Nicole aniston has a perfect ass tube porn

Nicole aniston has a perfect ass tube porn
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Courtney and April stopped talking to each other as soon as I entered the room, fearing what I was going to do to them.

The two girls were bound to gynaecological examination chairs by thick leather straps. They both looked so inviting with their legs spread and their cunts exposed. Their eyes followed me as I slowly pushed a small wheeled table that had an assortment of sterilised needles and metal rings.

I positioned it near April, teasing her to she her panic in order to achieve a cheap thrill before pushing it towards Courtney. If anything this made the young blonde even more concerned as her best friend tensed up while I secured a strap around her forehead to prevent secxi xxx story black guy hurs moving her neck.

I then searched my pocket for a dental gag and forced it into the slut's mouth. "Mmmhh ppleeac donnff." It was kind of funny. Why did every girl always try to talk each time you put a gag in her mouth?

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I gently stroked her raven black hair and like a pet, she relaxed a little, responding to my sign of reassurance. I slowly went closer to her and whispered softly into her ear. "I'm going to enjoy hurting you." She closed her eyes and quenched her hands into fist as I picked up the needle and poked the tip at her right nipple.

Courtney let out a series of short moans as I cruelly applied more and more pressure. A small drop started to appear as the needle slowly made its way through her sensitive nipple.

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Her eyes were wide open now and her face was contorted into a silent scream. I twisted the needle around just for fun as the tip pierced through the other side. A metal ring was then threaded through and I then took a moment to admire my work. The silver ring looked perfect and I flicked it and gave it a sharp tug to make sure I had done a good job.

Me playing with her new jewellery caused Courtney to scream out in pain. I then went to work on her other nipple.

April looked on in horror at what I was doing to her friend. She felt sick as I pierced another ring through Courtney's other nipple and tested by giving a little twist. She had no idea of how many times she had fantasised about sucking on her best friend's pink, puffy nipples while they were changing in front of each other.

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How many times had she woken up wet after a dream of feeling Courtney's soft lips on hers. Their breasts pressed up against on another. Her smaller ones against Courtney's D cups which to her, were perfect in every way. She imagined the two of them moaning together as Courtney rubbed her pussy on her thigh while she did the same on her's. She loved her but was just too afraid to say it. I pressed the needle at Courtney's pussy lips and pierced a ring on either side before pulling her cunt open.

Her scream was beautiful and even better than I had imagined. I could have listened to it all day and I was worried that what I was about to do next would change her alluring song. It didn't take me long to get over this fear as I was sure whatever her screams sounded like, they would still make me unbelievable gang bang sex with big tits to hurt her even more.

I used a set of pliers to pull her tongue out her mouth.

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I then took the needle and pierced three small barbells along the middle of her tongue and then forced another metal ring through the tip. By the end of Courtney's piercing process, she looked almost perfect with her lip piercing fitting flawlessly with the ones I had given her. There was just one thing left to finish. On her side was a tattoo of a floral pattern with the word "FREE" inscribed beneath it. I tattooed the word FUCK to make it more appealing. I then couldn't help myself from adding the words SLAP ME on each of her big round tits and ABUSE ME just above her clit just in case she ever forgot the reason she was born.

She looked like a inspired piece of art just begging more. I undid my belt and looped it in half before aiming at her tits. "No please don't hurt her. Please I'm begging you. You can whip me instead.

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Just please leave her alone." April was crying and couldn't take watching Courtney take anymore pain. Seeing tears flowing from her friend's eyes was heartbreaking for her.

"Please I'll do anything you want. Please whip my tits, whip my cunt. Just stop hurting Courtney." Her begging was desperate and only made me want to whip Courtney even more. "Please fuck me. I want you to be my first." That managed to get my attention.

"Nuu nnnhh nnn Aafffrriiyl ddoonnf." Courtney was begging now. Begging her friend not to do this. She tried to shake her big fat tits in the hopes that her would whip her rather than take April's virginity. To her this was so much worse than the piercings and tattoos I had permanently marked her with. Please don't let him do this. All the mistakes that she had made in the past. The jerk mom gives son viagra fifi foxx and cock ninja she had gone out with to hide her true feelings.

Recently she had realised what she really wanted. April, the angel who was always there for her. She had stopped seeing anyone else in the hopes that some day April would feel the way she did about her.

How many times had she fantasised about licking her pussy and bringing her to orgasm just so she could she April's innocent smile. She loved her but was just too afraid to say it and now she had to watch in heartbreak as April screamed whilst I ravaged her as hard as I could.