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Lesbo blonde shoving a massive dildo deep in her gfs butt hole
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This is my first story so please be don't completely crucify me with the comments Thank you. In the beginning Chap 1 I am a 24 year old Female .My name is -destiny I have brown Hair, Green eyes. I have been happily married for almost two years now .My immediately family has recently been through a lot. Last year my parents went through a device which broke the entire family apart.

My father- Mathew broke the marriage off because he felt guilty about cheating on my mother -Kylee. When my father announced his final decision on the device to the family my siblings crucified him with verbal and mental abuse . which tore our family apart.

Everyone except me was shocked in the decision of the devoice I was prepared and ready for the announcement because I had accused both my parents of cheating years ago and knew everything they had done in the past with other partners. My mom and dad are both Lds and all of this is Forbidden in the religion. My mom plays good mind games and made it seem like she was a victim in all of this and my dad took all the blame, to this day the kids hardly communicate with him and I feel sorry for the man because he is slowly remorsefully becoming a hermit.

The reason For Revenge Chapter 2 A few years before the devoice me was a senior in high school . My mom started working at a Health club here in town.

I live in Troy M.O by the way . She started bringing this guy over when my dad was not home. He was always flirting with her and her flirting back.

Passion hd sexy teen sabrina banks gets oily massage and hard fuck was Hispanic Male about 6' long black hair. His name was Isaac Hernandez. At first I thought nothing of it but after I found out how often Isaac was calling and texting my mom I realized what was going on and confronted her about it in tears she denied it full heartedly.

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I later learned that she would stay after work and fuck him in her office and that she fucked her boss too so she could take time off work whenever she wanted. I hater her for this after she let dad get crucified where he only slept with one woman and she slept with many more men. My mom had it in for Bisexual people she was raised to believe that they were sick people who had just lost their way in life. She didn't know it yet but I was bisexual.

She told me that she was very prejudice against them. it made me hate her more. The Decision has been made Chapter 3 My teenie anal sherly tube stepbrother and stepsister Kane and I stayed up talking many nights about my mother's actions and how they were affecting everyone around her and how she didn't seem to care much about what was left of her now torn family.

Many tears were shed on my account and my husband and I decided that if no one taught her a lesson soon that it would have to be us. One night my mother and I had plans to get together I called her munities before we were scheduled to hang out and she bailed on me for Isaac. I was more than livid. my husband said I was seeing red and that it was time to act.

So we prepared a sack. A pair of socks some rope and a few other items . It was time and I we were ready My husband and I had both had fantasies about my mother sexually all the boys in my class all thought she was hot.

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and I'll admit my mom was sexy for a woman in her 40s She was 5'4'' blond hair blue eyes Carly hair shoulder length b cups and skinny as a tooth pick.

You definitely couldn't tell she had her best years behind her. Taking my Revenge Chapter 4 It was a summer night in 2007 and my mother was home alone for the night I had called ahead of time to see what her plans were for the evening and she said she had nothing planned. Her supposed plan was to catch some shut eye early . As I hung up the phone I turned to my husband and said perfect tonight's the night.

sensual babe cums loudly on set x traordinary pictures grabbed the sack and headed out the door. Driving about a half hour through town and out into the outskirts of town where my mother lived by herself.

We drove up and parked behind a bush silently without being seen watched as my mom went from the kitchen to the living room and into her bedroom. we waited a good half hour or so before we made our next move.

when she didnt come out we grabbed our sack of things and krept into the house unheard and unsean . the closest naybor was 3 miles away. As we walked into the house we could hear her Moaning ISSAC OH ISSAC . THAT FEELS SO GOOD ISSAC I WANT UR COCK IN MY PUSSY. I had to hold back a giggle because that sounded so weird coming from my mother.

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we could tell by her moaning that she was masterbating in her bedroom daydreaming about one of her boyfriends. Kane and I walked slowly up to her bedroom door opening it just a crack she was just about to cum so we went noticed Kane seeing my mother naked for the first time got an immediate hard on.

I undid his pants and let them silently drop to the floor as I started rubbing his now rock hard cock kissing him. finally we heard my mother moaning in sort of a scream I'm going to cum Isaac I'm going to cum . Kane looked into her bedroom and at that precise moment she squirted everywhere .

Kane reached into the bag and pulled out the rope out. I kissed him he watched as my mother cleaned up and turned her back facing the door of her bedroom and bent over to put her cloths back on . this was our cue Kane opened the door bradging in grabbed her rests and pulled them behind her back by the time she realized what was happening he had her face in the sheets of her bed and her hands tied behind her back she started sunny leone sex body story download kick and scream and squirm and by this time I was inside naked and helping him tie her legs together .

She didn't know the hands that touched her body .as he rubbed her pussy and smacked her ass she begged him to stop he shoved a sock in her mouth and pulled her hair . sexy pornstar jennifer white and her pornstar fluffers fuck tube porn her nipples I fingered her pussy and he played with her tits .

and continued to force her head into the covers. after a while of her trying to get away Kane got tired of it he pulled her hair and smacked her ass as hard as he could and said ," if u cooperate and do exactly as we tell u .

you won't get hurt. which was a lie of course our intention was to break her will .but as all victims would do she agreed. she stopped struggling and he pulled the sock out of her mouth. Kane grabbed her by the hips and flipped her around. Realization and recognition chapter 5 As my mother was spun around her worst nightmares were reviled to her.

when she realized it was her son in law Kane and her daughter destiny that was doing this to her tears started to streak down her cheeks i fingered her pussy as she asked why her. I explained to her all her wrong doings and how much she hurt me .

I also said to her that she was a very sexy woman and that we had fantasized about this many times and that she deserved every bit of punishment we gave her. tears continued to run down my mother's face as i rubbed her pussy. and Keynes cock . I looked at Kane and he seemed to know exactly what I was thinking punishment daughter xxx sex storys walked up to her face and shoved his rock hard dick deep into her through forcing her to face fuck .

she began gagging and chocking on his cock. he grabbed the back of her head and pushed her in and pulled her out in out in out. she was crying I put on a strap on dildo and placed it between her legs at her clit she looked at me her eyes wide in shock as Keynes cock pulled out of her mouth I shoved my dildo deep into her pussy and she screamed I pushed her legs outward and upward . And fucked her hard until she was wet enough for Keynes cock and that I pulled out Kane kissed me and rubbed my pussy a bit.

I reached down and sucked and kissed the head of his cock he walked over to my mom and placed his unprotected cock on her clit and began rubbing you could see the fear in my mom's eyes as he did so I kissed her gently on the nipple and began pitching her other nipple .

calling her my slut telling her that i loved how she made me feel so good inside Kane pushed his cock deep into her wet pussyhole . and began pumping and with every pump he spoke to her calling her dirty names like cunt here bitch .

I'm going to fuck your pussy dry he'd say . he fucked her good and I stood up and put my pussy lips over my mom's face and told her to suck me she started begging me to stop and i sat on her face and began grinding her . she gave in her will was begging to break .

My husband pulled his cock out of her pussy. and began rubbing it against her ass her ass buckeled and i got off her face . she begged him to stop and told him that she'd never been fucked in this ass before. I looked at her and kissed her good on the lips forcing my toing down her thought .

when this kiss ended I looked at kayne and said " Fuck her ass baby" my mother began to freak out. screaming and bucking .

Trying to get away. I smacked her across her tits really hard pinching them and pulled her hair. she stopped squirming tears streaming down her cheeks . I rubber her butt cheeks and stuck my finger in her tight ass hole and finger fucked her. and grabbed my husbands cock and started sucking on it keeping him hard he fucked my pussy a bit getting his cock wet and placed the head of his cock near my moms ass hole my mom heald her breath as he shoved his cock into her ass with no murcey.

my mother scrame spy cam blowjob in office devirginized for my birthday ad than gave in . I kissed her full on the lips. than looked at kayne and said" her will has been broken" he smiled at me and I smiled back. Kane fucked my mother's as for a while and then he began grunting and shortly thereafter came in her ass.

as he pulled out I placed a but plugg in her ass we made my mother recite to us that she would be our sex slave every day for the rest of her life and that she would do what we said when we said it. She recited it to Kane and the tome. her will had been broken and shrotly there after she these hot chicks are bored tube porn out we continued to play with my mothers pussy and ass and Kayne and I made love when my mother woke we had many other sessions after that she was now our slave for life and that she would do what we said when we said it no ifs anads or buts about it.

She found that day that her destiny was her Destiny.