Jenna licks out alexas pussy while she lies back in veronicas lap

Jenna licks out alexas pussy while she lies back in veronicas lap
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Inger flew to her mistress worried that she'd hurt herself, turning, she looked over at Jake and nodded herself. Staring at the Jinn council her mouth hung open, they had wanted the approval of a human? Had the world gone insane?

Reaching out with her newly restored powers Inger had to see for herself just what was so special about. about. this human! Again Inger's mouth hung agape she could feel the layer upon layer of protection around the man. There was obviously a hell of a lot more to this man than met the eyes. Then there was the fact Akeesha was helping him, she hated all men! what was going on? Jake had moved back to his Jinns when Akeesha started to growl while powering up.

Jake could only sigh as he leaned down and whispered to her. Akeesha suddenly stood straight up and nodded to Jake thanking him.

Again Inger was in shock what hold did this human male have on her lover? With a growl Inger started to power up as she advanced upon Jake.

"I do not know what hold you have on my Akeesha but you will release her now!" Inger was growling. Suddenly there were 4 Jinns between Inger and Jake each with a fierce look on their faces. "You will not harm our master we all will die before we allow any harm to come to him!" Rashala was growling in the lead of the four. "He has a hold on my Akeesha, release her then there will be no problem!" Inger growled back at Rashala.

"Rashala, Gen, Rosalinda, Sheeka stand down. Let me talk to her, please Akeesha join us?" Amateur wife hooks up with black guy asked Akeesha who nodded almost in shock herself that Inger had reacted like this.

Jake excused himself to the council and asked his Jinns to watch but nothing else, for now. Stepping to another room all three sat as Jake started the conversation. "First I have no hold on Akeesha, she is not my Jinn, nor will I ask that of her. Second, she is free to leave when she wants as I make no claim to her." Jake stated. "My dear Inger it is true, Master Jake asks nothing of me nor has he. It is as he has said, the only reason I stay is because of my sister.

Saucy redhead pleasures a fat shaft orally Jake has many times shown concern for her and none for himself, twice risking his life for her. Master Jake is the first male I have ever felt deserves respect, I give him that freely." Akeesha told a shocked Inger.

"So if I asked you to leave him and stay with me you would?" Inger asked her eyes narrowed in suspicion. "Yes my love, I would to a point. I love you but I also love my sister; you knew that going into this with me.

I made a pact, the first I have ever with Master Jake. As long as my sister and he love each other as they do, I will protect him." Akeesha told an even more startled Inger, who had been watching Jake the whole time. She was even more shocked when Master Jake agreed with not some but ALL that Akeesha was saying. "So if she were to leave say to come to me for a time, you would not be mad?" Inger asked of Jake. "Mad? Why should I be mad?

You two are obviously drawn to each other much as I am to the four Jinns I love with all my heart and life.

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True I would be sad that she was gone for a long time but mad? No; that I could not be." Jake explained he just hoped that nothing happened he really didn't want an all out war in the building. Inger still wasn't convinced, there was something different about Master Jake she just wasn't sure what it was.

Suddenly there was a powerful surge of energy as Nyrae appeared. "Hello again Master Jake are you in need of assistance?

Master instructed me to also keep a watch on you." Touching her stomach she smiled, "neither of us want anything to happen to you." "Wait you are a Jinn also?" A shocked Inger stated. "You said your master, then Master Jake isn't your master?" Nyrae shook her head with a huge smile, "No he is the Ever Last Master, and the father of her." A proud and glowing Nyrae said.

Inger's mouth was hanging open the Ever Last Master!!! She had challenged the Ever Last Master?! By the Great Jinn! She could have been destroyed with just a word! She'd heard that the savior of the Jinn race was a total ass. Looking again closely at Master Jake, she still held that opinion in reserve just in case. "He is also the father of my sister's baby," A proud Akeesha told Lovely chicks expose their perfect tits brunette and blonde. "Master Jake didn't want to hurt her.

My sister nearly tore the clothes from his body when he finally relented." Inger still in shock started to calm, that's when she felt the beginning of the sexual pull of Jake. "I do not want to incur the wrath of four powerful Jinns but I feel strong magic around Jake. His attraction to the opposite sex is extremely strong.

How have you resisted Akeesha?" A sudden feeling staring to well up in Inger had her staring at Akeesha. "It hasn't been easy though," Akeesha leaned over and deeply kissed Inger. Breaking the kiss Inger was panting staring at Akeesha's lips. "I think it will be somewhat easier now." "I have things to attend to, enjoy yourself as long as you wish Akeesha, Finger and sex toy barrage on oriental it was an experience meeting you." Jake told both of them as he got up to leave.

Inger bowed low to Jake shocking not only Akeesha but herself as well. "Thank you Master Jake, there will be no further aggressive moves against you." With that Inger launched herself at Akeesha taking them both to the floor.

As Jake walked back into the front office area, Mary was just starting to move again as she pulled herself off the floor. Jake helped Mary to her feet then over to a couch that was nearby. Looking up Mary saw that it was Jake that was staring at her with concern.

"Feeling better now?" Jake asked her. Making a long sigh Mary nodded, "I am so sorry for worrying you and the others. Speaking of others, where is Inger," Mary asked as she looked around the area. Jake could only smile, "The last I saw her she was getting reacquainted with Akeesha." Smirking a little, "well with Akeesha and various parts of her body.

As I am sure Akeesha is also doing with Inger." Mary's face quickly went from worry to downright horniness, "You know I think I need to reacquaint myself with your body again also. You my dear are a fucking machine, I mean it a machine that can fuck a girl to heaven. Care to try again or are you too tired?" Mary lay back on the floor in front of Jake as lewdly and open as she could. "Come on big boy come see if you can send me to heaven again!" Jake shrugged who was he to deny someone a chance to go heaven again?

Kissing his way down Mary's chest Jake again lavished kisses and nips on and around her nipples plying both with softer suckles. Finished he slowly painstakingly worked his way to her navel lightly flicking his tongue near and in it causing Mary to jump then giggle a little. Kissing lower Jake navigated through her pubic hair as close to her sex as he dared.

Slowly he took in her heady aroma letting it fill his senses and nostrils. Finally unable to take his teasing Mary wrapped her legs around him and pulled his face into her vagina, screaming as his hot mouth made contact.

Jake tasted her womanly juices hungrily lapping away as fast as he could. Only a few minutes later Mary pulled him up as she was still sensitive from their first bout of sex.

"Damn it Jake, no more! I need you in me!" Jake moved up still teasingly kissing his way up, feeling Mary start to tremble from all that he was doing to her. Finally positioned at her opening he still teased her by barely entering her. Mary was having none of this as she again wrapped her legs around Jake's waist and pulled him all the way in her. Screaming out her first orgasm she smiled thinking she could get used to this a few times every day.

Jake had met a few aggressive women, then he shook his head, hell they were related to Mary so, yeah it made sense. Trying to take his time with a woman like Mary was almost impossible. It seemed she wanted as many orgasms as fast as she could get them. A mere five minutes later Mary tensed up as another wave of pleasure washed over her.

Jake could feel Mary working her vagina muscles almost as if she were trying to massage his cock each time he slide forward.

As he started to finally drive into her with more force, he could feel Mary's muscles trying to keep up with his inward thrusts. Feeling the familiar tightening in his scrotum Jake knew with her extra muscle ministrations he wasn't going to last as long as he'd like. Jake could feel his orgasm building as he could hear Mary also building toward another.

Groaning out Jake felt his seed as it started to flood Mary's womb. Suddenly a thought hit Jake she had used her energy to bring Inger back, much the same way he brought the disembodied ones back. Oh shit both their energies together? Mary felt Jake as he started to empty deep within her, his hot seed sending her over the edge. Panting Mary was shaking she'd been satisfied before but this was a first even for her!

Sighing Mary stretched out as Jake lay beside her. Reaching over Mary grasp Jake's semi-hard member. "I think I am in love with your tools Jake!" Mary told him excited. Jake could only stare at her like she was crazy.

"What!? You can't be serious!" An exasperated Jake told her. sex fairy tales porn milf sexl lips I am deadly serious, I have never felt as fulfilled and satisfied as I am right now.

Scratch that I haven't been satisfied in a very long time. You my dear stud," here Mary looked deep into his eyes. "Are just what the doctor ordered! Inger?" Inger appeared with a satisfied smirk on her face. "Yes mistress, oh my! Mistress is looking far hotter than I thought she would." Mary smiled, "It's called being fucked silly." Looking over at Jake, Mary whispered, "you ought to give him a try, you might find that you like males as well as females.

Hell I damn sure do! With the right man sex can go from pleasure to near heaven." Inger shook her head this was the second person to tell her this both of whom she held in high respect. Whispering to here self, "I might have to reevaluate Master Jake after all." Akeesha appeared behind Inger a wide smile on her face, "He is a different male than I was led to believe that they all were.

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I also had to reevaluate Master Jake." Here Akeesha whispered lovingly into Inger's ear, "If I ever wanted a child it would be Master Jake's and his only." Inger whirled around and stared at Akeesha, she couldn't believe what she'd just heard her lover say. Then again she thought as she looked at Jake, they'd had their most intense sex because of him.

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Yes she thought she would most definitely have to rethink Master Jake. Jake said his good byes promising Mary he wouldn't tell her father. Jake had to smile at that knowing that wiley old man he'd watched everything that had gone on. Then again Nyrae hadn't said a thing to Inger, could it be that she wasn't allowed? Hmmm interesting Jake thought as he filed it away for later. Jake was almost half way home in a more deserted part of town when the latest attack came.

As his truck left the road he was instantly on a hill side watching as the truck exploded. Damn it! Why in the hell does everyone hate my truck? That was when he saw the same three of the deadly trio.

Then he saw another three then six more Jinns as they also started to fire at him. Rashala and the others formed a line of defense as they started to fire back at the nine that were approaching. Within five minutes they had eliminated six of the nine. Outraged the trio started to concentrate their fire all at Sheeka. Jake suddenly saw what was going and yelled for the busty ebony babe gets banged hard outdoor to protect Sheeka.

Nuha saw her chance and fired directly at Jake, Sheeka seeing this intercepted the blast and started to fall from the sky. "NO!!!!!" Jake screamed as he ran toward her falling body. "NO!!!!!!!!!!! Nuha laughed evilly as she powered up for a killing blow at Jake.

Jake barely managed to catch Sheeka as she landed on him. Pissed as hell Jake screamed out again. This time the sky darkened as dark, very dark clouds moved in. Huge bolts of lightning started to strike all around the trio. A huge wind started to whip up buffering the trio around in the air. Still smiling evilly Nuha was about to release a titanic bolt of ancient magic when a huge bolt of lightning struck her.

Burned beyond recognition, it was Nuha's turn as she started to fall. Both her sister's were suddenly scared at the amount of power that was charged in the air. Grabbing Nuha they all flashed out. Jake held Sheeka close, why? She was to be a mother soon the baby was far more important than he was!

Why? In the softest of whispers Sheeka told him as tears fell from her eyes, "I am sorry I failed you Master, I am so sorry. Please forgive me." "There is nothing to forgive you for my dear Sheeka. Please don't talk." Reaching in his shirt he rubbed the Talisman 'til Trully appeared.

"Master Jake we need to take her home, now!" Trully said as Jake nodded and they were all in the bedroom. Trully started to examine Sheeka, then sadly came out to tell Jake. "I'm so sorry Master Jake the.there's nothing I can do. I asked the doctor and even both of us together don't have enough power." Tears were starting to flow from Trully's eyes. A moment later Akeesha appeared weak and pale, walking to Jake she slapped the hell out of him. Jake picked himself off the floor nodding to Akeesha.

"You promised to protect her! To protect all of us! If she dies you die!" "I know there's nothing I can do, Oily hardcore hd after a long day of work this lucky man has his woman plead him for am as you said a useless human.

A useless human who loved an incredible woman, your sister. I know you hate me, I deserve all your hate, please get it out." Akeesha could only stare at the pitiful excuse for a man.

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Raising her hand she started to power up then suddenly fell to the floor. Falling to the floor Jake could only hold Akeesha; tears falling freely down his face. Cradling her body close Jake arose with her walking to the couch he placed her body there. All his Jinns came to him holding him close, each also shedding tears unashamed, kissing each Jake thought well It won't be long now.