Amateur slut fisted outdoors in the snow

Amateur slut fisted outdoors in the snow
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Little Pete Jenny watched the clock as it got closer to 3:00 o'clock. When the bell sounded today at three school would dismiss for 3 whole months this year. Jenny would spend this break with her Grandparents.

She loved them very much and enjoyed her visits but this would be the longest visit she had ever done in all of her 18 years. Jenny's Grandparents lived on a large farm. It was a 5-hour drive from her house to theirs.

The closest neighbor was 10 miles away. The closest store was 20 miles from their house. If you wanted to shop that was a 45-minute drive. Jenny loved them very much but she did get lonesome.

There was just not much to keep a 18-year-old occupied with no stores, malls or friends close by. Jenny promised her Grandparents she would visit and Granny told her she had curvy beauteous teen knows how to engulf knobs big surprise for her this year. Jenny couldn't imagine what it could be. Granny said, "You will just have to wait until you arrive to see".

Jenny's Mom and Dad didn't even know about this big surprise. She was just going to have to wait until Saturday and find out. Friday night Jenny packed three big suitcases with all the things she could ever dream of needing. It wasn't like she would be in the public eye but she did take a lot of different outfits. Mom would let her wear some pretty skimpy clothes when she visited because no one was close to see what she had on.

Early Saturday morning Jenny's Mom knocked on her door. She said, "Time to get up and shower, Dad wants to be on the road as soon as possible". She jumped out of bed and took her shower. Soon she was dressed and down stairs for breakfast. Dad finished and went up stairs to get Jenny's luggage. Mom and Dad had one bag because they planed on spending one night there in the camper. Dad backed the pickup under the fifth wheel and was ready to load it up.

Soon they were on the road. It was about to drive Jenny crazy over this big surprise. They drove and drove. Jenny knew they were getting close because now they were into a lot of farmland and houses got fewer as they drove.

It was fields of corn, soybean, and hay fields as far as you could see. Jenny thought, "I am glad I like to read. That is about all there is to do this time of year on a 1000-acre farm.

No car or friends and even if she could drive there was no place to go. It wasn't long now when they got in sight of the farmhouse. It was a big two-story house. Jenny's Mom grew up in that house but it now had all the modern convinces.

There were two bedrooms and a large bath upstairs. That was Mom and Aunt Clara's room. Granddad had built a deck out over one of the porches. Jenny loved to lay out there and sun bath. Even if someone did drive up they could not see you up there. Suddenly Jenny heard her Mom shout, "Its Clara"! "Look it's Clara and Jim's car"! Mom was so excited. She hadn't seen her little sister since Christmas. Dad pulled up in the drive and Mom was out before the truck was stopped well.

Clara came running out of the house. Clara and Mom hugged and cried and hugged some more. Grand Dad and Granny got in on all the hugs. Jenny's Mom asked, "Is this the surprise Mom was telling Jenny about"? Granny said, "Just half of it honey". I promised Clara I would let her tell you. That's why I kept it a secret from you".

"Bob and I were working on this at Christmas but we didn't want to say anything until we found out for sure," replied Clara. "Than a week after Christmas we got the call". Excitedly Clara said, "I called Mom and Dad and told them the good news".

"They told me than that Jenny was going to spend her summer vacation with them before she went to college. This worked out perfect". Jenny said," Please tell me Aunt Clara before I go crazy"! Clara said, "OK darling". Clara turned toward the house. She called out, "Little Pete, Pixie, come on out here." They all turned toward the porch. Through the door walked a short dark haired boy. He looked no more than 16 years of age. Behind him was a beautiful young girl.

She wore long blonde hair and the prettiest eyes that Jenny had ever seen. This girl walked right up to Jenny and said, "Hi, My name is Pixie, This is my little brother. We call him Little Pete. Little Pete dropped his head and very shyly said, "Hi". Clara said, "Bob and I have adopted them. They lived next door to us but their parents were killed in a accident right after Thanksgiving last year.

They are our Son and Daughter now". Bob said, "We are so proud of these two kids. You never here a peep out of them". Pixie blowjober michelle clayton deepthroat and spit on cock smiled and said, "Oh Dad, you are embarrassing me.

Than everyone had to have hugs again. Pixie hugged Jenny and said, "We have heard a lot about you. If you don't mind Little Pete and I would like to spend the summer with you. If you feel uncomfortable with two strangers all summer we understand". Jenny said, "No! I would be pleased if you stay all summer. We can get aquatinted. Now I will not get lonesome and if Granddaddy will let me I will show you the farm".

Bob and Clara smiled and he said, "I told you sweetheart she would like you. Pixie blushed and said, "I know Dad but you didn't tell me she was so pretty". Granddad smiled and said, "A house full of teenagers again. Oh it doesn't get any better than this. He said, "OK all you old folks, go to the kitchen and drink a cup of coffee and get caught up on the gossip. I will be right in after I show thew kids what's in the barn.

Granny said, "OK girls bring your men and we two horny guys ass toy sexy mei amasakis tight little ass catch up on talking. Clara asked Dolly and Jack, "When do you start back"? Dolly said, "Not until you two have to go". Clara said, "We will have to start back tomorrow". Dolly said, "We will stay until then.

Now I know why Mom wanted us to bring the camper. The story about the furniture being moved so they could install new carpet just didn't make sense". Clara and Granny just laughed. Clara said, "We were sleeping in that room. The kids had our old rooms up stairs and it was no place for you. They all sat and laughed and sipped their coffee. They knew Granddaddy would return soon. Granddaddy led the kids to the barn.

He smiled and said, "Jenny, I bet you know what I am going to show you". Jenny said, "If it is in the shed I know and I am still a little afraid of it". Pixie put her arm around her and replied, "What on earth can it be"? She asked, "Granddaddy is this why you wanted Little Pete and me to stay away from the barn for a while"? Granddad said, "Yes sweetheart, this will be Jenny's surprise for you".

Pixie brushed against Jenny. She placed her large breast against hers and whispered, "Tell me what it is, Please"? Jenny smiled and said, "I hope you are not afraid of it". Than Granddaddy opened the shed door. This was the first little bit of excitement Little Pete showed since he arrived the day before.

He said, "Heck Fire". It was two 4 wheeler's. Granddaddy said, "This is how we get around the farm. There is over 50 miles of trails that lead to the back and all around the fields. There are fuel tanks and markers all over so you cannot get lost. Every cross trail has a sign". Pixie asked Jenny, "Are you really afraid of the bikes? I have never driven one but I bet it would be fun. If you will let me ride behind you and you teach me the pedals you can ride behind me.

Just so we go slow". Little Pete said, I am not afraid, I want to huge facial on hot brazilian cam girl a by myself"! Granddaddy laughed and said, "OK son.

You have 3 months to ride. If the girls don't mind riding together that would make me and your Grandmother feel better. I know your folks would insist on it".

Pixie said, "That is just fine with me if Jenny doesn't mind". Jenny said, "That is just fine with me. If you will let me hold on to you. I am afraid of getting thrown off". Pixie smiled at Jenny and winked. She whispered, "Hold as tight as you like. The tighter the better". No one heard her but Jenny. Hot female cop xxx suspect was apprehended under suspicion of theft smiled back but she really didn't understand what she meant".

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Granddaddy started one of the 4 wheelers and showed Little Pete how the brakes worked. He showed him how to accelerate. Little Pete insisted he could do it. Granddaddy told him to ride it slow to the yard and stop. He told Nadia ali sex stories xxx sex story chut to get on yours and you and Pixie ride very slow to the yard also.

Granddaddy didn't wait for them. He wanted to make sure Little Pete did ok. Jenny got on and started it winning japanese oral stimulation hardcore and blowjob. She told Pixie to get on behind her and hold on. Pixie jumped on and wrapped her arms around Jenny.

She asked, "Can we just set here a minute and let me get use to this thing under me"? Jenny said, "OK, You don't have to be afraid, we will move slow" Jenny felt Pixie's arms tighten around her. Then she felt her rubbing her breast against her. Pixie was breathing on her neck. Jenny was so embarrassed. This felt good. She had never felt a girl's breast against her like this. She felt her self-getting damp between her legs. Than she felt Pixie's hand slip down on her belly and slide gently inside her panties.

Pixie stopped right at her hairline. Jenny was so ashamed because she would have liked for her to put a finger in her little slit. Her finger was all that ever been in it. Pixie whispered, "I guess I am ready now". Jenny said, "OK, You can hold on tight if you like".

Jenny was disappointed when Pixie pulled her hand out of the front of her panties. Pixie did rub her breast across her back all the way to the yard. Jenny was so afraid when she got off there would be a big wet spot on her shorts. She was so wet. Granddaddy said, "See girls, it wasn't as scary as you thought". Pixie said, "I will be fine as long as I can ride with Jenny. Jenny said, "Sure, we can take turns who drives.

Little Pete you just lead the way and we will follow". Granddaddy said, "Wait a minute kids and let me get your folks before you take off". The kids did ride slowly around the house until everyone was in the yard. Granddaddy then told the kids to take off. Pixie shouted to Little Pete, "You go first and we will follow.

Pixie was rubbing her breast all over Jenny. Then Jenny felt that hand slip in her shorts and in her panties. She went a little further this time. She had her fingers just over her little crack. She rubbed through the hair very gently. Jenny was about to go out of her mind. Jenny asked Pixie, "Will you drive for a while"? Pixie said, "Sure"! Jenny stopped and they switched places. There was a wet spot on the seat this time when Jenny got up. Pixie put her fingers and wiped across the spot. Jenny never saw her gently put them in her mouth and licks the entire wet from them.

Jenny didn't see this because she was too busy giving Pixie a titty rub. After a little piece up the trail Little Pete stopped. It was not until than he saw the show that was going on the girl's bike. Jenny pulled her hand from Pixie pants when Pete stopped. Pixie told him to head back to the house. He watched the mirror closer on the way back. Pete didn't have but three inches of cock but it was hard as a nail.

Once they were back to the house they drove straight to the shed. Pixie jumped off the rear and opened the door. They slowly entered the barn and shut the door. Everyone was out in the yard. They just smiled at them. Granddaddy said, "You kids look like you been driving them for years. Tomorrow you can go as far as you like. Just stay on the path and watch the signs and be prepared to get wet if you come along when the irrigation pumps kick on".

Granny said, "Girls I need to ask something if it is ok? Would you two mind sharing a room tonight"? Pixie your Mom and Dad will be down stairs and Little Pete will have one of the two upstairs. If one of you kids wants their room when they are gone it will be just fine. Little Pete, you can have that big room down stairs if you wish. He was disappointed but he said, "OK".

The day went by very fast. Pixie and Jenny asked if they could go on up stairs and shower and get ready for bed. Clara said, "Sure, I know you kids are worn out from all the riding you did today". Dolly said, "I think we will turn in early tonight also, we have a big drive a head of us tomorrow. R old cock big load night kids, see you in the morning".

Than they all said their goodnights Granny said, "OK kids, I will go up with you and make sure you have all you need". When they got up stairs Pixie asked, "Would it be ok if Jenny and I just shared this room that will give us a chance to talk"? Granny said, "Sure, if you like.

I knew Little Pete would not want to be stuck down stairs with us old folks". She asked, "Jenny will that be ok with you"? "Sure Granny, there is room in that big bed for the both of us," she said excitedly. Pixie asked, "Granny can we move the dresser with the big mirror on it across from the door"? Granny said, "You can change anything you like" Than she looked at Little Pete and said, "Son I raised two girls.

Take my advice and get your shower first. Girls don't rush in the shower". Pete said, Thank you Granny, I am going now". Granny said, "Goodnight girls, see you in the morning". When granny was gone Jenny asked, "Why in the world did you want that mirror moved". Pixie said, "I will show you later. Do you want to shower next, and I will go last"? It wasn't long until Pete was out and Jenny took her thin PJ's with her to the bathroom.

She shut the bathroom door and immediately put two fingers in her pussy. She didn't go far because she was a virgin. In fact she had never even dated a boy on a real date. She took her quick shower and was soon back in the room. Pixie took only a towel with her to the shower. Jenny sat there on the bed wondering how she could get against Pixie and make it look like it was nothing.

She was still thinking about how Pixie had her hands in her panties that morning. In a few minutes Pixie came back in the room. She left the door open this time. She walked over by Jenny and removed her towel. She was nude.

Jenny never dreamed a girl body could be so sexy. Her large firm breast. She 9 months pregnant girl xxxx story shaved her pussy hair. She sat down by Jenny and put her nice brown leg against her.

Jenny almost trembled. Oh how she would love to lay on her nude body and feel her hot breast against hers. Pixie she just smiled ant Jenny and asked, "Do you mine if I sleep naked, I hate clothes on when I sleep"? Jenny said, "Sure, that would be kool". Pixie said, "It would be kooler if you slept like that also". No one had to tell Jenny twice. She pulled them over her head and rubbed her arm and breast against Pixie. Jenny said, "I have never did anything like this before. In fact I have never even kissed a boy but a couple of times.

I don't know if they liked it or not". Pixie said, "I did once. He was a tiny latina face jizzed tube porn. Pixie said, "I have an ideal. Let me show you. Wet your lips and open your mouth just a little". Jenny closed her eyes and opened her mouth just a little. She asked, "like this". Than she felt Pixie's wet moist lips against hers.

Than Pixie slide down to the bottom lip. She felt a tongue gently slide in her mouth. Jenny met her and their tongues circled each other. Pixie felt a hand and fingers around her breast. She was so wet. Suddenly Pixie mouth moved down to her breast. She gently sucked and rubbed her teeth across them. That was as hot as Jenny had ever been. Than the minute she had been waiting for. She felt Pixie slip two fingers in her pussy.

When she brought them out she licked them clean. What happened next nearly took her breath away. Pixie mouth moved down from her breast to her belly button and than to her pussy. She felt a tongue enter her. Jenny was about to go wild. Without a word she raised up and straddled Pixie face. Jenny put her tongue in Pixie and licked and searched her all over with her tongue. Both had three organisms before they stopped.

Soon Jenny got her wish. Pixie was on top of her breast to breast. She had her tongue half way down Jenny's throat. Jenny returned the favor. This went on for a few minutes. Than they were cheek to cheek. Naked body to naked body.

Pixie whispered, "You want to know why I wanted the mirror moved, look and see what is hiding in the door. It was Little Pete. His dick was hard as steel. It was only three inches long but it was hard. Pixie said, "That is the only boy cock I have ever seen and I am going to have it. Let's turn over and look toward the door and see what he does. They did and Pete turned and ran toward his room as fast as he could go". The girls followed him.

He jumped in his bed and they went in on him. Pixie sucked every drop of juice off his cock. Jenny had both balls in her mouth. Than Jenny put her pussy over his face. Pete had only a 3" cock but her had xxx porn chut chatnewala story 5" tongue.

It was harder than his cock. In a few minutes Jenny and Pixie traded places. When they finished they were up as if nothing ever happened. The girls went back to their room and sleep in each other's arms until morning. When they awoke each one had their fingers in each other's pussy. The next morning the kid's folks said their good byes and told the kids they would return in about three months.

Granddaddy gave his last bit of instructions about porno casero con la madura le tube porn four wheelers while granny fixed them a cooler. He said, "Jenny, when you get to the end of the pasture you will see a huge telephone tower.

That was just added last month. Don't be surprised if you see a helicopter setting beside it. They are doing some finish up work on it. Jenny said, "OK". Little Pete took off first and Jenny drove off with Pixie on the rear. They hadn't gone just a short distance and Pixie pulled up Jenny's blouse. Than Jenny felt two hot bare breast against her back.

Jenny let go of the bars with one hand and reached back and felt Pixie's hot pussy.

Jenny asked Pixie, "Is all cocks the same size as Pete's cock. Pixie said," I don't know but I have wanted to taste his for years. I guess all them are just alike.

It wasn't long until the kids approached the telephone tower. There was a helicopter setting there and there was two people about 30 feet from the ground. The kids stopped. The girls watched as they climbed down.

Both got excited just watching them. They didn't take their eyes off their butt's. When the girls stood directly under the ladder's one shouted down at them. He said, "Hi kids, my name is Luke and this is Bo.

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They continued climbing down but the girls still stood under them and holding the tower. Soon Luke was right against Pixie.

She didn't back away He stopped and didn't speak. Pixie's face was even with his butt. She put her hand on it and walked under the tower facing him.

She unclipped his tool belt and than his belt and unzipped his pants. She got a surprise. She felt a cock. When she touched it started to swell. The man didn't say a word.

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Pixie couldn't believe her eyes. This cock was huge. When it reached about 10 inches in length she took it in her mouth. She wanted it all in there.

He slowly moved on down and she never took her mouth off. The other guy and Jenny just watched. Jenny couldn't stand it any more. She unclipped the belt and unzipped his pants. She put her hand in there and oh what a grin. She started taking off clothes.

Soon both were on the ground. Jenny had her face between his legs.

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Bo was Bo Linda. He was a girl. Jenny sucked pussy like it would be her last. Pixie was about to get a big surprise. This man had pulled off her clothes while she was giving head. He pulled her away and slowly pointed his 10" cock toward that little 2" crack of Pixie's. She spread her legs. She wanted it all. He put the head in and very slowly went a little dipper with each thrust.

Some way he had the whole thing buried and Pixie was lifting her butt for more. It wasn't long until Little Pete got in the action. He had Bo and Jenny. He was fucking one and sucking the other. It wasn't long until Pixie had all she could take. She was on top now and she rolled off. Jenny was not going to loose out.

She was on him like white on rice. She guided that 10 in dick in her and soon her little cunt was stretched beyond belief. She also took it all. It wasn't long until they all had exhausted their selves. No one realized how pretty Bo was under all that gear.

Finally they began to talk. The girls introduced them selves and said they were there for the next 3 months. Pixie said, "That is my little brother. We call him Little Pete. Bo grinned and asked, "How did you get a name like that. Pixie said, "My Mom would not let Dad name him Little Cock". Bo said, "It is not the size, it is how you use it, right Little Pete"?

He smiled and said, "Yes" as she licked it clean Than Bo couldn't stand it any more. She had to have some of Pixie. She got up and moved over to her. Their lips met and their tongues met. Next thing they were in the 69 position. Luke, Jenny and Little Pete watched just as if it was a movie.

Luke waited and than he had his turn with Bo. That was her first time with this 10" cock. This just got Jenny all excited once more. She had to have some more. Than she felt Pixie's hand at her pussy once more. Their lips met and they rubbed breast to breast.

Little Pete was like a Little Shepherd Dog. He went from Pixie to Jenny all the time Luke and Bo fucked and sucked. It's wasn't long until everyone was satisfied. The kids said their good byes and asked, "When do you two come back here"? Luke looked at Bo and asked, "Boss, Do you want to finish the other half of beacons next month"? Bo said, 'Next month! What about next week"? Little Pete said. dirty ass play with my wife fenna week"!

What about tomorrow"? Pixie said, "Little brother, you will never handle what you have at home". Next week will work better for us. My pussy feels like a Nat's ass stretched over a rain barrel. Jenny said, "Don't worry Pixie, I will massage it and give it a sugar every night. I want my little pussy cleaned shaved like yours and Bo's". Pixie said, "Sugar when I finish with you it won't need shaved". I'll wear it down just like Mine and Bo"s.

They started to leave but first each one got a long and passionate kiss from Luke and Bo. Little Pete got out of the kissing line of Luke and went through Bo's line twice. The last kiss she smiled and said, "Bye Little Cock", than quickly she corrected her self, "I mean Little Pete".