in silence.

Once in through the back sliding door. Nicky came over to hug his cousin asking her to forgive him. Jessie hugged him back to only tell him to never call her names as she loved him as her own brother. It was a heartfelt moment between the two as I went to pull my four out of the living room to only go to our bedroom to be alone.

Each one had a confused expression as I had them sit on the bed. I stood up in front of them looking at each one. They all four had very concerned looks as Diamond was the one to speak up. " Baby what's wrong you act like your going to leave us?" My beautiful oldest milf asks me " What no I am not leaving any one. It's just we um have a problem." I tell her shocked at her words " What kind of problem my love?" Tiffany asks getting the others to look at me with concern " It''s Jessie she um." I say pausing so I could find the words before continuing " She wants what you four have.

She wants to love me along with you four. She confessed it all started that first day her family came up." They all four look from me to each other. They each start whispering to one another only looking at me every so often. It's about 5 minutes later that Diamond and Jasmine stand up followed by Hannah and Tiffany.

I watch as each one go into the bathroom before coming back out to me. Each have a stick in there hands with a smile on their beautiful faces.

" Um what are these?" I ask as they each giggle " Baby think for a moment. What do women usually do with white or pink sticks?" Hannah says getting me to think I look down at the sticks as my brain finally receives what they are. I look up at them with wide eyes to see each one nod.

" Holy Shit you mean you all four are." I ask trailing off to see smiles as my intuition was right but they hadn't told me yet " Yes baby we are if you haven't noticed our tummies sticking out a bit more." Diamond says getting a nod " I thought it was because you all had gas." I exclaim to only get playful slaps " That was bad to say baby, but a little true as I need to fart." Tiffany says going to the bathroom " Sorry, but how far along?" I ask as the three remaining grin " Well baby seems the cruise you were a 'knock us up' machine.

We have been trying to hide it, but it's not been easy baby." Hannah tells me getting nods " Damn I don't know what to say except wow.

So when are we going to tell all the family?" I ask as each one giggles " We were thinking Christmas as that would be about the half way point." Jasmine says as we hear Tiffany let loose " Must of been those burritos, ice cream, and tacos all in 35 minutes earlier today." Hannah says as my eyes went wide " Yes baby our appetites have been weird as right now I want some protein from you, but I want some girly juice along with it." Diamond says getting Jasmine and Hannah's attention " YOUR JUST A HORNY BEDROOM SLUT!" Tiffany says from the bathroom before continuing " NO MORE TACOS FOR ME!" We all laugh as Diamond, Jasmine, and Hannah come up and place their arms around me.

" Baby as for Jessie Lee we find her so beautiful and very loving. She is tough and would protect this family with all her worth. We each know how she feels. I guess you can say we want her to know our love for her.

Heath my love we will do anything you ask of us. If you want us to give you a night with her we will as we are faithful to you, but I hope we can all be there to pleasure you also and her.

We will never cheat on you and never want you to do the same." Jasmine tells me looking to Diamond " Baby we love you wholeheartedly.

The day you came in my life all I could feel was your love. The day I found out I was carrying our child I knew who I wanted to be with. I cried on Hannah's shoulder telling her I loved you, Jasmine, and her, but now I love you all. If Jessie Lee wants to be with us then we are ok with it, just don't bring any other women to our beds.

I thought we were going to have to get another bed and have older wives." Diamond says to me getting laughs " Teen skyla does her homework and fucks her horny stepmom pornstars and brunette I am sorry for the moms and godmoms as that will be a one time thing." I say as they laugh " We know baby, but it brought them smiles and closer to you. In fact we don't mind if you do again as they have been such a big part of your life." Diamond says getting nods " My darling Heath you are a amazing, loving, and sexy man.

You fill our hearts with such love that when you are somewhere we want to be there with you. The night you took sara st clair and hailey little threeway session on sofa oldvsyoung and threesome as one of your women was the best night of my life.

Feeling you inside me was like the best orgasm in my life. Heath you have four women that would give up their lives just to see you live. The baby I carry in my belly is a gift from your heart. I love you baby so very much." Hannah tells me with tears in her eyes " I love you too my beautiful Asian African Queen." I respond seeing her smile shine " BABY COME IN HERE PLEASE!" Tiffany yells as I turn to make my way to the master bath room Once inside she has me sit in front of her on the edge of the tub.

She wants my hands in which I give her just to feel her hands accept mine. Tiffany grunts for a moment squeezing my hands before she speaks. " Heath my love all I have to say is your heart is like a fountain.

Each of us has drunk from it and want more. I have known you the longest and know how golden your heart can be. The years you were gone from me I was so afraid.

I cried every night as I missed you so much. Heath you are our shining light through the darkness called life. The day I take my last breath will be the day I say forever until we meet again. Heath my love I accept whatever you decide as I find Jessie a beautiful young woman.

I just want to see if her pussy is juicy enough for you." Tiffany says with a smile just to get her sister fiancees to giggle with her " No you don't baby you just want another pink taco my sweet chocolate nympho." Diamond says getting a grin from Tiffany " Hey I can't help it she has a sexy tight ass." Tiffany says with a sexy grin " And she has a nice set of tits that our man could titty fuck." Hannah says getting laughs " Hey now we don't want her just for sex.

She has a beautiful heart." Jasmine states as they all nod " We know baby girl, but she is a beautiful Alabama Peach that you just want to savor." Diamond says getting agreeing nods " So how do we tell her then? I don't want to scare her or get her family mad." I state as each one starts thinking " Jasmine honey could you go get her so this can be between us only for now?" Tiffany asks getting Jasmine to nod " Tiffy baby I don't think she will want to see you on the toilet." Hannah says while Tiffany gets a feminine wipe " I am done my sexy love.

I just need to take my panties off as my asshole is burning." Tiffany tells us getting rolled eyes She takes her panties off then stands up lowering her skirt. Jasmine leaves to get Jessie as Tiffany and Hannah take me back in the bedroom while Diamond walks in front of us swaying her hips.

" Diamond you keep that up I am going to bend you over the bed and take you." I state hearing her giggle " I would let you baby as I can't get enough of that love meat between your legs." Kinky blond woman dped by throbbing black cocks on sofa sassy Diamond xxx 2019 sex stories story full sex stories while I get seated on the bed as they find a spot on the floor It's not long that we hear laughing.

I turn my head to see Jessie walking in with Jasmine following behind her. She notices Hannah, Diamond, and Tiffany on the floor while I am sitting on the bed. Jasmine makes Jessie to walk over to only sit by me on my right as Jasmine sits on my left. Jessie looks at each woman before speaking. " Ok um what is going on?" She asks before Tiffany speaks up " Well Jessie this is us finding out how much you want to become one of our loving man's excuse the term, but become a bedroom slut to him." Tiffany says making Jessie look at her sternly " I am not a slut." Jessie protests as Tiffany makes her way to her " No honey I don't mean like that.

I mean we all act like it only in the bedroom. Outside the bedroom we are loving and caring." Tiffany says caressing Jessie's face " Oh so it's like a role playing thing then?" Jessie asks getting nods " Yep it is baby girl. We like to pleasure Heath in every way we can. Hell he has done us all on the beach and in the water." Hannah says while Jessie goes wide eyed " Oh wow I bet that was different with people watching." Jessie says asking getting shook heads " No honey it was at night under the stars and moonlit sky.

That was how I gave my whole life and love to him." Hannah says while Tiffany goes back to sit in the middle of Hannah and Diamond on the floor " I.I always wanted to be loved like that. I always wanted the man that loved me to take my virginity like that." Jessie says with a warm smile " Your a virgin Jessie?" Jasmine asks only to get a nod " Yes I know it may sound odd, but I been well saving it for the right man." She answers a bit shyly " Hey there is nothing wrong with that.

Heath was my first at 20 years old." Jasmine says with a sweet smile " Really wow I guess I did right then." Jessie says getting nods " Yes you did baby girl it just makes it all that much meaningful." Jasmine says taking my left hand We sat for a few seconds in silence until Jessie spoke up. " So what did you all want to talk about?" She asks as my four loves smile " Well Jessie how far are you in your heart wanting to go?

What is it you want in your life?" Diamond asks with concern while Jessie looks at us all before responding " Well I want romance, passion, love, and faithfulness." Jessie pauses letting her words sink in before continuing " I want what you four have with a wonderful man. I am not going to lie I am deeply attracted to Heath and you four beautiful ladies.

I.I have um been fantasizing about you five taking me. I have never had sex except if you call Sierra's dildo sex. I have watched porn, but I don't feel nothing from it. I want the real thing in my life. I have heard my parents make love with mom moaning dad's name. I always wanted the same thing, but never found the right man.

I have been propositioned by those in the club, but all they wanted was my vagina and ass. I don't want a one time thing." Jessie pauses again, but with tears falling " I.I want love the kind that fills my body, my heart, and my soul.

I know we haven't met for all that long, but please tell me I have a chance to be a part of all this." Jessie starts crying as I see the looks in each of my loves eyes. Each one knows where Jessie is coming form as much as I do. Hannah, Tiffany, Diamond, and Jasmine go to her with Jasmine goes behind me to only hold Jessie from behind. Tiffany, Hannah, and Diamond hold her on their knees while each one comforts the beautiful young woman. I sit there watching as a new sign of love is forming right in front of me.

It's not long that Diamond, Hannah, and Tiffany break their hugs while Jasmine moves to sit on the other side of Jessie. Diamond although gets between Jessie's leg to look up at her with a smile. " So what do you want to do Peaches?" Diamond asks while caressing Jessie's thighs " Well I um I want to give myself to Heath. I want to be with you all." Jessie says a bit fearful as Diamond slides her hands up to Jessie's hips " Honey you sure you feel ready as this will be a big jump.

Once you give your heart, body, and soul to Heath and us there is no turning back." Hannah says getting a nod " I'm sure Hannah as I.I love him and you all. I have never wanted something so much as I want Heath inside me with his arms around me." Jessie says with Diamond slowly finding Jessie's zipper on her jeans " Ok baby, but first you need to get these clothes off. We want to see your beauty my beautiful peach." Diamond says taking Jessie's jeans off Jasmine helps Jessie taking her shirt off to expose her beautiful breast.

Jessie didn't have on a bra or panties. I guess she did want to wear what she wanted. " Oh baby you are beautiful girl." Tiffany says getting Jessie to blush " Thank you Tiffany so are all of you." Jessie tells my ebony princess " Jessie honey lay back so I can look at you." Diamond says in which Jessie obliges I feel myself getting hard while seeing this 5'7, 125 lb, long brunette hair and blue eyed young woman lay back spreading her legs.

I looked from her eyes then slowly down to her C cup breast, to what laid between her legs. I was surprised to see a light brown patch of hair showing on her mound. The girls all smiled as Diamond looked up at Jessie before sliding her hands up to Jessie's breast. Jessie let out a moan turning her head to look at me.

" You ok Jessie?" I ask seeing her nod " Yes darling I am as I feel so much love filling me." Jessie says while Diamond starts going down on her and the others new sister love " Heath baby take your clothes off. As your fiancees want you to bring in our new sister and lover to our bed the right way." Jasmine says while Diamond goes to town on Jessie's clit " Oh god that feels so good.yes Diamond love me." Jessie says letting out a moan " Jessie have you been with a female?" Hannah asks while Tiffany started stripping me " No, but.I.I am so learn.oh baby yes." Jessie says moaning as Tiffany gets my clothes off I am shoved back on the bed as Jessie looks over to see Tiffany kneel down between my legs to work my dick.

" Oh my.your huge baby." Jessie says getting giggles " Yes he is honey, but once you get use to his size you will never stray or want another." Hannah says laying on Jessie's right massaging her breast " Tiffany get him hard as he has a beautiful pussy to make love to." Jasmine says as I feel Tiffany smile after taking me in her mouth japanese wife affair with brother 89 pornoclub It's a erotic moment as Jessie and I are getting pleasured by four women that are accepting her.

They want to make her feel our combined love flow into her heart and soul. I slide my right hand to Jessie's left taking it. She accepts my hand to only look in my eyes as I look into hers. " OH GOD.I'M.CUMMINGGGG!" Jessie yells as Diamond suddenly moves away from Jessie's pussy I look down to see Jessie squirt all over Diamond's belly. I look to see Diamond smile tasting Jessie's girl cum. " Mmm yummy I am going to enjoy this sweet tasting pussy." My milf lover says with a sexy grin " Is she ready beautiful?" Tiffany asks after taking me out of her mouth " Yep and relaxed so baby you ready for a new love?" Diamond asks getting a chuckle " Only if she is as I don't want her to be uncomfortable, and think she has to." I state feeling Jessie squeeze my hand " I'm ready Heath darling.

I feel as if this is a wedding." Jessie exclaims getting giggles " Honey in a way it is. You are becoming part of us. This is like a ceremony with us four as the witnesses." Hannah states as I pull Jessie to me She slides her right leg over me to straddle my hips while laying on top of me.

We look in the others eyes before she kisses my lips with hers. Once the kiss is broken by Jessie I watch her raise up before I look between our legs to see Diamond grin giving a wink.

" Ok Jessie instead of one of us fucking you with a strap on. You are going to be made love to. You are going to control how much you take in your pussy. I am going to help you so when your ready just lower yourself down on our mans love meat." Diamond says while Jessie nods " Before I do I want to say something that I can't hold back." Jessie says while caressing my chest before continuing " Heath darling Incredible latin teen whore from snapforsex flashes tits and ass give you myself as well my love.

I want you in every way that I can.

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Even if I am not to be a wife I will always be your lover as well as Jasmine, Diamond, Hannah, and Tiffany's. I vow to protect you all and our children if they will have me also as a mother.

I give you my precious virginity as a gift of my love for you and our loves. I always dreamt of a biker in shining armor to be my love, but instead I got a man that is so much better. Heath I love you so much." Once Jessie was done she surprised us all with tears as she impaled herself down on my manhood with a scream of pain and pleasure. I looked down and she had all of my cock inside her except a inch. " OH FUCK.IT HURTS!" She yells as my loves look with panic " Honey get off him if it hurts real bad." Hannah says as all four surround us " No I can't.I want this.I want to feel his love.his control over me.his heart beat with mine also.I love you all." Jessie says with tears looking down at me with moans " We love you too my little peach.

Once the pain goes make love to OUR man. Let him fill you up with his love and essence." Diamond says getting Jessie to nod I look up at the young woman that is on top of me. Her eyes filled with love, desire, and passion. She is giving me all breathtaking centerfold is presenting her gaped juicy honey pot in closeup spreading fingering she can by slowly riding me.

Her hands are on my chest caressing it as she makes love to me. I feel her vaginal walls squeeze my shaft as she wants it.

I place my hands over hers letting Jessie know I want her. She smiles down before a moan escapes her lips. I look to see Tiffany and Hannah quietly walk out shutting the door before I see Diamond and Jasmine strip out of their clothes.

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I watch as they come over back to the bed except Diamond gets down behind Jessie as Jasmine makes Jessie lay down on me. " What's going.oh god.on?" Jessie asks as I place my arms around her " Jessie we are going to make love to you along with Heath. Your first time should be special baby." Jasmine says while I feel Diamond's tongue on my shaft " Oh yesss." Jessie moans while riding me slowly enjoying the moment Jasmine lays on her back, but places her head on my chest before taking Jessie's left nipple in her mouth.

Jessie lets out a moan before looking down into my eyes. " Heath baby?" Jessie asks while increasing her pace " Yes beautiful?" I ask in return as Jessie smiles " Tonight.take me.all of me.I give you.OH GOD.MYSELF TO YOUUUUUUU!" Jessie yells in the end moaning as she cums " Damn girl your squirting again." Diamond exclaims as Jessie increases her pace again " Sorry honey.oh shit.BABY FUCK MEEEE!" Jessie says as Jasmine moves " Damn I think we are creating a monster." Diamond say moving up on the bed " Yep look at her go.

Baby I think you need to just give her all of your heart as you did each of us." Jasmine says as Jessie looks in my eyes with pleading ones " YES FUCK ME.GIVE ME LOVE.PLEASE LOVE ME HEATH!" Jessie says as I roll us positioning myself as Jasmine and Diamond move pulling each of Jessie's legs back I look down to see her cum on my cock as I start sliding fast and long in and out of Jessie.

She lets out moan after moan as I reach down to rub her clit. I want her to cum one more time for me. I started to thrust faster and faster with long strokes as Jessie placed her hands up on my chest.

She was smiling with love in her eyes. I leaned down to kiss her lips while feeling a hand on each side of my ass. Jessie moans in my mouth as our mouths opened to give our tongues free roam.

I just kept pounding in and out of her tight, wet, warm pussy. She met my thrusts while making her pussy slide back and forth on my dick. Jessie broke the kiss before looking up in my eyes.

" Heath baby.I am.going to cum.cum with me.make me your.cum dump." She tells me as I feel more turned on " You sure baby girl? Are you on the pill?" Jasmine says while being slowly fingered by Diamond " Yes I am.oh shit.on both." Jessie says as I feel her pussy clamp down on my shaft before she pulls me down to her locking her legs around my ass to only continue " YES.I'M CUMMINGGG.CUM BABY PLEASE.PLEASE CUM IN MY PUSSY!" " OH FUCK.JESSIEEEE!" I yell in return as one more thrust was all it took I was held in place feeling the head of my dick hit her cervix to only erupt deep into her womb.

" OH YESSSS.I FEEL HIS ESSENCE FILLING ME UP!" Jessie says loudly as she holds me tight against her I felt her breast against my chest while my cock spit out a few more ropes.

Once my balls were empty Jessie let me go to only squeak as I rolled us over on my back with her on top. She smiled down at me. Jasmine and Diamond both came over to enjoy the aftermath.

" So baby girl how was your first time?" Diamond asks her new love with a smile " Oh fuck it was wonderful. I can't wait to do it again beautiful." Jessie states as she leans to Diamond while trying to keep my dick inside her Jasmine and I watch as the two kiss.

Jessie places her right hand on Diamond's left breast to only get a moan. Jasmine giggles before moving over to get a kiss from the sexy lady satisfied by the pawn keeper by fucking her vixen that is now slowly grinding back and forth on me.

I let out a moan feeling her clamp down on my softening dick. Although watching the three of them make out a bit does start something to grow a bit. I chuckle in which gets their attention. " What's so funny baby?" Jessie says while laying down on me after breaking the kiss with Diamond and Jasmine " Just that when I woke up today I never thought for one moment that I would be bringing another beautiful young woman to bed, and join in our love." I state feeling Jessie slowly grind against me " Well baby is that good or bad?" Jasmine says as she lays down on her stomach with her face close to mine " It's a good thing darlin.

I just hope Jessie doesn't have second thoughts." I say feeling her tighten her pussy down on my slowly hardening cock " Never sexy as you five have me heart, body, and soul. All I ask is once Jasmine, Diamond, Hannah, and Tiffy give birth that it will be my turn to give you a baby." Jessie says catching us off guard " did you know?" Diamond asks straddling Jasmine's ass " I hung around Sierra, Mandy, and Nicky while Aunt Savannah and Megan were pregnant.

I can tell you four are preggers." Jessie says as I place my hands on her hips " Well crap there goes the secret." Diamond says while she massages Jasmine's back " Not really as I won't tell anyone baby. You can count on me honey." Jessie says to her new lover with a smile " You better or our man and I will double penetrate you at the same time." Diamond says with a wicked grin " Um ok that I am not ready for, and I promise baby not to tell anyone." Jessie says with a assuring smile After that moment we all shared a kiss that sealed the love we had for one another.

Jessie was so passionate and full of love that all I could do was hold her to my body. She placed her arms around my neck to only look in my eyes. " I love you so much Heath baby." Jessie tells me with a smile " I love you too Jessie my sweet little Peach." I tell her as both Jasmine and Diamond move to either side of us " This feels so right just wish our ebony beauties were with us." Jasmine says getting nods " Well we just need to have a day and night of just us 6 and perfect tits and ass gets hardcore fucked one else.

Maybe a stay at a nice hotel." Diamond says as I think of her words " That would be nice with no one around to interrupt us." I state getting smiles " So baby how do you feel about all this? You have five women now in which I hope it stays that way." Jasmine asks getting giggles I look at all three of them to only smile. " I am very happy as I feel the love just come from your hearts and souls.

I just need to make a change though." I exclaim seeing confused looks " Oh and what is that sexy?" Diamond asks with concern " I won't say gracie glam shows the curves of her gorgeous body, but only when the time is right." I proclaim seeing them nod to my answer After Jessie got off me then went between my legs to clean my manhood in which she exclaimed she would start doing every time I made love to one of them.

Her comment made Jasmine and Diamond giggle. We all got dressed in which all three put on shorts and a top with no bras or panties. I chuckled knowing why as my girls loved to be easy access for me. I licking pussy deepthroat and hard fuck with nasty milf on a pair of sweats before taking Jessie's left hand as well as Jasmine's right.

Diamond took Jessie's right while I led them out of the bedroom to only return to the living room. Once we entered back with the family. We noticed Hannah and Tiffany on the floor with the kids. The moms and Tessa were on the couch talking while Nicky and Justin sat in either chair. Tessa was the first to see us before getting up coming over to Jessie Lee.

She placed her hands on either side of her granddaughters face to look in her eye's. Tessa studied Jessie's eyes for a few minutes before smiling.

" It's about time baby girl you found that heart that loves you." Tessa states shocking me while getting a smile from Jessie " don't mind Tessa?" I ask getting a smile " No I don't Heath as she deserves to be loved even if the man has four other beautiful ladies.

Amateur teen gets tits cumshot at work since the day Nick brought home Megan years ago then the two got with Savannah my eyes became clear that love finds those that feel the same as they do.

Nick loves those two so much as I see you love your ladies just the same. All I ask hun is you don't hurt my little girl. Her and Renee mean so much to me as my other grandkids do. Jessie is so in love with you as Renee is with Jamie. I think Sierra and Mandy coming here has done so much for both our families." Tessa says to me while turning to look over her shoulder at those on the couch before turning back to hug us all standing there " Thank you grandma I love you so very much." Jessie says before I seen Nicky stand up along with Justin They both pulled me to the side with a bit of force.

" NICKY, JUSTIN WHAT THE!" Jessie yells before I shake my head They have me stand away from the girls before speaking to me. " First off we respect you no doubt about that." Nicky says getting a nod " Second don't hurt my niece or you will have a hell of a lot of pain come down on you Heath." Justin tells me very sternly " GUYS STOP YOUR RUINING MY LIFE!" Jessie yells getting everyones attention " Jessie we are just." Nicky says as she goes to stand up in front of him " No Nicky not this time.

Every time one of us girls get with a guy you and Justin try to scare them away. I love Heath with all my heart. He loves me just as much as does the others. I love you both, but this is MY life." Jessie says not backing down as both Justin and Nicky stare at her before each other Tessa makes her way to Jessie before speaking to her grandson and son.

" Boys she has said her peace. I love all my grandkids and kids, but when a woman's heart speaks she can't keep it hid." She states as the two just stand there looking at two of their family members Everyone is silent except the kids playing on the floor. Tessa returns to her spot between Mom and Momma Faye taking each of their hands that catches my eyes. I think something is even going on with them.

I think for a moment for what to say to make everyone know what is going on. " Guys love can't help who it picks from ones heart. My family has found those they love. My god moms found a love between themselves and their husbands.

The moms each one has found their love in each other. My mother proposed to Faye on the cruise and Jacqueline not long after Disney in secret, and I feel they have found another that has filled their heart as alison taylor fuck with her son have filled hers." I state as Tessa blushes as the moms smile Everyone looks at them with confusion before I hear Justin speak up.

" Mom what does he mean?" Justin asks as Tessa looks up at him " Well son Heath means that I have found three women that have filled that void that was taken away when your father died. Justin I love you, but I need to move on and have love with another even if it's three women. Sorry if this makes you mad or disgusted with me, but I love Faye, Maggie, and Jacqueline. I have been spending time with them the last few weeks. Each has told me there opinion, and I have taken it.

Justin your father told me if I ever found love again to take it no matter man or woman. He knew I loved to be with a woman also. So baby I am going to live the rest of my life as and I hope as Mrs. Tessa Thompson once Maggie ever asks me to marry her." Tessa explains making my mom turn to look at her " Tessa are.are you sure you want to get married again?" My mother asks getting Tessa to turn to her " Yes I am sure baby.

Look I have been single for 6 years now. I have had a few one night stands with a female lover, but what I have felt from you three has shown me I am ready. When my time comes I want to be married to the person that has my heart.

I love you Maggie, Faye, and Jacqueline. I want to spend the rest of my life in all your arms." Tessa says with some tears It's a silent moment as we all watch my mother has Tessa get in her lap. I smile has mom pulls Tessa down to give her a kiss. I look to see Justin and Nicky watch with wide eyes as my five ladies giggle getting the kids to laugh at Nicky and Justin. Faye and Jacqueline smile as they both hug their lovers.

It's at that moment that Jessie comes up to me placing her arms around me as mine go around her. She looks up to me with those loving eyes. " Baby grandma is right as I want the same. I want to always be in your arms and my sister loves. I want and hope to be your wife one day, but I will be whatever I can until that day." Jessie tells me with a look of deep hope I just keep gazing in her eyes to only see truth, love, and passion.

" Jessie you are one of us, and always will be, but the day I feel it's right you will know." I tell her seeing a big smile " Well I guess instead of one mom.

Nick and I are going to have four." Justin says out of no where " Well that be a problem Justin?" My mother asks after breaking the kiss holding Tessa close to her " No not at all. I just ask that you three don't hurt my mother." He says answering getting nods " We won't hun as we love Tessa very much." Jacqueline says getting a smile " Daddy can we watch a movie we're bored?" Karen asks getting laughs " Sure, but there isn't enough room for all of us honey." I say seeing them pout " Aww baby we can make room.

Come on Justin and Nicky help me move the coffee table over by the back door." Jessie says breaking our hug " Heath may I talk to you honey?" Momma Faye asks getting a nod Faye got up, but not before giving Tessa a passionate kiss. Tessa moaned which got some awws from all the woman, and giggles from the kids. After the kiss Faye came to me taking my hand to only lead me up the stairs and to their room. Once in she shut the door having me to sit on the bed.

I looked around to see bras and panties on the floor. I chuckled which got her to giggle. " Sorry hun I guess we had too much wine last night.

Tessa wanted us to take her and make her one of us." She tells me getting a nod " No worries Momma Faye as Jessie was the same earlier." I state getting a grin " So is she sexy under her clothes?" She asks getting wide eyes from me " Momma Faye what the?" I try to say getting a giggle " Sorry Heath, but I am bisexual remember.

You might of cured me from being a total lesbian, but I still love pussy. So is she beautiful naked and have a tight pussy like us moms around your beautiful cock?" She asks while my eyes roll " If I tell you will you stop asking?" I ask getting a nod and smile before I continue " Yes she is beautiful and yes her pussy is tight. Now what did you want to discuss?" She smiled before sitting on my left grabbing her phone.

" Ok I called back home like you asked. The realtor finally called me back after so long telling me she finally found the owner of the land around Hot vixen luna star takes intense anal pounding pornstars hardcore and my land.

He lives in Florida, and told her to tell you to call him when ever you wanted. So here is his phone number." She tells me as I grab my phone from mom and san xxx rum night sweats I started dialing the number on my phone.

I waited for it the ring while momma Faye leaned up against me wanting to feel that closeness from me. I placed my left arm around her as a voice came over the phone. I talk to the guy to find out his name was Glenn. I asked about the land to find out all together there was 500 acres. He told be the price in which I chuckled telling him that wouldn't be a problem. Hot rich bitch in uniform seduces her school friend tube porn did some scheduling to pick a time that I could go look at the land.

I told him I was free anytime. So he asked about the Monday after Halloween. I thought for a moment to tell him sure. I told him to have the paperwork ready as I would have the money in the full amount. We said our goodbyes as I hung up.

" Well honey what did he say?" Faye asked me while I turned to take her hands in mine " Momma Faye this weekend those in the house are going on a trip, but I need to know is there enough room in your old house for all of us?" I ask seeing her eyes look in mine " Yes and no.

There is 5 bedrooms, black stiff dick for horny lea lexis big living room, and the front yard or field that would need cleared a little." She tells me as I start to think " So basically not everyone could go." I ask getting a nod " Exactly, but I know I am and my lovers, you and your five loves, the kids, and possibly the godparents." She tells me while I think of everything " Well I guess we take pictures and send them while we look around so those that stay behind can see." I say getting a smile " Heath hun I think everything will work out." She tells me before quickly straddling my lap placing her arms around my neck before continuing " Heath you know we all love you right honey?" She asks getting a nod continuing again " Baby everything you do is remarkable.

The cruise in which gave me the love of my life your mother who I love so very much. The Disney vacation in which brought us all that much closer, but you and I to a higher level of mother and son as well as your mother and Jacqueline." " Which was a one time thing." I say getting a giggle " Yes it was, but if I was Jasmine's age I would be right there with her.

Sorry to say that, but you opened my eyes. But what I am getting at we are growing as a family with a love for one another even though it's mother and son, brother and sister, sister and sister, and so on.

Heath I am just so proud of you. You have grown so much over the past few years. You gave me 3 precious grand babies who I love so much." She tells me with a sincere smile " Tiny beauteous gal likes hardcore homemade and blowjob you Momma Faye as I love you as well all my family." I state when the door opens to make Momma Faye and I turn to look Standing there is my five beauties and Faye's three loves.

They come in shutting the door behind them. " Ok what is going on?" Jasmine asks with a hint of concern " We are just talking honey. I have been wanting to tell my son how I am so proud of him for all he has done for all of us." Momma Faye says with a grin " Oh ok I didn't want to think Heath would be marrying 10 women in the end." Jasmine says getting giggles " No honey nothing like that." Faye says getting nods " Um have I missed something?" Jessie asks as I see Tessa looking with concern " Can you keep a secret Tessa baby?" Mom asks getting a nod before continuing " Well it was during the Disney vacation that Faye, Jacqueline and I slept with Heath.

We wanted that love that we lost at the beginning of the vacation back, and I wanted my nightmares of my ex to go away. So we slept with him making love." " mean you moms had sex with Heath?" Jessie asks getting worried looks " Um yes we did your not disgusted are you?" Jacqueline asks with some fear Tessa and Jessie look at one another before looking at us all.

The next thing they do is go to the ones they love. Jessie to me as Tessa goes to mom. " Maggie you had to do what you felt. Look I love you, Faye, and Jacqueline very much, but don't expect me to sleep with another man as Grey was the only one to please me." Tessa says as my mom smiles hugging her " Don't worry honey we won't." Mom says while everyone hugs their loves We all left the room making the way back down to rejoin the rest of the family that finally came back with food.

I enjoyed the evening especially after Jessie and Tessa came out telling the rest of the family about the confessions they made to the ones they loved. Jack looked at me and mom before he chuckled. " Momma Maggie your down two as Heath is ahead of you." He says getting smacked by his two ladies " Actually Jack honey Maggie has three that would love being with her and her three loves anytime." Momma Ellie old man younger woman old smart gentleman with a youthful spectacular girl with a sexy grin to my mother " Crap I forgot my bad sorry bro seems your mom knows how to eat pussy better then you." Jack says but gets slapped in the back of the head hard by Sierra " Baby you better be glad Mandy and I love you because you only finger us.

As I hear it Heath is the whole fucking package." Sierra says as everyone goes wide eyed even Jack " Well sounds like Jack needs lessons." Adam says getting giggles " Yeah yeah whatever." Jack says with a little laugh That evening goes by with my family.

I think of when to tell them about this coming weekend. I figure tomorrow will be good since it would be a new day. The days that followed was busy with me first telling the family that some of us were going on a trip. They all looked at me confused asking where too. I told them that was my little secret with a smile. Jasmine and my lady loves gave me a look of concern before shrugging. I made a few calls while everyone went shopping for Halloween. I talked to the bank telling them of my up coming purchase, and that I need the funds ready by Friday.

They exclaimed they would have it for me. My kids and Lil Heath were excited about Halloween that they went shopping with the family everyday. Nicky and Justin kept doing as Nick asked them being bodyguards for the family. I was glad of that as I made it a point to stay home since Trey's doing.I made a call to William telling him of the weekend trip.

He said he would stay close to the house to help Mike and them if anything came up. I thanked him for it in which he exclaimed I didn't have to as I was a nephew to him. I had a smile on my face to those words. On Thursday I got a call around 10 a.m. from the bank. I left not taking anyone with me which made the family concerned.

Once to the bank I went inside meeting with the bank manager. He opened the brief case that held the money. He counted it all as I stood there watching on. Once done I signed the paperwork before shaking his hand, and being escorted out to my truck to make sure no one jumped me. I made my way home with a smile as I looked over at the brief case that was going to buy some land for all my families future. Halloween came being on a Friday. We rearranged the living room to make more room for dancing as I knew Jasmine, Diamond, Hannah, and Tiffany loved to dance.

By 6 p.m. in the evening food was carried in by Jack, Adam, and Chris. They got pizza, tacos, and Chinese since everyone had there favorite. The kids got happy meals in which they devoured saying they were saving room to have candy.

I just chuckled the way they rushed off to get dressed up. After dinner everyone went to warm teen pussy latoya 2 81 tube porn dressed up except me as I wanted my ladies to be first. Once everyone came out I was shocked as my godparents were dressed up as if they were in the 60's, Jack, Sierra, and Mandy were dressed as biker's in which I should of known.

Chris and Selena were Robin Hood and Maid Marion, Nicky and Justin were well themselves. Jamie and Renee looked like ninjas which was cool. Lil Heath, Dakota, and Lil Greg were pirates which didn't surprise me one bit. What shocked me next was my moms were all dressed up with Tessa in a biker outfit with Momma Faye, mom, and Momma Jacqueline dressed as the pink ladies.

I smiled as they were holding hands and smiling. I shook my head as I heard momma Ellie speak up. " Very nice ladies I remember that movie very well." Momma Ellie says getting giggles Right at that moment I looked up the stairs to see a sight. Coming down the stairs was 6 belly dancers. Each wearing the veil across their face. " Oh my son looks like they want us to know who they belong too." Mom tells me as I nod Karen came over to me wanting to be picked up. I placed her on my lap as my girls surrounded me.

" Daddy what do you think of our costumes." She asks with a giggle " Well I have to say they are something else that is for sure." I answered getting giggles After that moment the party began. We danced watching videos on t.v. As the party continued Mom had us all sit except the kids as Selena, Tiffany stood with the kids. They each had a microphone in their hands. " Daddy us kids want to sing you a song.

Uncle Adam and Auntie Shellie has helped us practice. So sit down and please enjoy daddy." Karen says as Selena looks at papa Nate " Dad you have always been there for me. It's not father's day, but since this is a party why not sing to you my loving daddy." Selena says getting awws as Karen did " Dad you have shown me what life means.

You helped me through the past years. So like Karen told her daddy and my baby relax." Tiffany told papa Ricky getting a smile " Papa Mike we didn't forget about you. You have been tied girl get fucked with many guys father to us all our lives. You and Papa Greg. So this song is for all four of you plus Chris and Heath." Selena says as I watch Adam press a button on his ipod The music starts as Jasmine and Jessie Lee get in my lap.

Diamond and Hannah sit at my feet as we listen. It's at that moment that Karen started singing in her cute angelic voice. I felt goosebumps as she started to sing that song Daddy's hand's.

I looked to see my godfathers and Chris with tears as I felt my heart fill with warmth. The boys started to join her I felt Jasmine and Jessie hold me as I looked at my little girl as she was looking back at me. All I could do was fight my tears from showing. Tiffany and Selena joined at that point making it hard not to hold back the tears as each looked at their fathers.

Karen and my sons stepped over to me singing to me with their sweet voices. Daddy's hands were soft and kind when I was cryin´. Daddy´s hands, were pretty babe gets pounded in doggy position as steel when I´d done wrong. Daddy´s hands, weren´t always gentle But I´ve come to understand.

There was always love in Daddy´s hands. I remember Daddy´s hands, working 'til they bled. Sacrificed unselfishly, just to keep us all fed. If I could do things over, I´d live my life again.

And never take for granted the love in Daddy´s hands. Daddy's hands were soft and kind when I was cryin´.

Daddy´s hands, were hard as steel when I´d done wrong. Daddy´s hands, weren´t always gentle But I´ve come to understand. There was always love in Daddy´s hands. Daddy's hands were soft and kind when I was cryin´. Daddy´s hands, were hard as steel when I´d done wrong. Daddy´s hands, weren´t always gentle But I´ve come to understand. There was always love . In Daddy´s hands It was at that moment that I broke down and cried.

I watched as Karen moved pass her two mommies on the floor to crawl in my lap. She had me hold her as I looked over to see Tiffany and Selena get in their dad's laps as Lil Heath did the same. My boys got into mine after Jessie Lee moved over a bit. Karen was the last to sing as the music went off.

" There was always love.In daddy's hands." Karen sung as she looked up at me in tears continuing " We love you daddy." " I love you all too baby girl and my little men." I say holding them in my arms pulling them to me Us father's cried as we held our kids. Tiffany and Selena went to Papa Mike to let him hug them. After all the hugs were done Karen shocked us all by getting up making her way to the middle of the room with her brothers.

She took their hands as she looked up at the ceiling. " Grampie Greg we love you please watch over daddy and our grampie's and uncles as Grammie May watches over our mommies, grammies, and aunties." Karen says as the boys nod After that moment we all looked at each other as my girls went to get their kids to hold them for awhile.

I felt a sudden warmness flow through me then a voice that spoke surprising me. " Son watch the kids make sure no one takes them. Be strong for one in your heart knows of one in sheeps clothing." The familiar voice tells me I shake my head looking around wondering who would know someone in sheeps clothing or what that meant.

===================================================================== ???????? POV: It's Halloween around 10 o'clock at night as I look at the screen with a bad feeling.

I click on the email that was sent to that asshole that has been causing shit to some I am beginning to care about. I see something about the kids and read it. What I read disgust me to the point that I pick my phone up to call one person who can stop the horrific shit I read from being done. I feel the wet mouth around my manhood going up and down.

I try not to think about that for the moment as I here a voice come on the phone saying hello. " Yeah hey man.No I am ok but we have a problem.Yeah that kind look. I just found something bad that is going to try to happen next week.Yeah him, but he has his lawyer buddy.More like accuse Heath and the men in the house of mistreating the kids.Yeah they are sick. Look by what it says here it was to happen like Tuesday or Wednesday.Yes I know you need to stop him and the two it says are with him along with a woman.Yeah I imagine she will love to get her hands dirty.Bro you got to make sure they don't get the kids.Oh that would work I have the place they are at right here.Ok you have a pen and paper." I say talking to my friend before he tells me to give him the address After giving him the information we say our goodbyes before we hang up.

I put my phone down to look at the email I intercepted. I smirk as I feel a hand come up to my chest from under the desk. I think to myself ' I don't think you are going to see Thanksgiving G you sick fuck'. I lean back to look under the desk at my French girlfriend Paula. " Honey I am getting close." I say as she stops to look up at me to only stroke me " Then my love you need to stand up so I can bend over the chair.

I want you in my pussy and give me your delicious cum." Paula says as I back up the chair Once I stand, and she gets in place I enter her getting a moan. She is so tight that I just want to give her all my love. After like 10 minutes of moans and kisses to the back of her neck I empty deep inside her. She loves me as I do give her something so warm. I pull out to only see her turn and face me. She is a inch taller then I am.

I love tall woman as there legs are sexy. Paula places her arms around me while my hands go to her ass. " Baby when are we going on another trip?" She asks while I squeeze her ass " Soon darlin, but first we need to make a few fake email's when we get a certain call in a day or two." I answer my French beauty " Ok baby as you know I will do anything for my girl." Paula says looking in my eyes The rest of the night is filled with love as Paula and I cuddle up in our bed.

I think of the email again. All I can think is my friend better protect those kids he tells me so much about. To Be Continue.G how do you like your Turkey oh wait you don't get any to the BBQ for you