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Japanese wife affair with brother 89 pornoclub
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It happened some years ago. I was in college and I had a friend named Rina. On one evening I walked up to the door of the her house and rang the doorbell. I heard footsteps and then the door opened revealing Rina smiling. I smiled back at the lovely girl and entered the front hall.

"How long did it take you to walk?" she asked. Only about 15 minutes, but boy, it's still pretty cold for almost April." "Did you bring it with you?" I passed her the brown paper bag and she took its contents, a bottle of Champaign, and placed it on the front hall table.

Rina and I are both finishing 1st year at university, so we are 19.

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I looked at Rina; a tall slim classically pretty sexy with blue eyes, shoulder length hair and long legs. She is slightly taller, if certain little bids are telling the truth, interested in me."Put your coat in the closet and I'll put this in the kitchen," she said, "we're going to sit in the den; go down the stairs and turn left, first door on your right."I went down the half flight and entered the room."Hi," a voice said. It was Rita, Rina's younger sister who was just finishing high school and just had her 18th birthday."Hi Rita; I didn't expect you to be home on a Saturday night; no date?""No, so Rina said I could hang out with you two for a while and chaperone since my parents are away; is that OK?"Her teasing tone of voice suggested that clearly she was aware of Rina's interest in me!"Sure," I said.

Rita is shorter than her sister with green-grey eyes, a pretty upturned nose and medium brown hair that falls part way down her back. She has a more average build for a teen-aged girl and therefore more of a figure than Rina."Hey guys," we heard from the kitchen, "come up here and help make the drinks."The den it turned out had its own set police fuck xxx upon being brought to the backroom for questioning connecting stairs to the kitchen which we climbed with Rita leading.

I admired Rita as I followed her, she was pretty cute! "What do we mix with this?" Rina asked."Rum and Coke is what most people have for their first real drink," I said."OK," she replied, "I'll try one; I've only had wine before this.""Rita?" I asked."Yes please."Something told me that this wouldn't be Rita's first "real" drink; as I knew from our friends that she had gone to quite a few parties and had a number of boys dating her on and off."I'd better measure the drinks; do you have a shot glass?" Rina went into the dining room and returned with one while Rita opened a cupboard to show me where the soft drinks were kept.

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I carefully measured three weak rum and Cokes and we returned to the den and began to talk.Naturally, with three very inexperienced drinkers, some giggling and laughing soon erupted, even though the amount of alcohol consumed was not yet very large.

As the talk became more playful, I noticed the electricity in the den. I sensed that both these girls liked me and found me attractive and were therefore flirting with me. Although I have had some girlfriends, my sexual experience is pretty pathetic; amounting to touching a bare breast during a session of heavy kissing and then being told by my now ex-girlfriend to stop.

The first drinks were pretty well gone so we decided to have seconds. Rina, ever the sensible one, said we had better bring some food as she knew you shouldn't drink on an empty stomach. When we returned with new drinks and some chips and fruit the conversation started up anew."Did you know that Debbie really likes Scott?" Rita said.

Debbie was a mutual friend, a petite redhead, in the same year as Rita, but a little older; I played sports with her brothers. "I suspected as much because at their party she was always trying to sit beside him. Does he like her?" I said.

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"Don't know." The three of us had recently been at a party given by Debbie's older brothers. "Now promise you won't tell anyone," Rita said in a conspiratorial tone, "but she says she's going to invite him over to her house and then play strip poker with him". Rina and I both laughed loudly. "Big talk!" I said, "And you believed her?" "No way!" exclaimed Rina, "She wouldn't have the nerve to even ask him over much less play strip poker!" More laughter! Suddenly Rita turned to me and slyly asked, "Have you ever played?" "Rita!" Rina was clearly surprised by this bold question."No, no, its OK, I can answer.""A few years ago when I was about 18 up at the cottage there was this girl I knew from a few cottages down, Mona, who tried to start a game in the sleeping cabin." "Mona explained all the proper strip poker rules to us and we dealt some hands but pretty soon everyone but Mona pretty much chickened out.""If the others had continued I don't know whether I would have gone on; I was really nervous because Mona was only 18.

If her parents found out we would have been in a lot of trouble.""Maybe I shouldn't have worried, I haven't seen her since then but I hear she is pretty wild.""Proper rules for strip poker," Rita laughed, "what did she do, look them up in Hoyles?" "No, she said her older brother Vinod explained them to her one night; according to her he has played in a game that went all the way.""So what are they?" asked Rina. "Are what?" "The proper rules for strip poker." "Yes, tell us," said Rita giggling.

Asstraffic double penetration for young looking teen slut some alcohol to spur me on, I immediately entered into a detailed explanation. "OK, well if little Mona is to be believed, you play five card draw. There is no betting.

After each hand the loser has to remove one piece of clothing. In addition the winner of the hand can choose to have one other person remove a piece of clothing. When you remove a significant piece of clothing, like a shirt, pants or underwear, you have to stand up so everyone can see you. And you can't cover yourself with one hand while removing the significant article with the other; everyone has to be it is a difficult job to be the president of a country without an able staff to help him out it is a to see for a few moments.

You can't hide anything until you sit back down. Once you are naked, you still keep playing, if you lose a hand or are chosen by the winner of a hand you have to do a dare chosen by the winner. The dare can't be to do something with or for the person choosing it. Dares are given out green, yellow and then red, so the first person having to do a dare gets something mild, so they're not too embarrassed; like standing up so everyone gets to look at them naked for a full minute.

The next person to do a dare gets a yellow one, maybe to kiss or hug someone for a minute. If another person is involved in the dare, and really doesn't want to be then you have to give a new dare; but everyone is supposed to cooperate. After that its red dares. We didn't discuss them at all; probably because we were all too nervous.

When everyone has lost all their clothes, there is one final hand with everyone naked. The winner of this hand gets to request dares from all of the others but this time they can involve themselves in the dare or request something between two of the losers." While I was explaining all of this, the girls were drinking and listening, so the second round of rum and Cokes were nearly gone except for my glass, which was only half empty.

This was probably a good thing, because I was starting to feel the effects of the rum a little. Once I finished there was an awkward moment of silence. Everyone, I am sure, was thinking about the game I had just described.

"I'm going to get another drink, who else wants one?" Rita said to change the subject. "OK," Rina said, "I need to use the bathroom." "I'll get another one in a minute, I still have some left," I replied.

When the girls left the room, I realized that my explanation might have spoiled the party. In particular, even though the girls had asked about the rules, I knew from certain other little birds that Rina was quite shy about boys and had never had a boyfriend.

Maybe I just blew my chance with her. Maybe I was too forward allowing this particular subject to last so long. Maybe she would think I was trying to get her to play strip poker.

Maybe … Rita returned with two fresh drinks and she and I discussed school for a few moments. When Rina came back into the room she sat down. Her beautiful blue eyes seemed to have some extra sparkle. She waited until she had our attention.

"OK everyone;" she Monaounced, "let's play!""What?" Rita asked. Strip poker; the proper way!" "Rina!" Rita gasped, "You're kidding, right?" "No, I'm serious." Rita and I paused, not certain what we were hearing was real.

"I know that everyone thinks that I am a Miss Goody Two Shoes, but …tonight I want to do something wild, for real, not just talk like Debbie." Her eyes had a certain fire in them; clearly she had made up her mind upstairs in the bathroom.

I was confused; beautiful Rina, of all the girls I knew, would have been the last one I could have imagined asking for an actual game! Rita hesitated; she couldn't quite believe her older sister's suggestion."But he'll get to see things," she protested, coloring a little."Yes, and you'll get to see things too!""I don't know whether we should do this?" Rita whispered, more to herself than anyone.

"Don't be a fraidy cat!" taunted Rina. Rita reddened further. I was stunned; for Rina this was totally out of character; Rina always deferred to Rita regarding boys and parties and such, because Rita had more experience. Now Rina was the daring one and Rita was the hesitant one.

"I'm going to get another drink," I said, leaving the room. It seemed best to retreat to the kitchen until the situation resolved itself. As I mixed the rum and Coke I realized that if they decided to play I was going to have to participate or look like a total coward to Rina. Which might mean showing myself naked to two girls.

They won't do it I reassured myself. No way! As I came back down stairs I heard the tail end of a discussion with Rina's voice saying, "… besides, I trust him." That was flattering! Rina looked boldly at me and said, "we've decided to play if you will, however, if we do play, you have to keep everything that you see quiet. No talking to anyone about this!" Unbelievable! "OK, I promise," I said, my ebony with nice juicy lips gets pounded hard turning over several times, but trying to be cool, "Rita?" just wait for the second part.