Cum for cover teen deepthroats five cocks

Cum for cover teen deepthroats five cocks
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Characters are fictitious. My name is Patricia Reich and I live in Edwardsville Illinois. To get to the point, my secret desire since I was fifteen was to be an oversexed slut with an attractive man to take advantage of me. I was never like that, I was the brainy one with a college degree. I wanted to be the blond headed cheerleader fucking all the cute guys on the football team, or some little jail bait slut seducing older men and screwing college guys when I was sixteen.

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I'm tall and blond, five ten, and I'm not bad looking and I've got good boobs, but I was just never able to be that other person, I drank a little but never to excess, I never smoked pot, another secret wish. I had boyfriends, but I never got to be this bimbo slut girl. I've got a masters degree in inorganic chemistry and work for a company in St Louis county. I think I wanted a man to dominate me and turn me into a little bimbo girl, so I've been looking for one, a hypnotizer so to speak.

I've been trying to find a master online, and it's been fairly difficult, I contacted them about what I wanted and then met them in person, the first one looked Ozzie Osborn and he creeped me out, so he got dumped, the second one looked like Robert DeNiro in Good Fellas, not good.

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I wanted to be turned into a little slut, not star in a snuff film. The third time was the charm, I was somewhat apprehensive about this anyway and I really didn't want somebody who seemed like a perv. Number three was nice, he was a fireman in Hazelwood, said was thirty seven but appeared younger, and was soft spoken. I really didn't want someone who was going to cut my throat, once I was tied up.

He had turned two different women into bimbos and cum sluts, and he really seemed like what I wanted, he had the experience, or said he did. And, he seemed to have the magnetism and or the hypnotic power to get me to do what I was never able to get myself to do, which was to become a big titted over sexed empty headed little bitch.

We met at the mall in St Clair Square, and talked a bit, I told him about what I wanted and he said that he thought he could do it, if I was willing to do what I was told. So we got to know each other a bit and felt each other out. To tell the truth I was impressed with him right away, he was the one, the first minute I was around him I was ready to start doing whatever he told me to do.

He wasn't loud or domineering, I guess I expected a little of the drill sergeant from Full Metal Jacket, but he wasn't like that, but, Clint Eastwood was never loud either! He was blond and baby faced and looked something like my brother, if I had had a brother.

He called himself Duke Cato, Cato pronounced like it was Kayto. I don't know if Duke was a nickname or if he was The Duke for his bitches. I was to start the next day after work, one of the first things he told me to do was to find the shortest tightest skirt I had and put it on, then a low cut blouse with a bare midriff, and high heels. Normally I don't wear high heels because they hurt my feet but I felt different just wearing them.

Then I strutted out to my car and got in. I got over to his house in thirty minutes, knocked on the door and was told to come in. I could feel him eying me as I walked in, he waited a minute and then came over. Then he touched me chin, "This is a good improvement over yesterday, very good." "I'm gonna start working with you," he said, "I'll tell you to do things and say things to you, and you're expected to follow instructions okay?" "Yeah," I said.

"If I amazing bad dragon dildo green and blue cum that you're not cooperating then I'll drop it for now, and maybe we can try again later when you're more ready," he said.

"I'm ready," I said. "If I think you've make progress then I may do things to you right now," he said looking at me. "What do you mean, sex?" I asked. "Yes, that's what I mean," he replied. "It could go that fast?" I asked incredulously, I thought it might take weeks or months!

"It can, and sometimes does," he replied. "When I tell you to do things, then you do them," he said emphatically. I laughed and grabbed his arm, "It's okay," I said. He said, "I'm going to give you a new name to go with your new personality." "Okay," I said. "I'm going to call you Taffy," Duke said. "Taffy," I replied. "Out there you're Patricia, but here you're Taffy," he said. Then he said, "When you're Taffy I want you to call me Master." "Master," I said, "yes." "You've always been the smart girl haven't you?" he asked.

"Yes," I said somewhat reluctantly. "This can happen but you have to work at it," he said matter of factly. "And now you're Taffy, you're an empty headed little ditz," he said. "Yeah," I said. He got in front of me and said, "You're a little air head." "Yeah I'm an airhead," I replied.

"You don't know what to do," he said. I stood and stared upwards, then said, "I am sooooo stupid." I laughed at this demonstration. "You need a man to tell you what to do," he said. "Yes," I replied. He stared at me and said, "Thinking is hard for you." I was getting into it already. I rolled my eyes and said vacantly, "Thinking is soooo hard." "You need to be told what to do," he said.

"Yeah I need Master to tell me what to do," I said. He said, "Taffy is an empty headed little bitch." "I don't know what to do," I replied. He turned me around and pinched my ass. "You're doing great Taffy," he said. I giggled and said, "Thanks." He smiled at me, he was young and handsome, not, I guess what I expected. I was quite pleased with the Master already, I was melting into him, and was completely eager to do whatever he wanted.

I was incredibly excited after only five or six minutes. He was beginning to dominate me, which is exactly what I wanted.!

"All you mostly care about is getting laid, and showing off your tits and that nice leggy ass," the Master said. "Yeah for sure," I said. "Of course you do like to drink and smoke pot," he said smiling at me. I'd never smoked pot! "Yes, yes of course," I said. He reached out and squeezed one of my mostly exposed tits. "But basically you are an oversexed empty headed little bimbette," Master said to me. "Yeah for sure," I said like an 80's Valley Girl. "And you need to be instructed," he said.

"Oh yeah," I breathed. The Master had a smooth handsome face, I looked at it, he said, "You really don't care about anything much except sex and how cute you look." "Totally," I replied. "You need to laugh some Taffy." "Yeah," I said and then giggled. "What you really need right now Taffy is to have the sugar walls of your pussy hit with shot after shot of nice hot cum," The Master said, and I could see that he was getting really turned on.

I leaned over so he could get an even better look at my boobs. "I'm soooo excited I can't stand it," I said. And I was, my heart was pounding out of my chest, I was really moved in a manner that that I had never quite been before, I think it was hot sexy teen toying herself till her pussy got wet I was getting to indulge a fantasy.

Then he turned me around and began to caress my rear. I loved having his hands on me, his hands were small, not like meat hooks and well shaped. Just then he pushed me forward, I laughed again and asked, "Where are we going Master?" "I'm gonna tie you up Taffy," he said. I was going to get rough sex the first night out! "How do you feel about that Taffy?" he asked over my shoulder, the Master was about two inches taller than I was and I could hear that he was really close to me.

I turned around and said, "Wow, I totally want whatever you want." "Great," he said. We went down the hallway into a small bedroom.

I walked in front of him towards a room that he had pointed to, then he slapped my ass hard. "Oww," I said and giggled. There was an open door and I walked through, it was a small bedroom that looked like a guest bedroom, it had a small bed with a metal headboard on it, while I was looking around, my ass got slapped again, owwww! Pain and pleasure mixed again like it had before. "Ooohhhh!" I exclaimed and laughed again.

"Taffy's a little fuck bitch," he said. "Totally," I replied. The Master then grabbed me fast and kissed me very hard. My breath came even harder, I was already very excited and the slaps had made my heart race, I wrapped myself around him and kissed him as much as I could.

Then he motioned to the bed and I sat down on it and spread my legs as wide as I could. "How about silk stockings Taffy?" The Master asked.

"Yes Master," I replied. He was very excited as I could see a big ball in the front of his pants, I had done that, good!

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"Move back against the headboard," he ordered me. "Yes sir," I said and slid myself back. My face must have been flushed because he smiled at me and said, "Are you enjoying yourself Taffy?" "Oh yes Master yes," I said. "Good, remember you're a little slut," he replied. "Yeah for real, I'm a little slut," I said. The stockings were a pale white color and he tied my right wrist to the bedpost and then my left.

I was bound. "Do you want to be gagged Taffy?" he asked. "I want whatever you want," I said. "I'll leave you ungagged for now," he said.

He reached down and pulled my skirt off and threw it on a chair against the wall, then pulled my panties down to my ankles. He pulled them off my feet and threw them where my shorts were. "Wow look at that pussay!" he said. I laughed. I was wet with juice then he leaned down and kissed my vagina lips, and surge of energy ran through my system and I shuddered. Master licked and kissed me all along and I moaned with gratitude. "Ah College sex ebony story com likes having her cunt licked," Master said.

"Oh yes Master," I said emotionally. His tongue went to work again all along the lips of my vagina and every kiss brought a new shot of pleasure into my body. "Ohhhh shit," I yelled. He found my clitoris and flicked his tongue at it again and again. It seemed like every nerve in my body was focused on my twat! "Fuck!" I yelled. I usually didn't swear like this in bed, but I was getting into a fantasy of having an attractive man dominate me and he was really doing it!

Then he took his finger and rubbed my clitoris, it ached and throbbed, I was plenty wet and he stuck his fingers up inside me and probed around. I laughed and said, "You have me right where you want me don't you Master?" Master laughed at me and said, "You're a little cunt." "Yeah I'm a little cunt," I replied.

He leaned down and kissed me right on my vagina again and this sent me over the edge it felt so good. "How about I put a twelve inch dildo in you Taffy?" he said Dildo?? I wanted the real thing, I could see his penis sticking out of his shorts, It was a nice big cock and I wanted it! I ached and ached inside and I needed him to get in me so bad I could taste it.

But I said, "Yes Master." He pulled a dildo out of a drawer and put it next to me vagina lips and put it in. It was big and fulled me up and I groaned when it went it, but, a dildo isn't hot and throbbing like a nice big dick is.

I was getting fantasies, I was a young sweet teen blonde poor jade jantzen porno girl, and I was out there strutting my stuff and the guys just can't stop looking, like Master looking at my twat, he couldn't stop. He pulled the dildo out, he had quite a bit of my pre cum on it, then he brushed it against my face, and I giggled again. Master leaned down again and licked my clit with his tongue and that brought another wave of passion into my body.

He squeezed it with his fingers and "Oooooohh," I cried. Then he went to work full time on my twat licking it and kissing it over and over again, and this brought hot flash after hot flash of pleasure that made me shudder. He kissed me again and again, how long I don't know, ten minutes maybe, fifteen or longer, I don't have any idea, I was on cloud nine.

He licked me again and again and I got closer and closer to a nice hot satisfying orgasm. My pussy got hotter and hotter as he brought me to a climax, I was on a great orgasmic high and then I hit it, Wow!!!!! I came like crazy and I screamed in a sort of ecstasy.

It was a outstanding cum high that I hit. I looked up at Master and I guess he could see that I was breathing with difficulty and that I had really hit the orgasm hard. He smiled at me and said, "How do you feel Taffy?" "Oh wow!" I said, "oh wow!" The Master cut me loose and propped me up on his lap after he got in bed.

"I let you go because I thought I might fuck cute young brunette gets on knees and swallows big boner stripping and hardcore Taffy," he said.

He had his arms around me and was playing with my hair. "Yes Master," I said. After a little time passed, he turned me over on my back and began. I was still steaming down there and it wasn't going take much to get me to orgasm land again. That dick was burning hot and just as hard as I thought it would be. I was really wet and he slipped into me easily. I squirmed under him until I got a good spot, I said, "Pound me Master." I stroked his neck and his tongue went into my mouth, I kissed him hard!

My rear moved around under him, it felt just as good as I thought it would, and just what I needed! In only eight or nine minutes of horny blonde fists her friends wet cunt, I was right back where I had been before, in an incredible intense orgasmic high ready to be shot into outer space again.

I kissed him and kissed him, all over his baby face and neck. "Pound me Master, pound me!" I said trying to encourage him even more. After another few minutes I was ready. It came pretty quickly, I felt like I was going to pee, and then an explosion of pleasure coming out of my vagina, it came in waves and I put my head back and enjoyed it! Then, a minute or so later, I had another one, and it was like the other one, it came in waves, hot blasts of sexual satisfaction.

The Master hadn't orgasmed yet and he went on for another couple of minutes, I thought I might have another myself and then he shot hot blasts of white cum into me, boy was I ever ready for it. I always had this hot grateful feeling when a man came inside me, it was always satisfying whether or orgasmed or not. Shit that felt good! And I yelled again, the throes of passion. "Fuck!" I screamed when he emptied all that nice cum into me. He waited a few minutes and then did it again. 2. I had been tanning quite a bit to get a more Barby look, and I had on a short white skirt and a tight white blouse to show off my breasts, and a bare midriff which he liked.

Plus I had six inch heels on, which are always hot. I was standing in Master's living room "Am I going to get plastic surgery Master?" I asked, "I think I can afford it." "Absolutely not!" he said emphatically, "you don't need any plastic surgery, you look fine the way you are, besides, Heidi Montag looked better before the plastic surgery!" He said.

He looked at me then and said, "What I would like is for you to get some boots Taffy." "You mean like go go boots," I asked, interested immediately.

"I was thinking more along the line of Daisy Duke boots," The Master replied. "Okay good," I said. "Tell the truth Taffy, you've never really drank that much whiskey have you?" The Master asked.

"No, I haven't," I said.

"Well we're going to teach you how to shoot whiskey," he said. "Yes Master," I replied. frankie asked amy if he could eat her ass for a few minutes you been practicing what I teach you Taffy?" he asked.

"Yeah," I said, "I'm Taffy and I need to be told what to do by Master, and I just care about sex and looking cool." "You're my fuck toy," he said. "I'll do whatever you want," I said with my vacant look.

"Good." 3. "My mentor Preach is coming over tonight Taffy," Master said, "I want to show you off and show him what I've done." We were sitting in his living room. "Okay," I said with my vacant look that I had practiced. I was in my Daisy Duke outfit, hip hugger jean cut offs, halter top and the boots Master had told me to buy that I loved. The Master was wearing dark dress pants and a white long sleeved shirt.

"Master, is he actually a minister?" I asked. "He is not a man of the gospel," The Master replied, "Preach is nickname from down home." Everyone has a nickname I thought, including me.

"He preaches from the book of what I guess you would call Carnal Knowledge," Master said with an odd look. "Master, what's your real name?" I asked. "It's William, Patty, they call you Patty don't they?" he said. "Yes, they always have," I said.

"You were quite nice as Patty," he said, "I almost hated to mess with you." "Thanks," I said in my normal voice. "I came close to turning you down," he said so softly I could barely hear it.

"Really?" I said. "Yeah." "What will we do tonight Master?" I asked. "Well I imagine that Preach will want to try you on for size Taffy," the Master said. I smiled at The Master. He came over and put his hand on my head. "Because you baby, are our little cunt," he told me. "Yeah totally," I said grinning at The Master. I waited in the kitchen before Preach arrived, Master wanted me to make an entrance.

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The doorbell rang and Master answered it. "The Duke of Paducah," I heard a different voice say loudly. "Welcome," I heard the Master say, "come on in." I sneaked looks through a hole in the door, Preach was a tall guy, 6'2 or 6'3 and nice looking, with brown slick hair, and a lean muscular look, he looked like a politician that I'd seen recently but I couldn't remember the name.

He was handsome but not a pretty boy like The Master, his face was harder and he had a slick look like he was a professional gambler. He was wearing an expensive looking sports jacket and blue slacks, white shirt, no tie.

"The Rams any good this year?" I heard him say. "Are you kidding, they ought to start scheduling high school teams," The Master said. I could the Preacher laugh. The Master said, "I don't know, Fisher had a pretty good record with the Titans, maybe he can turn it around." The Taylor wane horny boob in elevator said, "You know what my sister had?" "No, what?" "Tickets to the opera," Preach replied, "have you ever been?" "You mean the Muny?" Master said.

"Yeah." "It was a while back," Master said. "The three of us should go down there," Preach said, "you, me and that new skirt of yours." "Alright." Preach walked over to a table in the living room and said, "How about a drink Duke?" "Bourbon?" The Master asked.

"Right out of the bottle, shots," Preach replied. Preach had a thick southern accent, different from The Master's slight one. The Master poured him a shot and he drank it. "Where is that skirt you're workin on, she's not here yet?" Preach said. "Yeah she's here," Master said. "Well get her out here son, I want to see what you've done," Preach said. Master came in the kitchen and I moved away from the door so I wouldn't be caught eavesdropping.

"Go baby, you're on," The Master said. I pledges fucking each other with veggies and make out masturbation group sex out, I was Daisy Duke, and was hot stuff!

He bugged his eyes out at me, "Wow!" Preach said. Preach laughed and said, "Daisy Duke, how many Daisy Duke's you had now?" "This is only two," The Master said somewhat sheepishly.

"It seems like more," Preach said. "Besides I like Daisy Duke," The Master said. "I do too son," Preach replied. Preach said, "That's some good pussy!" He stared school girl xxx sexy shool me like he was eating me up with his eyes. "That is some excellent fucking pussy!" Preach exclaimed. "Would you like a drink Daisy?" Preach asked me.

"Certainly," I said. Preach poured me a shot and handed it to me. "You did good boy, I like it," Preach said. "Was she bad to start with?" Preach asked. "Not at all, real nice girl, works as a chemist or something, a little bit of a propeller head, but she wasn't annoying," The Master said.

"You look great Ms Daisy," Preach said. Preach stared at me and I stared right back, I was a sultry bitch and I could take them all on. Charmi kaur blue films storys put my arms back of my neck while he was staring at me so he could get an even better look at my boobs.

The Master came over to me and said, "You're a good little cunt." I grinned at him and replied, "Yeah, I am a good little cunt." "Lets get those shorts down girl, and let me get a better look," Preach said to me.

I didn't move fast enough I guess because, "Do it now!"he said abruptly. I quickly pulled my shorts and panties down revealing my private parts then. I felt a hot flash of desire from the way he ordered me around, and I was already plenty turned on anyway, I was Daisy Duke, hot slut ready to screw her master and friend for as long as they wanted. Preach said, "God don't let me go blind for the next two to three hours!" He looked up at the ceiling as he said it. "That is a good looking pussy girl," Preach said, "wow!" I laughed at that, I was getting more and more confidence all the time, I was totally hot!

"Thank you," I said, "and I'm very sorry I didn't move fast enough." "That's alright girl," he said in a friendly tone. He put his hand in my hair and stroked it, then smelled it afterwords. Duke said, "Would you like to get your cock sucked there Preach?" "Yes I believe I would," he said laughing at Duke. "I believe Preach has a request Taffy," The Master said to me.

Preach said, "That's what you call her Taffy?" "Yeah," The Master replied. The Master said, "Taffy is a little cunt, and tonight she's our little cunt." I laughed and replied, "Yeah." I was going to be used by two men like a twenty dollar whore, and I couldn't wait to do it!

I was sure Preach could see the desire on my face even though I was trying to hide it. Preach pulled his trousers, got out of them, and put them on a chair. I could then see him pull his shorts down. He had a big penis, he was a big guy and he had an organ to match. He turned and came to where I was standing, I quickly got down on my hands and knees. He wasn't all the way erect and it stuck out, it was not only long it was thick.

I looked at Master, he was watching me intently. They were school girls sex mia khalifa chasers. I stared at Preach, daring him look away, just to see if he could do it, I was going to vamp him. He got in front of me, his face had a glassy look. I didn't waste any time in taking his dick and starting to lick it. It tasted saltier than The Master, I was becoming a connoisseur!

He shoved it in hard and the big dick hit the back of my throat, it was unexpected and choked me a little. I was not the cock sucking expert I aspired to be! Still it was a big turn on for me like all of this was. I laughed and kissed harder and faster, then I opened my mouth to let him go down my throat again.

My heart raced like when Master had tied me up for the first time. He went down my throat again and again, and I've been teaching myself not to let it gag me much, that hot cock brushed the back of my throat and I got and more turned on, I wanted to start fingering myself!

I got wetter and wetter. The Master watched us, good! Let him see what I can do. I sucked Preach off, he went faster and faster until finally I could feel a pulse and I knew he was close to cumming, I waited and prepared myself and I caught the hot jizz, then swallowed it. Preach was spent and I taken his best. I was soaking wet and totally turned on. The Master came over then and threw me on the floor, he was going to screw me on the carpet? I had never done that, but I was ready. He got in me fast, I was so wet, and he was as hard as a rock, just like before.

He banged away at me, and I came like crazy, just like I had before, then they took turns laying me on the carpet! 4. "How are you doing with your training Taffy?" The Master asked. "I couldn't be happier Master," I said.

"Taffy's a little slut," he said looking at me. I grinned at him and said, "I am a little slut!"