Blonde milf laurence in glasses fucked in a threesome

Blonde milf laurence in glasses fucked in a threesome
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Only twenty words were spoken. Twenty words that would change her life forever, and also the way they saw each other. It started off distant and professional, him just taking what he wanted.

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But it would end so personally that neither of them could expect the consequences, or more so the results, of that night… The moonlight streamed through her open curtain, shining on her pale skin as she slept. She wasn't wearing much, just a shirt, but then again she never did anyways. Her soft breathing was masked by the fact that she was sleeping on her stomach, the light illuminating the skin on her arms and legs suddenly disappearing as a shadow passed over them.

He didn't make a sound entering the room, knowing how light of a sleeper she was, but also knowing how much she drank tonight gave him the courage to walk over to her sleeping form. That and maybe the couple of shots he had thrown back before getting this crazy but appealing idea.

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He stopped at the foot of her bed, his eyes passing over her body as his hand slowly moved to follow his gaze. He softly touched her lower leg, wary of waking her and flinching when she stirred in her sleep, her naturally positioned legs spreading slightly and causing her already short shirt to rise up tantalizingly, tightly forming around her beautiful ass.

It was an ass that guys dreamed of, large and well-shaped, but still firm and supple with just the slightest bit of shake to it.

He hesitated, knowing that even drunk and passed out, there was still the chance she could wake up. Momentarily halted, he looked around, suddenly stopping his search and smiling. Quickly crossing the room, he grabbed one of her belts from her closet. Just the thought of what he was planning turned him on, and he could feel himself starting to get hard. He returned to the bed, becoming extremely cautious now. Carefully, he pulled her arms together and looped the belt around them, tightening it quickly just as her eyes began to open.

He stepped back as she woke slowly, not yet realizing the situation she now found herself in. She caught the movement out of the corner of her eye, trying to sit up but failing due to the belt around her arms. Finally realizing what was going on, she curled her legs up into her chest, which was now betraying her fear in short, quick bursts of breathing.

He stood motionless for a moment as they locked eyes, hers wide in fear and surprise, his a simple amusement and hunger. Looking her over, he realized that her shirt had risen up even farther when he had tied her arms together, now not even covering anything below her waist.

His mind reeled as he saw that she had nothing on beneath her shirt. Without warning he moved swiftly, getting onto the bed and attractive babe is showcasing her opened narrow vagina in close up her legs before she even realized that he wasn't where she was staring anymore.

She hid her head, trying to tell herself that she was dreaming, that this wasn't happening, but the hands now spreading her legs and turning her onto her back proved that her hopes weren't going to come true. She gasped as she felt him lay against her between her now lewdly spread legs, the feel of him against her bare skin finally shocking her out of her passiveness. She started to scream, but it was quickly quieted by a hand across her mouth, muting her.

"Don't make a sound. I promise, you'll enjoy it" was all he said before taking his hand away after making sure she had quieted down. He reached down to pull her shirt up over her head, revealing her 34B chest, leaving it pinned around her arms creating another "tie" to keep her from resisting.

Ignoring her small distressed noises, he calmly moved his hand up and down her body, exploring gently. He had told himself that he would take his time, enjoy it, but now in the heat of the moment he wasn't so sure that he wanted to anymore.

He wanted to take her hard, fast… Make her scream in a completely different way… He kissed her softly, enjoying the small moan that escaped her lips as he bit her lower lip unexpectedly. Smiling, he moved down her body, still keeping control of her legs until he was sure she had her, making sure that the small resisting movements that she was making didn't cost him his prize. He flicked his tongue over one of her nipples, watching it stiffen in her excitement.

Deciding to torture her, he continued down, kissing randomly all over her body, going lower with every kiss, and with every kiss her movements against his actions lessened. He stopped when he reached the junction of her legs, viewing his reward as it glistened with her juices. He looked back up at her, laughing to himself as he saw her head thrown back, eyes closed and biting her lip.

Not wanting to delay any longer, he dove between her legs, licking her gently and reveling in the resulting moan that escaped her. Her legs abruptly stopped resisting him, and he could finally focus his full attention on the task at hand. He kissed her slit from bottom to top, lightly licking and biting her clit as she gasped at the sensation, letting out a loud moan as he continued to lick her clit, feeling her pussy with one of his hands and slowly sliding a finger inside of her.

He kept up his dual assault, his tongue on her clit and one then two fingers penetrating her until her first orgasm hit, causing her small noises and moans to turn into one long burst of noise, rising in volume as he moved even faster despite her best attempts to stop the contact on her sensitive areas, her hips rising off the bed and rolling side to side.

He succeeded in his efforts, making her explode everywhere immediately after her first finished, causing her to collapse back down to the bed, exhausted.

Not wanting her the chance to calm down, he continued to move his fingers inside her pussy, creating a "come here" motion that grazed her sensitive areas and building her pleasure back up again. He was fully hard by now, and stopped his torture long enough to undo and take off his pants and boxers, returning to her and the bed before she could attempt to escape.

Little did he know that by now, she didn't want to and couldn't even if she did. Lining himself up, he thrust roughly into her, making her gasp in surprise and maybe a tiny bit of pain before she began to moan again in pleasure as his rape quickly began to turn into a consented act of desire. He slowed his movements, reaching down to tease her clit with his fingers bringing yet another moan out of her. He knew she was close again, but instead of bringing her quickly to it he slowed even pushing panties in with dildo, building her pleasure slowly until it began to wash over her, and her mouth opened in a wordless scream of bliss.

He sensed this, and immediately began pumping in and out of her wet pussy as fast as he possibly could, feeling his release coming on quickly as well. Suddenly, his efforts were well rewarded as her silent scream ended with a loud exclamation of his name, but he didn't even hear as he was lost in his own satisfaction, exploding deep inside of her and feeling her pussy squeeze and milk him dry.

She moaned one last time as she felt his cum erupt inside her and went limp, unable to move. He finally pulled out of her, shivering at the intense feeling he had just experienced. He got up and put his pants back on, turning to leave, but hesitated. Turning back around to where his naked prey still lay, he undid the belt restraining her arms, smirking as her arms remained limp above her head as she lacked the energy to move them. He placed one last kiss on her lips, whispering in her ear, "I knew you would enjoy it.

I'll see you tomorrow night", and exited without another sound. He never saw the shiver of pleasure that went through her body at those words. To be continued…?