Blonde babe turns her rage circuit on

Blonde babe turns her rage circuit on
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Daddy's Sweet PUSSY Cat I looked at Kali then at Cheryl. I told Kali to move over to Mike and beg him to fuck you, then I looked as Cheryl, "So tell me slut are you your Masters bitch or just a cunt trying to please her man"? She stood there for a second then responded, "I love cock I love to be used not sure if Mike lets others use me because he likes it or because I like it. I envy your girl having someone that knows what he wants and takes it".

"Well Kali is not just another slut extreme fantasy of awesome gal tied and double is my daughter. Her mother was my slut until cancer took her and now Kali took her place. She desires to be my total fuck slut and the best cocksucker", as she kneels in front of Mike and is removing his cock from his pants.

I tell Cheryl to get over and take my dick out and make sure it is good and hard for I desire to fuck her. She moves over and kneels down pulling my cock out and taking it in her mouth and licking and sucking it. I look at Mike and the truth is looking straight at my dick. He is not watching Kali or Cheryl he is looking at my cock as his wife sucks me.

I pull Cheryl to her feet and tell her to get on the bed and then tell Kali the same. And Mike and I fuck them both he slams his cock deep and hard although it is not as large as me he fucks Kali as I am fucking his wife and she is moaning and begging. The time comes when the orgasms start Cheryl was first with a moan and a scream and her yelling for me to fill her with my cum.

I looked at Kali and she is trying to please Mike however I can see he is not fucking her to please her or himself he is fucking her as if it is his job.

We all finally finish and Kali sucks his dick clean and Cheryl cleans me up. I move away from Cheryl and look at Mike. "Cheryl I think I have found the problem in your relationship. Mike is not a Master." "Mike I want you to get over here and start cleaning Cheryl up I want you to suck my cum out of your wife's cunt. Suck our cum and juices out of her NOW", I command him.

Without a word he moves over and slips between her legs and starts to lick and suck her sucking the cum out of her cunt. "Cheryl tell him what you want and make him do it". She looks up at me and starts humping into his face she tells him to get over on the bed on his back and she straddles him and plants her cunt in his mouth and pushes the mixture of cum out of her into his mouth. When she is finished with him she moves off his face and looks at me. I lean over and whisper in her ear.

To tell mike to move off the bed get on his knees in front of me and suck my cock and get me hard again that she has something she wants to do with me. She does it and to her surprise he does it without any argument. She watches in amazement as he sucks my cock. It takes him a while however finally I am hard. "Cheryl, Mike is not a Master he is a submissive and he wants you to be his Mistress he allows you to fuck and suck cock only because he wants to do it and he knows you love cock.

However he loves sucking cock as much or more than you do. Ask him" She looks at him as he is kneeling in front of me. " Is that the truth is Joel telling me the truth". Answer me is he speaking the truth". "Yes Cheryl I love to suck cock and swallow the cum I desire to be your slave and be fucked by you and others I won't to feel hard cocks in my ass".

She just sat there looking at him. She turns and looks at me. I tell her what I feel she needs to do if they are in a peep show she needs to make him suck the cocks that come through the hole and only suck the ones she wants to suck if he wises to fuck one do so however make him kneel and watch and when the cock cums in or on her he is to suck the cock clean and then clean her up.

Use him for your pleasure become his Mistress. We talk more and find out we live in the same town she tells me about what they do for a living and how she can see what has been going on with him.

I tell them I will be back in a little bit there is something I need to go do that she is in charge of him and Kali use them both for her pleasure and I will be back in a flash.

I leave and go back to the book store and get what is needed then head back to the motel to find Kali on her knees sucking Cheryl's cunt and Mike watching. I enter into the room and when she is finished I give Cheryl the bag and look at her.

"You are now Mistress Cheryl and that is what this male slut should call you. This is for you to use on him to make him a fuck slut and a better cocksucker". She pulls out this giant strap on cock. I get the ones I used on Kali sensual babe cums loudly on set x traordinary pictures the lubricant for her.

With that she turns to him so are you my slave now are you going to do what I tell you when I tell you"? She looks at him and smiles, "My own fuck and suck toy". "No Sir this male bitch is going to take this dick up his ass right now. All I want to do is gag the bitch so he can not scream and wake up the world." With that I gave her a large ball gag and she strapped it in place and tied his hands behind his back.

Then she strapped the cock on and started lubing his ass up for his intro into a slave slut. She moved behind him and Kali come over and I pulled her up in my lap to watch the show.

Mistress Cheryl was taking out some revenge on Mike for she push the head of the strap on in his and and just held it there for a minute and then started pushing it in and fucking him with it. He was trying to protest however to know avail. This strap on had a little tickler on the inside and it was rubbing her clit and making her hotter and more excited as she fucked him. In no time she had her first blast of a climax and before she was finished she had 3 or 4 more.

At the end she had the strap on dick buried up her bitches ass. She removed it with a loud pop, pulling him up and pushing him down and telling him to lick and suck her cock clean of his ass. After some resting time and a short nap for us showers where in order and back to the peep shows only this time there where two cocksucker in the room and Mistress Cheryl and I sat on the couch and watched as they sucked there way through them all one by one.

Mistress Cheryl decided to take her new bitch home and do some reading and training, promising to call and even visit and promising I could have some more of her sweet pussy, ass and mouth if I wished which I my hot boss sucks and rides my dick in her office masturbation pornstars her I would.

She marched him through the book store with all his cum on him and out and gone. Next I told my slut it was time for her to get some fucking and she was about to experience double penetration. I explained to her that she was going to sit on my cock with her legs over the arms of a chair and let her pussy be used by any and all cocks that wished to fuck her.

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I also told her she had the freedom to cum as ofter as she wished and to enjoy the cocks. When we got there I found a open seat where she could be seen and openly fucked. I removed my pants and shorts and sat down she removed the outfit she had on handing it to me and reaching between her legs and placing my cock at her entrance and sitting down on it resting with it all the way in her. She then pulled her legs up and laid them over the arms of the chair and waited.

It wasn't long before a dick was in her fucking her fast and hard he pumped his cum in her and pulled out she leaned over on her own and sucked him clean and thanks him for using her cunt.

She was fucked by nine men and I shot my load up her ass. She slipped off my cock dropped to her knees and sucked me clean we dressed and left.

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I received some thanks and very sweet comments as we left the theater. We returned to the motel showered and fell asleep. We where awakened with a knock on the door. I got up to find Mistress Cheryl and her boy at the door. Their car had broke down and they got a ride with the wrecker driver after Mike sucked his dick for him and they got a cab to the motel.

She asked if they could get a ride home with us tomorrow and she would get a way back to pick up the car on Monday after it was fixed. Sunday morning was clean up pack up find a restaurant for breakfast and deepthroater darling lilith gets her pussy hammered hard home.

Cheryl was full of questions and I did the best I could to answer them promising her a couple books I had and a couple videos. She asked about how we managed the Master slave relationship at home and I let Kali answer. On the way home was more talk and instructions about rules at home and rules in public. I explain that Kali has rules when she is out with and with out me that she has chores and rules at home and she follows them exactly or she will be punished. I took Cheryl and her male slut home.

And we continued to the home and back to normal. Tufenuf Please email me and let me know what you think: [email protected]