Army lesbians and commander had anal sex

Army lesbians and commander had anal sex
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This is a Totally Made Up Story, All out of my head,no-one else s, Its all about ,well read it .Inludes Anal, Rape, Straight.Bit of Bondage,Bi Sex In the late 1960s, when innocence still abound with a lot of folk,and when I was 18 years old, my girlfreind and I decided to go for a long walk, we put our walking clothes & to boots on and got in to my old Hot babes giving footjob blowjob and handjob threesome and freecam drove out of town to a little spot just outside Stratford on Avon.

Sally, thats her name was 17 years old, she had lovely Blonde hair, and her breasts were at least a good 38Cyou could die for,she was very sexy,and I still had,nt had my end away with her.My cock would just grow at the thought of entering that pussy,and fucking her,but that was wishful thinking.Anyway we arrived at our destination about 2pm on a warm sunny afternoon,parked the car and proceeded to start our walk.

I had been rather sneeky ,as I had done this walk many times in the past,and I new there was a Hay Barn about a mile away from the Car Park,although I knew you would have to veer off the track,Sally was more than happy to take the new direction,I think she new what I was hoping for,but never let on. Before we left for the walk,I had packed a Thermos Flask with a cool drink for us both,and we decided that when we got to the Barn we would take a break and share the drink and have a cigarette.Well what a pratt I was being, here both of us were smoking away in a Hay barn.

A voice was suddenly heard booming down upon us,What the Fucking Hell do you two think your doing,smoking in a hay barn,put them out at once this man of about 60 years old said to us, and we did. You too had better come along with me,Im going to call the Police,your trespasing, and pointed a double barreled shotgun at us ,which convinced us we should do as we were told.scared for what our parents would say, and so we followed him to the Farm we were there in about 15 mins.running away was not an option.

As we neared the farm I noticed an old Slaughter House to my left and then realised that we were being ushered towards the entrance of it, he encouraged us to walk in and then told to stand still whilst he strapped a harness type thing to our wrists.and pressed a lever which made us go up into the air a little,we were both ebony fellow bangs white beauteous gal interracial and hardcore ,with just the tips our toes touching the floor.I said what are you doing,you said you were going to call the Police,well I will unless you exactly what I tell you to.also there is no point in you shouting for attention,as you are a long way from anywhere.

Sally looked petrified,as she soon became aware that the man had other ideas in his head,and being nice was not one of them.he laid the gun down having already emptied the breech of cartridges, and then he made his way towards mehe open up my button flies put his hand inside my pants and dragged out my now hardening cock, now Ive been wanting to fuck someone like you for ages,of course I was totally helpless,wrists tied and very little movement allowed .he started to stroke my cock rubbed the head quite roughly, and he bent down and put my cock in his mouth,and started to suck my cock, and with his other hand he put on the inside of my underclothes and stuck his finger up my anus.I had never experienced someone else other than Sally playing with my cock,let alone sucking it, Sally never did.

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Well he did,nt suck me for long,as he realised he had left Sally hanging all by herself, but before he finished with me,he removed my trousers and underclothes gave my balls a little squeeze, turned me around and prodded my open anus with his finger and then moving over to where Sally was.

,He was rather taken aback with her large breasts,rising and falling with fear,in otherwords breathing very fast. She started to protest as he fondled her titsalthough he had,nt yet removed any of her she is gorgeous and she likes bukkake did,nt stop him from enjoying her body.He could,nt be bothered to remove her clothes, and he produced a lock knife out of his side pocket, and with a very swift movement proceeded to cut her clothing.

She was wearing Levis a pair of black knee length boots, a blouse and bra & pants .He quickly removed the boots along with the Jeans,and then using the knife cut the balance off. Her full breasts tumbled out and he started to roughly fondle them,tweaked her nipples,and held her tits up to his mouth, and sucked ,she was full of tears,and knew she was destined to be fucked by him first,rather than me.He suddenly stopped what he was doing, and came back to me, he grabbed my cock and started to masturbate me ,telling me once again that I was going to have a very sore arse very soon, he delighted in frightening us both ,with his pending antics.whilst he was wanking me,he started to undo the top button on his trousers,and drawing his zip downwards,he dropped his trousers on the floor,stepped out of them,and then pulled his pants down.

He had a large cock,so much longer and thicker than my own,and he took my left hand and told me to stroke his cock, it was like a large cucumber,I did exactly what I told to do,my cock was now begining to jump a little and he was stroking me faster,and I was stroking him fasterI could feel my cum rising and wanting to come out,and he suddenly stopped, he slapped the end of my cock,and my hard-on and arousal died a sudden death.

I briefly stopped wanking him,but he said he would hurt me again ,so carry on, and I did,and I could feel that he was going to cum any minutehe lowered the cradle & pushed me down onto my knees ,and forced his engorged cock into my mouth, I tryed to resist,but he held the back of my head,and pushed his cock firmly down my throat, and whoosh he came gob fulls of cum, he made me swallow it,but it was all to much, I nearly threw up,I let his cock fall out of my mouth,as I needed air,he wasnt having any of that,you keep it in your mouth,and suck,cos I want it hard again,as your arse is mine tonight, then he pulled his cock of my mouth and just walked off leaving us both hanging.

2 So there we were me with half my clothes missing & Sally with all hers in tatters, I noticed she had a lovely pussy,short blonde pubic hair,and the total shape ,was something any man could kiss and suck for hours,that for me was not going to happen.Suddenly I realised that someone was starting to feel my arse again,I couldn,t see as I was unable to turn around.and then the Farmer turned me,and said he will fuck me later but he was just feeling his prize ,but he had his cows to milk, and for the time being we would be lowered into the Grain Cellar,what I had,nt realised was that below were trap doors ,and they open downwards.He pressed a button on the side of the wall and then we were on our way to the cellar.I said to him that our parents would be very worried and they new where we were,but saying that was,nt in our favour,he did,nt take any notice.

He told us that we would be amoungst friends in a wee while.what are you talking about,I asked,you will see,now shut up, or you,ll get a slap again.

Finally we were lowered to the floor of the cellar ,and he came down some steps, and took us both off the harness and realeased our wrists ,we were free, well not really, there were others at this farm,some just the same as us,captured, and a man & a woman, she looked around late 20s early 30s with a full figure, awfull hands cracked, like she had been working on the land,and not using cream to stop the dryness.The man was a similar age to the farmer,again rough and ready looking.they gave both of us some food ,a few dryed up sandwiches and a flask of stewed tea.left a small light on and shut the door to the cellar,telling us there was NO way out.

On the floor and in the corner there was moving blankets, but blankets don,t move ,and I gently walked over to them and drew back each blanket in turn.beneath each one were naked girls,they were all very pleased to see us, and started to tell us how long they had been their sex slaves, and also there stories of how they got there in the first place. Before I settled down to listen to there story,I went over to Sally, and brought her over to where the others were sitting,and gave her a loving hug ,and put one of the spare blankets around her nakedness and just held her in my arms.and off they went,telling us that they like lovely bints get slammed in an orgy had been out for a walk,came across this Farm ,met with the Farmer who offered to show them around,and as soon as they got into the cellar area,were quickly subdued by the two farmers,how many of you I questioned,all four of us, when did this happen, two weeks ago they replied ,you,ve been here that long,yes they said.Sally burst into tears,and said her parents would be beside themselves with worry.Yes they said and our parents must be in a similar situation.

Have you explored to see if there is a way out of here,yes came there reply,but we are at least 12 Feet down below the outside floor, and there is no way out.I think had better introduce myself, .My is Russ I said,you,ve met Sally, they were Rachel 18 years, Helen 16,Fi 16 & Emmy 17, well I cannot say I am pleased to meet you all under these circumstances,but Hello. 3. We were all so tired ,and exhausted that sleep was a natural thing,as the girls told us that nothing else would happen until the following day, and so off we went to sleep.5.30am they were back, down the steps they came manacles in hands ready to chain us all up again, The main Farmer known to all as JJ, was looking at Fi with interest,stand up he said, she struggled to her feet, she kept her blanket around herself, he forciblly turned her around,and placed handcuffs on her wrists.she was about 5feet 6 inches tall, quite a slim figure but her 34d cup stood proud,her nipples were very long,I had,nt seen this before.JJ took Fi away up the steps, she screamed at him that he was a bastard, that made no difference, she was dragged up the steps away from us all.

We expected to hear what was going on upstairs, but heard nothing,until JJ appeared on the steps again,and pointed at me ,said now come here,and don,t give me any problems,or I will hurt you.I got up with a blanket covering my body,I was bunch of horny swingers swap partners and massive orgy leave it where you are, dropped it on the ground and proceeded to go up the stairs,I notice that my cock had shriviled in size.

When I got to the top of the stairs, I noticed that Fi was strung the same way as we had been the day before,I was ushered up to another harness and strapped on ,a little tighter this time, and then a lever on the wall was pressed and both Fi & I were slowly raised, into the same position as yesterday.JJs brother came across to me and started to wank my cock, his hands were not so rough as his brothers,and was a little more gentle, but whilst he was rubbing me ,he told me he was Bi-sexual, and like JJ he was also looking forward to shoving his dick right up my tight arse.

Now I would like to say,that the thought of anyone putting their cock in me was a big NO NO ,and I was not prepared for what was going to happen next.he continued to stroke me ,my cock now very hard,pre cum beginning to appear, and then he put his finger up my arse, no lube,no nothing, straight in ,it hurt, and I was thinking if it hurts with a finger how in heavens name, am I going to cope with a cock and having seen and felt JJs cock already,I assumed his was similar in size.well I did,nt have to wait long to find out, he went over to JJ, and got his brother to remove his clothes for himJJ felt his now growing cock,and then motioned for him to go back to me.

Because the harness could be let down manually, my side was dropped down ,which enabled me to bend at waist level without any discomfort. He stood in front of me and once again started to stroke my now hard 5" cock, and took my now free left hand and told me to stroke his cock,I did, I rubbed it pulled it,but on this occasion refused to suck it, it was bloody big,larger than JJs in girth but not as long ,maybe 7", but it was fat I was well aware that this cock monster was going to be shoved,forced up my arse very very soon.

4. Whilst all this was going on ,I could see that woman we saw yesterday,was busying her tongue in Fi,s pussy,she was giving her a really good licking ,playing with her tits, licking the inside of her thighs,and turning Fi on, she was squeeming,and her pussy juices were starting to flow.( I found out that the womans name was Charley ,and brother was known as BJ).Fi was brought down off the harness ,she was,nt going to try to escape as there was no-where to run to, so she was taken to a single bed at the other side of the room,laid on the bed,and Charley got back to some good hard pussy licking.I also could see that JJ had pulled his cock out of his trousers,and began to slowly rub himself,he made his way across to where Fi was went to the end were her head was ,and forced his cock into her mouth.

She didnt get the chance to refuse,it was done,and she had to suck, she did just that.In the meantime BJ decided my time had come,he turned me to face a chair and pushed me forward, he spat on to my anus ,rubbed his spittle inplaced his hardened cock at the entrance of my anus and pushed, the pain was awful,apart from verbal protests,there nothing else I could do. He fucked my arse for all he was worth,I could feel this large sausage like thing going in and out, driving forcefully into me, as he was doing this he brought left around my body ,holding on to my stomach for leveridge,and with his right hand, he was continuing to wank my cock,, he whispered in my ear ,how he was looking forward to filling my arse with his cum, and that after he had come he would be getting me to clean his cock with my tongue.

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5. While we were getting all the excitment (I wish), Sally and the others were trying to hatch a hot and horny blondie masturbates pussy masturbation fingering on how we were going to escape, earlier in the morning before all this kicked off, I had a little walk around our cell, I found what I hoped to be usefull a Square of Window Glass,and hid it in the old an unused fire grate, I had,had some nasty thoughts while lying down ,supposedly asleep.

I could break the glass into three peices,and when the time was right we could have a 3 pronged attack on our idea was that when JJ and the rest were shagging us ,and hopefully if we could encourage that to happen in the celler, the glass being sharp and jagged it could be used as a blade of a knife, to attack was risky and it could fail, but I thought that if we could gain their trust,we could encourage them to have an orgy, and because we wre six they were three ,we had suprise on our side.

My aggressive thoughts suddenly came back to reality,and I was the one with a cock embedded inside me ,I was the one who was being Fucked,and poor old Fi was being fucked at the other end of the room,and we were both getting very tired with all this sexersise.Arhhhhh BJ blurted out as he came inside me,I could feel something hot and messy draining out of me,the stench of sperm was very real, and of course I had,nt come yet as pain over rode my pleasure.BJ stopped ,pulled his cock out of me,came around to my front and squeezed my nose which made me breath through my mouth and shoved his cock into my mouth,telling me you clean this you cock sucking whore, I am NOT into this at all, but what else can you do with A fat cock in your mouth other than suck & lick.

I did,nt enjoy it one bit, he quickly drew his cock out of my mouth and left me where I was now lying on the floor, hurting.He went off in the direction of the celler steps,and disappeared down them. Fi in the meantime was being fucked by JJ ,and Charley had positioned herself onto her mouth and Fi ,was licking Charley,s big hairy pussy, JJ was shagging her for all he was worth, and he suddenly burst forth his seed into her tight cunt, groping at her tits while still comming, Charley leapt off her mouth and started to suck all JJs cum out her now swollen pussy.Fi like me was absolutley knackered,and all she wants was to rest,she was pleased that Charley quickly finished licking her,and left her exactly where she was.

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I could hear loud voices ,and Sally & Helen appeared tow girls one boy sex the top of the Celler steps ,along with BJ, he smacked their arse cheeks with his hand,a bit like driving cattle to Slaughter and hurried them along towards the area where we were .JJ came over to Helen, who was about a 35dd a very fleshy arse and a puffy pussy,and she was about 5 feet 7 inches tall.had jet black hair ,which down beyond her shoulders.JJ grabbed her hair and pulled her towards his body,told to kneel down and put life back into his limp dick.

suck it he said ,your not sucking your finger ,suck it properly, and just to prove his point he held her hair tightly ,and started to pull strands of hair out of her head, she apologised and adjusted her tonguing accordingly, and began to do what he had asked for .In the meantime Sally was placed along side meher breasts were heaving and although she was somewhat distressed ,that did,nt stop me from getting an erection I was excited by her presence.Now my girl I want you to suck your boyfreinds cock, she looked at me,hoping I would say no, but that was,nt to be,I just encouraged her to do it.So she took my cock in her right hand and started to wank my cock,and then drew it up to her mouth and sucked it right in,wonderfull, I was lying on the floor and she had her head over my cock,with her lovely arse facing towards BJ, I did,nt think he was being kind to me,he had other thoughts on his mind,, he watched her sucking my cock, and then dropped to his knees and pushed his now hardening cock straight up Sallys arse,she squealed with pain, and nearly bit my cock off, she drew a little bit of blood,and my cock slid out of her mouth,only to be comforted by me.

Charley had finished with Helen and she went off to clean herself up.But Helen was still being seen to by JJ ,and when he ejaculated, he wiped his cum soaked cock all through her hair ,she just crawled up into a tight ball & started crying with her various pains she was suffering,from the agressive shagging she had just experienced,I suppose we would call it RAPE today.Another casualty of the day,, Sally was still entertaining BJ, he was holding onto her arse,and skilled chick knows how to fuck properly as hard as he could, he suddenly stopped ,pulled dick out of her arse,swiftly dragged himself to her mouth and said,suck it now, she could barley move,what with the soreness in her bottom,but that did not stop BJ, anyway he came fast & furious came all over her face,shot cum onto her breasts,and then relieved his bladder on her,piss was streaming down her body,and then BJ took a hose off the wall and sprayed all of us with icy cold water, we froze,but we also woke up with the sudden shock.happily they realised that they did not want to catch too cold and threw some towels at us ,and told us to dry ourselves and make our own way back to the celler with the others.

6. When we all got down stairs ,there was some food ,this time it was fresh and we all ate fast as we could the hunger was hurting.when we finished we all got very close to each other ,I carressed Sally,s breasts and she held my cockit was,nt for rubbing,just holding, a little later Helen came and sat along side my other side and she placed my hand on her pussy, I was telling them both that when we got out of this mess I omg i found a video of my girlfriend online like to make love to both of them,in fact Id like to have sex with all of them l.After about 1/2 an hour all activity ceased, and sleep took over, but I had decided that we should try and make our gettaway tomorrow, as I noticed that our captors were begining to trust us, and that we could make the break.I fell asleep thinking about the plan.

I woke earlier than anyone else, went and got the glass out of the grate,broke into three pieces and decided upon the plan,it would be bloody, but we were not going to kill them,although I was tempted to try, so the way it would start is that we would encourage the orgy,and hopefully they would take the bait.we did,nt have long to find out.the door at the top of the stairs opened and both JJ & BJ appeared and said to Rachel & Emmy that it was their to entertain them today, both these girls had been raped more than once by the Brothers already and new would to expect, and so they were marched up the stairs, and we listened to the noise of yet more violent sex, lots of ohhs and arrhs, The ceiling above us, was floorboards ,and over the years they had warped so we were able to see through the cracks, I could just make out Rachel she had a cock up her arse and another in her cunt DP ,and she was being licked by Charley and poor old Emmy was hanging from her harness, I guess waiting for her turn.

Rachel came sexy masseuse has lesbian sex with client down the stairs approx an hour or so after her ordeal, covered in cum, we quickly got some water ,and washed all the cum off, and laid her out onto a blanket, so she could get some rest, in the meantime .it was Emmys turn ,I could just make out that she was suck both BJ & JJs cocks after they had finnished fucking Rachel, and she also had Charley licking her pussy, but I was,nt able to see or hear everything that was going on as they had moved in to the far corner of the room.

7. It was time to put the plan of escape into some form of order,we must itright said Sally, so we said that tomorrow we would refuse to go upstairs,so they will have to come to us, so the plan was hatched.I do hope it works said Fi, it will have I said, I have had enough of all this, we had only been there for 3 days, we knew that the keys to their Landrover were kept in JJs pocket, and we agreed ,once we out that we would drive straight to nearest police station,and get were ready.

It was 6.30pm, and Emmy still had,nt reappeared ,and then suddenlythe Trap Door was open above us and Emmy was dropped down the hole, fortunately ,I was below the door ,so helped to break her fall, she was in shock,they had been rather rough with her,and she needed some tender care,we provided what we could, it made us more determined that tomorrow was the day of our departure.After having the food that had been left for us earlier in the day,we went to bed,if you can call sleeping on the floor bed, I can,t.

The day started just like all the others,the Celler steps door opened at 5.30am, and it was Charleys turn to order our attendance up to the shagging room, we all in unison refused, we said were tired ,from yesterdays trurma and that we needed more rest.So in the end all three of them came down the stairs, to greet us with their requests, We had our blankets wrapped around our bodies,,so I said can we please have our whatever they are wanting here in the celler, OK I have no problem with that they said,but no funny business,as if we would.

An orgy was sugested and they showed a lot of enthusisam, JJ stood in front of mepulled my covering off, and grabbed hold of my cock, he seemed to enjoy playing with it,but what he said next ,I was not going to like, he told Sally to come suck my cock, and spoke to Fi, and said she was to rim his arse, and that I would be putting my cock up his anus,and I was to fuck him hard,and that Sally was going to have pleasure of sucking all my cum out of him.

BJ had other ideas,he was going to fuck Rachel again, and he told her to suck his cock,and do it now,don,t just look at she took his large cock into her warm wet mouth and started sucking. Charley had gotten hold of Helen and produced one of the biggest dildo,s you can imagineand forced it up her pussy,she then got into a 69 position and Helen had to lick her pussy,stale pussies are not nice, but she did as she was told,as she knew that Charley was quite capable of hurting her.

The time had come for me to fuck JJ, he told to open his arse cheeks and slide my cock inI did as I was told,so there ,s me humping this mans arseI guess I actually enjoyed some of it,as it made my cock harder than normal, and I was really giving him what for, and then I realised I was going to explode, and out it came spurt after spurt up his arse I came, my legs became very weak,and I nearly fell over,managed to pull my cock out,with a flop,and just stopped all movement,and sat down on the floor,,Sally looked at me with the look of disgust on her face,knowing what was comming up next, and JJ said come you ;little bitch get your tongue and lick this cum out.

Whilst she was doing this,I was able to get my hand s on the broken glass pane, and slid under Sally,s body to where JJs balls were hanging down,and grabbed hold of them tightly and stuck the jagged glass right into his ball sack, Sally pulled back,and Dani danials cum shot in mouth screamed in Pain,I shouted,that if they did not do what they were told I would cut his balls off, don,t cut me he said, stop he shouted to the other two, they did ,because they thought they saw blood,on his balls, they did,but it was mine squeezing the glass to tightly.

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I said to Helen go upstairs with Sally and get the Manacles ,they are hanging by the Lever for the trap door, up they went ,in break neck speed,and brought down the manacles,we fastened them on to BJ & Charley, both wrists and their ankles.

Of course I had still got hold of JJs ball sack,and was getting tired, but was able to hang on until the girls fastened the manacles firmly onto his at lastand I went over to BJ,and kicked his testicles,he did,nt half yelp with suprise. We finally got them all tied up tightly ,and made sure they were not going to get out .We each picked up a blanketand headed for the celler stairs, as we nearly got to the top ,they started swearing and threatening us and shouting very loud,so we had to gag them,as we did not want anyone passing to find them, they were for the police only, Having locked the celler door,we found the shotgun,I was tempted, I noticed it had a name on the barrel, Purdy or Pardy,and then I remembered a vice in the room by the Trap Door area,I put the Barrel of the gun in the vice and bent it using a sledge hammer ,which was near by.How was I to know that it was worth £2000tough.

Off we went into the drive ,Sally had found the keys exactly where I knew they would be ,opened up the Landrover,all full xxx sexe movie sex stories in,not much room,but wee did it, started the engine and we off away from Hell, headed to the nearest police station,all the girls were taken to hospital,clothes were provided for me ,as I would have the untimely pleasure of going back with the Police,to try to show them the way.

This was all 6 years ago now, Sally made a full recovery,she was taken to live overseas with her parents, Fi & Helen both finished there schoolingand are waiting to join the Army as Military Police, I think they had the hots for each other.Rachel & I are now married we became very close, and we are happy. The Hell Farm ,well JJ & BJ got Life in prison ,and to serve a minimum of 20 years each, and Charley got sent dudes are banging cute attractive gals pornstar and hardcore a secure Physciatric Hospital, she had gone off hr trolley.

The farm burnt to the ground not long after our escape, And I never did get to have sex with Sally. If You have any constructive comments please make them, If you think I should write another story,then please say so,if you think I should throw the Pen in the bin, then again please tell me.I Hope you at least enjoyed a bit of it.Thanks M