Family sex mom and dad

Family sex mom and dad
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I've never felt so alive, my body lay flat on a thick blanket of snow, my chest was bleeding profusely and my body was quivering from the cold. Everything was a beautiful white, so bright that I couldn't open my eyes long enough to see the snow turning red. My tits had been beaten, they were sore and looked larger then usual. My pussy was covered and filled with hot cum, mixing in with the blood when they deflowered me. They were so many, all entering me with nonchalance and vigor.

My lips were freezing and I could still fill the sticky substance coating my mouth. My cunt was gushing from pleasure, it clenched at the thought exquisite girl is pissing and pleasuring trimmed vagina being fucked again. Entered painlessly by enormous cocks. I thought at first they were going to break me, three enormous men, with bodies that were unimaginable.

They looked fierce and were ready to hunt their prey. I was simply walking along some lonesome fields, it was mid-winter and the cold had stopped many from going outside but I was covered in a thick fur coat.

I had almost arrived at the village and looked at the bright sun to find the correct direction. Suddenly, those three men blocked my view, laughing maniacally in a way that would make them appear ravenous. I tried to run, I screamed and could barely breath. I was shivering as they groped my body, ripping off my fur coat and flimsy dress as they touched my bare thighs and breasts.

Enormous hand grasping to the mounds of flesh that I was forced to present. They grinned at each other when they saw my pale and virginal body. Though I could no longer withstand the cold, I tried to run with my coat but the largest one held my hair and dragged me in the snow. I cannot explain the pain I felt, my flesh ripping against the rocks and shrubs. Only the snow would help me, freezing me to a point that I could no longer feel the wretched pine needles breaking my skin.

I was transported to an old mill, the doors were securely locked and I was again dragged to a pile of uncomfortable hay. I was naked, my legs were spread and I was forced to reveal my cunt to them. I did not resist, for fear that I would be beaten. I stretched out my legs as far as I could allow myself, using my fingers to spread the moist lips apart.

I was embarrassed to see secret late night visit wife sister room I was soaking, my juices were gushing out and covering my fingers. The men simply stared, undressing themselves while they laughed. My priest had told me that the liquid that came out of my was sinful and if it ever came out, I would have to tell him, he would use his tongue to clean it for me. I am not naive, I knew the priest had horrible intentions, nevertheless, it felt wonderful.

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I wondered if those men would do the same to me. I did not want to look at them, their hungry eyes.

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What was more horrifying was the size of their endowment. All three were at least twice as thick as my wrist and twelve inches in length. It could have been excitement that was making my heart flutter, nevertheless, I did not want any of those inside of me.

"Take her legs and spread them apart, I'll depucelate her then we can fuck her." Those word resonnated in my mind, sickening and perverse ideas formed into my mind. Two of the smaller men jumped on me and they grabbed my thighs to pull them apart. My ass raised involuntarely, my cunt was aching for relief. I was feeling a torrent of mixed emotions, I wanted the feeling but feared for my life.

I concentrated on the musky smell that filled the mill, only a ray of light breaking the dreary darkness that compelled me to recoil in fear. I couldn't.they were busty african broad dominated and fucked outdoors me great pain and that man, that monster, was about to fill me with his sins.

I felt the hot bulbous pulsing on my cunt. A heat that I had never imagined formed between his cock and my glistening pussy. An animalistic craving came upon me as he waited to perforate me, my body tensed in anticipation.

I thought he was going to enter me slowly, but in an instant he ripped my cunt, tearing it open and filling me with riveting pain. I screamed for my life, I tried to break away from their hold.

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They mocked me, frightening me with their still hardening cocks. The man viciously pushed his hips towards me and I continued to beg for my life. His steel-like manhood was covered in my blood. He grunted everytime I would struggle, the unimaginable pain ripping into my soaking cunt. Even though I was in pain, my hips rocked wildly, Chesty cougar in stockings gets lesbo with a teen let him ram inside of me.

He enjoyed the feeling of how I squeezed his heated cock, I could not comprehend my behavior. The pain was still evident but my body craved for them in fear and lust. He lifted me form the hay and fuck me as I continued to buck. The men were watching that large bulbous thoughtlessly enter into my sweet lips. The thick white semed shot inside of me, it felt like it was going to gush outside of me. I tried to keep it in after he threw me back on the hay stack but instead he puched my face against the hay and spread my ass cheeks.

He played with my clit and led his thick finger deep inside of my abused cunt.

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I moaned and screamed for him to make me die blissfully. At every movement of his fingers playing along my clit, I quivered.

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I could no longer withold myself, his abundance of cum poured out of me and a towering sensation of heat and pleasure shot from my pussy to my finger tips. Delicious waves of malice thundered inside of me, making me pray in unholy ways. The men smiled arrogantly, proud that hell itself had rendered me useless to their debauchery.

My body stopped tensing, my muscles calmed and waited for what felt to be the worst. To be continue.