Tons of bitches happy to see dick striptease hardcore

Tons of bitches happy to see dick striptease hardcore
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Lets start from the beginning. My cousin Nicole and I were never the closest of cousins, there was always some tension between us. Nicole is about 5/7 weighs 110 lbs and had surprising D cups for 13 years old, the events that happened are true and happened no sooner than 2 weeks ago.

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I have always seen my cousin Nicole more of a friend and not really a cousin, and I never thought that she would become sexual toward people because she looks so innocent at 13 exept for her boobs, she always wears tight shirts when I am around but I never thought that house vark man fak new would ask me something, that I had so much trouble answering.

I came to my grandma's house to visit my cousins angie and Nicole a few weeks ago, I was on a break from school, 16 years of age, around 140 lbs and 6/1 alexis and jennifer share a massive dong I thought that it would just be another family visit, boy was I wrong. I haven't seen Nicole since she was 9 years old and she was flat chested at the time. When I got to the house I was greeted by them both and since I came alone angie gave me a quick hug but Nicole clinged to me like I was a life raft.

During my first day there things were kind of akward, me, being the sex minded perv like I am, was making little sexual jokes here and there and neither of them seemed to mind, and actually thought I was really funny.

After huge boobs festival bitch gives up her ass for a ride pornstars brunette my cousins for a while I started to get a hard on. I hoped they didn't see because it would have been completely awkward but just the way both my cousins looked turned me on, so I went to the bathroom and jerked off for a while. When I was finished I found both of the girls in the back room where we were hanging out and when I walked in Angie asked if I had fun masturbating, and jokingly I said that I had a great time, and they both started laughing, no real tension between us until me and angie started to wrestle on the floor and my leg was on just an angle so when she would try to jump and attack me, my leg would hit her pussy, and that's when it felt awkward, when angie realized what was happening she got up from attacking my face and she laughed and said "I bet you liked where your leg was" and hell yes I did but I wasn't going to admit that to my cousin, but I did say "I have no idea what your talking about" and laughed with her, with tension in my laugh.

Nicole then blurted out that we would probably be dating if me and angie were not cousins because we had some kind of bond that no one else had in our family, when that was said we just looked at her awkwardly and angie seemed to get embarrassed and said "that would never happen but chris I bet you would fuck me if you had the chance" and got right in my face and laughed. I was speechless from that comment so I had to just disagree with Nicole asking her what was wrong with her and why she would say that.

So that kind of thing went on for hours, sexual jokes here and there, me and angie wrestled some more and Nicole didn't want to do much but she wanted to tell us both a story when the parents went to bed, so hours go by and we are all stuck in the living room, I was on the couch and the two girls were on the floor.

At midnight Nicole tells me all about how she got drunk at this party and gave her friend Andrew a blowjob and was going to lose her virginity to him but something happened and she didn't want to, while she was telling her story I was just laying there and getting turned on by just the idea of my innocent looking 13 year old cousin going down on some guy. She then said she wanted to lose her virginity to someone she trusted, and the first time that night looked up at me.

At that point I didn't know what was going to happen, but I asked her if she ever got fingered and she said she did a couple weeks before she came to the house but she didn't like it because her friend shoved his finger up her pussy while playing a game of truth or dare. After she stops explaining how and when her friend fingered her, she told me to come lay down on the carpet because it wasn't fair that I got the couch. This is where I started to panic, because I had an erection and getting up would be obvious that I had one, and she would see it.

So I got up quickly and literally dove onto the brother and sister ebony audisex so she didn't see anything, and to my shock she came up on her elbows and said quietly in my ears "I saw you had an erection earlier today Chris do you have one now, and don't lie to me" I said I didn't but she didn't believe me so she rolled me onto my back and saw that my dick was fully erect by now, she got all pouty and said I lied to her, I told her that I should go back to the couch but when I got up she got up on her knees and quickly took my shorts off, and before I have a chance to say anything she started sucking on my rock hard dick.

When I tried to protest she would stop and say that it was alright because we were cousins and it wouldn't be akward if I didn't make it awkward, and continued to suck my dick with me trying to talk will you be my big daddy please kept on coming out in whispering moans, because the parents could wake up at any time.

I moaned to her "Nicole if you ah don't stop that im going to ah come." And she said she wanted me to explode in her mouth because she never had a guy come in her mouth before. That's when I lost it, I came right in my cousins mouth and she took my dick out of her mouth and said I tasted good. I was kind of freaking out at her asking her why she just gave me a blowjob because shes my cousin!!

I never thought she of all people would give me one! I look over at angie and thank god she was asleep. Nicole then says "chris that was really good, but you cant just stop there, Andrew was an asshole and fingered me but it didn't feel good" then she came out of her bedding and showed me that she had so underwear on and said "since Andrew didn't do a good job It didn't feel that good you should make me feel good Chris, please?" So let me get this straight, not only does my own cousin give me a blow job, but she wants me to finger her pussy?

I couldn't do anything but reply yes I will, and I started to touch her pussy, and she moaned at me "don't wait, stick your finger in!" and I told her to be more quiet because if we get caught we are screwed, and I shove my finger into her pussy before she has anything to say, and I cover her mouth sexually with the other hand and she screams in pleasure being fingered by me and muffled by my hand, she sits up and starts to grind her pussy on my hand and screams " oh my god!

It feels so good Chris! Andrew could never make me feel this good! I know we're cousins but I wanted to do this for so long!! Ahh!! And without her seeing I go down on her and start to roll my tongue over her pussy lips and over her wet clit and I tell her she tastes really good. Without having my hand on her mouth she puts her own hand to muffle her screams and she screams again in the pleasure of my tongue entering her wet pussy.

She's moaning loudly now and moans "oh my god Chris! Im going insane it feels so good!! Your tongue is deep in my pussy ahh!!!

Don't stop im gonna come!! I take my tongue out for two seconds and say to her "I wouldn't stop if the world ended Nicole, hearing you moan loud gets me so hard" she continues to moan at me and thrust her legs so my hands get deeper into her pussy and she yells at me " Chris!!

Oh god don't stop im coming!! Ahhhh!!! And she comes right on my face and hands, and I ask her "was that better than Andrew" and winked at her, and she said "oh my god yes it was it was way better" just as we finish up we both hear nicoles mom coming up the stairs and I give my cousin a brief kiss because I was so out of it I was so turned on and I football tackle the couch just as her mom comes up the stairs. Nicoles mom comes up and says "are you idiots still awake?" and we laugh like nothing had happened and we both say yes.

She says we are too really weird kids and she goes back down the stairs into her room, and then Nicole looks over at me and says "if only she knew" and winked at me. I pass out and wake up at 11 am, and I was pissed off that I fell asleep because by then I was really wanting to fuck Nicole and take her virginity. But we go back to doing what we were doing with angie, just hanging out and making jokes indian girl dancing boobs expose her asset and masturbating front of cam stuff until angie left the room and Nicole came up on the bed with me and whispered "I haven't forgotten the way you made me feel Chris that was amazing" and I said I hadn't forgot how hard she made my dick with her sexy moaning, and she smiles and says, "do you like my extra tight shirt?

I picked it because I know you like seeing my boobs" I said it looked really sexy and winked at her. For the next 3 hours we just did random shit, went to the park and when angie went to the washroom Nicole kissed me, and I had to go that day so she looked disappointed but I thought that what we did that night was just that one time, but when I was leaving and saying goodbye to everyone, Nicole gave me a hug and whispered sadly that she would miss me and to come back, and I said I will and gave her a squeeze, when I let her go she walked into the hallway and down to the room we were hanging out in.

when I got outside and into the car it took 20 minutes for my uncle to come and get into the car when he said that Nicole was up in angies room crying and really upset and started the car. Before he took off I told him I would be right back and jumped out of the car and ran to the house, I don't know why I did but after that night I wanted to be there for her because I felt something right there that I hadn't felt for my cousin.

I ran up the steps and into the bedroom and saw her crying on the bed, I asked her why she was crying and she said "chris I wanted last night f-for you to take my virginity, to f-fuck me but you fell asleep and now your leaving" and she collapses onto my chest when I sat down with her, and I brushed her hair and wiped her tears away like a boyfriend would do for a girlfriend, and I told her I would be back soon and before I got up I stuck my hands down her pants again and massaged her pussy and clit for a minute making her quietly moan.

I whispered to her, " next weekend il be down here again and I will fuck you Nicole, if you really want me to im going to make you feel twice as good as last night" I wink at her, I leave and get into the car with my uncle and we drive off Nicole texted me when we were driving and the text said "chris I already miss your hands on my vagina, please come back next weekend I really want you to fuck me I want you to be inside me chris, I love you" and I text back "don't worry I will be down there next weekend and i want to be inside you too Nicole I want to feel your pussy wrap around my hard dick while I fuck you, I love you too".

I get home and right away go on my computer to see if Nicole is online on facebook so I could talk to her, sadly she wasn't, but right xxx story 2019 dise gril I was going to log out angie sends me a message, when I read it I was speechless, I was completely shocked.

The message said "hey Chris ;) I know what you and Nicole did last night I could hear both of you and to be honest I was getting wet just hearing you two. you should have fingered me too ;) and you better when you come down next weekend or im going to tell grandma all about what you and Nicole did last night, heheh love you Chris, and don't forget this"

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