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Nicky gives a blowjob before the ramming
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Just so you people know I do NOT own Naruto [sobbing] I wish I did. a NaruxHina story, plz RnR Part 1 sum: Hinata finds it in her self to finally come out of her shell, but it will take something deep to make her break out.

"Normal speak" 'Thoughts' Written by Dragon of the Underworld Revised by Evildart17/Darkcloud75 Now the story Not All Chapters will have sex scenes in them xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx The Way I Dreamed It Part 1 Chapter 1 It was night with the moon shinning down on the village; Hinata was walking through a trail in the woods that lead to the top of a mountain that overlooked the village.

Hinata had a sad face and walked slowly as she neared the top. To Hinata today was a special night that did not go the way she had planned. Today was her seventeenth birthday and today she had planned to confess to the one she loved her true feelings at her party, Hinata was ecstatic and could not wait, however the night went by so slow mainly because the person that she just couldn't wait to see was not there at any point of the party.

Hinata had mustered up every ounce of confidence she had and had her mind made up that she was going to tell him today she had even dressed up, she wore a very beautiful lavender kimono that showed the curves she usually hides, but it didn't happened and now she didn't know if she'd be able to do it again.

'What if he doesn't even like dana and shannon have some kinky fun as a friend. I mean he didn't come to the party' thought Hinata as her eyes began to get watery just thinking that Naruto didn't like her in any kind of way.

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Hinata began to shed tears as her thoughts continued to stir 'Why? Why me? Why don't I ever get what I wa--- ' Hinata's thoughts were cut short as she reached the top only to notice a single figure by the edge sitting down and looking at the village, it was a boy. As she got closer she could see that he had been crying, he's cheeks were drenched with tears. Hinata kept getting closer till she finally noticed who it was "Naruto-kun" she whispered to herself.

Hinata stood there for a moment not knowing what to do, she wanted to see what was wrong, why was he crying, but he was up here for a reason, to be alone. Hinata decided to go up to him. "Naruto-kun" Naruto was startled and turned around to see who it was "Hinata?" he quickly turned back around and wiped away all his tears.

Naruto blushed at how beautiful she looked but then he remembered that he's cheeks were covered in tears so he turned to wipe them of then turn around again. "Hinata. . .why are you here?" "I-I I just came f-for a walk" "Oh. . you can have the place. I was just about to leave anyway," he said as he got up and began to walk away.

"Wait" said Hinata as her hand shoot up and gripped one of Naruto's wrists keeping him form leaving. "What's wrong?" asked Naruto. "Exactly" she said. Naruto knew what she meant by that, she wanted to know what was up with him. "Naruto-kun what's wrong? Why are you crying," she said in a sweet concern tone that Naruto couldn't help but want to cry on her shoulder as he began to cry again.

"Hinata I [sob]" he didn't finish as he fell to his knees. Hinata kneeled down to try and comfort him "Nothing [sob] nothings ever going to [sob] to change" "What do you mean?" "I.

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. .I-I don't want to be lonely [sob] for the rest of my life" "You wont I'm sure you'll find someone" "I'm [sob] I'm [sob] a MONSTER [sob] and no ones ever goanna want me" he said as he continued to cry. "Naruto-kun what are you talking about your not a monster" as she herself began anal threesome for a blonde teen fucking and sucking shed tears herself just listening to him.

Naruto looked up at Hinata as he told her about the kyuubi and how it was sealed inside of him, and all the cruel things that the village did to him when he was small.

"That's why. . That's why no one is ever going to give a chance" "Naruto-kun [sob] your NOT A MONSTER" Hinata was now crying as much as Naruto after listening everything he went through when he was young. Hinata embraced Naruto as she held his head on her shoulder while he kept crying. "Naruto-kun you're a HERO, you have many friends and one day you'll find someone that will see you as the hero that you are. Those that think differently only think that way because they don't know you, if they knew the Naruto that I know then they would think the same as I." "Hinata.


arigato, arigato" "It's okay Naruto-kun" Naruto blushed as he couldn't help be intoxicated by an aroma radiating from Hinata. "Naruto-kun" it's seemed like a terrible time to bring it up, but she just had to know. "Uhm" he said as he looked at her noticing the sad look on her face. "Why. . .why didn't y-you come?" asked Hinata, Naruto looked at her with a confused look. "Why didn't you come to my birthday party?" "Was it today?" "Uhm. .did.

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. .did you f-for get?" "No. . .Yes. . .I mean kind of " he noticed that Hinata's face didn't changed. "Hinata I was lost, I've had so much in my mind lately, I can't seemed to think straight, all this week my mind has been elsewhere and I just lost track of what day it was, that's why I didn't know today was your birthday party, but I didn't forget about your birthday, I got you a present I have it at home.

Hinata I'm so sorry I wanted to be there believe me I really did." Sobbing, angry with himself that her forgot her party. "I believe you" Naruto stood up "I really wanted to be there" he said again. Hinata stood up as well "I know" she said knowing he was being sincere just by the look of his eyes.

"Hinata. you look very pretty" Hinata could only look away as she blushed, Naruto then reached for one of Hinata's hands "Come" he said as he began to walk away. "Where we going" "To my apartment" "Why?" "I want to give you my present silly" "Oh" As they ran to Naruto's apartment, Naruto couldn't help but think about something that Hinata had just said to him. "Naruto-kun are you alright?" she asked noticing that something might be wrong.

"It's just that I. . .I hope I don't disappoint you with my present" "Naruto-kun I'm a simple girl what ever you got me I'm sure I'll love it, it the thought that counts" 'Right' he thought as they continued to run to his apartment, as he continued to think naughty skinny girl hard fucked by tattooed what Hinata had said to him earlier.

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx A/N Their you have it the first chapter I hope you guys liked it, and I KNOW you guys are ganna love the next chapter.

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