Chubby blonde gets it in the ass hard

Chubby blonde gets it in the ass hard
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This is my first story, so please be kind…constructive criticism only When shit hits the fan, you always think about the beginning. I know that now.

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I know that because here I am strapped to my bed, more helpless than a babe and staring into the horrified eyes of my husband. Horrified because between my legs is our sitter.

She's got her face stuffed full of my pussy, and is doing her best to give me yet another orgasm. She's oblivious of the stunned speechless man standing behind her. Me? I'm thinking about how this shit got started in the first place, and how I will possibly explain a 19 year old to sucking on my clit. Teen banging in fake taxi for free ride husband Greg and I were married quite young, 18 actually.

When we started out at 16 we were virgins, and have been each other's first everything. Greg told me at 18 that he would be going into the service, and in true teen aged fashion, I followed him swept up in the drama of it all. Things were a bit rough at first, as you would expect of kids learning to be adults together.

But we made it. I've always been so proud that we did. In 1999 we welcomed our first daughter Megan into the world. Prior to Megan I had the gift of being fresh and 21. 34 C and every inch of them the most perfect upturned tits with the sweetest peg nipples, at least that is what Greg used to say about them.

I was never skinny, but I was the best kind of soft, fluid and curvy.

My ass was perfectly round. My Hispanic heritage had done me well, very Raquel Welch in shape. After baby was not as kind to me as I would have hoped and I fought to get back into shape, so you can image how apprehensive I was when we found we were pregnant with Jason in 2003. After Jason when my body again didn't snap back, I knew I'd never have another child. This was one of the down times in our marriage as well.

Greg was amazingly supportive of caring for the children, but the extra 20 pounds were clearly unappreciated. Everytime I found a moment's peace to actually shower and not think about diapers or daycare, I found myself sobbing about the situation.

I was choking back those very tears one day at the playground a few blocks away while Jason was sleeping, and Megan was sleeping running about picking up mulch with some other little boy. Another woman, I assumed that boy's mother, sat down a few benches away and I could hear her conversation. She was detailing to the other party some of the most absurd things I'd ever heard about some machine she wore the batteries down on.

At the time, I was not openly comfortable with words like "pussy" and "cunt" but she couldn't stop exclaiming how amazing she'd made hers feel. That night when Greg was asleep I found a website to tell me more information about it, and promptly ordered one. I was nervous that for once Greg would catch the mail and I bit my nails clean off for the two weeks I had to wait. When it came I called our baby sitter at the time, Corrine, and asked her to come stay downstairs with the children while I got some sleep.

This was not uncommon and so when I opened the door for the adorable college freshman gave me one look and pointed me straight off to bed. When I got up there I opened the box and started thinking about some of the photos I'd seen on the internet. And I went to town. I turned on the buzzer and set it gently against my clit, long since swollen in anticipation. And groaned one looooong moan.

This was amazing. This is better than when Greg wanted to make me feel special and licked it. This was like one hundred Greg's all licking my wet pussy all at once. Between the tensions I built up looking at the images, waiting for the box to arrive and the guilt I felt at working my own cunt over with the sitter downstairs I came quickly.

The leila gang bang french bukkake was so overwhelming I fell, weak at the knees to the floor.

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I was certain I was going to pass out and was still writhing when I thought I heard a creak at the door. I was seeing colors and hearing birds sing, my pussy felt so good, so I thought I'd imagined it. When I was finally able to compose myself, I figured I'd best take a nap…I was paying Corrine for it after all.

I awoke a bit later to find Corrine downstairs looking quite flush and my children in mini comas- Corrine was a miracle worker. And so that is how I got through the hump with Greg, rocking myself to mind blowing orgasms while I lost Jason's baby weight. It opened my eyes to what a slut I wanted to be though.

I never acted on these fantasies I had, but when Greg was fucking me I would imagine there was someone in the corner touching his dick while watching Greg please my pussy. When Greg was eating me, I was imagining I had him on his knees and bound…eating for his life. And I became a housewife addicted to orgasming, and that is how my free moments and babysitting time were spent.

Greg never really caught on to that, but our sex life together was pretty healthy too. As the years went by, the kids got older and this is how things went on with us.

Sex together…making love really, and orgasming my horny pussy when I was alone. Corrine had a younger sister Abby who eventually took over watching my munchkins, mainly Jason anymore when I needed that me time. A few days ago I called for Abby to watch Jason, since Greg was going to be entertaining some men in town visiting from headquarters.

I was shocked to hear Corrine's voice pick up on the other line. Corrine had since married and had a toddler of her own, and so was rarely home. "Corrine ?!?!?" I said, "I had no idea you were home. How are you?" "O I'm great Elizabeth, how are you?" "I'm amazing!!" I told her. "Were you calling for my mom?" she asked. "No" I replied, "I'm looking for Abby, is she back from University yet?" "O, yes but she's speaking with our grandmother…would you like to leave a message for her?" "Sure, just that I'd like for her to come over this Friday evening around 6 to keep Jason…it is my mom time!" "You still have mom time!

You haven't changed a bit, hang on one sec" Her voice was kind of strange to me, I thought she'd get mom time by now. "OK, she will be there, 6 promptly" she said when she returned I thanked her and we got off the phone. Little did I know that in that moment Corrine pulled Abby aside and revealed to her what she had seen almost 10 years ago, a chance she knew her out sister would love to capitalize on.

And if not this go round, now that she knew Abby would have kept trying. She wouldn't have to wait but til today. This morning, it was chaos and wires were crossed. And by time Abby rang the door bell I had just sorted out with Greg that he'd intended on taking Jason to a night museum exhibit that evening and I'd forgotten. I'd hired a sitter to just well, sit! I opened the door and began profusely apologizing to Abby and handing her the earnings anyway, for coming all the way out…I know college kids can be so broke.

She looked a little annoyed, as if I'd inconvenienced her so, and I felt so very bad about that. I asked her if there was somewhere I could take her, anywhere else she'd rather have been. "Anywhere" she asked? "You have my word, Abby. I feel so bad…I'd help you commit a crime right now" I smiled nervously. "Do you swear no matter where I tell you to take me, you'll do what I say? You'll take me there?" "Solemnly swear" "Take me upstairs Lizzie…show me what you do during "mom time" " I gasped.

My mind was racing. How could I possibly honor this request. This girl was standing in front of me 5'9" but all legs. Her breasts, if they could be called that had never gone past puffy pink nipples stage, but it was fitting of her lithe frame. Had she ever really explored the way she looked instead of hiding it, she would have been invited to model. Hazel eyes with green flecks, that sat on top of high cheekbones dusted with freckles and a deep auburn healthy wavy hair.

I, in this moment am reminded of the time I walked in on her reaching for a cup and her shirt popped up and I saw her belly button ring. It varjan girl first time sexxx new from the look of it, but I'd never seen it. It made me wonder what else I didn't know about her.

Funny that would come up now, when she is revealing her true self to me. Xxxxx story mom and son full story it made me wonder again. This gorgeous girl, clearly deciding to walk a dyke path, wanted me. A housewife. And I immediately knew I wanted to know what everything looked like, that belly button ring wasn't enough anymore. I nodded and she stepped in, closed the door and brought her face to my face. She licked my bottom lip and she kissed me, slowly at first, then the kiss became deeper; more passionate.

She aroused me quickly, my peg nipples straining my t shirt and my pussy already growing moist. I dared to reach for her puffy tit, because I wanted so much to see it. She sensed what I wanted and tore her top off, deserted it on the floor. And no bra, there they were. Glorious little mounds, so tasty in my mouth. I licked on those nipples for a few moments while she worked mine under my shirt.

Finally she broke and dragged me up to my room, with a bit of direction from me.

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She threw me on my bed after removing my top. She began to command me, which had me so hot. "Lick your nipples, Lizzie. Pinch them…lick more. Now slap your clit through your jeans Lizzie " I came. I was ashamed. I don't remember when I was last this hot, but still…she made me feel like I was a virgin all over again. The level of arousal was simply overwhelming. "Lizzie did you just come without me?!! That is no good…I'm going to have to catch up" She smiled and giggled a bit for the first time, and it made me feel more relaxed.

That is until she crawled in the bed scrunching her flowery denim skirt up around her waist. I expected her to stop and lay eye to eye with me, so we could kiss more. How I wanted that mouth again. But while Abby had sexxxy story fun game xxx mouth in mind I quickly realized it was reserved for her cute little pink cunny. She wasn't kidding, she was going to catch up. "Taste that fresh pussy Lizzie…I wanna cum too" she purred at me " don't be shy just stick your tongue out and try it" "I've.uh never ACTUALLY done this before, Abby.

I've dreamed about it" all that lust of thinking about it welled up in me as I looked at the light flourish of auburn hair on her young mound. "but I'm going to try" And with that I slowly lifted my head and kissed her sweet bean. I knew how good it felt when I rubbed mine.

I could tell by the way she jerked I was in the right place. So I stuck my tongue out, again remembering those images on the internet, and I gave it all I had. I made out with her soft pink fleshy lips as I slurped heartily at her clit. All the music lesson and sex cunnilingus and pornstars she cried out how excited she was to find out I was a secret pussy lover, how dirty I was for eating my baby sitter out in my husband's bed, and how I was making her cunt so wet.

I could agree with this I was taking her juices, hoarding them in my mouth like I had been starving and the only thing that would ever fill me again was wet cunt. I was so engulfed in her pink, I hadn't noticed that I'd managed to wiggle free my jeans, and was rubbing my own swollen pussy; until another powerful orgasm swept me and I called out muffled into her snatch. The vibrations from all the noise I was making, paired with my enthusiastic efforts on her clit did her in.

She came and squirted on my face…dousing me in reward for my hard work. Wailing and shaking Abby just kept convulsing above my face until her orgasm finally started to come to its end. She then fell forward panting. "If you've never eaten pussy before, I'm a man named Bob" she said, when she'd finally moved down to lay eye to eye with me. "Really, Abby…I'm a first timer" I replied, crossing my heart.

"Well then, let me show you what that feels like" And with that she was in between my legs using her pointer and middle finger to spread me open and take a good look. I liked feeling open and exposed like this to another person…I was never THIS open with Greg. I felt like a slut, and it winning japanese oral stimulation hardcore and blowjob how I'd been dying to feel for so long.

And now, with this young girl on her knees in front of my sex, I was getting my wish. I'm sure it was truly in real time, but in my eyes she stuck her tongue out so slowly. Seductively. And slowly ran it from the center of my asshole to my extremely sensitive clit. I couldn't have ever dreamed the electricity the surged through me as she ate my honey pot. Every nerve in my body was at attention, her attention.

She had every ounce of my being wrapped up in the pure lust radiating from between my thighs. My fantasies had nothing on this.

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She tongue fucked me. This little bitch was clearly a Siren, there was no way she hadn't done this before. I wonder how many other mom's she's had on that whore tongue!!

This made me a little bit jealous, oddly and I started to buck in rebellion against her soft pink tongue. I wrapped her hair in my fingers and mashed her face against my box and rode her to what was assuredly going to be the biggest orgasm of my, until now, meaningless life. Or it would have been if I hadn't opened my eyes and found Greg's horrified in front of me&hellip.