Shaved one eyed monster drills in a soaked mouth pornstar hardcore

Shaved one eyed monster drills in a soaked mouth pornstar hardcore
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Juliet Part 3: All characters are over 18. This story is i want you to fuck me harder fantasy but is loosely based on something an ex girlfriend told me happened to her. I will tell the story as if it was her telling me.

"Damian, I want you to bring both your brothers and your camera around to my house after school tonight" I said "I have a way to make sure none of you ever talk that I'm sure you'll all enjoy" I grinned leaving Damian standing there perplexed as I walked off down the hallway.

The three boys duly arrived and I ushered them into the kitchen where I had some snacks ready and had changed to a shorter skirt leaving my underwear in my hamper. Sitting across from the boys it didn't take long before they noticed my lack of underwear and started whispering to each other while trying not to let me notice their surreptitious peeks up my skirt.

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I let them peek for a while longer while making small talk until they finished their snacks. "right" I said as I spread my legs a little more " who was it that took the upskirt photos of me?" 3 shocked faces returned my look but it was kink whipped ass brittney white takes it hard somewhat by the 3 erections and I couldn't help but giggle.

The shocked looks turned to confused looks as I spread my legs even further, "see anything you like?" I asked, "well if I get the pics back I might consider letting you do a bit more than look!" All three boys looked exited, hopeful and shocked all at once.

Charlie looked a bit embarrassed as he raised his hand "yeh it was me" he said meekly. "I can't give the photo's back as they are on the computer" "Has anyone else seen them?" I asked "Damian and Ben have both seen them but no one else even knows about them" said Charlie "Well that's a good start" I said " but before I let you all fuck me I need some sort of guarantee that none of you will ever say anything to anyone or show anyone the pics!" The boys were all talking a mile a minute with huge grins and it took me a while to get a word in edgewise until I simply moved to the edge of the barstool and spread my legs wide.

Total silence, mouths open, fixed stares and tented pants. "now that I have you attention … I'm going to take a photo of each of you in a compromising position that I will show to everyone if word of this leaks out or the pics get seen by anyone else &hellip.

Agreed?" All three nodded their heads vigorously looking to each other for confirmation.

Charlie had the most lust filled look on his face so I asked him to step over in front of me and pull out his dick while I picked up my camera. I grabbed hold of his dick and pulled him right between my legs until his knob was touching my bare pussy, I was so wet my lips had opened like a flower and was coated in my nectar so I had no problem sliding his knob up and down between my lips to get it lubricated then positioned it at my entrance.

Charlie needed no encouragement and pushed half way in before I stopped him and told him to stay still, I could feel his dick throbbing up and down slightly and the pained expression on his face told me he would cum by the time he got all the way in so I gently pushed him out of me and watched his angry red knob throb up and down, I allowed the tip to brush up and down against my engorged clit which nearly took me over the edge into orgasm but I had to stay strong until I had my blackmail material.

I waved Damian and Ben over and told them to pull out their dicks as well, Bens dick was already throbbing and leaking precum so I had to change my plan a bit. "OK Damian, your turn to put it in me" I said, He quickly sunk his dick all the way in and I couldn't help my self and clung to him as my pussy exploded r old cock big load orgasm, luckily he couldn't move but my pussy milking his dick brought him right to the edge any way.

I pushed Damian back and without a word Ben stepped into position shoving his dick at my pussy … "Stop, look at me Ben" I said, Ben was shaking with lust as he looked at me "now I want you to just touch your dick to my pussy and pull away, no hands!" Ben moved slowly forward and bent stretched up a bit but his dick was pointing to the ceiling so I pushed it down with mom and aunty fucking young boy finger and touched it to my entrance then pushed him back at the same time as he tried to shove it in me.

"No !" I said, "try anything like that again and you get nothing" I warned Bens face was bright red, his dick was throbbing wildly but his shaky voice said "OK I promise" "now Charlie, I want you to put Ben's dick in your mouth so I can get a pic then you can fuck me" I smiled Charlies mouth dropped almost to the floor as he looked around in disbelief "But, but … what if he cums in my mouth?" he said as he looked in disgust at Bens dick still throbbing and leaking precum.

"Up to you but if you want to cum in my pussy &hellip. " I stated grinning "Tell you what, suck Damians dick first then Bens then you can fuck me straight after" I said spreading my pussy lips and dipping a couple of fingers inside me and popping them into my mouth.

That stirred him into motion and he dropped to his knees in front of Damian and before he could think about it to much jammed his mouth over Damians knob and held it there, "now look like your enjoying it and face my way a bit" I said pointing the camera at him.

Once he was in position I snapped the pic then told him to go as deep as he could and snapped another pic with his lips pushing into Damians pubes.

" OK now Ben you take Damians place" I said The ploy worked and Charlie stayed in place and opened his mouth wide, Damian stepped away and Ben pushed his dick in and Charlie closed his lips which was enough for Ben and he started shooting off, Charlie opened fat indecent cleft lips asian beauteous teen penetration mouth as he felt the first jet and I got a great pic as Bens second Jet shot across Charlies tongue then Charlie managed to close his mouth again and let Ben finish off.

"Now fuck me and give me his cum' I said Poor Charlie had lost most of his erection but one look at his prize and he started to stiffen again. As he stepped between my legs I guided him in and let him push his way in feeling him go completely hard as he furiously started pounding into me.

I pulled his head to me and opened my mouth, Charlie took no time to push Bens cum into my mouth and as the salty taste hit my tongue I headed for an orgasm and felt Charlies cum flood my insides at the same time sweeping me over the edge into a moaning groaning mess of wonderful electric feelings.

Charlie slipped out of me with a huge shit eating grin lighting up his face "Man that was awesome … so worth all I went through" he bubbled I was still on a high as I spoke to Ben who's dick was still fully erect, "now its your turn to suck Charlie" I said picking up the camera again.

Ben wasn't shy and quickly got on his knees and posed for a pic with Charlies knob in his mouth, "now clean him up" I young milf and mom a fucking family affair. Ben didn't even hesitate and even took Charlies softening dick all the way inside his mouth and sucked it clean as he pulled it out then without me even asking turned round and wrapped his mouth around Damians knob then took the whole thing into his mouth looking at me expectantly.

"OK' I laughed, 'someone's keen" I looked between my legs as Ben lined up with my pussy but he missed the hole and started shooting off all over my clit, I grabbed his dick and slid it down to my entrance and he finished off inside my dripping snatch. He had slowed and kept sliding in and out as I watched the waves of lust wash over his face, amazingly he was still as hard as ever so I whispered " fuck me hard" into his ear.

A huge grin lit up his face and he then closed his eyes and furiously pounded his dick in and out. I was still up on a peak so rolled into another orgasm within a minute or so and as I was coming down felt Ben stop, jerk inside me a few times then slid from between my legs to the ground. Damian looked hungrily at me so I nodded and grabbed the camera while he dropped down and sucked the juices from Ben's dick. Charlie was now soft so Damian took the whole thing in his mouth, posed for a pic, sucked hard to stretch it out as he held the knob in his mouth, paused for the pic then wasted no time in plunging his manhood deep inside me and slowly but deeply fucking me hard managing to cum at the same time I did leaving us both satisfied.

Charlie was hard again so I let him use me until he gushed. All four of us were sated, the boys were flaccid and I was flowing a river of cum down my inner thighs so I mustered them out the door and lay on the couch dreamily running my fingers inside my sloppy wet pussy the superlatively good fuck of his life I thought about my afternoon while I gave myself a few gentle orgasms until I eventually fell asleep in sheer bliss.

I stumbled into wakefulness and stretched out lazily feeling the dried out cum crack as I staggered into the kitchen to make a coffee before downloading the pics to a USB stick for safekeeping. My pussy started to leak again and as I looked down at the crusty remains I glanced at the clock, Shit, it was showing 14:00 … I had missed the whole days school. I rang straight away and as I tried to speak my voice croaked out my apology saying I had only just woken up.

" you sound terrible, are you ok?" the principle said "oh I'll be fine now but I was pretty shattered when I collapsed on the couch yesterday" I said "probably just one of those 24 hour henessy in fitness babe loves public sex he said "will we seen you in the morning?" "I'm sure I'll be fine, see you tomorrow then" I said as I hung up. I relished my coffee and realised I was starving so zapped up something to eat then had a nice long soak in the bath even getting a little horny as I washed the remains of our session away.

I was almost thinking about going and getting a toy from the bedroom when the doorbell shattered my thoughts so I quickly wrapped a towel around me and peeked through the front door spyhole to see the three boys standing outside.

As soon as I opened the door they rushed in babbling and talking over each other with worried looks on their faces. "no I'm all ok, no you didn't do anything wrong, no I wasn't trying to avoid seeing you etc etc" I answered as they pummelled me with questions "but thanks for your concern, sunny leon fucking by boy xxx born nice to know you care, I thought you had just come round to try and get more sex out of me".

"no no, we were just worried about you when you didn't turn up to school" they all said at once. "as long as your sure your fine we'll head home then" said Damian as the other two nodded heading for the door. I looked at them in wonder … they really did care I thought as my heart warmed for them.

As the filed out through the door I yelled "Wait, come back for a minute" They walked back to me and I gave them all a quick kiss saying "thank you all for caring" They all smiled and headed for the door again but I stopped them again and said "how about a quickie before you go?" as I dropped the towel.

As I moved to the couch and lay back the boys devoured me with their eyes and I suddenly realised they had not see me naked, " Ben you can go first, then Charlie then Damian, once each and then go OK" They all grinned and started stripping while I rubbed myself to get ready, luckily I was already a bit horny so I dragged a bit of moisture out of my pussy to lubricate my lips and guided Bens dick into my entrance as soon as he lay on top of me.

Within seconds he pumped his load into me and got up grinning like a Cheshire Cat as Charlie plunged into my waiting pussy. I was really starting to enjoy myself as Charlie filled me to overflowing with his load a couple of minutes later then as he lifted himself off me Damian flung himself on me and pumped me hard and fast until I pulsed into a nice little orgasm and was warming up to another one as Damian pumped what felt like a gallon of cum deep up inside me.

I looked over and saw Charlie was pulling his pants up over his flaccid tool but Ben was still as hard as a rock so I said he could go again and within about twenty seconds both of us were cumming hard, it was just what I needed so I thanked them and headed back to the bath as they filed out the front door. Was this what I wanted ? Was it enough to have them use me as a cum dump with no thought of anything but getting their rocks off?

For the moment 'hell yeh' !! With three of them taking turns I was getting off no problems but decided I wanted to teach them how to pleasure me properly … but I was also really enjoying being a cum dump for them so decided on a new plan. For the week days after school I would let them use me as a cum dump and once on the weekend I would get one of them to service my needs while the other two had to watch only.

For the next few school days we got into a rhythm, Ben always came as soon as his dick touched me so I let him go first even if I wasn't horny to start with as he provided the lubrication and the lust on his face always inspired my randyness. Charlie was usually next as his dick was a little smaller than Damians and he usually lasted until I got close to my orgasm, my extra movement and fucking him back took him over the edge every time.

Up to a point Damian could hold off until I came at least once then I let Ben go again so he had a chance of getting all the way in me before blowing his load. I was always overflowing with cum by the time they left a few minutes after they arrived but always satisfied. Occasionally I had to rub my clit on Bens's second go if I was close to cumming again as I knew he wouldn't last more than twenty seconds.

All in all I really enjoyed being a cum dump for them 5 nights a week. On the weekend, the Saturday afternoon was reserved for a 'Teaching Session' as long as they ALL had completed their school homework I had set for them, I must say they only missed out that first weekend which nearly drove ME crazy let alone the boys! I was that horny with the knowledge that the boys were not going to enjoy my body that I drove to another town a couple of hours away and went looking for a boy to enjoy, there was hardly anybody on the streets but I found a skate park on the outskirts of town and parked at the far end of the lot.

Within a few minutes a likely lad headed my way so I opened the door, removed my knickers and turned to face out with my legs spread, dress pulled up and knickers hanging from my hand. As he passed by he looked once, looked again and tripped over without his eyes ever leaving my bare pussy. I laughed then asked "you want some of this, come and get it" He sat up looking around confused, "its not a trick, I want you to walk over here, push your cock into me and dump your cum in me" I said smiling He walked over to me and stood there looking down at my pussy so I undid his pants and pulled out his cock, it was flaccid but quickly hardened in my hand as I pulled his cock towards my opening.

Once he got the idea he shoved it at me until my juices coated him and he slipped inside and promptly came deep inside me. He stayed hard so I urged him to start again and he picked up the pace. He was pumping into me at a million miles an hour which was just what I needed at this time. He face was read and sweating as I came hard, my voice loud in the evening stillness as I moaned through my orgasm then rolled straight into another one as I felt him cum again inside me.

As I came down and felt him withdraw I opened my eyes to another couple of guys standing behind him, Casting blonde babe sucks and fucks in casting smiled at them and laid back waiting for only a few seconds before I felt someone step between my legs and tentatively poke a cock at my pussy.

Seeing no fake taxi spanish babe has great tits and ass he slammed it into me and went fast until he came as if he was scared I would stop things before he reached his peak.

After that the other guys mom son xxx strey story crowded in to take their turn and I allowed myself to roll with the feelings with no effort on my part at all. I orgasmed again and when I came down again I noticed there was a lot more voice noise around so when I raised my head to look all I could see was a sea of faces.

The door and my position funnelled the guys into single file and as I had the other doors locked no one else had access to me so it was just one at a time. Most of the guys lasted between 10 and 20 seconds so I was orgasming every 4th or 5th guy, I was using no energy just laying there taking it and felt like I could go all night. After about an hour or so I noticed the crowd had thinned and presumed most had already dumped a load in me, the guys were taking longer to cum which had me thinking they were now on their second or third time round.

My orgasms were fairly mild and often but even so my muscles were starting to tire a little, I was still quite enjoying just laying there getting filled over and over and was very relaxed but then I felt something large pop inside me and my pussy clamped down defensively.

It slid in to the very deepest part of my pussy and bottomed out before I had a chance to react, I opened my eyes straight into the face of a large black man grinning over me and as I looked down saw only about three quarters of a monster cock deep inside my poor abused pussy.

His cock was sawing in and out deep and slow helped by the large amount of cum inside me, it squirted up the sides of his cock and sprayed cum all over the front of him for the first few strokes. There was no way I could have taken this monster cock without the previous fucking but had to admit this felt really really good as its stretching my vaginal walls increased the sensations, luckily he was kind enough to not try and punch it out the other end of my pussy and I was swept up into the most intense orgasm of the night.

He didn't slack off but kept up the long slow deep strokes right through my orgasm and on into another one until he positively roared in his orgasm causing me to slip into another orgasm just as he finished his. He waited until I finished cumming then stepped back withdrawing his cock with a loud 'pop' from my vagina. He was replaced by a black kid who pushed in as far as he could then stopped and complained "awe dad … its like putting your dick in a bucket full of warm custard now … was much better the first time" There were not that many guys left but they all laughed at the black kids comment.

He lifted my legs together up over his right shoulder and started fucking me again, it was much tighter this way but he still said aloud "its better but still looser big cook with tait pussy before, you've ruined her dad" then promptly came in short sharp stabs.

The next few guys held my legs in the same position and then it was over, I had outfucked them all. There had to be at least 15 or 20 guys around the car at a time that I could see and most had me at least once or twice. I looked up but could only see a couple of guys walking away in the distance so slowly raised myself up into a sitting position feeling my pussy squelch as cum was forced out to add to the mess all over the side of the seat and pooled up on the carpet.

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Cum had spread from the side of the seat all across the floor on the driver side and when I gingerly stepped out I found it had pooled deep on the seat and seeped through into the carpet on the floor in the back, my dress had soaked cum right up my back to my neck, to say I was a mess was an understatement. I removed my dress and used the dry front to wipe the cum from the back of me so I didn't get the back of the seat wet then headed back for home feeling completely and utterly fucked.

I had gone looking for three or four guys not three or four dozen guys but didn't regret it, not even the old bloke as he was pretty kind and careful with me. I stopped outside an automatic carwash and waited while the guy that was in there finished then drove in and opened up the car to use the pressure washer.

I was nude as my dress was soaked in cum so was as quick as I could to wash the cum from my seat and floor but not quick enough. A car zoomed in then stopped short when it saw me in its lights, two heads popped out and they both whistled. One of them yelled out "you need a hand hosing that thing out?" getting a big laugh from his mate.

They both stepped out of the car, both were probably early thirties and things were looking dangerous. If I tried to resist I could get raped and possibly beaten up or they could do nothing at all, I just wasn't sure. They were staring at me in the lights not making a move, I thought about diving into the car but all the doors were open so I thought fuck it, whats two more and walked to the back of the car and bent over the bootlid.

They looked at each other and grinned then walked around behind me. One unzipped and slid his large cock straight into me and fucked me for a few minutes before he grunted and pulled out high fiving pembantu cantik sex dengan majikan mate who slid his even larger cock into me.

As he leisurely stroked in and out I turned to his mate and said "the front and rear floor and the drivers seat has cream spilled all over it" He took the hint and started up the pressure washer again finishing at about the same time as his mate. I surprised myself and had relaxed enough to enjoy it with the second guy giving me a small orgasm towards the end. I squatted down and squeezed as much cum as I could out of my pussy before closing the doors and stepping into the drivers seat, I started the car, looked at the two of them and said "thanks" before driving off.

I ducked and weaved down a few side streets seeing no one following then headed for home. It was late and no one was around so I bolted for the door naked and with a huge sigh of relief locked the door.

The whole evening was one big risk but now it was over I thought it had been worth it. On reflection I had kept control of the whole evening by using my sex, even the three men I had fucked had not been a danger because I had let them fuck me and not resisted allowing me to enjoy them.

Maybe I could two female cops arrest big cock black a relationship with a man my age again ?

Perhaps using men for sex instead of the other way round was the secret? I woke on Sunday quite worn out and a bit sore all over but relaxed, I was glad my three boys were not around as I needed a day off. By Monday afternoon I was horny again and welcomed Ben, Charlie and Damian into my impure joy from lesbian sex games dildo and toy, the extra wait had made them cum quicker and heavier than usual so I had a nicely filled pussy in less than five minutes, a blessing in disguise.

The week went well and I enjoyed being a cum dump for my three boys, it really turned me on to watch the lust on their brother and sister home real as they fed me with baby batter, no oral no foreplay, no commitment, nothing but pure fucking.

Saturday rolled around and the boys turned up right on time keen as mustard. That was until I told them what was going to happen. I inspected their homework and found it more than satisfactory, they obviously didn't want to miss out again.

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The big problem was I had told them only one of them was going to get any and I couldn't figure out a way of deciding which one. I couldn't pick from their homework, they had all done well. I finally settled on a pack of cards, highest card goes first but that didn't work as two of them got a 9 and the other got a 7. I reshuffled and dealt out the cards myself saying first ace gets it. A couple of minutes later Damian won the right to pleasure me for the day while the other two had to sit back and watch.

"Every time I get horny the speed, pressure and type of stimulation that excites me changes constantly so truly great lovers learn to know and read their partners then change and adapt to suit" I explained, "what works one time may not work the next time so encourage your partner to communicate her needs to you" "Strewth" said Damian, "where do you even start?" "Start with kisses and touches working your way slowly towards her pussy, trying to poke it straight in her pussy will not work for most girls" I said.

"But what about all those sessions we've had with you?" "I'm not most girls, you might never find anyone else like me ever" I said "just because I get off on being a cum dump for you guys does not mean I don't also get off on making love with the right guy" Damian kissed my neck and rubbed my nipples so I had him start over again a lot slower, over the next hour or so he worked me up so that by the time he rubbed a finger around my nether lips I exploded into a mind blowing orgasm.

Damian was so worked up by this time he jumped between my legs and slid his cock into me, I clamped my legs blonde milf laurence in glasses fucked in a threesome him with his dick all the way inside me so he couldn't moved and just stared into his eyes until he stopped struggling and looked back at me, I relaxed my grip and he pulled out and sat back.

"sorry" he said hanging his head his cock jerking up and down in time with his heart beat "Unghhhh" came from behind us as Ben masturbated himself off, "god that was hot watching you cum" said Ben Charlie looked at me and said "Is it alright if we wank and watch you?" "Of course" Teen gets dick how she like it laughed, "Damian is the one who has to control himself, you two are just spectators".

Charlie pulled down his pants, whipped out his cock and furiously started pumping it until he blasted cum straight up into his own face which shocked him so much he fell off his chair with his cock spraying all over the place.

Damian, Ben and I all started pissing ourselves laughing, Charlie just laid there on the floor looking sheepish. Damian pushed a finger into me slowly then ran his tongue up from my inside knee to my inner thigh. He licked around my inner lips for a while until I couldn't stand it any longer and pulled him up to my face, "Fuck me" I pleaded.

Damian face lit up and he slid straight in to the hilt "FasterHarderFucking Harder" I begged as my orgasm raced through my body, at the same time Damian let out an almighty "AAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH" and his cock positively erupted inside me like a seminal volcano.

"WOW" I croaked as I recovered from one of the best orgasms ever.

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"I think I'm going to enjoys my Saturdays" I grinned.