Webcam masturbation show with natural tits brunette

Webcam masturbation show with natural tits brunette
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Sophia's Revenge It was a perfectly ordinary evening in Madame L'Oiseaux's establishment, the year was that of the great exhibition in Hyde park, 1850 I believe, I remember Chantel was obliging me as I lay upon her bed. She was sitting upon my member and pleasuring herself greatly with it as I lay back, my head upon the pillows as I rested pleasantly after returning by train and carriage to Bath after a hard day of business in Bridgwater.

We were not alone for sweet Michelle assisted Chantel and allowed me to suckle her bared teats as I desire. I well remember Chantel's ample bosoms which bounced most provocatively as she pleasured herself which commanded my attention, that and her perfectly white teeth as she smiled almost blushing with excitement. The girls were attired as Madame directed with respectable clothing but no under things bar stocking suspenders and stockings and up thrusting Corsets designed to hold the mammaries proudly yet retain unobstructed access to the teats thereon.

I allowed Chantel her pleasure, it was no hardship, though I fancied I should enjoy Michelle's tight brown bud before I bade them farewell and returned to Sophia and the misery that was my marriage bed. Sophia was well bred, some would say hansom, I suppose her mounds and hips were quite presentable though I own in nigh on a year of marriage I had never seen her dis robed, nor uncovered by bed clothes, but she was such a cold woman, passionless, and cold that even when I visited her bed, as like as not on a Saturday evening, she kept the counterpaine firmly around her neck and availed me no view of her body what so ever.

Even when she placed a pillow beneath her belly to afford me pleasure through her brown secondary orifice with no danger of projeny still was I denied the she want a double penetration and a cum shot of her body. My life was well settled, my needs sated twice or thrice a week at Madame's establishment, my duties performed on a Saturday, I was content, no puking chambermaids fat with child like some fellows seemed fated to endure, no projeny as yet, but no hurry, and contentment with Sophia's dowry to keep me contented, life was indeed most pleasant.

Suddenly there was commotion, a disturbance, voices raised, voices known to me, but why? The door flew open, and there in a furious rage stood Sophia accompanied by Fellows my butler and Grayson my ostler, a veritable mountain of a man, "Geoffrey, how could you?" Sophia cried.

"Very easily given a willing wench," I replied barely bothering to acknowledge her presence, "And what brings you here, employment perhaps?" "You evil low life verminous snake," Sophia railed. "Pray continue my love," I suggested, "I should like the good people to hear you disparage me so I might divorce you more easily." Poor Chantel knew not what to do, nor sweet Michelle, "Pray continue," I requested.

"I shall divorce you, you whore chaser!" Sophia railed. "Yes you frigid vile tongued excuse for a wife," I agreed, "Pray do that and I shall cast you out without a bean, perhaps Madame will employ you as a whore to service the tramps and beggars, a frigid whore with legs clamped shut and a tongue lashing for each and every unfortunate who sought to plough you!" "Get off him!" Sophia shouted at Chantel and she flew at her in such a rage that Chantel twisted away and near tore my member out by the root.

"Aggghhh," I screamed and Madame appeared. "Lord Harecastle, this is intolerable, please go and take your trollop with you!" Madame ordered.

"But Madame," I protested, "I can hardly be blamed!" "She is your wife no?" Madame reminded me, "So be a man control her!" Lying on the bed, member erect and glistening with the recently departed Chantel's juices I was not particularly well placed to accede to Madame's suggestion until Madame ordered Marcel, her six foot tall blackamore eunuch to throw my servants from the room and ordered Michelle and Chantel to attend them.

Threat or opportunity of pleasure I knew not which drew the pair from my room but gone they soon were and blackamore, madam, wife and I were left alone. "So do you indeed wish to join my household?" Madame asked Sophia. "I should rather die," Sophia replied, "Now stand aside while I maim the devious cheating evil abomination that purports to be my husband." "What passion Marcel," Madame mused, "I do believe some of my gentlemen would pay a pretty penny to tame such a wench." "Good god Madame, there are dozens of wenches more comely and more sane in the lunatic asylum!" I pointed out.

"Then I shall offer you shelter my dear, if my lord is to cast you out," Madame suggested. "Cast me out, not before I tear his cheating appendage out by the roots!" Sophia raged as she tried to dodge around Madame only for Marcel to seize her. "Calm her Marcel," Madame ordered. Marcel grasped Sophia's gown above her bosom and pulled hard, there was a great rending and the seams gave and popped and the whole slid down revealing her bosoms.

"Unhand me!" Sophia cried. "No bare her, let the world see what little she has to offer," I suggested haughtily, so Marcel tugged again as Sophia tried to hold her ruined garment around her until Madame grabbed her by the wrists to allow Marcus to pull the ruined clothing past her midriff baring her bosoms and her belly as well. "Bare her entirely Marcel, she may be quite acceptable beneath that fancy couture," Madame ventured as Marcel pulled Sophias copious skirts and under skirts down to reveal her hairy belly fur which completely hid her womanliness.

Sophia struggled in vain, teensloveblackcocks all natural keisha grey gets fucked by a bbc cheeks flushed with embarrassment yet her teats seemed to be hardened and the ring of flesh surrounding darkened as if she were aroused for carnality "Ugh, what an abomination, Bessie, Maudie, bring a razor this instant!" Madame railed and she continued, "Bare her Marcel, completely, let us see the creature beneath," Madame insisted.

Poor Hot masseuse dominates over the poor client was too shocked to protest, even when Madame trailed a long red finger nail across Sophias woman's parts she just stared at the floor as if in disbelief.

Two maids entered, maids as in serving maids, one with a bowl and the other soap and a razor, serving maids employed to clean and make good, not whores, but not honourable women, women who might serve as whores of clean or cook as needed, Maudie thin and once comely, Bessie large of breast but rotund and neither of them great beauties. "She is scared like a virgin, is she a virgin My Lord?" Madame asked. "Good lord no, neither front nor back Madame, we have conjoined frequently." I explained.

"Frequently? twelve times in nine months is hardly frequently, he is not curvy babe pussy banged by big hard cock in the bathroom half a man, I do not rouse him, Sophia snarled. "Have you kept records?" I protested, "This is quite intolerable!" "He has no need of a wife just a base lewd harlot will do." Sophia continued with unarguabe logic, "He clearly needs a whore to bounce upon his appendage to create arousal." Madame defended my honour, "Monsieur has no problem with my ladies, madame, perhaps they are warm and willing while you are cold and evil tongued.

I can hardly wonder that Monsieur prefers my ladies to you." "Liar!" Sophia shouted. Maudie looked up at me. "Oh no missus, Lordship would poke anything wouldn't he Bessie," Maud exclaimed. "He were in need so I obliged," Bessie said shaming me for she was the shape of a barrel and would not see forty again. Sophia's outrage reached a new level, which Madame misconstrued. "And if you desire your husband's cream so shall you," Madame insisted, "And to that end shall we shave and bathe you and make you amenable." "Never!" Sophia insisted though Marcel had just taken her stockings from her an she stood entirely naked.

"Off the bed My Lord let the maids attend the lady," Madame ordered.

Instinctively I obeyed and despite her protests they laid Sophia in my place, slipping the silk straps with which the better class of whorehouse beds have attached for such a purpose deftly around her ankles to spread her legs to the widest part and straps too were swiftly bound around her wrists.

"You see, she is not without promise," Madame declared, and she addressed Sophia, "Now lie still or you will be hurt, the razor is sharp!" Maudie took the razor and Bessie held the bowl, poor Sophia looked terrified until Bessie set down the bowl, opened her bodice to reveal her monstrous bosom and pressed her bosom into Sophia's face saying, "Now you have a nice suck Miss, you forget whats going on below." "Bessie does this for our virgins," Madame explained Sophia spluttered and choked.

"Suck me tit you daft cow," Bessie chuckled as she allowed Sophia to breathe. Sophia sought to demur but with a massive breast and teat thrusting at her and the threat of choking she sought the teat with her lips and sucked as if she were a baby again. I watched fascinated as I pulled my shirt and breeches on, Sophia suckling from Bessie as Maudie expertly cleaved away the belly fur and then quite suddenly it was done. A perfect peach where had been a tangle of unkempt hair.

"What say you now My Lord?" Madame asked. "Middling," I declared. "Marcel," Madame ordered simply. The blackamore removed his shirt and slid his leather shorts down, his huge black prong reared proud from his bare shaven smooth crotch where the faintest scar pamela miti jessica rizzlick every drops where his balls had once hung.

Sophia was still lost in suckling Bessie's teat when Marcel's finger first explored her freshly revealed slot, she moaned as the finger intruded, but she screamed a moment later when Marcel leaped forward and thrust his member where the finger had been.

"No!" Sophia protested but his member was in six inches with one thrust, ten with the second and entirely sheathed with the third. "Aggghh," Sophia screamed, Bessie stood aside and Madame stepped forward and silenced Sophia's screams with a beautifully 76817 cherry jul and sahara knite in position 69 hand kerchief across her mouth.

Sophia lay stock still, rigid in abject horror, "Don't just lie there girl," Madame ordered as she motioned to Bessie to release Sophia's hands, "Make the gentleman feel welcome." Sophia looked around helplessly as Marcel pinned her to the bed, she near choked until Madame loosened the hand kercheif silencing her which allowed her to gasp for breath, "Welcome the gentleman, make him feel welcome," Madame repeated.

Sophia tentatively reached around Marcel and held him as his great appendage speared in and out of her woman's parts, each thrust provoking a muffled cry until she cried tears of joy, "Shall you sate her My Lord?" Madame asked. I shook my head, "Let the Blackamore," I suggested. "Sadly he cannot find release, he has no balls," Madame admitted, "But if you do not choose to sate her perhaps I might allow another gentleman?" "Indeed, I shall defer to another, for riding her has all the pleasure of stuffing a wet fish," I replied loftily.

Madame smiled, "Maud leave us, Bessie summon Mr Capthorpe and Mr Bogue, tell them I have a new whore for them to sample." "They will be sadly disappointed," I averred as the wench went to seek my cronies Nigel and Sebastian, but I was wrong. "My eye Geoffrey, since when have you been whore sampler in chief?" Bogue enquired. "My dear Sebastian, it is an honour devolved with rank," I replied.

"Well, well," Capthorpe cackled, "One of yours from the village eh Harecastle?" he enquired.

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"Something of that ilk," I agreed, "But sample away and maybe we desi bengali big ass milf moni aunty riding like a slut compare scores when all is done?" Capthorpe stared, "A rare thing indeed, perfection, pert mounds, sweet hairless peach, tight yet at once copious, yet ordinary to behold, no facial beauty but when unwrapped there is but hidden bodily perfection." Bogue interjected, "Daughter of a whore, daughter of a whore's son ," he marvelled, "Bred to be a whore I'll wager, look how carelessly she takes a foot or nigh on of black manhood without demurr." "But why?" Capthorpe asked, "Where has she been, why have we not sampled her before?" "In the asylum I'll wager," Bogue laughed, "Caught pleasuring herself with a rolling pin and incarcerated for lust!" "You bounder Harecastle, you've been breeding whores!" Capthorpe chuckled, "Or bought the stable, hardly surprising with that humourless trout you pass as your wife!" "Something like," I replied as Capthorpe slid his breeches to his knees and ordered, "Stand aside blackamore, let a man in." Marcel appeared as if he would crush Capthorpe with a single blow but in a second was sense returned and the black member withdrawn and a pink one a fraction the size inserted.

Sophia seemed troubled, but then pleased as instead of her womb being stretched and pounded now Capthorpe and she were adjoined at the skin, his hairy belly crushing her freshly clean shaven womans parts and bearing upon her womanly pleasures. "Ooooh," Sophia moaned.

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"I do believe you have hit the spot Capthorpe," Bogue exclaimed. "Damnably well schooled, you'd think she'd ne'er had a release before," Capthorpe added. "Better than that old bean, she's faking!" Bogue replied.

I stared angrily, Sophia had never done me the courtesy of responding, she was doing it out of spite, "So sate her," I snapped. "Will do," Capthorpe gasped, "Uggghh," he cried as he shot his bolt, "Ugggh," his buttocks pounding, "Uggghh." "My turn," Bogue insisted as he dropped his breeches even as Capthorpe was still pounding, though admittedly more slowly than hitherto.

Madame was now mopping Sophia's brow, "That was exquisite my dear, bravo!" she said reassuringly. Capthorpe had barely removed his appendage before Bogue climbed atop her and rammed his appendage into her woman's parts though they leaked copiously of Capthorpe's seed. "Surprised you didn't ram both appendages up together," I averred. "Later, that's why whores have two holes," Bogue chuckled as he began to ride Sophia. "Monsieur, some consideration, is not a competition!" Madame pleaded. "Damn it, fifty shillings for the best release," Bogue cried confidently.

"You're on Sebastian, what about it Geoffrey?" Capthorpe challenged. "No, I'll defer," I said. "Coward," Bogue replied. "Make it five guineas then," I said.

"Now hold hard," Capthorpe interjected, "We will have warmed her up for you, no this is for pride Harecastle, pride or cowardice, I'll wager a penny against your honour." "Very well, a penny it is, so get on." I insisted. Bogue's hairy fat arse pounded with an urgent rhythm but he had not the finesse required and sadly he had grunted and shot before Sophia was attuned, he slumped upon her.

"Off," I ordered, "Water, cloth, soap I cannot poke amongst this slime!" I averred as Bogue staggered away. "A thousand pardons," Madame exclaimed as she realised her staff had failed in their duty, for none should have to see the spendings of another when spearing a whore.

Bessie attended Sophia with a bowl and Maud assisted as her small hands could reach thrilling dude with her taut beaver hardcore blowjob inside Sophia beyond ordinary reach.

I watched fascinated, "Can you get your whole hand in?" I asked. "Why indeed sir, look!" Maudie exclaimed and Sophia's body arched in shock as not only Maudie's hand but her entire forearm disappeared into Sophia's peach. "Ohhh, no desist, desist!" Sophia exclaimed.

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"We have a winner!" Bogue cried. "Not so fast, stand aside girl," I ordered as with breeches cast aside I threw my shirt upon a chair and went to mount Sophia entirely bare. My appendage entered so readily I had to look to see it was inside and not between our bellies, my heart sank, my honour as a cocksman was at stake and I would find no favour from Sophia so I ground myself into her, channelling my anger at her frigidity and humiliating behaviour into thrusting into her as hard and fast as I may.

Channelling anger and frustration, channelling until the world shrank and there was just the one room and one bed and one whore and then there was just Sophia and I, her breath rasping her heart beating, her gasps of pleasure, her warmth, I kissed her neck as I pounded into her, forgetting for a moment the decorum of the whore house which forbade such, and then there was no room nor whore nor anything.

The world reeled far below as my soul soared high above on clouds of purple pleasure, big fluffy clouds resembling exotic animals engulfed me. "Monsieur!" Madame said earnestly but I was so lost in my pounding that I paid her no heed until quite suddenly the ocean waves swept over me and before I knew my seed was gushing forth. Sounds escaped my throat, I knew not what but sounds there were and then there was a room full of people, and I was spread over a whore as my friends cheered and I was completely and gloriously spent.

"My Lord," Madame cajoled, "My Lord!" I looked at her. "Sorry," I agreed. "Not bad old bean," Capthorpe opined, "Eight out of Ten perhaps." "How about if we double up?" Hogue suggested. "Indeed," Capthorpe agreed, "I'll take the brown, if you take the top?" "D'accord!" Hogue agreed, "Get a shift on Harecastle you're holding the show." I climbed from Sophia, staggered to the chair and sat exhausted.

Calthorpe had Sophia's ankles undone and had turned her and bent her over the bed end, my head was in my hands as he rammed his member up Sophia's tight brown bud, not too tight as I had previously used her there but nor loose like a whore. She gasped, coughed and gasped again then all at once Capthorpe turned her and Bogue in turn claimed her womanhood so she remained suspended by their members, her feet not even able mom and son shower and fucking xxx touch the ground, just their members and arms holding her, crushing her, to keep her from falling.

"Come on Geoffrey, there's her mouth left to fill," Bogue suggested. "No, I thank you, you win, fifty shillings it is," I admitted and taking my jacket I placed two guineas and some shillings on the hot blonde babe in wedding gown drilled by pawn keeper. I dragged my breeches and boots on, my shirt and waist coat also, my belt, and taking my jacket I wished Madame "Farewell," and slipped away into the night.

Fellows and Grayson awaited, "Shall you ride My Lord?" Fellows asked, "Or shall we await My Lady?" "My Lady, My Lady," I railed, "She is in there with two members within her, the members of two of the most notorious whore chasers in the entire county pounding her to ecstasy. She is no lady. She is a whore, a calculating frigid evil whore!" "But shall you ride sir," Grayson repeated.

"No, yes," I agreed, "You shall ride, aye, here is a shilling each, ride the whore that was My Lady, I shall take the carriage, you bring my horse." "But Lordship, you are unwell surely?" Fellows asked politely though his small member already strained away below his portly belly.

"No, I shall brook no argument," I said sadly, "No this is my final word, poke the whore, that is my word, my order and then have no heed of her what so ever." I took the reins and as soon as Grayson had the break off the sad old carriage horse plodded his desultory way through the darkness towards my home.

I slumped in the seat as the horse unerringly found his way through the darkness and I do believe I sat there for a long moment even when he stopped beside the back door.

I stirred, "Boy!" I bellowed and Findlay the under ostler appeared in due course in his nightshirt and full of sleep.

"Horse," I snapped and I left him and went to my bed. My cold lonely bed. And there I lay in confusion, how could a blackamore inspire Sophia to such passion where for me she lay like a cold fish.

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I bellowed for Mrs Herbert the housekeeper but she stayed away, the fire was burning in the bedroom hearth so I warmed my night shirt and undressed before putting it on and turning in to my lonely bed. I woke much later, I was no longer alone, long blonde hair straggled across the pillow, a lady's cloak lay on the bed. "Sophia?" I queried. "Let me sleep," she said as she lay under the bed clothes. "What in gods name are you doing here?" I asked. "I live here remember," she replied.

"You most certainly do not, I cast you out you are nothing but a whore!" I railed. "And you are nothing but a whore chaser," she exclaimed. "So why are you in my bed?" I demanded. "You told me you loved me," she said, "In the very heat of passion you told me." "I lied," I lied. She turned to me showing two love bites on her neck"And you bit my neck, it is quite inflamed, Madame said I cannot serve until the mark heals." "Out I say," I insisted and threw the bed clothes wide.

She was entirely bare, "I saw a new side of you last night, a rampant whore chasing monster," Sophia insisted, "And of the ten gentleman whom I served I do admit you pleased me the most." "So? what do you want?" I demanded. "No Geoffrey, what do you want?" Sophia replied, as she pulled the bed clothes back over herself, "I have Madame's offer of a room at the Bordello, or Doctor checkup beautiful patient for sex can share your bed Geoffrey." "Indeed?" I queried.

"But only if you please me," she suggested, "Shall we say every morning, and evening, and on Saturdays?" "Saturdays?" I asked. "Saturdays, I shall have my treat in the Bordello," she explained, "Two gentlemen at one time." "You are deluded, quite mad!" I declared.

I felt her small hand on my hairy balls, my member reared. "And you are hard, shall you please me husband?" she asked. "No, indeed I shall not, I shall take my pleasure with no consideration what so ever," I confirmed, "You desire to be a whore so I shall treat you thus." I grasped her shoulders and forced myself on her, pinned her head to the pillow with the force of my lips upon hers, I forced her knees apart and aimed my member at her womanhood only to find it moist and warm and so willing that I slid it within her in a moment.

My crotch ground into her, "Oh Geoffrey, you do care!" Sophia cooed, "Now please me." "Please you, never, I shall take my pleasure and damn you!" I cried as I anal penetration for a sexy whore hardcore blowjob off the bed clothes and pounded into her. "Oh Geoffrey you poor deluded fool," Sophia cried, "Crush me, possess me engulf meeee! she cried. "Never!" I snapped but my world was floating and the gush of relief sent my seed pulsing deeply inside her aching womb.

We lay quietly for a while, "I suppose we could have a weeks trial?" I suggested "Perhaps Grayson could join us?" she suggested. "Or we could invite Capthorpe and Bogue to dine and fornicate each Saturday?" I suggested. "No, I should prefer the Bordello," Sophia admitted. "Sweet Chantel," I mused. "Sweet Mauie, did you see her entire arm?" Sophia asked, "Come here," I insisted, "Kiss my, my member stirs, I do believe it is time to take my pleasure again." Sophia smiled, bent her head to kiss me and then straddled me to sink her peach over my member, "My turn," she said and she started to bounce up and down on my erect member "My Turn!"