Curly haired brunette pixie likes it rough

Curly haired brunette pixie likes it rough
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Today is hush heart day great. Me and Aidens eyes lock as we walk by each other down the hall way. My friends group together wit me.

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First we have seminar. She wants us to create a solid liquid and a gas. I learned this In 6th grade god damnit. I go by my friends and we group together Aiden behind me. I've never been so close to him before. He wraps his hands around my waist. Then traces down to my crotch. He rubs it. I grab his hand and hold it. He kisses my neck deeply. The whole hour we write.

I can't get his body against my body out of my head. 5th hour we rollerblade. This shirt is to tight. You can see my nipples thru it.

I skate along without a worry. David checks me out for a bit.

This gym smells bad. I need a drink. I go to get one when Aiden and I crash. He grabs my breast when we are on the ground. "Sorry." He smiles. I nod and stand up. "Here you go first." He laughs. I start to drink when I feel his hands on my waist.

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I almost chock. He removes them when I back away. I nod thankfully and skate away. "Damn girls are so good at this." He smirks. The hour is almost over so I change back into my sweater. Next hour is math. We never do math during math. Grace sits next to me and then Colin, David, then Aiden. Just sits on the "joystick". He and Colin laugh. David makes a girl moan and says "I'm sitting on the joystick." Then moans again. "Shut up!" She yells. David sticks out his hand and Jett hands over her pin.

"Fuck!" She says crossing her arms. I laugh at my joke i made in my head. Joy-stick.

A mans penis. I go on run 2. (Real game) Aiden listens to dub step and rock music so loud I can hear it. I sit back and go to level 25. I mentally high five myself. The bell rings. It is 7th hour. I walk to the choir room with Aiden. The teacher says we get the whole class time to prep.

I go to the band practice room. I turn off the lights and sit in the corner. I hear the door open. It closes and locks. I feel a body next to me. I see the shades roll down and and I am in the dark. "Katie." I hear Aidens voice whisper. I feel a hand slip into my pants. I sigh passionly. He slides it down and I feel my legs enter air.

He strokes my ass. I quiver. I want to say something but I can't. I hear a buckle rung and clothes fall on the ground. He rubs my clit. Emotion runs out my body. He goes deeper and deeper. He sticks his pointer and middle finger in. I moan. He goes faster and soon I'm moaning even louder and more often. He stops and slides it out he rubs my nipples and breasts. I breath deeply. He massassges them. He pulls off his shirt then mine. Uncoils my bra. He kissed my lips.

His tongue slides between my lips. I lick his back. He strokes my breasts and licks them. I moan wi happiness. I rub my legs and my vagina makes a click noises he stops licking and nibbling. He licks the outside. Then pushes his tongue into it.

He moves it in and out fast. I make short moans. He grabs my ass and I bend over. He sticks it in as it makes a pop. He grinds his hips. He moves slowly. Then he builds up speed. I hear more clicking noises. I oh and oh and oh and oh. He blends over me and rubs my breasts. I love his body on me. He turns me over and sticks it in my vagina. I silently scream. He presses spex taxi amateur bended and fucked ballsdeep crotch on mine over and over.

I grab his ass. "Aiden." I say orgasaming it slides all over his dick I press him closer to me. He laughs and take my pin off my shirt that's on the floor. He pins it on his shirt that is also on the floor. He kisses my lips and keeps fucking me.

More and more. "Oh baby! Oh!" I moan. He slides it out and I deeply suck it hard. He leans his head back and moans. It makes me Want more. I crawl up to his lap and plug it into my ass. I jump up and down. I lean my head back I moan, I do this for 5 mins, he is so stiff. I suck it licking inside the tip. He cums. Such fantastic flavors. He lays me on the ground and spreads my legs. He humps me fast. My breasts bounce each fuck.

He watches them. He grabs them both and rubs them. I sigh and grind upwards to make his fucks even more pleasing. "Oh Aiden," I moan.

He leans over and licks my lips. He swoops down and starts to eat me out again. My clits tingles. I orgasum into his mouth. I breath. I let out a long uh. He swallows it.

I rub his chest. He purrs. "Damn you." I laugh kissing his lips. He circles my butt with his finger.

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I hump his waist. He likes it He whispers into my ear. "I fucking love you."