Perfect round tits russian hot babe on webcam p one

Perfect round tits russian hot babe on webcam p one
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It was thursday, 2 days past since the. "accident" with mom. I jerked at least a dozen of times to the pictures of her delicious big ass, her large hard nipples, her underwear.

all of it italian redhead milf hot milf fucked delivery guy up in my head as I tried hard not to act weird in front of dad. She never mentioned it, tho we didn't really get any together time, it was very busy week. Dad started that new project of his and it didn't start very well, so he asked me if there was any chance to help him out.

I used to do that very often when I had free time. But now dad couldn't find a replacement for one of his men, and that's where I step in. Deal was that I'll start from next monday; until then, I had to teach Jessy everything she needed to know for her to be able to take care of my little bookshop.

**** I came earlier to work today. Some new books were arriving and I big tit latina fucking pussy with sextoy to make some space in the blue room. Blue room was a small room in the back on the 1st floor. When I started this small buisness of mine I used to sleep in here. Blue room was my bedroom, office, my bathroom, kitchen, all in one. I was trying to save money for my new house, so not spending it on gas to get to work or to get back home was an idea that did help a lot.

I used to go home on weekends or if dad was working on some project that made him go pass by my bookstore, he would've droped me off and picked me up after. *** The "Blue room", is a very funny story, tho not sure if true.

When my dad bought this place for me, me and him worked a few months on it to fix it the way I wanted it to be.

The owner told dad how there were rumours about this part of the house. Long ago, they say, a girl lived in this house, with bunch of big older brothers, six of them to be precise. Everybody considered her beautiful but nobody ever asked her hand because they were afraid of her father who was a General or something like that and rumour was, she was being raped 7 days a week, one of her brothers each day, and sunday was for her father. It was sick part of the story and never proven.

But the "blue" part; last owner had a grandpa. He was married and all. One day he was passing by this house. Going home to his wife and children. When he saw this young lady on the window, he didn't pay much attention to her. Till she whistled at him and waved him to come closer. So he did. And since it was late night, nobody but him saw her, as she pulled her dress down, and spilled her tits out for his eyes only. A man explained us that his grandfather, just like himself, was a faithful man; but chances like this to happen to you twice in a lifetime are below zero percent.

So he decided to go for it. He, somehow, managed to climb up to the window. He kissed her, and she let him grab her tits and play with them for a while.

She took his cock and jerked it long strokes. Then she screamed at the top of her lungs, and one of her brothers that, allegedly, was fucking her that day, jumped out of the bed, his massive limp cock swinging between his legs, grabbed his hand and punched him so hard the dude fell of the window and straight into the bushes next to the house.

That saved him life, but they say, that he had fucked his wife as never before that night. And the night after that. And after that. His blue balls never went empty from that day. When he told this story, he always called it the blue room story. He said it was amazing story and he gave her amazing title. Or at least he thought so. And now his grandson keeps telling it, unfortunately. But it kind of stuck, and me and dad used to joke around about it a lot.

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So I kept calling it blue room and blue room it is. *** Once I finished I headed out of the blue room, and I heard Jessy entering the bookstore greeting me from downstairs.

"Hey, big. brother!" She teased from the second she entered. "Hey Jessy!" As Jessy made herself comfortable and myself uncomfortable, we opened the store officialy for the day. I was showing Jessy all the things she didn't learn yet. We spent almost 2 hours teaching her everything. And it was going pretty well, and would've been even better if Jessy wasn't doing her best to make me not forget I almost came all over her and that, as she repeated at least hundred times since we opened the shop, she hopes she isn't gonna stay traumatised for life.

Of course, she friki cachonda le gusta jugar con sus juguetes the biggest grin on her face as she was saying that to me.

I couldn't erase image of her in her white spaghetti strap shirt with her nipples hard as two small rose buds and her jiggly ass in that shorts, my dick was going from hard rock to limp at least thousand times a day as I remembered the scene from the bathroom. And as if that wasn't terrible enough, she started wearing that same shirt to work. Her big breasts, blaming mom for that part, were filling her bra under that shirt fully.

There was barely any space left for oxygen between those beauties. She used to service a customermen mostly, making sure she leans forward over the cash register so that she can "closer explain" them why she loves the book and why they should definitely buy it. As she was, successfuly, selling a lots of books, even to men who came with their wives and didn't even like to read, I was enjoying the sound my vintage cash register was making, and I enjoyed the view.

Jessy's style was becoming more and more. let's say I approved it a lot and leave it there. She bought a few new spaghetti strap shirts in different colors and a couple push up bras, as if she needed those.

She also started wearing skirts and tights. Skirts were long enough to cover her ass, unless she was leaning forward to "serve" a customer. Then she would serve the customer, and her boss, and her big brother with marvelous views.

Her ass was perfect. Her young skin was screaming to be touched and I was screaming in myself at myself not to do so. She smiled at me after almost every book she sold, she was so happy working here and the only thing she enjoyed more, was teasing me.

"I'm really tired, boss. Why don't you get another chair in here so we can both sit when there are no customers? My legs hurt." She pointed her long leg in my direction, teasing me, again. "Because. If I do that people will get wrong impression. That we don't work much, so we probably don't sell much, so who cares about the books, right?

No. This way people come in here and see that there is always a pretty, hot looking lady, smiling ready to offer them any help they need with picking the right book for them. That's why, I, the boss, sit here, and you, my lovely, sexy employee have to stand and work." I teased her back, partially telling the truth. "Oh?

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Is that so, big brother, you think your little sister is looking hot?" Teasing continued as she looked through the glass door making sure nobody is coming. Then she aprroached me, taking the book I was reading out of my hands and sat her ass on my lap. She took my hands placed them on her ass over her dark blue tight skirt.

Than she adjusted her tits in her shirt, making sure they're staying as high as possible. Winked at me. "I do think my little sister is hot, and I've probably told you this a couple of times at least since we woke up in your room, where, I must add, I was sleeping cause somebody decided that it would be an amazing idea to turn my room into a big fucking closet." She bit her lip adding: "Love it when you curse." Then she giggled, to which I smacked her ass.

"You better behave, or else." I faked a serious face, she bit her lip again then kissed my lips. "Is that considered a good or bad behaviour, big brother?" "I'm not sure." I replied pretending she couldn't feel me under her. "Well, we need to clarify these things, big brother. How will I know what to do or not to do, unless my boss tells me?" She kissed me again, longer this time.

My hands squeezed her ass in that skirt. God did she have an ass. Like she inherited all the best things from mom so that they can both drive me crazy. I enjoyed the kiss, and wasn't even trying to stop it anymore. She stopped kissing me. Not saying a word about me removing my hands off of her ass. She smiled. "And? Are my lips inappropriate behaviour or are they considered acceptable?" I grinned at her. Kissed her hard answering her question. We spent some time like that, making out, untill we heard the door open.

Earlier, I have moved the chair I was sitting in a bit further so it wouldn't be visible immediately as you enter the store, just in case. Jessy stood up, went for the cash register to serve another customer. As she was walking away from me she raised her skirt with her index fingers above her ass and was showing me her piece of art.

I looked at it and admired. As she was talking to a customer, another woman, she and Jessy both got confused. The woman wanted a certain book, but she only knew how the covers looked like.

No name no author. So I went to help her out, making an excuse to our customer cause we had to go on the 1st floor to get it. On the way up I was explaining Jessy how she needs to start reading more about books and books themselves, so she could serve a customer who doesn't know what is it he or she wants.

She nodded to me as I let her go first up the stairs, thinking like a real gentleman, and not thinking about consequences. Hello kitty said hi to me twice in a few minutes, as Jessy's ass was all wiggly jiggly in front of me and her pink and white panties with cartoon character on them teased me reminding me it was my baby sister in front latex milf assfucked after teen gives blowjob me.

But this time she didn't tease me raising her skirt up to tease, which was strange for her and I felt a bit dissapointed. I didn't get to see as much as earlier. Once we reached upstairs to the right shelf, Jessy turned around towards me, and her shirt was pulled down, her spaghetti straps streched as much as it was possible, below her tits. I wanted to say something, but as usual my voice betrayed me.

And this wasn't strange for her. Looking at her pink push up bra, her large breasts calling my name. "Oh, sorry big brother. I just wanted to ask if these are appropriate like this or should I put the shirt back up?" I looked speechless as Jessy waited an answer, her face serious. Serious my ass. "I guess that means I'm good." She added leaving the shirt below her tits, only her bra covering them as she was going back to the customer with the book woman asked for.

I welcomed her in my left arm, stopping her and hugging her around her waist, below her tits, as she tried passing by and daring me to let her do so. She knew I wouldn't let her go like that downstairs. "Why do you torture me like this all the time?" I pulled her into my arms hugging her with both hands now from behind. Her ass pressed hard into my hard dick. My view as beautiful as it has never been in my life. I pulled her harder into me.

Caressing her tummy, resisting her. Fucked latina nympho takes a load to the face turns her head around and asks me: "Is something wrong, big brother?" I looked at her, her lips, her tits, her bra. My hands reached higher, I wrap each of her tits in my hands gently, as discretly as possible and squeeze them easy, feel her up. My sisters hand reaches my cheek and caresses me, kissing other side of my face.

They were so big, so amazing, soft yet firm, big and handful.

She started biting my neck and my ear as I started massaging her breasts, feeling as hard and as horny as never. She was moving her ass, making sure my dick is awake and it was. Her dance made sure I was hard and ready to fuck her.

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Smoothly I raised my hands above her bra, feeling her neck, forcing a mild choke on her as I pushed my hips into her harder, lowering my hands onto her tits.

"Why are you doing this to me." Pushing the bra cups off her large breasts, spilling them out, hearing baby sister's moan as my other hand reached her skirt and while my middle finger walked over her kitty, rubbing it gently, adding two more fingers, massaging her little wet cunt, soaking her panties.

"Ohh Michael!!" First time ever she called me by my real name as I was touching her wet pussy lips through her cotton panties. I turned her around hugging her both tits in my hands squeezing them hard and kissing her red lips covered with lovely taisha takes it up the butt. As I sucked her tongue, I pushed her against the shelf, my hand on her ass, grabbing her hard, earning another moan of approval.

"Yesss Michael.oh please yes." My hands reaching inside her panties, enjoying her naked cheek in my hand. She started unbuckling my belt and fucking voice had to call us downstairs.


BUT HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE YOU TO FIND IT?! I HAVE 5 MORE MINUTES MY BOSS WILL KILL ME!" "We should go." I said to Jessy. Jessy wasn't stopping, unbuckling my belt with one hand and with the other grabbed my head bringing it closer to her tits, and I took one in my mouth gently sucking its hard nipple, but I had to stop her, I managed somehow., with a lot of effort., and Jessy looked me a bit frustrated.

I was afraid that dumbass customer might caught us. I grabbed her wrist and stopped her attempt to take my pants off. I bit her tit and pulled her bra up to cover up her boobs. Then her shirt, too. We leaned at eachothers foreheads, both of us slowing down, realising what we have to do. I stepped back as Jessy fixed her panties and her skirt. She hasn't even looked at me, all that devilish behaviour kind of dissappeared after what we almost did.

My belt was hanging half way unbuckled. I fixed it. Then took the book from Jessy, leaving her to get herself together. As I finished, sold the damn book, I have decided to close earlier. Maybe take a free afternoon. To enjoy myself. I checked the money and everything and once it was all okay, locked the front door. It was noon, around 1pm, I was going upstairs to let Jessy know about it.

But she was nowhere to be found. She didn't follow me downstairs, nor was she upstairs in bookstore. Calling her name didn't help. I decided to call her phone. And it rang. I heard it. But she didn't answer. It seemed like it was coming from the blue room. I went there slowly. Jessy never went to this room. She thought the story about sister who fucked her brothers was stupid and hated the room. I didn't know why, it seemed irrelevant to me, until maybe now.

I opened the door and wholy fuck! "Oh Mike!.oh Mikey!!. yessss Michaellll hard big brother!!!" Moan after moan and scream after scream after another moan. My sister was lying on the grey double penetration anal sex student hardcore and big tits, face down layed on the pillow, ass high up in the air.

Her hand reached inside her soaked panties and she was rubbing one hard. She moaned and screamed my name, not even noticing my presence at first. I was without any ideas what to do or say, I just stood there at the door and watched her. One of her horny teen pressley carter needs a fuck was out, she played with it. Her fingers made wet noises as she played with her pussy.

I walked by her, to the front, observing her from all angles. Once I stepped in front of her she opened her eyes, her look was at the height of my zipper. My bulge obvious. She bit her lip then closed her eyes letting herself float to her own world of naughty imagination.

I went to the side of her body. Enjoying the show. Her hand rubbing her cunt hard, other hand pinching her nipple a bit stronger. Then, after a few minutes of watching her play with herself, I noticed her frustration. She couldn't get herself to cum, even tho she needed it so bad and she wasn't stopping in front of me. Her hand was getting tired. Rubbing slower. Her face bright red.

My brain turned off and my dick was on, as I positioned myself behind her. Few more moans pulled me closer to her ass. Seeing her pussy through her wet hello kitty, my head decided to help her. I grabbed a hold of her ass, pulled her whole body to the edge, pulling her skirt over her ass on her back. Gently grabbing the hold of the waistband of her panties, and easy, taking them down to her knees. She never stopped me, or herself.

Sliding her palm all over her pussy. Her delicious, sweet, tight gorgeous pink pussy lips. She moaned again as she felt my breath on her pretty little thing. Wet fingers, wet cunt, my sister's wet cunt in front me, wholy.

Her hand tried working it harder. I grabbed her wrist, stopped her hand. "Nooo. please." she moaned this time, begging me. Thinking maybe I'll stop her, but I wasn't thinking clear no more, and clearly I didn't give a fuck. As I looked my sister's naked little cunt, I lean in and kiss her lips. Kiss her ass. Then grab her ass cheeks spread them wider and licked her all the way through her slit gently, up and down, circling around her clit.

As my tongue made her reach the highest point, my dear baby sister started shaking, shivering as my name gets out of her mouth once again, and her juices explode out of her pussy.

She squirted so much all over me, as I desperately tried to aim her little cunt in my mouth she spurted all over my face, my clothes, the floor had stains as well. I was holding her ass tight as she tiredlessly came all over my face. Once she finaly stopped. Her body calmed down a bit, then I ate her pussy a few more seconds.

Couldn't resist. Munching on her cunt. Licking her pink baby pussy, making it clean and enjoying myself as I ate the prettiest pussy in my life. Loved her taste. I backed off for a second. Looked at her from a crouching position as she was trying to sit. She somehow managed to. "Sorry." she said quietly, embarassed, ashamed maybe. I kept my mouth shut.

Crouching at the same place I was when I licked her pussy. Wiping my mouth. Drooling over her whole apperance, wondering why was she so attractive to me. She pulled up her bra strap and her shirt strap. Covering her tits fully. She lowered her face. I watched her for a moment longer, then she tapped on the spot next to her, indicating for me to sit.

I stood up. I looked at her, she raised her eyes towards me, all messy, face bright red, wet panties around her legs, her tit out of her bra as her straps fell down again; she looked so slutty, as if someone raped her. But on her face, there was no signs of pain, sadness or any regrets at all. She was calm. Bright red and a bit sweaty, but calm.

She was looking at my feet, kind of shy. I don't think she expected all of her teasing would result in something like this. Or she was just shocked that it finally did. I all internal long ass fuck ends in anal creampie my ass beside her, she hugged my arm and leaned her head on my shoulder, resting herself.

We were quiet for a while. Letting the first impressions cool off. With a corner of my eye I looked at her. Her tit was still out of her bra, her panties around her legs. My dick was starting to hurt, it was hard to concentrate on the words but I had to say something. "Are you okay?" She didn't respond immediately, then she nodded.

After a minute asking me the same. "You?" She looked at me for the first time now. I nodded back. She then said: "I couldn't stop." "It's fine." "I really didn't mean to." "Don't worry." Then awkward silence was broken by another question. "Do you hate me now?" "What?! Why would I.?" I asked her a bit confused, she thought I hate her. After I ate her out a bit. That told me she was confused herself. She definitely didn't know what she was doing to me with all that teasing. "Jessy, I don't hate you.

At all." I stopped not sure what else to say, still under impression of it all. A trace of a smile was noticeable in a corner of her lips as she tried again to cover her tit but straps fell down again. I, myself, let out a tiniest (manly!) giggle. Seeing it for a few times, how clumsy she was after that big orgasm and it broke the ice. She looked at me and a big, confused smile was smiling at me.

She started giggling with me, hiding her face in my chests. Wholy fuck she had no clue how similar to mom she was. Her behaviour, her body and her beauty. I felt something I'm sure I wasn't supposed to feel for her. I ignored it at the moment and just laughed with her. My hand reached over her head hugging her, pulling her by her shoulder closer. She kissed my freshly shaved face and backed off a bit. "You are probably the best brother in the world." "Yeah, doubt that." "Don't.

I was an asshole to you all this time and you tried so hard to not let me do something dumb, but I didn't listen." "Hey, calm down, okey? I could've done more. I was just." I looked for words. ". I think it was a bit fun. You teasing me, me teasing you back. I don't hate you, I thought it was just us, having fun.

But I was afraid cause I just knew I won't be able to resist you once things become serious." "You don't have to resist me, Mikey." She looked at me quiet. Kissing me once again. I kissed her lips, enjoying myself a bit. Too much. Realizing what those words meant. She then smiled. "Can you help me with these?" She looked her panties. I reached for them. "Up or down?" "Can you take them off of me? T-they're. wet." Her face turned red saying this. I nodded at her pulling her panties slowly down her legs, checking out her tit.

Dropping them on the floor. She thanked me then pulled her straps once again up when she noticed my look, but my hand was on her shoulder blocking it and straps fell down for the 4th time. It was my fault this time. "Sorry, I didn't mean to." She shaked her head, smiling, as if she dissapproved the behaviour of her clothes.

Then her hand grabbed mine, and pulled it over her tit, making sure I had a firm grip on it. I was again shocked a bit by her move. "It will be safe like this." She winked at me. I nodded and dialed mom playing with Jessy's nipple. She didn't aswer her phone. Called dad and told him that Jessy and me probably won't be home for dinner. "You won't?" Dad asked. "We won't?" Jessy looked at me confused.

"Probably not. We've got a lot to do. We'll stay here working late." I answered to both of them. Jessy was puzzled, completely had no idea what I talked about.

She knew she learned pretty much all she had to learn. Dad didn't care, he just told me to say hi to Jessy, and I said I will, pinching Jessy's nipple hard. She moaned a bit and dad asked what was going on but I already hang up.

"Are you hungry?" I asked her. She shaked her head as I was still playing with her nipple. "Mmmike. what are we going to do? Didn't you tell mmMmee that we are closing early today? I learned everything you said." "I did." I kissed her pulling her gorgeous, pantyless body in my lap. "But there is always a thing or two a big brother can teach his younger sister." Sliding my hand up her skirt, I pulled her other straps off, getting her breasts out and attacking her lips hard.

"I'm really hungry, Jessy. Really. hungry."