Shapely milf gives us a reason to jerk off

Shapely milf gives us a reason to jerk off
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My cousin Jo and I, Part 6 About 10 pm I say it's about bed time for me. Telling every one goodnight. I go up stairs to my room. Lose my clothes and finaly get to sleep in my own bed after 4 days. I lay there listening for foot steps on the stairs. Maybe a half hour later I hear what I have been praying for.

Jo coming to bed in the spare bedroom. Our walls are joined. So I can hear her moving around. About half hour later i can hear dad snoring through the heating ducts. I slip out of bed and down the hall to Jo's room. Opening the door I can make out the bed in the dim light from the window. Jo says "Who is that?" "Me." I whisper back. "Quiet dad and mom can hear throug the duct work." I go to the vent and close it and find Jo's shorts and put them on there too.

I can no longer hear dad's snoring. "There I closed the vent and covered it up. That should take care of it as long as were fairly quiet." "Want some beauties sharing one pecker girlfriend and homemade I ask "Sure." Pulling the sheet back. In the dim light I can see she is naked.

"Woah do you always sleep like that?" "Yes most times except winter, it's cooler." I shed my briefs and quietly get in next to her. God I have done nothing but think about this it seem like for ever.

I lay on my side placing my hand on her stomach. Then slowly move up to her breast. Taking it in my hand. Fuck it feels great. The nipple is firm. She rolls onto her side facing me. I feel her hand on my hip then my, already hard cock.

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She starts stroking lightly. I kiss her and she kisses me back. Sticking her tongue into my mouth. I gently suck on it. My free hand roams her body best I can.

We break the kiss. I lean over to take her nipple into my mouth. It gets hared as I suck on it. Jo says " Harder suck harder and bite it." I do as I'm told. Sucking hard and gently biting it. She gives out a gasp. Quickly I quit and ask. "OH fuck, Did I hurt you?" "Fuck no, but I did cum." Her hand is franticly pumping my cock. "I will be to if you keep that up much longer." She stops takes my balls in her hand a squeezes them hard.

I nearly cry out it hurt so much, but I am no longer sex fairy tales porn milf sexl lips to cum.

"Your not cumming till I want you to." Jo says. I didn't want to either at least until I get in her sweet pussy. I stop working on her tits, roll her on to her back and get between her legs.

Jo taking my cock in hand guides my rock hard dick to her awaiting honey hole. She rubs the tip in her slit getting it lubed with her juices. My god the feel is indescribable. I never wanted her to stop.

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Then slipping the head to the opening and pushing up with her hips. The head slips in maybe and inch. Fuck the sensation is amazing. I have never felt anything so great in my life. non professional bitch gladly jumps on a hard as rock knob me!" Jo hisses at me.

I really did not know what I was doing. I'm pushing my cock into a passage that seemed to small for it to fit. She grunts each time I push in deeper. I'm not all the way in yet but I'm going to cum.

I pull my dick out immediatley and shoot my load across her belly and chest, almost hitting her face. "Why did you pull out?" "Hell Jo I don't want to get you pregnant" I'm on the pill. Dad made sure of that. Besides I just had my period, so I can't get pregnant for a few days even if I weren't on the pill." "Well shit I didn't know." "I'll be right back, let me get cleaned up' Jo comes back, slips in beside me.

"Would you like to try that again?" "Hell yea! If your ready I am." "I just orgasmed before you did. I'm ready for a dozen more." "Fuck Jo I don't think I can cum that many times." "Maybe not but I can. Hell I'll probably orgasm when you put it back in." "Your kidding me." She just smiles kisses me lies back spreading her legs and bending at the knees.

To make it easier for me to enter her. I'm hard again and ready to feel her wonderful cunt squeezing my meat. Hell being with her I don't think I'll ever go soft. I get between her legs, she takes my dick guiding me to her love tunnel.

As soon as I touch her entrance, I push in dam I swear she tighter than before. As the head pops in she grunts, "Ah fuck yes." Then pushes up with her hips. I manage to get another two or three inches in her. It's like someone's hand squeezing my cock only much softer. Then her ass starts to shake and her pussy is milking my cock. What a fucking sensation.

She pulls me to her kissing me running her tongue down my throat. I pull back a little then thrust back in. My swollen rod is now maybe half way in her super tight pussy. With out warning she rolls me over getting on top. She starts grinding her hips and pussy onto my dick. She is breathing super heavy. I reach up and begin squeezing her fantastic tits. Taking her nipples between my fingers pinching and pulling them. This only get her more worked up.

Reverse gangbang session with ravishing fillies brunette big tits her to really push hard down on my cock. I'm losing my mind it feels so great. One last hard thrust and her ass hits my balls. She gives out a "Ughfuck yes." I feel my cock hit the end of her uterus or pelvis.

Maybe both. I think she almost passed out. She went limp and slumped forward. If I had not had her breasts in my hands. I believe we would have cracked heads.

"Jo are you alright?" She can hardly talk. "I don't think I've ever been this alright before." Regaining her composure, she starts rolling her pussy on my cock. "Mumm, fuck yes. Rolling us over and you take over." She says. No problem, we roll over she wraps her legs around my waist locking me between them. "I'm ready go for it big boy." she says. I work my shaft out till just the head is in her.

Then shove hard back in. Each time she grunts "Oh fuck yes." I begin to speed up because I can feel my balls tingling as I get closer to blowing my wad. "I'm going to cum." I tell her. "Go for it I have at least six times already." A few strokes later I unload what feels like a gallon of sperm into her womb. Oh my god what a sensation, I can feel her cunt squeezing tighter if it's possible.

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I collapse on top of her. My cock buried to the hilt in her love tunnel. We kiss several times. All the while feeling her pussy contracting on my dick. I cannot believe we did frist time fucking vedifree download we just did. I sure didn't want to pull my cock out of her.

I thought we would wake mom and dad with the racket we were making. I slowly pull my shrinking dick out of her. As it slides out she says, "Again?" "Holy fuck Jo, I'd love to but I think we better quit for now. I'm suprised we haven't waken mom or dad. I sure don't want to fuck this up by getting caught. We both would be in deep shit." Pouting she says "Can we find a place tomorrow where no one will find us for a couple hours?" "Hell yea." I kiss her a couple more times squeezing her tits and nipples a little.

Then reluctantly get out of bed and go to my room. Part 7 to follow